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Pepper's Newsletter November 27, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter November 27, 2018

Good morning!  Woo hoo! Guess what? We have reached over 700 subscribers with today's newsletter! That's super exciting and we're thrilled to have such a substantial readership because it shows us that you really want to know what's going on at the store. So tell your friends and neighbours to head over to our website www.peppers-foods.com and get on our email list! Let's get that number up to 1000!

As many of you already know, last Thursday was our annual Customer Appreciation Day and the store was bustling with customers sampling all kinds of tasty treats, both savoury and sweet. But the big winners were those who won one of five $100 dollar gift cards well as a grand prize of one $500 gift card! Thanks one and all for shopping with us and as we've said many times before, we always look forward to seeing you in the aisles.

Now, onto the meat and potatoes of the newsletter; the new items. And we have several to tell you about so let's go!

A few weeks ago you were introduced to Rao's Pizza Sauce of the infamous Rao's Italian eatery of Queen's NYC. The response to that one item prompted us to add Rao's Tomato Sauce in Arrabbiata (hot), Marinara (all-purpose) as well as Tomato Basil. They use the same Italian tomatoes as they do in their pizza sauce so that you can serve the same quality pasta dishes. Your meal will be the talk of the table! Rao's: Bringing the extraordinary home.

Why not serve a dessert that will literally be the talk of the table? Table Talk Old Fashioned Pies are the cutest little desserts to come along since Spotted Dick but with a much more appealing name. As to whether the flavour is much more appealing, you'll just have to buy some to find out. Available in: blueberry, cherry, pumpkin and apple. Now everyone can get the kind of pie they like for dessert! Please note, the quarter is for scale and is not included with each pie.

However, if pie just isn't your thing, despair not! For we have another delicious and sweet option for you to choose from! And you may have already sampled it as an in-flight snack on your last vacation. Lotus Biscoff Cookies are a European favourite and have been since 1932 but they started out being offered on US flights since the mid 1980s before they found their way on store shelves. These are "the original carmelised biscuits" whose flavour is created through a unique baking process. An added bonus is if you're a coffee drinker as the company states that "every coffee needs a Lotus." And it just so happens that we have Murchies Assorted Ground Coffee 400g in our ad this week for only $8.96 each! Take a mini vacation: pour yourself a cup of joe, pair it with a Lotus Biscoff Cookie or two, put your feet up and relax!

There's nothing like cracking an ice cold Nehi beverage and slamming it back! Or, at least there used to be nothing like it. Ask Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O' Reilly, he'll tell you. Nowadays, achieving that same level of soft-drink satisfaction can only be attained from chugging an ice cold root beer. Luckily for you, we have boxes of it for sale, literally! Great American Root Beer Packs are filled with five different varieties of your "old time American root beer favourites" (I used the Canadian spelling there). You get two bottles each of vintage flavoured (and styled) bottles of root beer that you can keep for yourself in the fridge or give to someone else as a great gift. Cheers!

Christmas is less than a month away (as if you needed to be reminded of this) so the festivities are soon going to kick into high gear. And one of the holiday rituals that many participate in is the consumption of egg nog. However, lots of people don't love the amount of sugar, saturated fat and/or overall calories contained therein. Or maybe you don't consume dairy but also don't want to feel left out when the party-goers are all congregated around the egg milk punchbowl toasting left, right and centre. In that case, Califia Farms Nog Almond Beverage is the answer! With only 110 calories per cup (traditional egg nog has about 250!), there's also no carrageenan, soy or dairy. So remember: you're remarkable. Celebrate accordingly!

Kraft Philadelphia Whipped Herbed Tzatziki Cream Cheese Spread is brand new and makes an amazing addition to your bagel, flatbread, pita or crackers. Easy to spread and full of that fresh, tangy tzatziki flavour that you love, it's going to be a hit at home with your family. Give it a shot!

For the last 12 years, Vick and Jas have been providing flavourful and authentic curries from Surrey, BC with Ace Curries To Go. It's curry from Surrey (without worry)! Now, Pepper's has their amazing curries in store (Aisle 2)! Ace Curries To Go Chicken CurryButter Chicken and Tandoori contain no MSG, preservatives or gluten and there's enough per pouch to serve from six to eight people. Check out their website at www.acecurriestogo.com.

Don't forget to order your fresh, holiday turkey by calling our Meat Department and reserving one today! The demand is always high because the quality and freshness of our birds are, too! 

Until next week, take care!

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