Pepper's Foods We have a passion for food and are committed to offering locally and ethically sourced products. Pepper's Newsletter March 12, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 12 Mar 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; On this date in 1894, Coca Cola was sold in bottles from a candy store in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The two main ingredients of the soft drink were cocaine and caffeine with the cocaine being derived from the leaves of the COCA plant and the caffeine coming from the COLA nut. In 1904, the extract used&nbsp;from coca leaves no longer contained cocaine.&nbsp;</p><p><em>It&#39;s good to have a pulse</em>. Well, duh. If you&#39;ve got a heart you&#39;d better have a pulse. Actually, that&#39;s the slogan for&nbsp;Penticton&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Pulse Kitchens</strong></em>, the producers of specialty vegan and gluten free foods. And their incredibly delicious vegan cheeses will get your heart racing when you taste them. Because now, at Pepper&#39;s, we have&nbsp;<em><strong>Pulse Kitchen Almond Gruyere</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Sharp Cashew Cheddar</strong></em>, and&nbsp;<em><strong>Cashew Kind of Blue</strong></em>&nbsp;cheeses! Each flavour contains chickpea (a pulse) miso but doesn&#39;t contain dairy, soy or gluten and all are vegan! For more information on this BC company and their products, please head on over to&nbsp;<em><strong></strong></em></p><p>Lily of the Desert is the largest grower, producer and distributor of aloe vera products.They&#39;ve been producing aloe vera products for almost 50 years, and now Pepper&#39;s has&nbsp;two kinds of <em><strong>Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera Juice</strong></em>:<em><strong>&nbsp;Inner Fillet&nbsp;</strong></em>and<em><strong>&nbsp;Whole Leaf</strong></em>. Whole leaf products contain the entire leaf while&nbsp; the inner fillet products contain only the inner gel-like portion of the leaf. Drinking juice made from this succulent plant has purported benefits ranging from decreasing one&#39;s overall body pH to relieving constipation to clearing up the skin. You&#39;ll have to do your research to see if it&#39;s something that&#39;ll beneifit your health. But now you know where to get it!</p><p>If you&#39;re tired of munching the same old chips (corn, potato, tortilla) then&nbsp;<em><strong>Beanitos</strong></em>&nbsp;may be just what you&#39;ve been looking for! Made with white (navy) or pinto beans, these chips come in numerous flavours such as<em><strong>&nbsp;Simply Pinto,&nbsp;White Bean Nacho Cheese&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>White Bean Restaurant Style</strong></em>. They&#39;re high in protein, very high in fibre and full-on with flavour! So if you&#39;re missing some spice in your life, change things up a bit and try&nbsp;Beanitos!</p><p>For those of you who are just fine to stick to your tried and true tortilla chips, <em><strong>Que Pasa Ancient Grains Tortilla Chips</strong></em> should be added to your shopping list immejit-ly! In addition to volcanic stone ground corn flour, there&#39;s also buckwheat flour, chia seeds, amaranth seeds and quinoa and other tasty ingredients. This is a certified gluten-free, whole grain&nbsp;product&nbsp;made in Canada with imported ingredients and you can find it in aisle 5 with the other Que Pasa products.</p><p>From Que Pasa we have Quesava. Huh? The company name Quesava is derived from&nbsp;cassava, a starchy, tuberous root from the tropics. And that tuber can be made into a type of flour that is grain-free, gluten-free and nut free. And of all the gluten-free flours, it most closely resembles wheat flour. Now that you know a little more about it, we&#39;d like to tell you about<em><strong>&nbsp;Quesava Cheese Poppers</strong></em>&nbsp;in two exciting flavours:&nbsp;<em><strong>3 Pepper Fiesta</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Garlic and 3 Cheese</strong></em>! Both kinds contain sardo, asiago&nbsp;and cheddar cheese and, of course, the vitamin and mineral rich cassava flour. This is a modern twist on an ancient recipe that has sustained generations of tribes in Brazil and Peru for eons. Try it out on your tribe!</p><p>Christie&#39;s has once again taken the humble Oreo cookie and made it even better by covering it in fudge creating, well,&nbsp;<em><strong>Fudge Covered Oreo Cookies</strong></em>! There&#39;s not much more to say about it so if you love Oreo cookies and fudge then you&#39;re in for a treat!</p><p>If you use a coffee maker or espresso machine then you know they eventually get bunged up with sediment and water deposits. So if your machine needs a little TLC, try new <em><strong>Ecozone Coffee Machine Descaler</strong></em>. It cuts through limescale and coffee residue, is odourless, colourless and taste free and it works on any machine! Each bottle lasts for five uses, too! The active ingredients are derived from citrus fruit and coconut so there&#39;s no need to worry about releasing harmful chemicals into the environment or worse, into&nbsp;your body!</p><p>Alright ladies and gents, that&#39;s another newsletter in the books! Make sure to have a look at the attached weekly specials and...beware the Ides of March!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter March 5, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 05 Mar 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; After a brutal February it was so nice to see March come in like a lamb again (last year was the same)!&nbsp;And now that it&#39;s arrived, let&#39;s remind you that Sunday is the start of Daylight Savings Time.&nbsp;DO NOT forget to set your clocks ahead one hour before you hit the hay on Saturday night!</p><p>Alright, now that you&#39;ve been forwarned, it&#39;s time for everyone&#39;s favourite part of the newsletter: new products! Let&#39;s jump right in starting with<em><strong>&nbsp;IOGO Fruitbottom Yogurt 12x100g Multipacks</strong></em>! Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Mango-Pineapple/Orange-Mandarin</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Strawberry-Rhubarb/Strawberry-Raspberry&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Blueberry/Blueberry-Blackberry</strong></em>&nbsp;this exquisite yogurt is made with plain, whole milk&nbsp;yogurt layered over real fruit creating a creamy and fruity yogurt with&nbsp;probiotics and 35% less sugar!</p><p>Another new product that can be found in our non-dairy section is&nbsp;<em><strong>Emborg Vegan Mozzarella Slices</strong></em>. Toronto Vegan Chef Doug McNish, who, by the way,&nbsp;was awarded&nbsp;the Now Magazine Readers Choice Award in his home town of Toronto Ontario, as Best Chef in the City in November 2017, has this to say about Emborg Vegan Cheese, &quot;<em>When I first tried Emborg Vegan Cheese I was blown away by not only the taste, but the texture and mouth feel. Not only does Emborg have the best taste of all Vegan cheeses on the market, but it melts like no other vegan cheese I have ever had. I am excited for what the team at Emborg has done and for the world to taste it</em>.&quot; And look for<em><strong>&nbsp;Emborg Vegan Cheddar Slices</strong></em>&nbsp;on our shelves when it becomes available later this month!</p><p><em><strong>Kellogg&#39;s Special K Protein Honey Almond Ancient Grains Cereal</strong></em>&nbsp;is crunchy flakes made with whole grain wheat, white and black rice and whole grain burgundy sorghum. You get a high protein, high fibre cereal and an opportunity to &quot;Own Every Bite&quot;&nbsp;whenever you eat it!</p><p><br />The next items aren&#39;t new but they are very popular so when we were unable to acquire them for some time, we thought it worth mentioning that they were back on the shelf!<em><strong>&nbsp;Umi&#39;s Kitchen Simmer Sauces</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Coconut Curry</strong></em>&nbsp;and<em><strong>&nbsp;Butter Chicken&nbsp;</strong></em>are made in Canada (Vancouver)&nbsp;from domestic and imported ingredients and are necessary items for your kitchen pantry. And each jar offers four servings which means you can use one to cook a meal&nbsp;for your whole family!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s has&nbsp;long stocked an extensive line of La Tortilla Factory soft tortillas. And we&#39;ve added one more!<em><strong>&nbsp;La Tortilla Factory Street Taco Size White Corn &amp; Wheat Tortillas</strong></em>&nbsp;are like the slider burger&nbsp;buns of tacos! At only 10 cms across, you can make micro tacos in the comfort of your own home. Street meat and fresh ingredients required! And by the way, there are no GMO ingredients, hydrogenated or interesterified (is that like when you can&#39;t look away from a horror movie?) oils, artifical flavours or mono or diglycerides in these tiny tortillas.</p><p>Everyone loves to sip a refreshing beverage through a fun, colourful straw. And that little, innocuous act is becoming a big problem. It&#39;s estimated that 500 million straws are used just&nbsp;in the United States every single day. Imagine what that number is world wide.&nbsp;However, it&#39;s now becoming much more common to be served a drink at a bar or restaurant without a straw. But let&#39;s face it, straws are indeed fun and sometimes necessary. That&#39;s why we&#39;re now stocking&nbsp;<em><strong>The Future Is Bamboo Re-usable Drinking Straws</strong></em>! Each box contains six bamboo straws plus a convenient cleaning brush! Vegan and biodegradable, you can use and re-use these bamboo straws, clean and air dry! Drink. Clean. Repeat.</p><p>What do you do when it&#39;s time to replace that plastic handles toothbrush. nine times out of ten you toss it into the bathroom wastebasket and carry on with your life. Well, all that plastic ends up in the landfill and that spells more trouble for the planet. So in addition to straws, we also have&nbsp;<em><strong>The Future is Bamboo Toothbrushes</strong></em>! Whoa, that&#39;s pretty cool, right? Indeed it is. Because bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, you don&#39;t need to worry about yucky germs growing on it! And this bamboo is also panda&nbsp;friendly, grown by responsible farmers. It&#39;s a no-brainer when it comes time to choose your next toothbrush. Enjoy a clean mouth; enjoy a clean earth!</p><p>As we do every Thursday, Pepper&#39;s offers one deeply discounted item. And this week, it&#39;s <em><strong>Tre Stelle 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese 125g on for a ridiculous price of $2.79</strong></em> each! Put it on your list and we&#39;ll see you on Thursday!</p><p>Remember last week when we mentioned that we have an authentic Toronto Blue Jays embroidered jersey up for grabs? It showed up here at the store the very next day and is hanging up to the left of the store entrance. Don&#39;t forget to enter the draw to win this great prize by signing your receipt with your name and contact information. Spring training has already begun!</p><p>Thanks so much for taking the time to read our newsletter!&nbsp;And for those who have taken the time to find a staff member or email us saying that you enjoy reading it, we&#39;d like to say thanks again! Very kind of you, indeed.</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter February 26, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 26 Feb 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; You know who you don&#39;t hear about much about, if at all, anymore?&nbsp;Tony Randall. And that&#39;s a shame because he was such a talented stage and screen actor with a career spanning sixty years! Why do we mention him today? Because he was born this day,&nbsp;February 26th, 1920. Happy birthday, Felix Unger!</p><p>Alright, now onto the stuff you really want to know about: new products. This week we&#39;re going to start things off with something your best friend would probably love,&nbsp;<em><strong>Tri-Natural Lean Cuts Dog Food</strong></em>! This isn&#39;t exactly new to the store, but we wanted to tell&nbsp;you more about it because it&#39;s made in Chilliwack, BC with all-natural ingredients and has been since 1972. We think that&#39;s siginificant to know in a day and age where buying locally is so important to consumers.&nbsp;It&#39;s real meat protein, without any fillers such as cereals, grains, starches, salt or rendered meats. That means it&#39;s suitable for dogs on limited ingredient diets and for dogs at any stage of life. Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Salmon</strong></em>, <em><strong>Beef</strong></em>, <em><strong>Beef &amp; Chicken</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Lamb &amp; Rice.</strong></em></p><p>&quot;Dispatch the cock!&quot; That&#39;s something that a cook might have cried in 18th century Ireland when it was dinner time and chicken was on the menu. Today, you might hear&nbsp;the term &quot;spatchcock&quot; used instead. The&nbsp;dictionary defines spatchcock as:&nbsp;<em>a chicken or game bird split opened and grilled</em>. This involves removing the&nbsp;backbone and flattening the bird for cooking. The other, more common term, is&nbsp;<em><strong>butterfly chicken</strong></em>. &quot;Wait, why would one want their chicken prepared for cooking this way?&quot; you might be asking yourself. For one, no trussing (twine) is required. And since the chicken lays flat, all of the skin is exposed to the heat resulting in a glorious brown and crispy exterior. Plus, when you roast a whole bird the traditional way, the breast meat cooks faster than the dark meat. Spatchcocking allows for even cooking times AND allows it to happen much quicker! So&nbsp;<em><strong>visit our&nbsp;full-service Meat Counter and get yourself a spatchcock chicken</strong></em>!&nbsp;Of course, the method of&nbsp;cooking is up to you.</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for a way to boost the flavour in your favourite recipes then ready to use<em><strong>&nbsp;Kitchen Basics Stocks</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Original Turkey</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>No Salt Added Vegetable</strong></em>&nbsp;are available now! Both are gluten-free, fat-free, MSG-free and&nbsp;cholesterol-free. One of the basic ingredients in any prepared cook&#39;s kitchen is stock so make sure you have some of this appropriately named stock for when you need it!</p><p>We&#39;ve mentioned in past newsletters how nutritional yeast has become a huge favourite among vegans and non-vegans alike for its delicious cheesy flavour and high vitamin B content. Now&nbsp;<em><strong>Jenny Marie&#39;s Cracker Company&nbsp;</strong></em>(handmade in Victoria, BC) has broadened their already stellar lineup to include&nbsp;<em><strong>Cheesy Yeshi&nbsp;</strong></em>flavour! However, like the saying goes, all good things must come to an end&nbsp;and since this is a limited edition flavour you&#39;d&nbsp;better try it while you can!</p><p>Another quality, handmade product from the Garden City is&nbsp;<em><strong>Singing Bowl Granola No Grain Granola</strong></em>. Just like Jenny Marie&#39;s, they&#39;ve added this new product to their already amazing selection of granolas except this one is grain free. It&#39;s a combination of a large variety of mostly organic&nbsp;ground and flaked seeds and nuts mixed with coconut oil and shredded coconut and it&#39;s perfect for those on a paleo,vegan or gluten-free diet!</p><p>You know what pairs nicely with some granola? Yogurt. And Olympic Dairy has really upped their game by introducing new&nbsp;<em><strong>Olympic Organic Grass-Fed Yogurt</strong></em>&nbsp;in three amazing flavours:&nbsp;<em><strong>Smoked Applewood Vanilla, Citrus Cardamom&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Fig Honey</strong></em>! It&#39;s rich, 6.5% milk fat, fruit on the&nbsp;bottom yogurt made from 100% BC milk and certified organic by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association. One thing&#39;s for sure; you&#39;ve never tried any other yogurts that tastes as unique as these do!</p><p>And finally, something new from our full-service Deli Department.&nbsp;<em><strong>Dumet Chalkidiki Greek Olives</strong></em>&nbsp;are large olives stuffed with&nbsp;<em><strong>Spicy Jalapeno Peppers</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Whole Almonds</strong></em>, respectively. And&nbsp;<em><strong>Dumet A La Grecque Moroccan Olives</strong></em>&nbsp;are &quot;<em>meaty table olives, dry-cured in the traditional fashion giving them an intense flavour</em>.&quot; All of these olives require no refrigeration (until opened) and so you can find them at the very end of aisle 2, closest to the meat counter near the polenta. TIP: rinse under cold water for 30 seconds and reduce the saltiness by 20%!</p><p>Can you believe that by the time you receive the next newsletter it will already be March?! That&#39;s a good thing because I think most of us will be very happy for the arrival of spring. As always, you&#39;re reminded to look at the attached advertised specials for February 26-March 4. Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming&nbsp;customer giveaway! It&#39;ll be for an authentic <em><strong>Toronto Blue Jays</strong></em> jersey. We&#39;re talking real, as in, the same one the pros wear. You don&#39;t want to miss your chance to win!</p><p>Until next week take care and stay safe!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter February 19, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 19 Feb 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Yesterday was Family Day and what a beauty of a day it was!&nbsp;&nbsp;The sun tried its best to shine, the snow was melting, the birds were chirping and hopefully people put down their phones and picked up their kids&nbsp;and spent&nbsp;time with the people they love. As a family owned and operated business, we know that nothing is more important than family. We like to think of our staff as one big, happy one! So with whomever and however you spent your day, we hope it was special!</p><p>In 1839 Robert McVitie opened a bakery in Edinburgh. Fifty-three years later, the original McVitie&#39;s Digestive Biscuit was created. They&#39;re still making them to this day and we sell an awful lot of them here at Pepper&#39;s because they&#39;re so darn good. And a few weeks ago in the newsletter we mentioned how everything&#39;s better with chocolate. So it only makes sense that we brought in<em><strong>&nbsp;McVitie&#39;s Milk Chocolate Digestive Thins</strong></em>! Take delicately crispy golden baked wheat cookie thins and dip them in real milk chocolate and voila...! Your next newest favourite cookie! We ordered the dark chocolate ones, too, but they&#39;re not in stock yet. So keep your eyes peeled!</p><p>Don&#39;t worry, all you gluten free folk who are turning green with jealousy. We have something for you as well.<em><strong>&nbsp;Schar Gluten Free Chocolate Honeygrams</strong></em>&nbsp;are graham style cookies coated in dark chocolate and offered in three convenient portion packs! These are certified gluten-free and are also wheat-free and non-GMO. Plus, Schar supports celiac disease research and organizations that help people with special dietary needs! Why not pick up a bag of marshmallows and create the most&nbsp;&nbsp;amazing s&#39;mores EVER?!</p><p>While we&#39;re on the topic of chocolate, let&#39;s take this opportunity to mention that we have new&nbsp;<em><strong>Nestle Rolo Hot Chocolate</strong></em>! It&#39;s the delicious Rolo flavour combination of chocolate and caramel that you can drink as hot&nbsp;or&nbsp;you can mix it into a glass of milk and make awesome chocolate milk!&nbsp;</p><p><em><strong>Camu Camu</strong></em>. Sounds like something Mork from Ork&nbsp;would say to&nbsp;greet&nbsp;earthlings. But no,&nbsp;<em><strong>Camu Camu</strong></em>&nbsp;is a seedless berry pulp powder from the Amazon Rainforest that has the highest vitamin C content of any fruit in the world!&nbsp;In fact, 1 teaspoon has 270% of the RDI of vitamin C.&nbsp;Impressive! This is an antioxidant powerhouse of a fruit and you can mix it with water for a refreshing drink (either hot or cold), sprinkle on ice cream, stir into yogurt or smoothies, juice, tea or oatmeal! Imported from Victoria&#39;s&nbsp;Healinka Organics, when you purchase their products, you empower indiginous communities and help preserve the great rainforest!<strong>&nbsp;</strong></p><p>Has this ever happened to you:&nbsp;you&#39;re running around trying to get dinner ready and the only thing that you have to serve as a side dish is rice? And not the instant kind? That&#39;ll easily set you back thirty or forty minutes and there&#39;s no way you can keep your family waiting that long, right? Well now you can prepare&nbsp;<em><strong>Floating Leaf Pure Wild Rice in Minutes</strong></em>&nbsp;(10 minutes, to be exact)! That&#39;s right, the goodness of pure wild rice prepared in a fraction of the time it would normally take! But how is this possible? According to the product box their, &quot;<em>proprietary process achieves convenience without compromising the unique taste, texture, aroma and nutrition attributes of pure wild rice</em>.&quot; That still doesn&#39;t explain it but all you need to know is that you can make nutritious and tasty rice real quick-like! You can check out this Winnipeg&nbsp;company&#39;s website at&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>Another question: have you ever eaten Chicago Mix popcorn? It&#39;s a unique combination of caramel and cheddar cheese flavoured popcorn. Your first reaction to hearing this may be to scrunch up your nose. And rightfully so; it kinda sorta sounds like it wouldn&#39;t taste very good. But wrong you would be to make that assumption! Very wrong, in fact. Because this is one of those snacks that will make you say,&nbsp;&quot;I can&#39;t believe I never tried this before now!&quot; the moment you take your first handful. Pepper&#39;s has long carried&nbsp;<em><strong>G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix Popcorn</strong></em>&nbsp;but only recently have we stocked a convenient 42g snack-sized bag! Now you don&#39;t have to purchase a huge bag if you don&#39;t want to, but if you buy the snack bag to try it out, you&#39;ll want to purchase a huge bag! It&#39;s&nbsp;<em>THAT</em>&nbsp;good!</p><p>There you have it, folks. Another newsletter is in the books. Don&#39;t forget to check out our weekly specials which start today and run until closing next Monday. See you next week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter February 12, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 12 Feb 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; It&#39;s been one heck of a week for weather here in Victoria, hasn&#39;t it? Crazy high winds, wicked low temperatures, snowstorms, power name it. Hopefully you&#39;ve managed to make it through safe and sound. Compared to many other parts of the country we&#39;ve had a relatively easy go of it but still, it&#39;s been challenging. But don&#39;t forget that Pepper&#39;s has firewood, kindling, firelogs,&nbsp;firestarters, candles,&nbsp;matches, lighters, batteries, charcoal, fondu fuel, lamp oil, safe-T-salt&nbsp;and other accoutrements to get you through when a storm whips up and the power goes out!</p><p>As always, there are a few new items to let you know about so we may as well&nbsp;start with&nbsp;<em><strong>Kimberley&#39;s Bakeshoppe Brownie Collection</strong></em>, a glorious combination of chocolate brownies topped with decadent chocolate or peanut butter flavoured granache. Your afternoon coffee date with a friend, book club meeting or after school/dinner dessert will not soon be forgotten if you serve these deluxe, gourmet brownies! Giddee yup!</p><p>While we&#39;re on the topic of ridiculously sweet and rich treats, how could we not include new<em><strong>&nbsp;Christie Limited Edition Oreo The Most Stuf</strong></em>? This is the standard Oreo cookie on&nbsp;steroids! If you just cannot get enough of that sweet&nbsp;Oreo filling then this cookie was made for you! It&#39;s the Most. Creme. Ever!</p><p>Something with just a tad less sugar, but still enough to keep the kids happy is&nbsp;<em><strong>Barbara&#39;s Puffins Cinnamon Cereal</strong></em>. Hey, have you noticed that Kimberly, Christie and now Barbara are the makers of the first three new products? Huh. Anyway, inside the box you&#39;ll find deliciously crunchy pillows of corn and whole grain oats sprinkled with cinnamon that you can enjoy in a bowl with added milk or simply by themselves!</p><p>Way back in 1831, in the English city of Carlisle, Jonathan Dodgson Carr founded a small bakery and biscuit factory. It soon grew to become the largest baking business in Britain. Nowadays, you can find a large assortment of Carr&#39;s crackers on our shelves including the original Carr&#39;s Table Water Crackers. And now we&#39;re pleased to be able to offer new&nbsp;<em><strong>Carr&#39;s Whole Wheat Crackers</strong></em>&nbsp;baked in a brick oven&nbsp;like all Carr&#39;s crackers. They&#39;re perfect for any occasion!</p><p>What goes better with crackers than cheese? New&nbsp;<em><strong>Babybel Multiflavoured Limited Edition Minis</strong></em>&nbsp; include the beloved&nbsp;<em><strong>Original&nbsp;</strong></em>as well as&nbsp;<em><strong>Swiss</strong></em> and<em><strong>&nbsp;Cheddar&nbsp;</strong></em>varieities. And here&#39;s something you may not know about Babybel cheese: it&#39;s&nbsp;lactose free and always has been! Lactose is removed during the draining and fermentation phases of production so if you&#39;ve shied away from this delicious cheese because you thought you or someone else couldn&#39;t tolerate it, give it a shot. But remember, this is a limited edition combo so it won&#39;t be around forever!</p><p>If you&#39;ve decided it&#39;s time to eliminate or at least lower the amount of caffeine you consume but for some reason can&#39;t think of a good reason to drink decaf&nbsp;then maybe it&#39;s time to think about&nbsp;<em><strong>Caf-Lib Organic Grain Beverage with Chicory</strong></em>. Mmmm. Sounds yummy! But seriously, there are other reasons to drink this coffee substiture other than just lowering caffeine intake. Chicory root contains a high amount of inulin which is a soluble,&nbsp;prebiotic fibre. It serves as food for the good bacteria in your gut and that can translate into improving your digestive system and making you more regular. And chicory can have a sedative effect on some which is the exact opposite effect of caffeine.&nbsp;But you should do some research on chicory before you start consuming it because it isn&#39;t for everyone.</p><p>Before we sign off we&#39;ll remind you that<em><strong>&nbsp;Monday, February 18 is Family Day</strong></em>! Because it&#39;s a holiday, <em><strong>our store hours will be slightly shortened to 7 AM-7:30 PM</strong></em>&nbsp;(instead of the usual 9 PM). Let&#39;s hope Mother Nature cooperates and gives us some sunshine and warmer conditions!</p><p>Until next week, stay safe, warm and take care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter February 5, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 05 Feb 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Zaoshang hao!&nbsp; Today marks the beginning of Chinese New Year and one of the customs associated with this is for a family to do a deep clean of the house in order to remove any residual bad luck and to de-clutter to allow for good fortune to enter. So as soon as you finish reading this, get out the broom, mop and sponge and get to it. Even if your luck doesn&#39;t change, at least you&#39;ll have a tidy place to return to after you&#39;ve come back from shopping at Pepper&#39;s! And this week, our ad is built around Chinese New Year which means that many&nbsp;of your Chinese culinary needs are on sale.&nbsp;</p><p>Oh and before we forget, we&#39;ve started printing out this newsletter and placing it by the entrance, right beside where we keep our flyer. So if you get to the store and you&#39;ve forgotten what it was that you read about in the newsletter, feel free to take a copy, refresh your memory and never worry again about what it was you were supposed to buy!</p><p>Kicking things off in the New Products category is&nbsp;<em><strong>Caboo 100% Bamboo and Sugarcane Paper Napkins</strong></em>! These 100% tree-free (and chlorine-free) paper napkins combine the strength of bamboo with the softness of sugarcane fibres. They&#39;re readily biodegradable and safe for all septic systems. And they utilize waste up-cycling, meaning that the sugarcane fibre is used once it&#39;s been harvested for making sugar. And just so you know, the bamboo used in the creation of these napkins is not a food souce for Pandas so the manufacture of this product in no way has an effect on their habitat!</p><p>Though not new, this is the perfect opportunity to tie-in one of the items featured in our ad specials this week:&nbsp;<em><strong>True Earth Dragon Towels are ad-priced for $4.96</strong></em>. On second thought, you might want to shop first before you clean your house like we mentioned in the opening paragraph because these&nbsp;paper-free yet&nbsp;re-usable&nbsp;towels will certainly help with any mess.&nbsp;And one roll can last up to 6 months! You can machine wash each towel up to 25 times and once it&#39;s worn out, just toss it in the compost! And just like the napkins, Panda habitat is not impacted by the harvest of the bamboo. Plus, True Earth Paper Corp. is located right here in Victoria, BC and is the same company that brings you&nbsp;Silk N&#39; Soft Bathroom and Facial Tissues.</p><p>Now let&#39;s move from True Earth to Yum Earth. Specifically,&nbsp;Y<em><strong>um Earth Organic Gummy Fruits</strong></em>. With Valentine&#39;s Day just around the corner, instead of the kids giving out&nbsp;the usual paper valentines, why not have them give a sweet treat to pass out instead? There are 10 mini snack packs in each bag&nbsp;that make instant valentines! And with flavours of&nbsp;&nbsp;Very Very Cherry,&nbsp;Perfectly Peach&nbsp;and&nbsp;Strawberry Smash, who wouldn&#39;t just love to receive these delightfully vegan sweets? There&#39;s no high fructose corn syrup, dyes, gluten, or allergens either so you can relax about whether the receiver can actually have them!</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for a more &quot;grown up&quot; gift to give your sweetheart then Victoria&#39;s own&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Chocolate Assorted Cremes&nbsp;</strong></em>are definitely going to get you some lovin&#39;! Six different creme&nbsp;varieties (well, five cremes and one caramel) are enveloped in organic, fair-trade dark chocolate and come in a loverly heart-shaped box. Or there&#39;s a&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Chocolate Sweet Heart</strong></em>&nbsp;which is a heart-shaped chocolate filled with vanilla bean creme and comes&nbsp;with the Charles M. Schultz quotation printed on the bottom of the package:&nbsp;&quot;<em>All you need is love but a little chocolate now and then doesn&#39;t hurt</em>.&quot;</p><p>A little while ago we started carrying&nbsp;<em><strong>Yeshi Nutritional Yeast Dressing</strong></em>&nbsp;(of Mill Bay, BC) and it&#39;s quickly become a very popular choice for shoppers seeking a dairy, nut, gluten and egg-free dressing. And now there&#39;s a new&nbsp;<em><strong>Smokey Chipotle</strong></em>&nbsp;flavour!&nbsp;&nbsp;If it&#39;s half as good as the other three flavours that we stock, you&#39;re in for a treat!&nbsp;</p><p>Hellmann&#39;s has been making traditional&nbsp;mayonnaise since 1913 but only recently has it moved into making an organic version.<em><strong>&nbsp;Hellmann&#39;s Organic Mayonnaise&nbsp;</strong></em>is made with organic&nbsp;free run eggs, organic expeller pressed oil and no preservatives. It&#39;s great because now you don&#39;t have to spread a regular&nbsp;mayo on that organic&nbsp;free-range turkey, organic lettuce, organic tomato&nbsp;on&nbsp;organic whole grain bread sandwich that you just masterfully created in the kitchen.</p><p>And if you&#39;re looking to wash said sandwich down with something, perhaps regular old ordinary water just won&#39;t do. No, you need something like<em><strong>&nbsp;Infused Hemp Water</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Frosted Mint</strong></em>&nbsp;flavour. That&#39;s right, it&#39;s ozonated spring water with hempseed and pure peppermint oil added for a refreshing beverage containing healthy omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. But don&#39;t worry, there&#39;s no mood altering THC in the bottle. The only thing you&#39;ll alter by drinking this Canadian water is your thirst.</p><p>Remember, each Thursday we offer a one-day only super low-priced item that&#39;s on sale all day. And this week it&#39;s locally produced&nbsp;Stubborn Chef Ginger Dressing&nbsp;for the great price of $6.49! We sell a boat load of this condiment so it must be good! Try some with your dinner this Thursday!</p><p>As always, thank you for taking the time to read up on what&#39;s new at Pepper&#39;s. Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter January 29, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 29 Jan 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p><em>O my Luve&#39;s like a red, red rose that&rsquo;s newly sprung in june; O my Luve&#39;s like the melodie that&rsquo;s sweetly play&#39;d in tune</em>.&nbsp;- Robert Burns, A Red, Red Rose, 1794</p><p>Friday was the 260th anniversary of the birth of Robbert (Rabbie) Burns so if you are one of the many who chose to celebrate the life and works&nbsp;of this influential&nbsp;Scottish poet/songwriter, here&#39;s hoping that your Robbie Burns Day/Night/Supper was most stoat an&#39; foo a guid cheer!</p><p>You may have heard of the<em><strong>&nbsp;Island Good</strong></em>&nbsp;movement which is quickly establishing itself in Victoria and in other island communities. If you haven&#39;t&nbsp;then you should know that it&#39;s a campaign to help shoppers identify locally sourced food products. And because Pepper&#39;s has always been about promoting and showcasing local items, we&#39;ve placed the<em><strong>&nbsp;Island Good&nbsp;</strong></em>logo all around the store to assist you in locating and identifying food items made and sourced here in Victoria, Vancouver Island and in the Gulf Islands. So keep your eyes peeled and shop with confidence knowing that you&#39;re supporting&nbsp;local vendors and farmers!</p><p>Last week we told you that&nbsp;<em><strong>Rumble Nutritional Shake</strong></em>&nbsp;was on the cusp of returning to the shelves and guess what...the very next day we received a shipment! So rejoice all you&nbsp;<em><strong>Rumble</strong></em>&nbsp;drinkers, because,&nbsp;once again, you have the supershake &quot;<em>made to feed your body and fuel your life</em>!&quot;</p><p>Another great, new drink that we&#39;ve brought in is&nbsp;<em><strong>Earth&#39;s Own SoFresh Cashew Unsweetened&nbsp;Original</strong></em>&nbsp;beverage. People are discovering that cashew milk is smoother and creamier than other nut milks and it has a less nutty flavour so it&#39;s more like cow&#39;s milk and it won&#39;t overpower whatever you might be pouring it on. It&#39;s also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D and we could all use a little more vitamin D at this time of year. The tetra carton makes this beverage shelf stable for months until it&#39;s opened. Plus, you&#39;re supporting a Canadian company (Vancouver, BC) when you purchase this product!&nbsp;</p><p>A long time ago, Courtney&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Tree Island Yogurt</strong></em>&nbsp;started offering their incredibly delicious, fruity grass-fed yogurt in a convenient multipack. And then it vanished! Who knows why but it was only available for a very, very short time. Well despair no longer, for the&nbsp;<em><strong>Tree Island Fruit Yogurt&nbsp;</strong></em>is back with&nbsp;<em><strong>Strawberry, Peach</strong></em> and <em><strong>Prairie Berry flavours in a convenient 4x150g pack</strong></em>! Fun Fact: Tree Island yogurt changed their packaging to reduce the amount of plastic used by 50%! That&#39;s the equivalent of 26000 lbs of plastic kept out of the recycling stream in the first year alone!</p><p>You may remember a few weeks back we mentioned that we were awaiting the arrival of a variation of one of our most popular products.<em><strong>&nbsp;Fatso Cocoa High Performance Peanut Butter</strong></em>&nbsp;is finally here and it&#39;s already selling quickly which is no surprise because (a)&nbsp;<em><strong>Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter&nbsp;</strong></em>was already an incredibly delicious product and (b) everyone knows that chocolate fixes everything!</p><p>It gets even better, though, because&nbsp;<em><strong>we are having an in-store demo this Sunday, February 3rd between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm</strong></em>. Come on down and try it for yourself and find out why this peanut butter reigns supreme!</p><p>There&#39;s a movement whereby consumers are gravitating more towards plant-based foods. This isn&#39;t necessarily a bad thing at all. The latest Canada&#39;s Food Guide will re-iterate that it&#39;s healthier to reduce your consumption of meat and dairy. Whether you choose to follow that is up to you. But it seems like there&#39;s always a new study with recommendations to eat more or less of something and then another not long after telling us to forget about that. For instance, remember when, if you weren&#39;t&nbsp;drinking eight glasses of water a day, you were at risk of dehydration? Or when eggs were considered unhealthy? Or when coffee was bad for you? Everything in moderation, I say. But for those&nbsp;who do love your meat-free diets, we have a delicious (and wonderful smelling) treat for you!&nbsp;<em><strong>Big Mountain Foods&nbsp;</strong></em>(Vancouver, BC)&nbsp;<em><strong>Superfood Breakfast Patties</strong></em>&nbsp;will definitely start your day off on the right foot! These 100% vegan bites are made with Canadian maple syrup, hemp seeds and yams and are dairy free, soy free and gluten free. You can panfry, bake in the oven or toaster oven or microwave for a quick and tasty breakfast.&nbsp;</p><p>Another proudly Canadian business is&nbsp;<em><strong>Sunrype</strong></em>&nbsp;which has been producing juices and fruit snacks in Kelowna, BC since 1946. And now they offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Good Bites&nbsp;</strong></em>in&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate Macaroon&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate Chip</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours! Simple, nutritious and delicious ingredients comprise these&nbsp;certified vegan snacks that are also free of nuts and gluten yet high in fibre, iron and magnesium. And&nbsp;<em><strong>they just so happen to be in our ad this week for the low, low price of $3.76 each</strong></em>!&nbsp;So if you&#39;re looking for a snacking option with goodness in every bite, look no further. Here it is!</p><p>We hope you enjoyed this week&#39;s newsletter. Thanks for having a look and thanks for choosing Pepper&#39;s Foods when you buy groceries. Don&#39;t forget to&nbsp;like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter January 22, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 22 Jan 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Did you catch the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse on Sunday night? It was the only total lunar eclipse of 2019. And if you believe in the &quot;lunar effect&quot; then you believe that human behaviour is affected by the lining up of the sun, moon and earth. Here at Pepper&#39;s, we&#39;ve put together a pretty great lineup of advertised specials for this week so have a gander at the attached flyer.</p><p>And now, onwards to the new stuff!</p><p>We&#39;re always looking for quality, local products to offer our customers so when the opportunity to add&nbsp;<em><strong>Morning Fresh Free Run Large Eggs</strong></em>&nbsp;presented itself, we didn&#39;t hesitate!&nbsp;These Vancouver Island eggs are super fresh and tasty and the price is right, too!&nbsp;</p><p>Loads of you have been wondering what the heck happened to&nbsp;<em><strong>Rumble</strong></em>, the (local!)&nbsp;nourishing &quot;supershake&quot; drink. There&#39;s been a switch to a more environmentally friendly package, as well as some changes to some of the ingredients. So it&#39;ll be&nbsp;better than ever when it finally hits the shelves again very, very soon!&nbsp;Here&#39;s a&nbsp;recent release from the company:<em>&nbsp;Rumble is coming!!??&nbsp;Production of the brand new Rumble supershakes has completed and our distribution partners will be picking it up in the coming weeks. If you don&rsquo;t find us in your favourite natural foods store in February, reach out to us or ask your local grocer to order it</em>.&nbsp;So keep an eye out in the coming weeks because as soon as it&#39;s available again, Pepper&#39;s will have it in stock!</p><p>&quot;Spread &#39;em!&quot;&nbsp; Fortunately, most of us will never hear those words spoken directly, unless of course you&#39;re asking someone what they&#39;re putting on their toast. If they&#39;re vegan, there&#39;s a good chance they&#39;ll tell you they&#39;re eating&nbsp;<em><strong>Spread &#39;Em Cultured Cashew Soft Cheeze</strong></em>. Our Deli Dept. has added three new flavours to their selection:&nbsp;<em><strong>Porcini &amp; Dill</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Nacho Cheeze</strong></em>&nbsp;as well as&nbsp;<em><strong>Spinach &amp; Artichoke</strong></em>. Dairy free, gluten free and vegan, these plant-based spreads are full of fresh flavour with a wonderfully creamy texture and they&#39;re made in Vancouver. So come on down to Pepper&#39;s and Spread &#39;Em!</p><p>Yet another local company is&nbsp;<em><strong>From the Earth</strong></em>, which operates right here in Victoria! They make artisan, locally handcrafted products in small batches such as&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Biryani Pilaf,</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Kheer Rice Pudding</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Curry Powder</strong></em>. There are no fillers, additives or gluten in any of these premium plant-based, vegan and gluten-free Indian products.&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re interested in the preceding items then you&#39;re probably going to take an interest in this next one.&nbsp;<em><strong>Raincoast Trading Bold Curry BBQ &amp; Dipping Sauce</strong></em>&nbsp;can be used to coat your fish, beef,&nbsp;pork or chicken if you&#39;re using as a BBQ sauce or use it to dip gourmet meats and veggies in! The product is blended and bottled&nbsp;right here on Vancouver Island and the company itself is out of Delta, BC. You may already be familiar with their excellent tinned seafood products that are caught wild in Canada&#39;s Pacific Northwest (and which we also sell!). Give their website a look to see what Raincoast Trading is all about.&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, or so goes the rhyme. What the heck is a peck, anyway? No matter, because if you&#39;re like Peter, you&#39;ve likely picked your own peck (or jar) of pickled peppers (or vegetables, olives or other specialty foods) from&nbsp;<em><strong>Mezzetta</strong></em>,&nbsp;especially if you shop here at Peppers&#39;s. And why wouldn&#39;t you? They offer amazingly flavourful, healthy, quality, fresh and convenient foods. So when we found out that their number one favourite item wasn&#39;t on our shelf&nbsp;(according to their website customers),&nbsp;we clearly had to take action!&nbsp;So&nbsp;<em><strong>Mezzetta Deli-Style Sweet Bell Pepper Relish</strong></em>&nbsp;found a home in our store. It spruces up everything from burgers, dogs, sauces and even creamy salad dressings! You&#39;re going to like this A LOT so be like Peter and pick some up, pronto!</p><p>Valentine&#39;s Day is approaching quickly and we&nbsp;all know that it&#39;s all about the sweets. And the colour pink. That&#39;s why&nbsp;<em><strong>Create A Treat Valentine&#39;s Frosted Sugar Cookies&nbsp;</strong></em>are the perfect treat for your sweetheart, children, secret admirer or anyone else who deserves a&nbsp;little something-something for being so special. Plus, they&#39;re just fun to eat! But you don&#39;t need to wait until Valentine&#39;s Day because we have them in stock right now! And you can also get them in chocolate.</p><p>As long as we&#39;re on the subject of sweets, you&#39;re going to love the new<em><strong>&nbsp;Werther&#39;s Original Soft Eclairs</strong></em>! They take their unmistakable caramel, make it soft and chewy&nbsp;and fill it with a delicious chocolaty filling. Or perhaps you&#39;d prefer the<em><strong>&nbsp;Dairy Milk Oreo Candy Bar</strong></em>. Just like the eclairs, it&#39;s a soft and chewy candy consisting of vanilla filling&nbsp;blended with pieces of Oreo cookie and surrounded by Dairy Milk chocolate! Think you can have a bite and put it away? As Donny Brasco was fond of saying, &quot;Fuggetaboutit.&quot;</p><p>That wraps up your weekly Pepper&#39;s Newsletter. Stay tuned for another next Tuesday and until then, have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter January 15, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 15 Jan 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Do you come from a land down under? Have you ever bought bread from a man in Brussels? Did he speak your language? Perhaps he gave you a<em><strong>&nbsp;Vegemite&nbsp;sandwich</strong></em>. You may have chundered afterwards, though,&nbsp;unless you&#39;re one of the ones (and there are&nbsp;many) who actually like the taste of&nbsp;<em><strong>Vegemite</strong></em>.&nbsp;If you&#39;re a fan of the yeast extract then you&#39;ll be ecstatic to know that it has returned to our shelves after a lengthy absence! That&#39;s right, the either revolting or delicious, salty and malty flavour can once again be had on your morning toast!&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;d rather spread something else on your toast then you may want to check out&nbsp;<em><strong>Adams Dark Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter</strong></em>. It&#39;s still the same 100%&nbsp;natural peanut butter that you love&nbsp;but with a bolder,&nbsp;richer flavour!&nbsp;</p><p>That&#39;s all fine and dandy as long as you or someone in your household doesn&#39;t have a peanut allergy. But if that&#39;s a concern, at least now there&#39;s another snacking option for you.<em><strong>&nbsp;Nature Valley Lunch Box Granola Bars</strong></em>&nbsp;are made in a peanut-free facility so you can rest easy when putting&nbsp;little Johnny&#39;s lunch together! And it can be difficult these days making a school lunch that your kids will actually enjoy. So give them something they like&nbsp;and&nbsp;is safe to eat!</p><p>There&#39;s something about the combination of apples and cinnamon that many people find irresistable, yet also comforting. The aroma of&nbsp;fresh baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon is unmistakeable and likely evokes fond memories of mothers or grandmothers busy in the kitchen. It could be a bit of a stretch to imply that&nbsp;<em><strong>Olympic Krema Apple Cinnamon Yogurt&nbsp;</strong></em>could be quite as satisfying but because it&#39;s the current Limited Edition flavour, you won&#39;t have very long to find out!!</p><p>Everybody loves pizza, right? Ok, not everybody but most people do. But ordering takeout can be pricey and somewhat&nbsp;unhealthy. Making your very own pizza seems a much better option especially when you can choose a crust that you can&#39;t get from the pizzeria. That&#39;s why we&#39;re excited to now offer<em><strong>&nbsp;Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts</strong></em>! Available in fun-sized, re-sealable packages of five or full-sized packages of three, they&#39;re a great option for an easy&nbsp;dinner because of their quick cooking time. Plus, you can choose either<em><strong>&nbsp;Original</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Super Grains</strong></em>&nbsp;which consists of sprouted wheat, flax quinoa and chia seeds! And because BBQ season never really ends in Victoria, it&#39;s a cinch to fire up the grill and bake off a couple pies in just a few minutes! Easy peasy!</p><p>It&#39;s mid January so that means about 30% off you have already abandoned your New Years resolutions. If yours was to cut out the sugar but you&#39;ve decided that it ain&#39;t gonna happen (at least not this year) then listen up. We&#39;ve got some nummy goodies to tell you about.&nbsp;<em><strong>Real Earth Bounty</strong></em>&nbsp;of Surry BC makes delightful snacks of various <em><strong>dried fruits</strong></em>, with some, like&nbsp;<em><strong>Whole Blueberries</strong></em>&nbsp;packaged naked while there are others such as<em><strong>&nbsp;Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries</strong></em>&nbsp;as well as<em><strong>&nbsp;Greek Yogurt Coated Cherries</strong></em>! These are Canadian-grown&nbsp;fruits coated in premium ingredients which are kosher and offered in a convenient resealable package. But who are you kidding? You won&#39;t just eat a few and then put it back in the cupboard. These 3 ounce packages don&#39;t stand a chance! Once it&#39;s open, consider it gone. Happy New Year!</p><p>Just one more thing that might interest some of you...<em><strong>would you like to see one of two plays being offered at Uvic&#39;s Phoenix Theare for FREE</strong></em>? We have six pairs of tickets to see either&nbsp;<em>Trojan Women</em>&nbsp;(Feb. 14-23)&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em>7 Stories&nbsp;</em>(Mar. 14-23). All you have to do is LIKE and RETWEET our Twitter post (@PeppersFoods - scroll down until you see the playbills) for your chance to win! But you&#39;d better do it now because the winner will be announced tomorrow, January 16th!</p><p><strong></strong></p><p>Let&#39;s not forget to remind you to have a look at the attached weekly flyer. We have some super deals from every department so take a minute to see what&#39;s being offered.&nbsp;</p><p>Until next week...</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter January 8, 2019 Peppers Foods Tue, 08 Jan 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! On this day in 1935 the world welcomed Elvis Aaron Presley, &quot;The King&quot; himself,&nbsp;who would go on to become one of the greatest pop cultural icons of the 20th century. And twelve years later on the same day, another would-be musical and pop cultural icon was born David Robert Jones, aka, David Bowie. Two HUGE stars born on the same day? What is it with January 8th, anyway? If only Kenny Loggins had been born one day later (January 7, 1948).&nbsp;He did pretty well for himself, mind you, eventually sharing a royal title with Elvis as &quot;The King of the Movie Soundtrack.&quot;</p><p>Anywho, let&#39;s get out of the past and leap into the present by letting you know about our new products!</p><p>Kicking things off is&nbsp;<em><strong>Island Nut Roastery Chocolate Peanut Butter</strong></em>.&nbsp;This is a simple recipy of dry roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and a touch of chocolate that you can spread on toast, serve with ice cream or eat straight out of the jar! And&nbsp;<em><strong>Pepper&#39;s just so happens to have Portofino Sourdough Artisan Loaves on sale this week for $2.96&nbsp;as well as&nbsp;Bakestone Brothers Organic Bagels for $3.46</strong></em>!</p><p>And you know what goes great with peanut butter? Honey! Now Pepper&#39;s carries&nbsp;<em><strong>Elias Honey&nbsp;</strong></em>of Prince George, BC. This mostly alfalfa/clover made honey is 100% pure, white, unpasteurized, Canada No. 1 grade and it comes in an adorable bear-shaped bottle (the nose of the bear is heart-shaped, too because you&#39;ll love it!).&nbsp;</p><p>In past newsletters we&#39;ve mentioned the benefits of eating and using duck eggs. Which is why we&#39;re very happy to have in stock&nbsp;<em><strong>Abby Lane Farm Duck Eggs </strong></em>of&nbsp;Duncan, BC.! We&#39;ve stocked their very popular chicken eggs for quite some time so when they told us that they had duck eggs available, we quacked at the chance (insert groan here) to get them!&nbsp;Duck eggs are about 30% larger than chicken eggs, contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, have more albumen (which makes for fluffier cakes and pastries) and because of their thicker shell, they stay fresher longer! If you&#39;ve always wondered just what duck eggs are like, now&#39;s your chance to try out these bluish-green beauties! You won&#39;t be disappointed!</p><p>This is the perfect season to whip up a delicious Indian dish. And now you can do it with new<em><strong>&nbsp;KFI Premium Cooking Sauces</strong></em>&nbsp;of Brampton, ON. We currently stock bold<em><strong>&nbsp;Butter Chicken</strong></em>&nbsp;and creamy&nbsp;<em><strong>Coconut Curry</strong></em>&nbsp;that lend themselves to just about any meats but you can just as easily substitute tofu or paneer for a delicious meatless meal! Warning: Killer Flavour Inside!</p><p>While we&#39;re on the topic of Indian foods, did you know that the origin of the plant of which green peppercorns are derived was India? And did you also know that green peppercorns are simply unripened black peppercorns? Oh, you did? Well then, smartypants, do you know what you use green peppercorns in brine for? Just asking because we now stock&nbsp;<em><strong>Italissima Green Peppercorns</strong></em>.&nbsp;You can use them in sauces, dressings, potato salad or however you like.</p><p>And back after a long hiatus is&nbsp;<em><strong>Bicks Sweet Mustard Pickles</strong></em>! The product description says:<em>&nbsp;a&nbsp;blend pickle chunks, cauliflower, and onions in a sweet mustard sauce for a delicious and zesty, homestyle flavour. Add it to all your favourite meals for that perfect sweet, tangy and crunchy kick!</em> excellent accompaniment to a simple ploughman&#39;s lunch or to liven up almost any meal!</p><p>Thanks for taking the time to read up on all things Pepper&#39;s. Stay tuned next week for another exciting edition. Until then, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter January 2, 2019 Peppers Foods Wed, 02 Jan 2019 07:31:00 GMT <p>Happy New Year!! The slate&#39;s been wiped clean, the reset button pressed and it&#39;s out with the old and in with the new. If your 2018 was a bad year then no doubt you&#39;re looking forward to putting it behind you and starting fresh. If your 2018 was good then no doubt you&#39;re looking forward to another year full of opportunity. Either way, we&#39;re starting things off on the right foot with our first newsletter of the year!</p><p>If you made a resolution to eat healthier and reduce your sugar intake then pay attention because we have two new sweeteners that might interest you.<em><strong>&nbsp;Swerve</strong></em>&nbsp;is the<em>&nbsp;Ultimate Sugar Replacement&nbsp;</em>comprised of a unique blend of non-GMO ingredients that are derived from fruits and vegetables. It has zero calories, almost zero carbs, tastes, bakes and measures just like sugar, is tooth friendly and is easy to digest!</p><p><em><strong>Lakanto Sweetener&nbsp;</strong></em>is very similar to Swerve with the exception that it also contains high-purity monk fruit extract. Monk fruit extract is almost 300 times sweeter than sugar so a little goes a long way! This sweetener&nbsp;also cooks, bakes and tastes like real sugar. So if you&#39;ve decided that you need less sugar, you can still live the sweet life with these two products!</p><p>In previous newsletters we&#39;ve extolled the benefits of including the &quot;good&quot; fats into your diet. And one of the products that contains them and&nbsp;sells like crazy is<em><strong>&nbsp;Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter</strong></em>. This is an&nbsp;all-natural peanut butter enriched with plant-based superfats. Well, coming toward the end of the month is&nbsp;<em><strong>Fatso Cocoa Peanut Butter</strong></em>! It&#39;s still the same amazing high performance peanut butter except it&#39;s now even better because, well, everything&#39;s better with chocolate! Let&#39;s reiterate that<em>&nbsp;this is not yet available</em>! It will be soon, though, so put it on your radar and look for it on our shelves in about a month! We&#39;re sure this is going to be a BIG hit!</p><p>&quot;Hey friend, pass the Nooch!&quot; That&#39;s something you might hear at a vegan potluck. Nooch is a popular term among vegans for nutritional yeast. And nutritional yeast is a very popular topping for all kinds of foods because of its cheesy/nutty flavour, high protein and vitamin B12 content. So it only makes sense that somebody (actually three people) out there would put it on some popcorn and call it<em><strong>&nbsp;NoochPop</strong></em>&nbsp;by 3 Nutritious Sisters. They pop their corn in a blend of three organic oils:&nbsp;coconut, olive and avocado (see above product description for reason why), season it with nutritional yeast and voila: you get a gluten-free, vegan and&nbsp;dairy-free snack that tastes amazing and is 88% organic! And it&#39;s made in Vancouver! Available in numerous flavours, too!&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>If you&#39;re going to have some delicious popcorn, you&#39;re probably going to want to have a drink handy as well. That&#39;s why it&#39;s a great idea to try one (or all) of these three new beverages from&nbsp;<em><strong>Fever-Tree</strong></em>. We have&nbsp;<em><strong>The Ultimate Tonic Water Selection&nbsp;</strong></em>consisting of Mediterranean Tonic Water, Premium Indian Tonic Water, Aromatic Tonic Water and Elderflower Tonic Water. Or you could try the&nbsp;<em><strong>Smoky Ginger Ale&nbsp;</strong></em>made with apple wood naturally smoked water and roasted barley malt extract&nbsp;for a unique and refreshing beverage taste! Finally, there&#39;s the&nbsp;<em><strong>Spiced Orange Ginger Ale&nbsp;</strong></em>containing the flavours of clementine, cinnamon and ginger! So if you&#39;ve got a fever, the only prescription (in addition to more cowbell) is drinking these new&nbsp;Fever-Tree&nbsp;bevvies!</p><p>The next time you decide to serve up some veggies and dip, why not take it to the next level by adding&nbsp;<em><strong>Frank&#39;s Red Hot Buffalo Ranch Dip Seasoning</strong></em>? To make a crazy good dip simply&nbsp;take some cream cheese and sour cream&nbsp;(<em><strong>we have Island Farms 250ml Sour Cream in our ad this week for $1.26!</strong></em>), add the seasoning pouch and blend well. Then stir in some sliced green onion and crumbled bacon. It&#39;s the perfect blend of flavour and heat that&#39;ll spice up your next get together!</p><p>Heirloom tomato. You&#39;ve heard the term before but do you really know what an heirloom tomato is? Simply put, an heirloom tomato is one whose seeds have been passed down from generation to generation which allows farmers to pick the seeds from the tomatoes with the most desireable traits such as size, shape, colour, juiciness, etc.&nbsp;And they&#39;re also open-pollinated which means that they are pollinated through natural means (non-hybrid). Heirloom tomatoes often taste less acidic than regular red tomatoes and can come in funky shapes and colours.&nbsp;Now you can get these lovely Canadian grown beauties in a can by purchasing&nbsp;<em><strong>Hunts Early Harvest Diced Heirloom Tomatoes</strong></em>. These tomatoes are grown in the Chatham-Kent region of Ontario and are canned within 24 hours of harvest.&nbsp;</p><p>We should also mention that our&nbsp;<em><strong>Thursday Only Special</strong></em>&nbsp;for this week, January 3rd,<em><strong> is</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Lactantia Salted Butter 1lb for the low, low price of $3.99</strong></em>! Make sure to stock up because it&#39;s only priced this low for the day!</p><p>Here&#39;s hoping this first newsletter of 2019 finds you well! Until next week, take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter December 11, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 11 Dec 2018 09:40:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; We&#39;re getting right down to the wire as Christmas looms large and this will be the second last newsletter before the big day arrives! Next week we&#39;ll include our holiday hours for the week of Christmas and the week after so keep an eye out for that. And as always, there are some new goodies on the shelves to let you know about. Shall we?</p><p>A few weeks ago we informed you of a new, vegan line of cheeses and butter from California called Miyoko&#39;s. As seems to be the trend now with non-dairy products, the response was tremendous. It&#39;s certainly a growing line&nbsp;so we added two more items from Miyoko&#39;s line-up.&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Classic Vegan Mozz</strong></em>&nbsp;is a fresh, Italian-style,&nbsp;cultured, organic vegan mozzarella that melts, bubbles, browns and slices just like real mozzarella! Excellent hot or cold, you can use it on pizza (obviously) or cold on a sandwich or in a caprese salad. As well, we&#39;ve added&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Smoked Farmhouse Vegan Cheese</strong></em>. The website describes it as:&nbsp;a&nbsp;semi-hard wheel with rich, smoky and sharp tones that linger on your tongue. Best served at room temperature with crackers, warm in sandwiches, or added to sauces.&nbsp;Take your next get together to the next level with any of the Miyoko&#39;s products. Everyone, not just vegans,&nbsp;will enjoy them!</p><p>For those of you who prefer your&nbsp;cheese made from cow&#39;s milk instead of from cashews, our new holiday<em><strong>&nbsp;Paradise Island Variety Pack Cheese</strong></em>&nbsp;will get you in the holiday spirit! You get four kinds of delicious, natural cheese that will make shopping for your holiday get-togethers super easy! Actually, it&#39;ll make your holiday gift shopping super, easy, too!&nbsp;Paradise Island has&nbsp;been making cheese for over 40 years so we&#39;re thinking they might know a thing or two about it.&nbsp;Besides, who wouldn&#39;t like to receive a package of naturally aged, island produced cheeses?&nbsp;Just don&#39;t wrap it up and put it under the tree unless of course&nbsp;the tree is still growing outside and it&#39;s between 0 and 4 degrees Celcius or if your home is kept between 0&nbsp;and 4 degrees Celcius&nbsp;and the present is in some sort of container that vermin and other animals can&#39;t get into. On second though, just don&#39;t put it under any tree.</p><p>Another non-dairy favourite for this time of year is&nbsp;<em><strong>Earth&#39;s Own SoFresh Almond Nog</strong></em>. It&#39;s dairy free, egg free and soy free but full of delicious fortified almond nog taste! Like it says on the bottle: an excellent source of holiday cheer!</p><p>Again, for those of you who prefer the real deal, we&#39;re now stocking&nbsp;<em><strong>Avalon Conventional 1L Eggnog</strong></em>&nbsp;in the glass bottle and<em><strong>&nbsp;Avalon Organic 1L Eggnog</strong></em>&nbsp;in the festively designed carton. These two are both very rich, creamy and decadent. If Canada Dry is the &quot;champagne of gingerales&quot; then this is the champagne of eggnog! Get it while you can because once the holidays are over, so too, is your opportunity to buy it. Oh let&#39;s not forget to mention that&nbsp;we&nbsp;have&nbsp;<em><strong>Island Farms 2L and 1L Eggnog</strong></em>&nbsp;cartons on the shelf now, too!</p><p>Just in time for the holidays (and the cold weather) are two new caffeine-free teas from Yogi.&nbsp;Yogi Tulsi Spiced Berry Cough &amp; Cold Relief Tea&nbsp;contains holy basil/tulsi which is traditionally used in Ayurveda to help relieve coughs and colds. And for those of you who overdo it during the holidays (or who have kept on overdoing it since last Christmas) there&#39;s&nbsp;Yogi Roasted Dandelion Spice DeTox Tea. Dandelion is used in herbal medicine as a diuretic and to help treat (festive)&nbsp;digestive disturbances. Warm up to Yogi and get yourself better!</p><p>Bake My Day provides quality, gluten-free products. We&#39;ve bragged about this Duncan, BC company in the past for their great tasting baked goods. And this year, they&#39;ve added their&nbsp;<em><strong>Bake My Day Gluten-Free Christmas Cake.</strong></em> Each cake weighs over a pound and it&#39;s chock full of currants, cherries, raisins, lemon peel and other yummy ingredients. You&#39;re going to love this rich and dense fruit cake. Just don&#39;t drop it on your toe. By the way, we also have&nbsp;<em><strong>Bake My Day Pumpkin Pies</strong></em>&nbsp;in stock as a holiday dessert option!</p><p>Just in time for your holiday breakfasts is&nbsp;<em><strong>Bob&#39;s Red Mill Paleo Pancake &amp; Waffle Mix</strong></em>. The company website states:&nbsp;<em>Paleo Pancake &amp; Waffle Mix is a grain-free breakfast or snack solution featuring nourishing almond flour, coconut flour, simple root starches, and organic coconut sugar. It&rsquo;s the perfect recipe for a paleo-friendly breakfast or snack! Eggs and coconut oil are the only ingredients needed from your kitchen</em>.&nbsp;&nbsp;It&#39;s also certified gluten-free!</p><p>There you have it. Another newsletter is now history. Stay tuned for another next week and until then, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter December 4, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 04 Dec 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Sunday&#39;s Caroling in the Village was yet another great success and your generosity will help women in need at the Victoria Women&#39;s Transition House. The weather was nippy and crisp which was perfect for the occasion and the turnout was brilliant once again! Thanks to all those who volunteered to help ensure the success of this event!&nbsp;</p><p>Once again we have added some new product to the shelves so let&#39;s not waste any time. Ready? 3...2...1...go!</p><p>One of the most popular items in recent memory that we&#39;ve brought in has to be the <em><strong>Beyond Meat Burgers</strong></em>. The response to adding this meatless wonderfood has been gi-normous! So it made perfect sense to build on that and add another product from their lineup..<em><strong>.Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Original Bratwurst</strong></em>! It&#39;s the world&#39;s first plant-based sausage that &quot;...<em>looks, sizzles and satisfies like pork</em>.&quot; With 38% less saturated fat than pork, these brats have zero cholesterol, less total fat, less sodium, fewer calories but all the taste and satisfaction of a pork bratwurst sausage! And that&#39;s good news because nobody wants to eat a meatless sausage that tastes like, well, a meatless sausage. Your BBQs will never be the same and neither will your diet! Savvy sausage swallowers swear!</p><p>Fresh is Best makes great Mexican favourites. And Pepper&#39;s has been carrying their tri-coloured tortilla chips (corn, chili and jalapeno flavours) as well as their tri-flavoured taco shells for a long time. After all, this is a Kamloops-based company which also happens to make super tasty product! Now you can buy&nbsp;F<em><strong>resh Is Best Tortilla Chips</strong></em> in <em><strong>Chili </strong></em>and <em><strong>Jalapeno</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours with sea salt, respectively, in their own packages. So now you can mow down on just chili or just jalapeno if that works better for you than the mixed bag! Both kinds are vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher!&nbsp;</p><p>Some like it hot and it that&#39;s you&nbsp;then&nbsp;<em><strong>Mina Harissa</strong></em>&nbsp;(pron. ha-ree-sa)&nbsp;will certainly wake your mouth up. This is the most common condiment in North African cuisine and it&#39;s made with both red and green chili peppers. As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>Chili peppers were introduced to North Africa through Morocco from Spain in the 16th century. These fierce and robust peppers, originally from Latin America, charmed Morocco&#39;s population in such a way that they quickly became a precious culinary component across the whole Maghreb region. Morocco&#39;s sunshine and arid climate, as well as the abundance of olive oil, have provided the perfect conditions for the development of harissa.The name &#39;harissa&#39; comes from the Arabic word &#39;haris&#39;, which means to crush, referring to the action of crushing the chilies.&nbsp;Harissa comes in a variety of forms, such as&nbsp;harissa sauce,&nbsp;harissa paste which has a slightly thicker consistency than sauce, &nbsp;and also as a powdered spice blend&nbsp;which is meant to be used as a seasoning or rub or diluted with olive oil to reach liquidy consistency.</em></p><p>You can use this pepper sauce with couscous and tagines. It&#39;s super versatile, too, since it can spice up your meat dishes, seafoods, veggies, eggs, rice, pasta sandwiches, soups and stews or spread it on a sandwich or use it in a dip.</p><p>And while we&#39;re on the topic of peppers, you&#39;ll be pleased to know of the addition of&nbsp;<em><strong>Italissima Roasted Red Peppers</strong></em>. However, these are Spanish sweet bell peppers roasted and packed in water and a bit of salt. Another highly versatile food, you can use it as a pizza topping, in tomato sauces, on burgers or grilled sandwiches, stirred into scrampled eggs or an omelet. You get the idea. The internet can help you out some more if your imagination is a bit rusty.</p><p>Cauliflower Rice is actually just fresh cauliflower ground up into fine bits.&nbsp;<em><strong>Eat Smart Cauliflower Rice</strong></em>&nbsp;is&nbsp;the low-carb, low-calorie alternative to heavier dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, and even pizza. And, it&rsquo;s a great source of vitamins C and K. You can make an amazing pizza crust out of it, make a fried rice dish or blend it into a cauliflower rice hummus!</p><p>A triscuit a tasket. This time of year is pretty Triscuit-centric. People seriously love these baked whole grain crackers. And now there are two new varieties to choose from for your holiday knoshings:&nbsp;<em><strong>Christie Organic Triscuit Original&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Triscuit Cracked Pepper &amp; Olive Oi</strong></em>l. These yummy puppies have 17 grams of whole grain wheat per 19 gram serving! They&#39;ve been baking these crackers for over 100 years so they must be doing something right. Now Triscuits are better than ever!</p><p>Ok, now let&#39;s sweeten things up a bit.<em><strong>&nbsp;Ticklebelly Cakebars</strong></em>&nbsp;look like a frozen ice cream treat on a stick. But instead of ice cream, there&#39;s a soft cake dipped in a delicious confectionary! No more forks and plates! Simply grasp the stick and gobble it down. Dessert just got a whole lot more fun!</p><p>Ricky Bobby admitted too late that he loved crepes, &quot;the really thin pancakes.&quot; If only he wasn&#39;t so stubborn Jean Girard wouldn&#39;t have had to break his arm. Well, if you also love really thin pancakes then be sure to pick up some&nbsp;J<em><strong>acquet Bakery French Crepes</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Strawberry</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate</strong></em>. These are on-the-go crepes, individually wrapped and ready to eat! Imported from France, there&#39;s no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Just real, authentic french crepe flavour! And don&#39;t worry, your arms are in no danger.</p><p>And in addition to crepes, we also stock&nbsp;Jacquet Belgian Waffles! You can buy a 7-pack tube or purchase individually! These are authentic Belgian waffles using the original butter recipe since they started in 1885!</p><p>That&#39;s all for this week. Take care until next week and Happy Chanukah!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 27, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 27 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Woo hoo! Guess what? We have reached over 700 subscribers with today&#39;s newsletter! That&#39;s super exciting and we&#39;re thrilled to have such a substantial readership because it shows us that you really want to know what&#39;s going on at the store. So tell your friends and neighbours to head over to our website<em><strong>&nbsp;;</strong></em>and get on our email list! Let&#39;s get that number up to 1000!</p><p>As many of you already know, last Thursday was our annual Customer Appreciation Day and the store was bustling with customers sampling all kinds of tasty treats, both savoury and sweet.&nbsp;But the big winners were those who won one of five&nbsp;$100 dollar gift cards well as a grand prize of one $500 gift card! Thanks one and all for shopping with us and as we&#39;ve said many times before, we always look forward to seeing you in the aisles.</p><p>Now, onto the meat and potatoes of the newsletter; the new items. And we have several to tell you about so let&#39;s go!</p><p>A few weeks ago you were introduced to <em><strong>Rao&#39;s Pizza Sauce</strong></em> of the infamous Rao&#39;s Italian eatery of Queen&#39;s NYC. The response to that one item prompted us to add<em><strong>&nbsp;Rao&#39;s Tomato Sauce</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Arrabbiata&nbsp;</strong></em>(hot),&nbsp;<em><strong>Marinara</strong></em>&nbsp;(all-purpose) as well as&nbsp;<em><strong>Tomato Basil</strong></em>. They use the same Italian tomatoes as they do in their pizza sauce so that you can serve the same quality pasta dishes. Your meal will be the talk of the table!&nbsp;Rao&#39;s: Bringing the extraordinary home.</p><p>Why not serve a dessert that will literally be the talk of the table?&nbsp;<em><strong>Table Talk Old Fashioned Pies</strong></em>&nbsp;are the cutest little desserts to come along since Spotted Dick but with a much more appealing name. As to whether the flavour is much more appealing, you&#39;ll just have to buy some to find out.&nbsp;Available in:&nbsp;b<em><strong>lueberry, cherry, pumpkin</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>apple</strong></em>. Now everyone can get the kind of pie they like for dessert!&nbsp;Please note, the quarter is for scale and is not included with each pie.</p><p>However, if pie just isn&#39;t your thing, despair not! For we have another delicious and sweet option for you to choose from! And you may have already sampled it as an in-flight snack on your last vacation.&nbsp;<em><strong>Lotus Biscoff Cookies</strong></em>&nbsp;are a European favourite and have been since 1932 but they started out being&nbsp;offered on US flights since the mid 1980s before they found their way on store shelves. These are &quot;<em>the original carmelised biscuits</em>&quot; whose flavour is created through a unique baking process. An added bonus is if you&#39;re a coffee drinker as the company states that &quot;<em>every coffee needs a Lotus</em>.&quot; And it just so happens that we have<em><strong>&nbsp;Murchies Assorted Ground Coffee 400g in our ad this week for only $8.96</strong></em>&nbsp;each!&nbsp;Take a mini vacation: pour yourself a cup of joe, pair it with a<em><strong>&nbsp;Lotus Biscoff Cookie</strong></em>&nbsp;or two, put your feet up and relax!</p><p>There&#39;s nothing like&nbsp;cracking an ice&nbsp;cold Nehi beverage and slamming it back!&nbsp;Or, at least there<em>&nbsp;used</em>&nbsp;to be nothing like it. Ask Corporal Walter Eugene &quot;Radar&quot; O&#39; Reilly, he&#39;ll tell you. Nowadays, achieving that same level of soft-drink satisfaction can only be attained from chugging an ice cold root beer. Luckily for you, we have boxes of it for sale, literally!&nbsp;<em><strong>Great American Root Beer Packs</strong></em>&nbsp;are filled with five different varieties of your &quot;old time American root beer favourites&quot; (I used the Canadian spelling there). You get two bottles each of vintage flavoured (and styled) bottles of root beer that you can keep for yourself in the fridge or give to someone else&nbsp;as a great gift. Cheers!</p><p>Christmas is less than a month away (as if you needed to be reminded of this) so the festivities are soon going to kick into high gear. And one of the holiday rituals that many participate in is the consumption of egg nog. However, lots of people don&#39;t love the amount of sugar, saturated fat and/or overall calories contained therein. Or maybe you don&#39;t consume dairy but also don&#39;t want to feel left out when the party-goers are all congregated around the egg milk punchbowl toasting left, right and centre. In that case,&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Farms&nbsp;Nog&nbsp;Almond Beverage</strong></em>&nbsp;is the answer! With only 110 calories per cup (traditional egg nog has about 250!), there&#39;s also no carrageenan, soy or dairy. So remember: you&#39;re remarkable.&nbsp;Celebrate accordingly!</p><p><em><strong>Kraft Philadelphia Whipped Herbed Tzatziki Cream Cheese Spread</strong></em>&nbsp;is brand new and makes an amazing addition to your bagel, flatbread, pita or crackers. Easy to spread and full of that fresh,&nbsp;tangy tzatziki flavour that you love, it&#39;s going to be a hit at home with your family.&nbsp;Give it a shot!</p><p>For the last 12 years, Vick and Jas have been providing flavourful and authentic curries from Surrey, BC with&nbsp;<em><strong>Ace Curries To Go</strong></em>. It&#39;s curry from Surrey (without worry)! Now, Pepper&#39;s has their amazing curries in store (Aisle 2)!&nbsp;<em><strong>Ace Curries To Go Chicken Curry</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Butter Chicken</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Tandoori</strong></em>&nbsp;contain no MSG, preservatives or gluten and there&#39;s enough per pouch to serve from six to eight people. Check out their website at&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>Don&#39;t forget to order your fresh, holiday turkey by calling our Meat Department and reserving one today! The demand is always high because the quality and freshness of our birds are, too!&nbsp;</p><p>Until next week, take care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 20, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 20 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Here we are again on another Tuesday morning with another edition of the Pepper&#39;s Foods Newsletter brimming with information about all things Pepper&#39;s. And this week, there&#39;s no shortage of stuff to tell you about. So without further adieau, let&#39;s get right down to it!</p><p>Let&#39;s face it, there&#39;s nothing quite like a good burger. So juicy, so tasty, so satisfying. Mmmmmm. But if you eat meat, there may be a small (or large) part of you that feels bad about it. Maybe you&#39;re concerned about the welfare of animals. Perhaps you&#39;re wanting to eat healthier or you want to help reduce the role that raising and consuming livestock has on global climate change. Or maybe you&#39;d like, in your own small way, to help ease the strain on limited resources that exist to feed everone in the world. Whatever your reason(s) might be, we&#39;ve got a revolutionary new product that will help alleviate your concerns while still providing you with a delicious meal!&nbsp;</p><p><em><strong>The Beyond&nbsp;Burger</strong></em>&nbsp;(by Beyond Meat) is an entirely meatless, frozen patty that looks, cooks and tastes just like a real burger! It&#39;s pink prior to cooking (due to beet juice) and it browns just like hamburger does. Heck, this is like something straight out of&nbsp;The Matrix! With 20 grams of plant-based protein per patty, that&#39;s more per equivalent serving size than ground beef but with more iron,&nbsp;less fat (both saturated and overall), fewer calories and zero cholesterol. Get somebody to pinch you; you&#39;re not dreaming! It&#39;s the holy grail of veggie burgers! Come and get it!</p><p>If you&#39;d prefer your oatmeal on the go rather than hot out of a bowl then&nbsp;<em><strong>Pamela&#39;s Oat Up Oat Bars</strong></em>&nbsp;will really turn your crank. Choose from<em><strong>&nbsp;Peanut Butter&nbsp;</strong></em>or&nbsp;<em><strong>2 Chocolates + Almonds</strong></em>&nbsp;for a certified gluten-free and organic treat that&#39;s chewy and full of whole grain goodness! Load up on&nbsp;<em><strong>Oat Up</strong></em>!</p><p>&quot;<em>Exceptional coffee is always worth the quest</em>.&quot; That&#39;s the tagline for Nespresso&#39;s newest ad campaign.&nbsp;And if you or someone you know has a Nespresso machine, you probably&nbsp;already know that. That&#39;s because you either have to find a Nespresso Boutique or order the coffee pods&nbsp;online. Sounds like a pain in the you know what. Or, you could simply pick up a box of&nbsp;<em><strong>Caffe Umbria Nespresso Compatible Capsules</strong></em>&nbsp;anytime you like when you shop at Pepper&#39;s. They&#39;re not new to the store, but with the holidays looming large, you may want to keep us in mind if you&#39;ve thought about giving a Nespresso as a gift. Nice try, george Clooney.</p><p>Huey, Dewey and Louie. The Three Stooges. The Bee Gees. Snap, Crackle and Pop. All famous trios. Well, it looks like we have a new, soon-to-be-famous&nbsp;trio in this neck of the woods.&nbsp;<em><strong>Saltspring Kitchen Co.&#39;s Gourmet Trio of Preserves</strong></em>&nbsp;has hit our shelves and it&#39;s sure to please you and yours this holiday season. Choose from&nbsp;<em><strong>Pear &amp; Ginger Chutney</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Cranberry, Sour Cherry &amp; Port Preserve</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Winter Wonderjam</strong></em>&nbsp;to really round out your holiday food offerings. Or give it as a wonderful gift! Peace, love &amp; jam!</p><p>And what&#39;s Christmas without the mincemeat? For our younger readers, many years ago&nbsp;mincemeat commonly contained&nbsp;minced meat such as beef or&nbsp;venison or minced&nbsp;heart&nbsp;and other stuff like beef suet (fat) or even bone marrow! Nowadays, the meat ingredients have fallen out of favour for the most part, but the name lives on and so does the tradition of making mincemeat pies, pastries and tarts.&nbsp;And this year, our Deli Department is very pleased to offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Lynch&nbsp;Olde Style Mincemeat</strong></em>! This is a Canadian classic since 1943, chock full of fresh apples, delicious dried fruits, just the right amount of citrus peel, spice and rum. You can even warm it up and spoon over ice cream, if that&#39;s your thing. Delicious!</p><p>And if you&#39;re looking for something really fun to do this holiday season, Pepper&#39;s has a large array of <em><strong>Creat A Treat</strong></em> goodies such as&nbsp;<em><strong>Gingerbread House Kits</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Gingerbread Train Kits</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Ugly Sweater Cookie Kits</strong></em>&nbsp;and even&nbsp;<em><strong>Dr. Seuss&#39; The Grinch Cookie Decorating Kits.&nbsp;</strong></em>It&#39;s art that you eat and a whole lot of fun!</p><p>But wait, there&#39;s more!&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Chocolate</strong></em>&nbsp;makes incredibly rich and delicious chocolate treats and we sell A LOT of it because our customers know a quality product when they taste one. And it&#39;s made right here in Victoria. So this year, why not purchase a&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Chocolate Advent Calendar</strong></em>? Not just your run of the mill chocolates inside this box, nosirree.&nbsp;<em><strong>There&#39;s a mixture of organic, Fair Trade chocolates in four varieties: Orange Creme Filled, Vanilla Creme Filled, Peppermint Creme Filled&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Solid Chocolate!&nbsp;</strong></em></p><p>Or how about a&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Advent Bar</strong></em>? It consists of 24 festive numbered pieces of the same quality chocolate that I guess you just break off one piece to eat per day? Yeah, good luck with that! Not for those with impulsive personalities.</p><p>And last but definitely not least, our annual <em><strong>Customer Appreciation Day&nbsp;is this Thursday, November 22</strong></em>! All day long we&#39;re offering 10% off all purchases (some exclusions apply), free food and beverages, prizes, department discounts,&nbsp;give-aways and one grand prize! It&#39;s our chance to let you know how much you mean to us and an opportunity for mingling and merriment! Please allow us to say thanks for supporting small business, for supporting local and for,&nbsp;well, just being YOU! It&#39;s your day so join us!</p><p>As always, have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 13, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 13 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning.&nbsp; Another long weekend is in the books and hopefully it was an enjoyable one spent with loved ones or people whom you care about. Maybe you spent it doing an activity that you particularly like. Maybe you cooked a delicious meal or relaxed reading a book or watching something on television. Maybe you mailed in your ballot pertaining to the&nbsp;voting system referendum for British Columbia provincial elections.&nbsp;But whatever you wound up doing this past weekend, even if you did nothing at all, it was only made possible by the fighting men and women who have sacrificed themselves in some way, with their bodies and minds, to ensure those freedoms that we oft take for granted are available to&nbsp;us. Lest we forget.</p><p>Alright, onto less sombre things: the new stuff that we like to tell you about every week! But before we get to that, we&#39;d like to remind you about our Customer Request board that&#39;s below the monitor in Aisle 1. You probably already know about it and how you can write something on there that you&#39;d like to see brought in, or if you have a question about the availability of an item. But you might not know that posted right above that board is a weekly update to your requests. Please take a moment when you&#39;re in the store to have a look.&nbsp;</p><p>Not too long ago&nbsp;we brought in Fairlife Ultrafiltered Milk at the request of a customer. It was lactose free with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than conventional milk. But we received several complaints from people who were upset that this milk&#39;s country of origin was the USA. Fair enough. Shortly thereafter we we informed by one of our dairy suppliers that there was a similar Canadian product&nbsp;available! Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to replace one with the other. So now we are proud to offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk&nbsp;in a 1L bottle</strong></em>!. It&#39;s lactose&nbsp;reduced&nbsp;(not entirely lactose free) and it has&nbsp;75% more protein&nbsp;and&nbsp;25% less sugar&nbsp;than conventional milk (the chocolate milk is&nbsp;50% less sugar!). It&#39;s produced entirely in Canada for Canadians by Canadians. And like all milk produced in Canada, that means it&#39;s both hormone and additive free! So<em><strong> try&nbsp;Saputo&#39;s&nbsp;Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk&nbsp;and #feelthejoyya!</strong></em></p><p>The next new product uses plenty of fresh milk as a primary ingredient!&nbsp;<em><strong>Bad Duck Caramel</strong></em>&nbsp;is&nbsp;butter, sugar and milk (traditional flavour) and that&#39;s it! But boy oh boy does it ever combine to make something wonderful! It&#39;s handmade in Wynndel, BC and in addition to&nbsp;<em><strong>Traditional</strong></em>, it also&nbsp;comes in&nbsp;<em><strong>&nbsp;Peppermint Chocolate</strong></em>, <em><strong>Salted</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Salted Coffee</strong></em>!&nbsp;We don&#39;t know why it&#39;s called Bad Duck since there&#39;s nothing bad whatsoever with this toffee and no ducks are used in the creation of this toffee&nbsp;but who cares? You&#39;ll just need to try it for yourself! To eat, just quack it!</p><p>Another sweet and delicious product to grace our shelves (and it also contains milk) is&nbsp;<em><strong>Rocco &amp; Olivia Hot Buttered Rum Drink Mix</strong></em>. Simply mix one tablespoon with hot water, add a lemon wedge and enjoy! Add on ounce of amber rum to really warm your cockles. Or you can warm it up and drizzle on ice cream or spread it on toast!&nbsp;</p><p>Bonne Maman makes absolutely wonderful jams and spreads, imported from France. Now, whether you&#39;d&nbsp;like to purchase it for your Christmas morning breakfast or to give as a gift,<em><strong>&nbsp;Bonne Maman Assorted Mini Spreads</strong></em>&nbsp;are here! Available in a 5x50g sleeve, this premium quality assortment of jams, jellies and marmalades will put a smile on everyone&#39;s face! Giddee up!</p><p>As if little tiny jars of jam wasn&#39;t enough, how about little tiny tarts?&nbsp;<em><strong>Bonne Maman Tartlets</strong></em>&nbsp;in<em><strong>&nbsp;Lemon, Raspberry</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate Caramel</strong></em>&nbsp;will send your family and friends over the edge in terms of sweet, sensory&nbsp;overload! You&#39;ll all feel as though you&#39;ve been whisked away to a Parisien boulangerie when you bite into one of these little&nbsp;flavour bombs! C&#39;est tres fin et fameux!</p><p>And finally, another dairy-free addition that we&#39;ve brought to you is&nbsp;<em><strong>Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Plain</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Vanilla Bean</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours! These<em><strong> are larger 454g containers</strong></em> and two new flavours in addition to the four that we currently carry in the smaller 150g cups. And as with all Daiya products, they&#39;re free of the top 8 allergens including dairy, gluten and soy! Daiya Foods: Find your happy plate!</p><p>Thanks for having a look! Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 6, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 06 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep on Saturday night? That&#39;s certainly a bonus to having Daylight Savings end. But like it or hate it, it&#39;s here to stay for at least another year.</p><p>This week in our advertised specials you&#39;ll see that it&#39;s built around baking. Everything that you need to create some seriously sensational and seasonal&nbsp;goodies are on sale! And our&nbsp;<em><strong>Thursday Special</strong></em>&nbsp;fits right in with&nbsp;<em><strong>Kraft Philadelphia Regular Cream Cheese Bricks on for only $2.99 each</strong></em>!</p><p>As for new items, we&#39;re pushing mostly liquids this week. So if you&#39;re looking for something new and exciting to scull, read on!</p><p>As the days get cooler, wetter and shorter, there&#39;s nothing more comforting than a nice, warm beverage to chase away the winter blahs. That&#39;s why picking up a box of&nbsp;<em><strong>Carnation Hot Chocolate Variety Pack</strong></em>&nbsp;makes perfect sense. And the best part about it is that there are three different chocolate flavours to pick from! If variety is&nbsp;the spice of life&nbsp;then now&#39;s the time to put some more into yours!</p><p>Apples and autumn go hand in hand so&nbsp;another delightfully delicious option for this time of year is apple cider. Not hard apple cider (although that&#39;s a good choice, too!) but rather fresh pressed, all natural&nbsp;<em><strong>Taves Family Farms Cider</strong></em>. This cider is cold-pressed and unfiltered: like orange juice with pulp. Drink it cold or make hot mulled apple cider.&nbsp;And it&#39;s made in Abbotsford, BC! They use a UV treatment and then pastuerize their cider to ensure it&#39;s perfectly safe to drink. And that means it can remain unrefrigerated until opened. Fun fact: it takes approximately 25 apples to make a gallon&nbsp;(3.78 L) of cider!</p><p>Our Produce Dept. added&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee</strong></em>&nbsp;some time ago and it&#39;s been a big hit. So it only made sense to expand the line with&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Mocha Cold Brew Coffee</strong></em>. That&#39;s right: delicious 100% aribica coffee blended with creamy almond milk and decadent chocolate. Cold brewing ensures more antioxidants, better flavour and less acidity than hot brewed coffee. And it&#39;s kosher, vegan, gluten, soy, dairy&nbsp;and&nbsp;carrageenan-free!</p><p>If you really want to kick it up a notch then&nbsp;<em><strong>Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee</strong></em>&nbsp;might be more to your liking. There&#39;s something here for everyone.<em><strong>&nbsp;Classic Latte</strong></em>&nbsp;contains organic skim milk while&nbsp;<em><strong>Mocha Latte</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Oat Milk Latte</strong></em>&nbsp;are two excellent dairy-free options. And there&#39;s a reason it&#39;s called nitro: not only does it contain 1.5x more caffeine than regular coffee, it&#39;s also infused with nitrogen giving it a creamy, sweet and smooth taste. Much like a fine stout!</p><p>However, if you&#39;d rather have your oat milk without the coffee then<em><strong>&nbsp;Earth&#39;s Own&nbsp;SoFresh Oat Unsweetened Original</strong></em>&nbsp;is where it&#39;s at! Oat milk is becoming very popular with consumers who want a creamier texture, more fibre and less fat in their non-dairy beverage. It&#39;s an excellent source of calcium and is&nbsp;also gluten-free.</p><p>Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi&#39;s (but you can&#39;t say that ten times fast!) classic, national bestselling book&nbsp;<em>Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience</em>&nbsp;might be a read that shows how some people can reach a state of conciousness that allows for a deeply satisying life. One thing that we do know is that if you&#39;re wanting to deeply satisfy&nbsp;your thirst,&nbsp;<em><strong>Flow Alkaline Spring Water</strong></em>&nbsp;will definately get the job done! It&#39;s not just another bottle of water, either. This water comes from a family owned artesian spring in the beautiful Bruce County, Ontario. It&#39;s naturally filtered through layers of limestone which adds minerals (electrolytes) and makes it taste fabulous. And because it&#39;s pH is 8.1 (higher than regular water&#39;s pH of 7) it might be beneficial in neutralizing acid in the body. However,&nbsp;it&#39;s&nbsp;the smart packaging that we really like. The plastic lid is derived from sugarcane while the tetra pack bottle itself is made with 70% renewable materials and is 100% recyclable.&nbsp;So go with the Flow and hydrate mindfully!</p><p>Greek yogurt without the guilt is now totally possible with&nbsp;<em><strong>Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt</strong></em>. There&#39;s zero preservatives, zero artificial sweeteners and zero fat in this yogurt. And there&#39;s also 25% less sugar than regular Oikos 0% greek yogurt. All those zeros still add up to BIG flavour and snacking satisfaction!</p><p>And finally, we&#39;ve been able to get back a popular non-dairy item:&nbsp;<em><strong>Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream</strong></em>! If you&#39;re looking to replace regular sour cream with one that&#39;s vegan, dairy-free, kosher parve, gluten-free, lactose-free, milk-free, butterfat-free, cholesterol-free, non-GMO and halal (phew!) then look no further.&nbsp;</p><p>One more thing...our annual&nbsp;<em><strong>Customer Appreciation Day</strong></em>&nbsp;is coming up in just over two weeks! It&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Thursday, November 22</strong></em>&nbsp;and we want you to be here for it! After all, the day is all about you, our customers. There will be lots of food, fellowship, discounts, giveaways and great prices on loads of items!&nbsp;It&#39;s a&nbsp;way for us to thank you for your business and loyalty and for choosing to shop with us when, as we&#39;ve said numerous times before, you have many other options. See you then!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 30, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 30 Oct 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Here&#39;s a Halloween factual tidbit to start things off today: According to Wikipedia the Scottish Halloween custom of &quot;guising&quot; &ndash; children disguised in costume going from house to house for food or money&nbsp;was first recorded in North America in 1911 in Ontario, Canada! But then The Canadian Encylopedia states that&nbsp;North America&rsquo;s first recorded instance of dressing in disguise on Halloween was in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1898. Either way&nbsp;Canada started the party on this side of the world over 100 years ago! Woot!</p><p>Do you know who Miyoko Schinner is? No? As William Wallace&#39;s uncle Argyle used to say, &quot;Then that&#39;s something we shall have to remedy.&quot; Miyoko Schinner is the vegan celebrity chef behind the wildly popular&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s</strong></em>! She&#39;s the queen of vegan cheese, an award winning author, former jazz singer, animal lover and vegan. Her book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, helped launch the start of the vegan cheese revolution. And now, Pepper&#39;s has a variety of her California made products on the shelf! You can find them where we keep the tofu and meatless products.</p><p>We have cultured, organic&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Vegan Cream Cheese</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Miyoko&#39;s Vegan Roadhouse Cheese Spreads&nbsp;</strong>available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Cheers to Cheddah</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Spicy Revolution</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours. And because these are cultured products, they have that delicious tang and robust flavour!&nbsp;</p><p>But it doesn&#39;t stop there. We have&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Aged English Sharp Farmhouse Vegan Cheese Wheel</strong></em>&nbsp;&nbsp;which is described on the website as:&nbsp;<em>a&nbsp;hard, aged, sharp round with complex flavors and a long finish that will continue to deepen in flavor and texture as it ages in your refrigerator. Serve with crackers, in a sandwich, or turned into a luscious sauce for pasta or vegetables when melted with nondairy milk</em>.&nbsp;We also stock&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Classic Double Cream Chive Vegan Cheese Wheel&nbsp;</strong></em>which, as per the website:&nbsp;<em>this versatile round packs a buttery, savory, mild herbal garlic flavor. The creamy delight is a crowd pleaser enjoyed by everyone from kids to sophisticated foodies. Serve on crackers or use as a delicious sandwich spread.</em></p><p>And finally, rounding out the collection is organic&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter</strong></em>. Made with coconut oil, this exceptional product melts, browns, bakes and spreads just like regular butter! And most importantly, it tastes just like regular butter!</p><p>Hey, if you&#39;re going to go through all that trouble (kidding!) making a gourmet vegan meal, then you may as well use&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Farms Barista Blend Almond Beverage</strong></em>&nbsp;for your amazing latte, cappucino or machiato for when you&#39;ve finished. It&#39;s specially formulated to easily create full-bodied&nbsp;foam so you can impress your family and friends with your barista skills. Dairy free without the sacrifice!</p><p>Sometimes we get a product in and then have problems keeping it in stock. Whether there&#39;s a change in the distributor or some other issue at work, for one reason or another, we aren&#39;t able to get it here anymore.&nbsp;That was the case with&nbsp;<em><strong>Mira Avocado Cooking Oil</strong></em>. We haven&#39;t had it for quite some time but now it&#39;s back (yay)! Made with 100% Hass avocados (sustainably grown in Equador without the use of pestricides or herbicides), it&#39;s raw, dense and extra virgin. Plus, avocado oil has a high smoke point making it ideal for frying and sauteing. And because it&#39;s dense, you can use less! Don&#39;t forget the fact that avocado oil contains loads of heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, the majority of which&nbsp;being oleic acid.&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for something different to snack on then maybe you need to try&nbsp;<em><strong>Olympic Greek Yogurt Dip and Pita Crackers</strong></em>.&nbsp;The top portion contains the pita chips and the dip is on the bottom.&nbsp;Talk about convenient! We have&nbsp;Caramelized Onion&nbsp;and coming soon is&nbsp;Spicy Chili&nbsp;flavour&nbsp;to tempt your tastebuds. Each package contains 11 grams of protein, is low in fat and makes the perfect addition to your lunch kit!</p><p>A very popular brands in Aisle 5&nbsp;is&nbsp;<em><strong>Fever Tree</strong></em>, one of the UK&#39;s premium mixers. We carry their&nbsp;<em><strong>club soda, ginger ale, ginger beer&nbsp;and&nbsp;tonics</strong></em>.&nbsp;After all, the company says that they start with the idea that if three-quarters of your drink is the mixer, then you should use the best. We think our customers know when they&#39;ve found a quality product so we&#39;ve now added<em><strong>&nbsp;Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic Water.</strong></em>&nbsp;As per the website:<em>&nbsp;by blending the essential oils from handpicked English elderflowers with quinine of the highest quality from the &#39;fever trees&#39; of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we have created a delicious, floral variation of our Indian tonic water</em>. And their description of the&nbsp;<em><strong>Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water&nbsp;</strong></em>goes:&nbsp;<em>by blending the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark with aromatic botanicals, such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger, we&#39;ve created a delicious, unique tonic water that can be enjoyed with gin to make a Pink G&amp;T or as a sophisticated soft drink on its own</em>.&nbsp;Head on over to&nbsp;<strong>;</strong>to see a pairing wheel that takes the guesswork of which gin to pair with your favourite Fever Tree tonic!</p><p>We haven&#39;t included anything for all you sweet tooths out there yet so let&#39;s get to know&nbsp;<em><strong>Celebration Lemon Creme Cookies</strong></em>&nbsp;from the Leclerc European Collection! The taste of sweet chocolate with tangy lemons combine&nbsp;to create something truly delightful! This is like Viva Puffs for grown-ups!</p><p>And because the Health and Beauty section has been feeling a little left out lately, we&#39;re here to tell you about&nbsp;<em><strong>OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner</strong></em>. Vacations are expensive but the text on the shampoo bottle says that &quot;It&#39;s like a trip to the tropics in a bottle.&quot; Sweet! In Morocco, argan oil is eaten on bread, pasta and couscous. Here, we put it on our hair and skin! Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?&nbsp;Actually, it&#39;s&nbsp;supposed to be quite lovely for softening your hair and making it smell nice. In fact, both of these hair products smell amazing!</p><p>That&#39;s all there is for this week. Make sure you look at our attached weekly specials. And make sure to look out for the kidlets tomorrow night when you&#39;re out on the road. Slow down and take extra care while the tricksters are collecting their treats!</p><p>From all of us at Pepper&#39;s, have a safe and Happy Halloween!</p> Pepper's October 23, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 23 Oct 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; On this day, October 23, 1935, Mackenzie King was elected Canada&#39;s Prime Minister for the third time. He was our tenth Prime Minister, by the way. Last Saturday our provincial municipal elections finished up with some big changes taking place in Vancouver as well as in other areas. And speaking of big changes, how about Canada becoming only the second country in the world (and the first G7 and G20 nation)&nbsp;to legalize the recreational use of marijuana?&nbsp;</p><p>Everybody knows that marijuana use and the munchies go hand in hand. So if you&#39;re looking for something to satisfy your craving then maybe<em><strong>&nbsp;Christie Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Oreos</strong></em>&nbsp;are the ticket! With a birthday cake flavoured creme filling and three different Mickey designs on the cookie, you can celebrate Canada&#39;s legalization of weed and Mickey&#39;s 90th birthday at the same time!&nbsp;</p><p>If crumbs just aren&#39;t your thing then try&nbsp;<em><strong>Starburst Gummies</strong></em>&nbsp;(orange, lemon, cherry, strawberry) and&nbsp;<em><strong>Starburst Gummies Sours&nbsp;</strong></em>(blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, strawberry).&nbsp; These little beauties are full of the&nbsp;Starburst&nbsp;fruit flavours you love with a soft and chewy texture. Impossible to only eat just a few even when you&#39;re not baked!</p><p>About a month ago we told you about&nbsp;<em><strong>Haupy&#39;s Rubs</strong></em>&nbsp;and how you can use them on just about any meat to make it extaordinary. So our<em><strong> Deli Dept.</strong></em> had the brilliant idea to offer our customers delicious, <em><strong>hot chicken wings with a&nbsp;Haupy&#39;s Rub&nbsp;coating</strong></em>! These are super tasty wings tossed with just the right amount of rub. Do exactly as the bag says: Grab N&#39; Go!</p><p>We also recently wrote about new&nbsp;<em><strong>Matilde Vicenzi Italian Ladyfingers</strong></em>. They were such a hit with our shoppers that we just had to try something else so we added&nbsp;<em><strong>Matilde Vicenzi Amaretto D&#39;Italia</strong></em>. These delightful and crunchy&nbsp;amaretti cookies are premium pastries baked in Italy and made with Sicilian almonds. With the holidays right around the corner, these little cookies will be a BIG hit with your friends and family.</p><p>Another Italian import that we&#39;ve stocked is&nbsp;<em><strong>Rao&#39;s Pizza Sauce</strong></em>. In case you&#39;ve never heard of Rao&#39;s, it&#39;s a Southern Italian restaurant founded in 1896 in East Harlem, NYC and it&#39;s kind of a big deal. In fact, unless you&#39;re Jay-Z or Leonardo DiCaprio you&#39;re probably not getting a table.&nbsp;So save yourself the trouble and bring the taste of the famous&nbsp;<em><strong>Rao&#39;s</strong></em> New York restaurant to your home&nbsp;and make your own pizza.&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>One more import that&#39;s sure to please is <em><strong>Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread</strong></em>. This description , taken from, sheds a little more light on a delicious product few know about:</p><p><em>This delectable jam, also known as chestnut spread, goes by various names in French: confiture de marrons, confiture de chataignes, and creme de marrons. Practically unknown in the United States, it is a favorite in France. Made like any jam by cooking fruit with sugar and in this case vanilla, it is excellent on toast. And because of its thick and smooth texture, it also goes well with ice cream, yogurt, or fromage blanc. Some use it in place of chestnut puree to make a Mont Blanc. Of course, you may also find yourself eating straight from the jar! Once widespread in France, chestnut trees, or chataigniers, are now becoming scarce as land has been given over to more profitable crops like grapes. Today the number of regions producing chestnuts has dwindled - Ardeche, Corsica, and Limousin are the principal producers of chestnuts today.</em></p><p>Perhaps you prefer cashews to chestnuts. And vegan to meat. If that&#39;s the case then&nbsp;<em><strong>Yoso Cashew Based Cream Cheese Style Spread</strong></em>&nbsp;is calling your name. Created in collaboration with Toronto based vegan chef Doug McNish, this is a minimally processed, vegan cream cheese style spread. It&#39;s&nbsp;free of carrageenan, dairy and gluten&nbsp;and contains only five ingredients, the main one being lightly toasted, organic cashews! Yoso is a Canadian company founded in Cambridge, ON.</p><p>Our final item for this week is another dairy-free item from Yoso. It&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Yoso Soygo Fermented Cultured Soy</strong></em>&nbsp;in a convenient multipack! Now you can enjoy dairy-free, vegan stirred yogurt in blueberry, vanilla and strawberry flavours in your lunch kit, at breakfast or as a snack. Yoso is made with organic soybeans and contains chicory inulin, a carbohydrate commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Inulin contains dietary fibre and is also a prebiotic, promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. So go soy, yo!</p><p>Hope you enjoyed this week&#39;s newsletter. Be sure to look at the attached flyer for dozens of items on sale for amazing prices. We look forward to seeing you in the store!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 16, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 16 Oct 2018 07:32:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; It&#39;s National Boss Day and that means that for those of you who have to go to work today, you should thank your boss for being the kind and fair person that they are. Sing his or her praises. Make them feel special. And then ask for that raise that you deserve.&nbsp;</p><p>Relationships between bosses and employees requires patience. In fact, patience is pretty much necessary for a smoother life, in general. So if you require a little more, but find it tough to muster it up on your own, then maybe a bag&nbsp;of delicious&nbsp;<em><strong>Patience Fruit &amp; Co. Chococrunch Bites</strong></em>&nbsp;is the answer. Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Dark Chocolate &amp; Coconut</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Milk Chocolate &amp; Chia</strong></em>, they make a base of crispy brown rice, unsweetened cranberry flakes and chocolate and add other yummy stuff to create an incredibly satisfying organic&nbsp;snack! This is a Canadian product full of iron, fiber, calcium and polyphenols but most importantly...flavour! So when you need to chill out and count to ten, grab a bag of&nbsp;Patience&nbsp;and let your cares melt away like the chocolate in your mouth!</p><p><em><strong>Blue Monkey&nbsp;</strong></em>is famous for its coconut water but now they&#39;ve made a foray into the world of&nbsp;fruit juice.&nbsp;<em><strong>Blue Monkey 100% Watermelon Juice</strong></em>&nbsp;is just that. And watermelon naturally contains lycopene, an anti-oxiodant, and L-citrulline, an amino acid that the body converts into arginine&nbsp;which helps cells divide, wounds heal, and ammonia to be removed from the body. It&#39;s science. All you need to remember is that it&#39;s refreshingly good!&nbsp;But if you&#39;re more of a sparkling beverage type of person then&nbsp;<em><strong>Blue Monkey Sparkling Watermelon Juice Drink</strong></em>&nbsp;will be right up your alley. It&#39;s watermelon juice, carbonated water and a tad of lemon juice. Take a drink and get that&nbsp;<em><strong>Blue Monkey&nbsp;</strong>ONTO</em>&nbsp;your back! Available in singles or in a convenient 4-pack!</p><p>It&#39;s never too early to start talking about Christmas and right now we have&nbsp;<em><strong>So Delicious Holiday Nog Coconut Beverage</strong></em>&nbsp;available to help get you into the spirit. This is a seasonal item (hint: available for a limited time) so make sure you get some&nbsp;now before it&#39;s too late. Because when we run out, it&#39;s gone for another year.</p><p>But if you&#39;d rather not think about Christmas right just yet then you can choose to focus on things more autumnal. And what signifies this season more&nbsp;than pumkin?<em><strong>&nbsp;Liberte</strong></em>&nbsp;has it&#39;s own seasonal item for you to enjoy by introducing their<em><strong>&nbsp;Pumpkin &amp; Salted Caramel Yogurt</strong></em>. Talk about a unique flavour combo! It&#39;s thick, rich and delicious&nbsp;but it&#39;s not going to be around for long, either!&nbsp;</p><p>Northern European countries have been preserving and enjoying their delicious (and healthy) herring pickled&nbsp;since Medieval times. Now, by customer request, Pepper&#39;s Meat Dept. has added<em><strong>&nbsp;Elman&#39;s Herring Fillets in Wine Marinade</strong></em>&nbsp;to their shelf. This Canadian company has been doing business for over 70 years, having been started by Polish immigrants, and their authentic kosher deli foods are sought out by those in the know.&nbsp;</p><p>ou know that intense burning sensation you get in your nose when you put a little too much wasabi or horseradish on your food? Only those people who eat them know what we&#39;re talking about.&nbsp;It hurts so good, though, right? You likely won&#39;t experience that when you try<em><strong>&nbsp;Kikkoman Wasabi Flavoured Sauce</strong></em>,&nbsp;though. It does contains both horseradish and wasabi to put a kick in your sandwich! But it&#39;s more like a mayonnaise type sauce that can also be used for dipping! Find it in Aisle 2 with the other Kikkoman products.</p><p>As most of you know by now,&nbsp;we always put something on a featured price every Thursday. And this week is no different.<em><strong>&nbsp;Dan-D-Pak Very Berry Oatmeal 1kg is on for the ridiculous price of $2.96</strong></em>! It&#39;s the time of year when a hot breakfast is called for. So make sure you get in on this deal!</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p>