Pepper's Foods We have a passion for food and are committed to offering locally and ethically sourced products. Peppers Newsletter March 2, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 02 Mar 2021 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Today, the hills are alive with the sound of music! Well, they were in 1965 when the musical film <u>The Sound of Music</u> premiered. It was based on the Austrian von Trapp family and was actually an adaptation of the 1959 stage musical of the same name. Rodgers and Hammerstein composed and wrote the lyrics and it won a plethora of awards including Best Picture&nbsp;Academy Award as well as Best Picture Golden Globe. it also won for Oscars for Best Director, Best Original Score and one of its stars, the fetching&nbsp;Julie Andrews who played Maria, won Best Actress. A dashing Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer played Captain von Trapp.&nbsp;Plummer, who recently died in February, was an acclaimed stage and screen actor for over 70 years. Born in Toronto, he became a member of the Stratford Acting Company (located in Stratford, ON, this writer&#39;s hometown) in 1956 playing Henry V and would spend 11 seasons there between 1956 and 2012. I had the great pleasure of meeting him on several occasions and feel so fortunate to have done so. His character in <u>The Sound of Music </u>remains one of his most iconic and memorable roles.</p><p>Alright we have lots to talk about today so here we go! new from Libert&eacute;/Yoplait is <em><strong>Libert&eacute; 0% Lactose Free Greek Yogurt 4x100g Multipack.</strong></em> High in protein, this delicious yogurt is available in <em><strong>Strawberry Rhubarb</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Raspberry</strong></em> flavours! And sometimes there&#39;s good reason to keep things simple.Less can go wrong! With<em><strong> Yoplait Simply 3 Yogurt </strong></em>there&#39;s only yogurt, real fruit and cane sugar. That&#39;s it. And with 3X more fruit the<em><strong> Tropical </strong></em>and<em><strong> Raspberry</strong></em> flavours are extra intense and yummy!</p><p>We&#39;re really excited about this next item! <em><strong>Cha&#39;s Organics Organic Coconut Whipping Cream</strong></em> is going to be your new favourite item! It&#39;s sp easy to use: just refrigerate for 2-4 hours, plunk into a bowl and ,ix with an electric mixer! It will not droop, melt or separate and it makes an ideal frosting for cupcakes or cakes! You can add any sweetener or flavour of your choice, too! And while you&#39;re enjoying this whipping cream made from organic coconuts harvested from regenerative organic orchards in Sri Lanka and sourced on fair trade terms, you can rest easy knowing that 1% of the sale of your purchase goes directly towards help solving the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka (there are elephants on the label).</p><p>And if it&#39;s&nbsp;organic coconut cream you&#39;re after, try <em><strong>Cha&#39;s Organic</strong></em>s! Their <em><strong>Full Cream Organic Coconut Cream</strong></em> is the perfect dairy-free choice for your sauces, soups and stews!</p><p><em><strong>Moong Pani Mung Bean Soup-Tea</strong></em>. Ever heard of it? We hadn&#39;t either until last week but this Indian style food is made from plant protein rich mung beans. But is it a soup or a tea? It&#39;s both! As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>Moong Pani truly comforts like a tea and nourishes like a soup. We&#39;ve transformed mung beans&nbsp;into an instant mix with aromatic herbs and spices for a delicious sippable snack. Just add hot water. No fuss. No cooking (we&#39;ve done that for you!).</em></p><p><em>? Good source of fibre, and easy-to-digest protein that aids digestive health</em></p><p><em>? Turmeric, black pepper, ginger and spices for healthy deliciousness</em></p><p><em>? Contains leptin, a natural appetite suppressant that reduces food cravings</em></p><p><em>? All natural&nbsp;&ndash; no hydrogenated oils,&nbsp; artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, sulphites, maltodextrin or MSG</em></p><p><em>Moong Pani embodies the principles of Ayurveda to balance</em> the vital energies of body and mind, and to live in harmony with nature&#39;s seasons.</p><p>These are wonderful for those wet and chilly days when you don&#39;t feel like making anything difficult! Or anytime, really! Available from Pepper&#39;s in <em><strong>Ginger, Lemon and Cilantro;&nbsp;Roasted Garlic, Black Pepper and Turmeric; Resfreshing Mint and Lime</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Spicy Chili Pepper</strong></em>!&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re feeling like a little bit more of a traditional pick me up then check out what <em><strong>Discovery Coffee</strong></em> has in store for you! This Victoria business is excellent at sourcing, roasting and brewing uber satisfyingly tasty coffee. With over five locations in greater Victoria, chances are if you&#39;re a local, you&#39;ve visited one of their shops.Pepper&#39;s has a bunch of varieties for you to choose from to brew at home including <em><strong>Single Origin Ethiopian, Florestra, Kenyan&nbsp;</strong></em>and more!&nbsp;</p><p>For thousands of years, people have been shredding cabbage and fermenting it. You know why? Because it&#39;s awesome! Sauerkraut is truly a superfood chock full of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. except when it&#39;s in a can or jar not refrigerated. That means it&#39;s pasteurized and all those beneficial bacteria are kaput. So if you&#39;re looking for incredible, raw and best of all local (Duncan, BC) <em><strong>Thorst&euml;n&#39;s Authentic Foods Sauerkraut</strong></em> is here for you! We have it in three varieties: <strong><em>Classic, Kraut Kraut</em>&nbsp;</strong>(Honey Ginger) and <em><strong>Hearty Kraut </strong></em>(Smokey Bacon &amp; Herbs). It&#39;s raw, vegan and gluten-free and FULL of all the probiotics that lactic acid-fermented foods bring! Look for it in our Produce section!</p><p>If we told you there was&nbsp;a magical fruit from the tropics&nbsp;(Southeast Asia) tasting of lychee, peach, strawberry and pineapple, would you believe us? Well, there is one such fruit whose&nbsp;nickname is the &quot;queen of fruits.&quot; It&#39;s said that Queen Elizabeth, in the 1890&#39;s, would grant anyone knighthood who brought her one unspoiled. It&#39;s the <em><strong>Mangosteen</strong></em> fruit, whose royal purple exterior yields to a snowy white and soft flesh with a juicy and delicate texture. It&#39;s a sweet and tart-type of flavour that&#39;s slightly acidic. And now you, too, can enjoy this exquisite fresh fruit that explorers and royalty alike have enjoyed for centuries. All you have to do is go to our outdoor produce section and look by the avocados.&nbsp;</p><p><em><strong>Lesley Stowe </strong></em>hasn&#39;t expanded her line of <em><strong>Raincoast Crisps</strong></em> for quite some time but recently she added <em><strong>Wild Blueberry and Almond with Chia and Pumpkin Seeds</strong></em>! Eat them straight out of the box or pair them with burrata, fresh chevre or sharp cheddar cheeses and as for charcuterie, try genoa salami, prosciutto or smoked salmon.</p><p>Lastly, for convenient sanitation on the go, try <em><strong>Clorox Disinfecting Wipes</strong></em> available in either a 15 or 30 pack. Kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria with these <em><strong>Fresh Meadow</strong></em> scented wipes that fit perfectly in a purse or bag!</p><p>Ok gang, that&#39;s all for this week. Spring is officially only three weeks away (woo hoo!). Please make sure to check out the attached weekly specials and until next week, as always, our wish for you is to take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter February 23, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 23 Feb 2021 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Most people are aware of Orville and Wilbur Wright, the brothers who invented, built and flew the world&#39;s first motorized airplane. They did it near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17,&nbsp;1903. But did you know that on February 23, 1909, the first powered heavier-than-air (non-dirigible craft) flight occurred on the ice of Bras D&#39;or Lake at Baddeck Nova Scotia? The pilot was John Alexander Douglas McCurdy and the aircraft was the&nbsp;AEA (Aerial Experiment Association)&nbsp;Silver Dart. The flight was of a distance of less than one kilometer. McCurdy was one of the craft&#39;s designers and the AEA was founded under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell through a joint US/Canadian venture. Dart-like this plane was not, as per the description taken from Wikipedia:&nbsp;<em>The frame and structure of the&nbsp;Silver Dart&nbsp;were made of steel tube,&nbsp;bamboo,&nbsp;friction tape, wire and wood. The wings were covered with rubberized, silvery balloon cloth provided by Capt. Thomas Scott Baldwin of Hammondsport; hence the name the &quot;Silver Dart&quot;. Its Kirkham engine, supplied by&nbsp;Glenn Curtiss, was a reliable&nbsp;V-8&nbsp;that developed 50 horsepower (37&nbsp;kW) at 1,000 rpm. The&nbsp;propeller&nbsp;was carved from a solid block of wood. The aircraft had what is now called a&nbsp;canard&nbsp;or an &quot;elevator in front&quot; design. Like most aircraft of its day the&nbsp;Silver Dart&nbsp;had poor control characteristics; likewise, it had no&nbsp;brakes</em>.</p><p>Ok, so let&#39;s get into the newsletter with everybody&#39;s favourite subject matter: new stuff to eat! First on the list is a wonderful <em><strong>Salmon Wellington</strong></em> now available from our Meat Department! Sockeye salmon is wrapped along with spinach, parmesan cheese and some other good stuff, in puff pastry which bakes up light and flaky. It&#39;s super easy to make and super delicious!</p><p><em><strong>Miss Vickie&#39;s Potato Chips </strong></em>are some of the best around, and have been since the&nbsp;company started in 1987. They use tasty Canadian potatoes cooked in oil for that kettle cooked taste and they come in a great variety of flavours. That&#39;s why we&#39;re excited to introduce their newest flavour: <em><strong>Spicy Dill Pickle</strong></em>! It&#39;s like a cross between Miss Vickie&#39;s Jalapeno Chips with a Lay&#39;s Dill Pickle Chip! Unbelievable! You&#39;re going to go nuts for these so drop everything and get down here so that you can immediately spice up your snacking!</p><p>Speaking of spicing things up, how about doing it to your BBQ meals as well? With <em><strong>Newman&#39;s Own Most Wanted Original BBQ Sauce</strong></em>, the not-for-profit made sauce that doesn&#39;t contain high fructose corn syrup, gluten, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.&nbsp;However, it <em>does</em> contain a mighty whollop of great flavour. The Verdict&#39;s in: Frank Galvin would have approved and so will you!</p><p>Thgis next product comes to us from Pender Island which further expands our excellent lineup of locally made goods. <em><strong>El Faro Gluten Free Flour Artisan Blend</strong></em> is just that- a perfect blend of&nbsp;Brown Rice Flour, White Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Potato Starch,&nbsp;Sorghum Flour, Sweet Rice Flour, Arrowroot Starch and Xanthan Gum. Actually, that&#39;s the entire ingredients list! Use it for all of your gluten-free and vegan baking!</p><p><em><strong>Quaker Oatmeal Cookie Mix </strong></em>is the perfect way to make easy, home-made cookies in 9-14&nbsp;minutes! Your home will be filled with the aroma of freshly baking cookies and afterwards, your belly will be full of those freshly baked cookies! And since each package makes 60 cookies, if you have a large family, that&#39;s a lot of full bellies!</p><p>If you&#39;d prefer to purchase your baked goods already made, the choice should be to make it something from <em><strong>The Dutch Bakery &amp; Diner</strong></em>.&nbsp;Again, we&#39;ve had to add more of their stellar products to our inventory because what they make is some of the&nbsp;tastiest sweets in these parts! <em><strong>Dutch Bakery &amp; Diner Peanut Butter Cups</strong></em> and <em><strong>Kahlua Cups</strong></em> are full of rich and creamy peanut butter as well as delicious chocolate and kahlua! Waaaaay better than any&nbsp;mass produced peanut butter cups. We also carry their <em><strong>Flying Saucer Cookies</strong></em> as well as decadent<em><strong> Almond Bread</strong></em> (filled with almond paste). This stuff sells quickly but don&#39;t worry, we&#39;ll have more soon if we sell out!</p><p>Mayflower Foods is a mid-sized, family run bakery located in Central Saanich. They pride themselves on providing the locals with real, hand-made foods that taste incredible. And they&#39;re succeeding! Mayflower Foods Ukee Vegan Dessert Bars are located in our Deli Department&#39;s cold case near the front entrance. They&#39;re so new that we don&#39;t have any info on them except that they&#39;re a sweet, vegan dessert bar reminiscent of a Nanaimo bar with a chocolate and sliced almond&nbsp;topping. You&#39;re simply going to have to try it for yourself!</p><p>And if you need some kind of beverage to go along with your snacking, how about <em><strong>Silk Unsweetened Coconut</strong></em>? It&#39;s the non-dairy beverage that&#39;s high in calcium and is an excellent source of vitamins A, E and B12. Plus, it has only 45 calories per serving. Try this &quot;temptingly tropical&quot; treat today!</p><p>Next week we will be into March, can you believe that? Let&#39;s see if it comes in like a lamb or a lion. Until then, treat the people you come in contact with like lambs because there are already enough lions and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter February 16, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 16 Feb 2021 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Say, you know who had a good morning on today&#39;s date in 1923?&nbsp;English archaeologist&nbsp;Howard Carter had a very good morning then because it&#39;s when he discovered the final resting place of the teenaged Egyptian King Tutankhamen. after five years of unsuccessful attempts to locate it. After 3000 years, the solid gold casket of King Tut, who lived around 1400 B.C. was discovered in the last of four chambers unearthed that day in Thebes, Egypt. Thousands of other artifacts and relics such as golden shrines, jewellery, a chariot, weapons and clothing were found, but it was ther perfectly preserved mummy of King Tut, the first that had ever been discovered, that was the most valuable find. Today, the permanent home of the&nbsp;&ldquo;Treasures of Tutankhamen&quot; exhibit is the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.</p><p>Here&#39;s hoping that everyone stayed safe and sound throughout this weekend&#39;s stormy days and that your Valentine&#39;s Day and Family Day long weekend was&nbsp;otherwise thoroughly enjoyable! We have some beaty items to tell you about this week so let&#39;s get started!</p><p>Fresh juices are chock-a-block full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, especially if they&#39;ve been created using cold pressing. That&#39;s when intense pressure is used to squeeze the living daylights out of the fruit, as opposed to using spinning metal blades to chop and extract&nbsp;which creates heat and introduces air (causing oxidation and thus, reduces vitamins and enzymes). So if you&#39;re looking for some excellent, locally made (Vancouver) cold pressed juices, look no further than our own Produce Department! <em><strong>Chaser&#39;s 100%&nbsp; Cold Pressed Juices </strong></em>(500 ml) has grown from a small stand in Yaletown to one of Vancouver&#39;s largest producers of fresh juices! And with varieties such as<em><strong> Alkaline Me, Supremely Kale, Cold K, Taking Car of Business, Beet Rejuvination, Turmeric Sunrise</strong></em> and<em><strong> Tropical Greens</strong></em> it&#39;s easy to see why! We also have an assortment of 1L bottles of their<em><strong> Apple Cider, Cranberry Cider,&nbsp;Lemonades</strong></em> and other kinds!</p><p>Ever since<em><strong> Bubly Sparkling Water</strong></em> made its way onto the scene it&#39;s helped to explode the popularity of flavoured sparkling waters containing no sugars or calories (it doesn&#39;t hurt that crooner Michael Bubl&eacute; endorses the product). As if the selection of flavours wasn&#39;t already extensive (blackberry, cherry, orange, strawberry, grapefruit, to name but a few) now they&#39;ve added new <em><strong>Pineapple</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Peach</strong></em> flavours! Enjoy some flavours of summertime right now and fend off the February blahs!</p><p><em><strong>Stubborn Chef </strong></em>is the Victoria BC business responsible for bringing you their incredible Ginger Sauce as well as numerous other captivating culinary creations! Another new item in our Produce Department is <em><strong>Stubborn Chef Spicy Pickled Daikon</strong></em>, the mild, Japanese radish high in potassium and vitamin C.&nbsp;It&#39;s been said that steaming hot white rice with&nbsp;pickled daikon&nbsp;is like the bread and butter of Japanese&nbsp;food. Give it a shot and see for yourself!</p><p>If you need a little somethin&#39; somethin&#39; to spice up your Asian cooking a bit more then try <em><strong>A Taste of Thai Roasted Red Chili Paste</strong></em>, &quot;<em>a&nbsp;concentrated blend of red chilies and Thai spices, combined for a spicy flavour. Use as a stir-fry seasoning, a soup base, or as a condiment for noodles or chicken. Add a teaspoon to your favourite marinades for a bit of spiciness</em>.&quot;</p><p><em><strong>Avalon Dairy</strong></em> has been a local tradition since 1906. It says so right on the product. And with their new <em><strong>Triple Cream Honey Yogurt</strong></em>, they&#39;re helping to ensure&nbsp;that they stay in business for over another 100 years! This yogurt is 100% natural and probiotic. It&#39;s a&nbsp;balkan style yogurt and it&#39;s keto friendly while&nbsp;the 9% milk fat content makes for a rich and creamy treat!&nbsp;</p><p>If you want the absolute ultimate rich and creamy treat, though, you&#39;re going to have to head over to the other side of the store to the frozen food section.&nbsp;There you will discover two of the greatest frozen ice cream bars EVER created, especially if you&#39;re a fan of chocolate (and a lot of you are!). <em><strong>Magnum Infinity Chocolate </strong></em>is a combination of dark chocolate ice cream with a chocolate swirl dipped in dark chocolate and cocoa bean nibs. The Belgian unsweetened chocolate is out of this world so, as Buzz Lightyear would say, &quot;To infinity and beyond!&quot; You can also choose new <em><strong>Magnum Mini Dark</strong></em>, the vanilla ice cream bars dipped in dark, unsweetened Belgian chocolate. They&#39;re smaller (you get 4x55 ml bars so you&#39;ll feel better about eating one because they&#39;re smaller but you&#39;ll only end up eating them all because they&#39;re just like potato chips and impossible to stop with just one).</p><p>Breakfast just got a little bit better because <em><strong>Kellogg&#39;s</strong></em> has introduced <em><strong>Vector Maple Crunch</strong></em>, the high-protein breakfast cereal with 11 vitamins and minerals sweetened with natural maple syrup. Tastes great in a bowl with milk or eaten as a snack all on its own!</p><p>But if a high-protein snack for busy folks is required then&nbsp;<em><strong>Rock Coast Vegan Protein Bars</strong></em> in <em><strong>Mint Chocolate </strong></em>(16g protein) or <em><strong>Peanut Butter Chocolate</strong></em> (17g protein) are the perfect choice. They&#39;re made with seven high quality organic plant-based proteins, without any artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours. They contain no pea protein, no sugar alcohols and no isomalto-oligosaccharidea (common sweetener used in protein bars). Plus they&#39;re gluten-free!</p><p>Thanks for tuning in again this week! Stay warm and dry out there and always remember to take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter February 9, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 09 Feb 2021 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; For all you youngsters out there, today, in 1964, the Fab Four, the Liverpudlian Lads, George, John, Paul and Ringo otherwise known as The Beatles, made their first live appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Needless to say, it made for a &quot;really big shew&quot; as more than 73 million people tuned in to see the shaggy haired yet snappy-looking group. This marked the beginning of the British invasion and was a record-setting event for US televisionsurpassing the viewership&nbsp;of&nbsp;Elvis Presley&#39;s appearance on the variety show three years earlier. The setlist that night included &quot;All My Loving&quot;, &quot;Till There Was You&quot;, &quot;She Loves You&quot;, &quot;I Saw Her Standing There&quot; and &quot;I Want&nbsp; to Hold Your Hand.&quot;</p><p>There are a couple of things to mention before we get into the meat of the newsletter. Until February 12th, you can have the shopping fee waived if you&#39;re a first time user of our online store! Whether you&#39;re looking to have your order delivered or you&#39;d rather pick it up at the store, you can save a little bit extra. So if you haven&#39;t shopped online with us yet, now&#39;s the time!</p><p>We have&nbsp;an exciting contest on now as well!</p><p><u><strong>Enter to Win a Virtual Perogie Making Class</strong></u></p><p>Buy some <em><strong>Perogie Pinchers</strong></em> perogies &ndash; put your name and phone number on the back of your receipt and drop it in the entry box. One winner will be contacted in early March!</p><p>Invite your friends, neighbours and even your in-laws and get ready to roll up your sleeves, do a little pinching and have your very own Private Perogie Party! This is a perfect and&nbsp;unique idea for birthdays, anniversaries, team-building and much more!</p><p>100% gluten-free is what Victoria bakery <em><strong>Origin Bakery </strong></em>is all about. Whether you&#39;re looking for sweet cookies, chews and bars or delicious, savoury breads, buns and rolls Origin Bakery has it all. Their loaves contain no dough conditioners or preservatives and freeze great!&nbsp;</p><p>get your cheese and crackers all-in-one with two new <em><strong>Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers</strong></em>! <em><strong>Cheez-It Italian Four Cheese Snack Crackers</strong></em> contain four types of 100% real cheese baked right in! Or choose <em><strong>Cheez-It Crunch Original Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers</strong></em>, the cracker with that extra satisfying crunch!</p><p>As long as we&#39;re talking about cheese, we may as well talk about cheese-like prodcts new to Pepper&#39;s. <em><strong>Daiya Mexican 4 Cheeze Flavoured Blend</strong></em> is the deliciously dairy-free cheese alternative made with chick peas! It contains a blend of cheddar, monterey jack, asadero and queso quesadilla flavoured shreds without the soy, dairy or gluten. Or you could pick up a pack of <em><strong>Daiya Smoked Gouda Flavoured Slices</strong></em>. Their website describes it like this:&nbsp;&nbsp;<em>Sharp yet sweet with just the right amount of smoked flavor, they&rsquo;re made with our new, improved recipe for even better taste, texture and melt. Pure plant-based perfection</em>.</p><p>How about a plant-based, dairy-free product that&#39;s spreadable on your favourite crackers or artisan bread? Boursin, renowned for their incredibly delicious soft cheese spreads, now has something just as good for the dairy-free consumer! <em><strong>Boursin Dairy Free Cheese Spread Alternative</strong></em> is made of a base of high-quality coconut oil infused&nbsp;with <em><strong>Garlic &amp; Herbs</strong></em>. It&#39;s a super smooth and creamy cheese-free spread that subs perfectly for regular Boursin!</p><p>Looking for an apple that you can bake with, cook with, juice or eat fresh? How about an all around versatile apple that&#39;s crisp and&nbsp;sweet yet tangy? Or an apple that&#39;s cellared in the fall until the new year in order to enrich the unique taste and texture? If so, may we suggest the most excellent <em><strong>Red Prince Apple</strong></em>? This Canadian-grown fruit is a cross between a Golden Delicious and Red Jonathan apple and the name comes from the grower who first discovered this NATURAL cross apple in a small town along the Dutch-German border: Mr. Princen. He was inspired by its rich, perfect deep red colour. It was originally transplanted to Canada in Thornbury,&nbsp;Ontario, situated along the shores of Georgian Bay.</p><p>Here&#39;s another very different type of fruit that makes the perfect cocktail or cheese tray garnish or&nbsp;dessert topping for a decadent dessert. <em><strong>Sable &amp; Rosenfeld Bourbon Tipsy Dark Reserve Cherries</strong></em> are, as the company website states:&nbsp;<em>Large, firm, blush variety of Oregon-grown Stardust&trade; cherries have been packed in our exclusive syrup spiked with Bourbon to create the &ldquo;Dark Reserve&rdquo;. </em>I don&#39;t know about you but I could probably polish off that jar all by itself. What more of an excuse do you need to really go overboard than a global pandemic?</p><p>Another way to get loopy is with new <em><strong>Kashi Organic Cocoa Loops </strong></em>or <em><strong>Kashi Organic Cinna Loops Cereals</strong></em>! Whether you choose the equally delicious chocolate or cinnamon flavour, you get: 25 grams of whole grains, 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fibre per 40 gram serving of this certified organic and vegan breakfast treat!</p><p>It&#39;s been awhile since a Health &amp; Beauty product found its way into the newsletter but for all you lovely ladies out there, here are two just for you! If you&#39;ve ever used EOS Lip Balm, you know just how well these work to keep your lips soft and moisturized. Now you can have that same feeling when you shave with <em><strong>EOS Shea Better Shave Cream Vanilla Blis</strong></em>s which provides 24 hour moisture. It contains shea oil as well as shea butter and can be used wither wet or dry! The non-foaming formula contains vitamins C and E for an antioxidant packed ultra-smooth shave! Or check out <em><strong>EOS Pomegranite Raspberry Shave Cream</strong></em> which contains soothing aloe as well as shea butter for the same type of great shave that can be used on either wet or dry skin!</p><p>Perhaps we jinxed things last week by bragging about our balmy weather here on the island. The temperatures are forecast to drop over the next few days here so make sure you&#39;re prepared! Pepper&#39;s has kiln-dried kindling and firewood as well as firelogs to keep you warm when it gets chilly. So bundle up and stay warm and while you&#39;re at it, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Peppers Newsletter February 2, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 02 Feb 2021 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! It&#39;s prognosticating day aka Groundhog Day and we&#39;re all waiting with baited breath to find out if Wiarton Willie or his other North American brethren will see their shadows or not! And while we&#39;re at it, has anybody figured out yet how much wood these critters can chuck? Groundhog Day, officially, goes way back to February 2, 1887, in&nbsp;Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Specificaly, Gobbler&#39;s Knob is the exact location&nbsp;where a fellow named Clymer Freas, a local newspaper editor, decided that his idea of a weather predicting giant squirrel (lovingly named Punxsutawney Phil) should emerge from his den and determine if another 6 more weeks of winter should occur by whether or not his sees his shadow. The tradition of a small animal predicting the length of winter, however, goes waaaay back to a pagen festival called Inbolc which morphed into a Christian tradition called Candlemas. Germans spun their own version whereby badgers and other small critters seeing their shadows signified an extended winter. Some of those Germans settled in Pennsylvania in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and that&#39;s where the custom comes from. Of course, those of us who live here in Lotus Land couldn&#39;t actually give a care about this custom because it&#39;s already almost 10 degrees and the cherry and plum blossoms are just about ready to explode. Sorry rest of Canada.</p><p>Ok, it&#39;s business time so to speak so let&#39;s get going on what&#39;s new at Pepper&#39;s! Valentine&#39;s Day is just around the corner so why not spread some of the love around by offering some amazing <em><strong>Heart Shaped Valentine Cookies by Cake&#39;s Etc</strong></em>.? These tasty sugar cookies are decorated in coloured chocolate and come in a six-pack gift bagtied with a red ribbon!&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;More cheese, please!&quot; was the sentence asked by one of our customers and Dora, our Deli Manager, responded by putting not one, not two but <em>three</em> types of them in her cooler! <em><strong>Haltwhistle Cheese Co.</strong></em> of Duncan, BC, produces numerous varieties of cheese and the cows&#39;&nbsp;milk types brought in are definitely going to please all those cheese-lovers out there! As taken from the company website:</p><p><em><strong>Thombury</strong></em> -&nbsp;<em>is the cows&#39; milk counterpart of our signature Tomme de Vall&eacute;e.&nbsp; This traditional French Alpine cheese is full of rich and earthy flavour.</em></p><p><em><strong>Tadwick</strong></em> -<em>&nbsp;is our traditional English cheddar.&nbsp; This cheese is sweet and sharp with a melt in your mouth texture.</em></p><p><em><strong>Nailsea</strong></em> - <em>is a mild Gouda with a pleasantly smooth texture.&nbsp; This buttery and velvety cheese has a fresh and light flavour, making it adaptable to many uses.</em></p><p>You just can&#39;t beat the one-two combo of cheese and crackers. And bonus if both of them are local! So pick up a box of <em><strong>Jenny Marie&#39;s Cracker Company Turmeric &amp; Pepper Crackers </strong></em>when you pick out your new favourite cheese from <em><strong>Haltwhistle</strong></em> (they&#39;re within five feet of each other). The earthy flavour of turmeric combined with the subtle spiciness of black pepper creates a most excellent profile that pairs with just about anything. They&#39;re hand-made and baked fresh right here in Victoria, BC!</p><p>You know, it&#39;s imperative to have something to drink when you&#39;re eating cheese and crackers. Wine is often the go-to beverage of choice. But if you&#39;re a beer drinker just embarking on your Dry February journey, you can still enjoy a nice cold one! How&#39;s that? <em><strong>Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer</strong></em> is a Canadian brewed craft beer that not only contains no alcohol (well, almost no alcohol at 0.3%. That&#39;s about the same amount as a normal sized glass of orange juice) but has only 10-30 calories and as low as zero carbs per can! It&#39;s won World&#39;s Best in the non-alcoholic category at the World Beer Awards, too! Choose from <em><strong>Blonde, IPA </strong></em>or <em><strong>Pale</strong></em> brews and feel free to mosey over to their website for in-depth descriptions of each of these truly delicious suds:&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>There are just so many great foods that pair well with a cold beer and often it comes in the form of wings, burgers, chicken, pork and so on and so forth. But how great does this sound to go along with them? <em><strong>Frank&#39;s RedHot Thick Sauce</strong></em> comes in <em><strong>Original, Buffalo Ranch</strong></em> and <em><strong>Buffalo BBQ </strong></em>and makes the perfect coating for your wings, an excellent dip for veggies or a super sauce for pulled pork or shredded chicken on a bun!&nbsp;Seriously, if you&#39;re a fan of Franks RedHot Sauce you&#39;ll already know that you&nbsp;can literally &quot;put that $#!t on everything!&quot; and make it taste even better!</p><p>How about a fun and healthy side-kick to the awesome kick-butt meal you just created with Frank&#39;s RedHot? Easy! <em><strong>Cal-Organic Rainbow Carrot Chips</strong></em> are great for snacking or dipping and have been washed, peeled and cut so they&#39;re ready to eat straight outta the bag!</p><p>Meat pies are very popular this time of year so when we got wind of Duncan&#39;s <em><strong>Little Zimbabwe Farm</strong></em> (Vancouver Island&#39;s happiest place!)&nbsp;<em><strong>Pies</strong></em>, we didn&#39;t hesitate to get them in our Frozen Foods section! Available in <em><strong>Beef Baby</strong></em> (beef and vegetable medley) and <em><strong>Cha Cha Chicken</strong></em> (chicken and vegetable medley) there&#39;s also a&nbsp;<em><strong>Veggie-licious</strong></em> (garden vegetable medley) option for those of you who don&#39;t want the meat! Hand crafted and locally produced in the Cowichan Valley, they&#39;re fully baked and ready to eat. Cook on the middle rack of the oven at 350 degrees and you&#39;re good-to-go in 15 minutes!</p><p>If you&#39;re already heating the oven up you might consider tossing in some <em><strong>Gardein Meat-Free Seven Grain Crispy Tenders</strong></em>, too! These certified vegan tenders are also kosher and dairy-free and are quick and easy to prepare in 10 minutes! Your meatless Mondays will never be the same again!</p><p>Have yourselves a great day and until next week stay safe and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter January 26, 2021 Peppers Foods Mon, 25 Jan 2021 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; On today&#39;s date in 1924, American Charles Jewtraw became the first person ever to win a Winter Olympics medal, taking the gold in&nbsp;500m speed skating, the first event of what the International Olympic Committee called &quot;Winter Sports Week&quot;. The games were held in Chamonix, France from January 25-February 5 and attracted over 10000 paying spectators. 258 athletes (only 11 were women) from 16 countries competed in 16 events. The Canadian men&#39;s hockey team dominated their sport by scoring 85 goals in the first three games before allowing another team to net one! On January 28, Canada beat Czechoslovakia 33-0. The next day Canada beat Sweden 22-0 and the day after that beat Switzerland 33-0. On February 1, it was a little closer for the opposite team with a 19-2 victory for the Canadians over Great Britain. Canada wouldn&#39;t play the United States until the gold medal game where they beat them 6-1 scoring a total of 122 goals over the course of the tournament and&nbsp;allowing just three against! Great Britain took home the bronze.</p><p>Some of you may know that we had a very special visit from CHEK TV the other day, specifically from Ed Bain and Jeff King, the hosts of <u>The Upside</u>, the segment which appears nightly during the newscasts. It&nbsp;highlights&nbsp;&quot;<em>positive stories in our community and around the world to bring some levity and smiles to our viewers</em>.&quot; And leave it to these guys to bring the smiles! They put on some silly costumes, gave away gift cards and baskets and showcased some of the many local products that Pepper&#39;s offers our customers. It was a great night! If you missed it, here&#39;s the link where you can see the segment:&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>And starting next Tuesday, you&#39;ll find our weekly ad in The Times Colonist newspaper! It can also be found on our website and&nbsp;at the store as well just in case you forget to check it before you come for a shop!</p><p>Our newsletter today is mostly themed around baking and baked goods so without further adieu, here we go! <em><strong>Little Northern Bakehouse</strong></em> makes excellent gluten-free breads in many varieties and we carry a lot of them. But now they&#39;ve gone organic! New <em><strong>LNB Organic Loaves</strong></em> are described as follows from the company website:&nbsp;<em>Now you truly can have it all&mdash;gluten-free, allergy-friendly bread with all the taste and texture of the real thing, made from organic whole grains and seeds. Take your toast to a whole new level with three delicious varieties of organic gluten-free bread: <strong>Organic Ancient Grain, Organic Oatmeal</strong>, and <strong>Organic Original</strong>.</em></p><p>All you hot dog lovers out there who can&#39;t have gluten will be thrilled to know that we now hoave a new variety of bun! <em><strong>Aidan&#39;s Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns</strong></em> are light, airy, soft and golden and are made with 100% natural ingredients without any eggs, dairy, soy, sesame seeds, peanuts or nuts.</p><p>Local bakery <em><strong>Cakes Etc.</strong></em> has been around since 1989 providing quality baked goods that get high marks for style, artistry and flavour and use local ingredients whenever possible.&nbsp;We&#39;ve added<em><strong> Cakes Etc. Scones </strong></em>in a variety of flavours, both sweet and savoury, to their already stellar line-up and you can find them in our Bakery Dept. near the checkouts.</p><p>If you watched Saturday Night Live in 1989, you may recall a spoof commercial&nbsp;sketch with Phil Hartman called Colon Blow, showcasing the ultra high fibre cereal that is the equivalent of 30000 bowls of oat bran cereal. Well, if you need to add more fibre to your diet and want to make your own Colon Blow at home then pick up a bag of <em><strong>Pure-Le Psyllium Husks Powder</strong></em> in our breakfast cereal section in Aisle 3. According to Wikipedia, psyllium&nbsp;is <em>mainly used as a dietary fiber to relieve symptoms of both&nbsp;constipation&nbsp;and mild&nbsp;diarrhea, and occasionally as a&nbsp;food thickener.&nbsp;It is commonly used as a&nbsp;food ingredient&nbsp;in manufactured&nbsp;breakfast cereals. </em>But please, treat this plant-based fibre as a dietary supplement and follow the directions carefully.</p><p>Also down Aisle 3 is <em><strong>XO Baking Co. Oatmeal Gourmet Cookie Mix</strong></em>! it&#39;s not only gluten-free but it&#39;s also rice-free. Prepare the dough ahead of time and store in the fridge to bake crunchy and chewy certified gluten-free cookies when it&#39;s most convenient for you!&nbsp;</p><p>And while you&#39;re still in the aisle, you can pick up a jar of <em><strong>All Natural Grynd Endurance Butter, </strong></em>made by<em><strong> Island Nut Roastery</strong></em>&nbsp;We shone the spotlight on this delicious nut, chocolate and honey mixture last week so you&#39;ll be pleased to know that you can now purchase a <em><strong>500g jar </strong></em>for a much larger source of complete nut-based nutrition!</p><p>If we told you that you could purchase a cream sauce for pasta, dips or as a topping for baked potatoes or rice that contained NO dairy and is vegan would scoff and then say, &quot;That&#39;ll be the day!&quot;? You&#39;d be forgiven if you did. But that day is here my friends. Because now you can purchase not one, not two but three cashew-based. dairy-free and gluten-free cream sauces! <em><strong>Nona Vegan Sauces</strong></em> come in <em><strong>Alfredo Style, Cheesy Style </strong></em>and <em><strong>Carbonara Style </strong></em>and can be found in our Deli Dept. cold case near the first till. And these sauces are proudly made in Ontario. They freeze well in the package or you can portion them out in an ice cube tray! Plus, they&#39;re certified kosher and&nbsp;certified delicious!</p><p>That&#39;ll do it for this week, folks. Can you believe that we&#39;ll be into February next week? It&#39;s kind of ridiculous how fast the time is going. And that&#39;s a good thing, because for those of you who want it, that means the vaccine will be available sooner than later. Fingers crossed...</p><p>Until next Tuesday, stay safe and take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter January 19, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 19 Jan 2021 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Hey, hey, hey we&#39;ve got some exciting news (this <em>IS</em> the newsletter afterall)! It&#39;s contest time here at Pepper&#39;s and you can win an AWESOME prize package valued at over $150! Here are the deets: Nine incredible local companies have collaborated to provide you with an opportunity to win one of two gift bags consisting of items from businesses located right here in Victoria, BC!</p><p>HOW TO ENTER:</p><ul> <li>Log into your Instagram account</li> <li>Tag a friend (one entry for every friend tagged)</li> <li>Make sure you are following ALL of the accounts listed below</li> <li>Bonus entry: share the post to your story and tag us <strong>@peppersfoodsvictoria</strong></li></ul><p><br />@seaciderhouse&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (bottle of sparkling juice)<br />@singingbowlgranola&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (box of granola)<br />@dumplingdrop&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (bag of dumplings &amp; chili oil)<br />@maiiz.nixtamal&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (tote bag &amp; bag of tortillas)<br />@49below&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (t-shirt &amp; tub of ice cream)<br />@thelittlestand&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (3pack jam gift pack)<br />@fernwoodcoffee&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (bag of coffee)<br />@marthasdelectables&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; (shortbread gift pack)<br />@peppersfoodsvictoria&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; ($25 gift card)<br />&nbsp;</p><ul> <li><strong>Winner must be able to pick up prize @ Pepper&#39;s</strong>.</li> <li>Contest closes @ 12 midnight, Thursday Jan. 21st.</li> <li>Winners to be announced Friday, Jan. 22nd, 2021.</li></ul><p>Thanks for all who enter and good luck!</p><p>We have some great new items to share with you today (hooray!) so let&#39;s not delay, okay? First up we have <em><strong>Grimm&#39;s Old Fashioned</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Ham Steak</strong></em> and <em><strong>Honey Ham Steak 250g&nbsp;</strong></em>which, coincidentally, also happen to be <em><strong>in our ad this week for the terrific price of $3.36 each</strong></em>! Grimm&#39;s uses verified 100% Canadian pork to create these gluten-free, lactose-free and soy-free ham steaks that are slow roasted, extra lean and naturally smoked. Just&nbsp;heat and serve!</p><p>Horseradish packs a mighty flavour wallop that stings the nostrils and has biting heat! It hurts so good! But it&#39;s not just for roast beef! For instance, you could use new <em><strong>Cedarvale Prepared Horseradish</strong></em>,<em><strong>&nbsp;</strong></em>either <em><strong>Regular or Extra Hot</strong></em>, to make a cranberry horseradish glaze for your grilled hamsteaks that you just purchased.&nbsp;</p><p>1) Preheat grill for medium high heat and lightly oil grate.</p><p>2) In a small bowl combine horseradish, cranberry and lemon juice with&nbsp;brown sugar. Heat over the stove or in the microwave until warm and sugar has dissolved.</p><p>3) Score the ham steak on both sides. Place on the prepared grill. Baste continuously with the brown sugar mixture while grilling. Cook 8-10 minutes per side. Simple yet delicious!</p><p>You may recall a few weeks ago that we wrote about some hot sauces from Belize by Marie Sharp&#39;s. They came in varied degrees of hotness but their hottest sauce was omitted from our line-up. Until now. <em><strong>Marie Sharp&#39;s Scorpion &amp; Habanero Pepper Sauce</strong></em> is another spicy item that, if you&#39;re not careful, will sting you! Not for the faint of heart, this sauce is around 20 times hotter than Original Tabasco Sauce. Fly too close to the sun and your wings <em>will </em>melt. Fair warning.</p><p>One condiment that definitely will not require having a medic on standby is<em><strong> Suzie&#39;s Organic Tomato Ketchup</strong></em>! The label says it&#39;s &quot;double dip worthy&quot; which means that George Costanza would approve of this condiment. Headquartered in Pendleton, Oregon, this is a favourite of families of the Pacific Northwest!</p><p>It&#39;s January which means clean eating is on the menu. And for many, that means adopting&nbsp;a diet consisting of plant-based foods. So why not give <em><strong>Laird Superfood Creame</strong></em>r available in <em><strong>Original </strong></em>and <em><strong>Unsweetened</strong></em> a shot at your morning coffee? Add a boost of energy to your coffee, tea, smoothies or oatmeal! It&#39;s a creamer made of coconut mlk powder as well as coconut sugar which lends a smooth, creamy texture with a hint of coconut flavour as well as a touch of sweetness. All four MCTs can be found in this dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, keto and paleo friendly food! Plus, it&#39;s shelf stable which means no refrigeration is required!&nbsp;</p><p>Another new, plant-based coffee creamer is <em><strong>Plant Veda Original Cashew Creamer!</strong></em> It&#39;s thick and creamy, made especially for coffee and contains no added oils. It has &quot;the creaminess of cashews, the silkiness of coconuts and it foams perfectly for your latte!&quot; It&#39;s dairy-free, cholesterol-free and vegan. And your dollars stay in BC when you purchase this product because this business is located in Surrey!</p><p>Let&#39;s keep the plant-based items rolling with another excellent item from Victoria&#39;s <em><strong>Very Good Butchers</strong></em>, the plant-based butchery that provides wholesome and delicious meat alternatives. With <em><strong>Very Good Pepperoni</strong></em>. As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>It has&nbsp;just the right amount of spice and is perfect for&nbsp;anything from sandwiches and calzones to snack boards and deep dish (or just eating straight out of the package). The options are endless with our adzuki bean pepperon</em>i.</p><p>We told you about Miracle Noodles a few weeks ago, the popular Japanese noodle eaten for centuries and made from the konjak yam. It sold out instantly so we decided to bring in another line of larger packages. <em><strong>Better Than Foods</strong></em> makes<em><strong> Better Than Pasta Organic Konjak Pasta&nbsp;</strong></em>in numerous styles like Ramen, Spaghetti and Penne. This pasta alternative is high in fibre which fills you up with zero sugar, zero sugars, zero fats and almost no calories or carbs per serving.&nbsp;They&#39;re also vegan and a source of calcium!</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for an all natural energy boost that comes in a convenient&nbsp;package, then it&#39;s time for <em><strong>Grynd Endurance Butter</strong></em>. Hailing from beautiful Sidney, BC, this is nut-based pocket&nbsp;nutrition that is made simply from peanuts, chocolate and honey! Each 125g squeeze pack contains 47g of carbs, 700 calories and 16g of protein! It&#39;s super convenient energy-on-the-go with this super smooth blast of nutrition that tastes amazing, isn&#39;t overly sweet and won&#39;t upset your stomach! My boss said to me today, &quot;Hey, Jonny! Have this tube of Grynd to give you the energy you need to write the newsletter tonight. It&#39;s awesome!&quot; And you know what? He was right! It <em>IS </em>awesome! And, it comes in both a 32g and 125g package with jars coming available in the near future. This is one of the most exciting local items to come our way in awhile so pick some up and keep yourself going strong through whatever activities you engage in from day to day!</p><p>That&#39;s all she (he) wrote for another week, folks. Don&#39;t forget to enter the contest that we told you about at the beginning of ther newsletter! The prize is definitely worth the small effort required to be eligible to win. And, as always, our wish for you is to stay safe and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter January 12, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 12 Jan 2021 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Tomorrow the NHL returns, albeit with a curtailed schedule, and all of the Canadian provinces have signed on to allow games to be played thereby allowing the creation of an all-Canadian division, the firsdt and likely last on ever! That&#39;s exciting because a lot of us could use a pleasant distraction from many of the current events occuring now. Our newsletter kicks off with its usual historical fact relating to today&#39;s date. Today in 1918, Joe Malone of the Montreal Canadiens scored five goals against Ottawa, leading to a 9-4 victory. He became the first 20 goal scorer and would go on to score a total of 44 goals that season. Some of Joe&#39;s NHL records include:</p><ul> <li>Most goals in one game (7), January 31, 1920 at Quebec. Final score: Quebec 10, Toronto 6</li> <li>Most games played with 5 goals or more: 5</li> <li>Highest goals-per-game average, one season: 2.20 with Montreal, 1917&ndash;18 season (44 goals in 20 games)</li> <li>Fastest player in NHL history to score 100 goals: 62 games</li> <li>Most consecutive three-or-more goal games: 3 (1917&ndash;18 and again later in that season), tied with&nbsp;Mike Bossy&nbsp;(1980&ndash;81)</li> <li>Longest consecutive goal-scoring streak from start of NHL career: 14 games (1917&ndash;18)</li></ul><p>The Sillery, Quebec-born player won the Stanley Cup three times over the course of his career and was eventually inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1950 as well as to Canada&#39;s Sports Hall of Fame.</p><p>Alrighty then, onto the new items! Our first product comes to us from a legendary local business known for their gastronomical and libacious (is that a word?) creations. <em><strong>Spinnakers Brewpub</strong></em> (Canada&#39;s oldest by the way) brews many types of beer and ciders, spirits and ales. They make vinegars from those beers and ciders, bake fresh breads, cheeses and jellies. Heck, they even make their own sensational chocolates! So we&#39;re not surprised that they&#39;ve created their own line of <em><strong>Sparkling Mineral Waters </strong></em>and <em><strong>Sodas</strong></em>! With zero calories and zero sugars, these <em><strong>Sparkling Mineral Waters</strong></em> are super refreshing and come in <em><strong>Apricot, Blackberry</strong></em> and <em><strong>Grapefruit </strong></em>flavours. They make excellent mixers, too! <em><strong>Spinnakers Soda Co.</strong></em> make deliciously refreshing sodas in <em><strong>Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Cola</strong></em> and <em><strong>Rootbeer</strong></em>! Locally-made doesn&#39;t get any better than this! Look for them in our cold beverage case at the front of the store.</p><p>Also following inline with &quot;Dry January&quot; is <em><strong>Sea Cider Farm &amp; Ciderhouse&#39;s Temperance Series</strong></em>, a line of new <em><strong>Non-Alcoholic Ciders</strong></em>! So far there&#39;s<em><strong> Eden</strong></em> (apple) and <em><strong>Bonnie</strong></em> (blackberry and apple). As taken from their company website:</p><p><em>Our Temperance Series consists of non-alcoholic ciders free of added sugars, preservatives and sulphites.&nbsp;</em></p><p><em>Our Temperance Series of juices reminds us of &ldquo;wellness&rdquo; in the physical, mental and spiritual sense. It is about living a balanced life, and nurturing ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. As individuals, we each have unique approaches and aspirations, including our own views of what it means to live a balanced life. Our Temperance Series invites us to strive for a personal harmony that feels authentic, and reminds us to be open to simple pleasures, large and small, that bring colour and joy to our world. When we find ourselves feeling anxious in a hectic, chaotic world, we are reminded of the things that truly matter.? With wellness in mind we are excited to partner with the <strong>Family Caregivers Network of BC </strong>to support through the sales of our Temperance Series and look forward to sharing more about this very soon. ?</em></p><p>This next item isn&#39;t new to the store but it&#39;s another excellent local product that deserves another mention because of a recent deal made on CBC&#39;s Dragon&#39;s Den! <em><strong>Bin Breeze Indoor Compost Powder&nbsp;i</strong></em>s a counter-top compost additive that eliminates not only odours but also those pesky fruit flies! The all natural, non-toxic formula absorbs moisture and comes in <em><strong>Unscented</strong></em> as well as a&nbsp;<em><strong>Lavender</strong></em> scent!</p><p>If you want authentic, high-end Italian ingredients for your recipes then San Remo is where it&#39;s at! In addition to the numerous varieties of beans, legumes, tomatoes and sauces that Pepper&#39;s stocks, we now have <em><strong>San Remo Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena</strong></em>! And guess what? It&#39;s <em><strong>in the ad this week for the super price of just $4.66</strong></em>! San Remo Food Importers Ltd. was born of the evolution of Vancouver&#39;s Renzullo Food Market, established in 1964 and which still exists today!</p><p>Hey, if we&#39;re talking about Italian cooking, we should mention <em><strong>Olivieri Skillet Gnocchi</strong></em>, available in our Meat Department! Ready in 5 minutes, these scrumptious little pillows are made in a skillet so there&#39;s no boiling or draining of water necessary. They end up being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Each bag serves two and you can get them in <em><strong>Original </strong></em>and <em><strong>Real Cheese</strong></em> flavours! And, they pair nicely with <em><strong>Olivieri Classic Alfredo Sauce</strong></em>. Our selection of <em><strong>Olivieri Fresh Pastas</strong></em> has also expanded significantly! With too many new varieties to list, there are lots of new kinds of <em><strong>Tortellini</strong> </em>as well as <em><strong>Sacchettini</strong></em>.</p><p>But if you prefer dry pastas over fresh, especially ones that come with cheese, Annie&#39;s has added two different types in two different sizes! <em><strong>Annie&#39;s Homegrown Deluxe Rich &amp; Creamy Shells</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>312g </strong></em>are made with 70% organic&nbsp;ingredients and come with real cheese sauce! We have &#39;em in <em><strong>Shells&nbsp;with Aged Cheddar </strong></em>as well as <em><strong>Shells &amp; White Cheddar</strong></em>. <em><strong>Annie&#39;s Homegrown Organic Shells</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>170g</strong></em> come in the same two flavours but the cheese is in the standard powered form like you&#39;re accustomed to.&nbsp;</p><p>Last but not least we have <em><strong>Melitta&nbsp;Eco Clean Coffee Descaler</strong></em>, the boidegradable, natural and non-toxic treatment for your K-Cup, drip and espresso coffee machines. Each bottle gives you enough descaler to perform three cleanings using citric acid as the main ingredient which means no awful odour and no corrosive properties. Plus, there&#39;s also an ingredient to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria. get better tasting coffee naturally!</p><p>Until next week, stay safe and please...take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Peppers Newsletter January 5, 2021 Peppers Foods Tue, 05 Jan 2021 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning and welcome to the first newsletter of 2021! You know, the weather around southern Vancouver Island hasn&#39;t exactly been very pleasant the past few weeks. We got that big snow storm on December 21 and lately we&#39;ve been living up to our reputation as being the &quot;wet coast.&quot; It&#39;s been a constant deluge of rain. But it&#39;s definitely not as bad as the &quot;Great Frost of 1709&quot; which started on today&#39;s date and left all of Europe in a deep freeze for three months, the likes of which hadn&#39;t been felt in 500 years. England dubbed this weather phenomenon the Great Frost. In France, it was called Le Grand Hiver. There, more than 600000 people died due to the ensuing famine. People rioted for food. Livestock froze. Trees and plants froze. Rivers, lakes and even the ocean froze. The ground froze solid up to a metre deep.&nbsp;And yes, a lot of people froze, too. With sustained temperatures of -10 degrees C to -15 degrees C, it may not sound that cold to us today, but back then, it was deadly.&nbsp;</p><p>Everybody knows that a nice hot bowl of soup chases the winter chills away. And if you happen to enjoy the soup from one of Canada&#39;s favourite coffee chains, you&#39;ll be super happy to know that you can now purchase it from Pepper&#39;s and prepare it at home whenever you like! <em><strong>Tim Hortons Ready-To-Serve Soups</strong></em> are prepared in Canada and come in <em><strong>Cream of Broccoli, Chicken Noodle</strong></em> and <em><strong>Chicken &amp; Rice</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours! And as luck would have it, <em><strong>they&#39;re also in our ad this week for the great price of 2/$5</strong></em>!</p><p>Way back in the early 1900s, aluminum cookware started to replace the traditional heavy cast iron found in North American households. And cleaning them was difficult. Hence, a cookware peddler and his jeweller brother-in-law came up with the Brillo Pad and an effective cleaning product was born. All these years later, Brillo is still producing&nbsp;household cleaners. And Pepper&#39;s has a couple of new ones for you to try. <em><strong>Brillo Basics Dishwashing Liquid Soap</strong></em> is available in <em><strong>Clean Lavende</strong></em>r as well as <em><strong>Oxy Power</strong></em>. It&#39;s easy on the hands but tough on dirty dishes. Plus, the ingredeints are entirely biodegradable and the&nbsp;colours are strangely seductive!</p><p>And when it&nbsp;comes time to clean the bathroom, there&#39;s<em><strong> Brillo Basics Foaming Shower Cleaner</strong></em>.&nbsp;Its foaming action easily removes soap scum, hard water stains, and dirt. Plus, it won&#39;t scratch surfaces and it leaves a brilliant shine with a fresh clean scent. Great for use on shower walls and doors, tubs, glazed ceramic tiles, stainless steel and chrome fixtures, glazed porcelain, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces. But don&#39;t use it on acrylic, brass or natural marble surfaces.</p><p>Pimentos (or pimientos) are a type of sweet chili pepper without much heat. In fact, they&#39;re the mildest of all the chili pepers. But they&#39;re very flavourful and make great additions to dips, appys and spreads such as mayonnaise or cream cheese. So if you need to pick some up, Pepper&#39;s has new <em><strong>Unico Diced Pimentos</strong></em> in Aisle 1, right above the BBQ sauces.</p><p>As long as you&#39;re in Aisle 1, you might as well pick up some<em><strong> Earth&#39;s Own Chocolate Oat Milk</strong></em>. With 50% l<em>ess </em>sugar than conventional chocolate milk, it&#39;s made with Fair Trade Camino Cocoa and 7x less water than is required for producing almond or cow&#39;s milk! And it&#39;s gluten-free! Oh, and just before you leave the aisle, there&#39;s one more new item for you to get: <em><strong>Olympic Organic Multipack Yogurt 4x100g</strong></em>. Made from wholesome milk from grassfed cows it contains 100% natural ingredients. Choose from <em><strong>Vanil</strong></em>la or <em><strong>Blueberry</strong></em> flavours.</p><p>We love when we can unveil items in our flyer because you get to try something new for a great price! In addition to the Tim Hortons Soups, this week we also feature <em><strong>Everland Organic Popping Corn for just $3.96</strong></em>! This non-GMO, Certified Canada&nbsp;Organic popcorn pops fluffy and delicious making a great high fibre, whole grain healthy snack! And if you&#39;re in the market&nbsp;for a less healthy snack, look no further than our Bakery Department where you&#39;ll find <em><strong>Top Dessert Jelly Roll Cakes </strong></em>in&nbsp;<em><strong>Vanilla Lemon</strong></em>, <em><strong>Chocolate Swiss</strong></em> and <em><strong>Strawberry Jelly </strong></em>flavours. Always a family favourite, these sweet cakes are fun to eat and taste oh so good!&nbsp;</p><p>We draw two $100 Gift Card winners every single month and the only way to win&nbsp;is to deposit your receipt with your name and number into the receptacle at the front of the store. Free food is always a welcome windfall so don&#39;t forget to enter! You could be the next winner!</p><p>Until next week, stay safe and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter December 29, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 29 Dec 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Well, that&#39;s another Christmas in the books and despite all of the adversity of trying to prepare for it in the midst of a global pandemic, we&#39;d have to say it was a resounding success! Normally we sponsor two families in need but because of the overwhelming generosity of you, our customers, we were able to expand this to three families this year. And not only that, we were able to provide them with enough food to last a month. A month&#39;s worth of food is a big deal to anybody and so we would like to extend our thanks once again to those who contributed towards improving the lives of your fellow human beings. Blessings to you all!</p><p>We need to take a minute to remind you that <em><strong>our store closes at 6 pm every night right up until January 3rd</strong></em>. This is because the time right after Christmas and New Year&#39;s usually&nbsp;isn&#39;t that busy. But starting on Monday, January 4, our regular store hours will resume.&nbsp;</p><p>We didn&#39;t get a whole ton of new stuff in during the week of Christmas and then we were closed for two days afterwards. So you might assume that there&#39;s not a lot to talk about this week. And you&#39;d be correct in that assumption. It&#39;ll take a little time to get the ball rolling again but despair not, for the higher-ups are working on it this very moment! There is, however, a new ad this week so make sure to take a look. We do have one thing to mention, though. It&#39;s <em><strong>Frico All Natural Goat Cheese Slices</strong></em>. These mild and creamy cheese slices are made with 100% pure goat&#39;s milk and aged 5 weeks. Plus, they&#39;re imported from Holland. So you know it&#39;s good.&nbsp;</p><p>It&#39;s going to feel so good sending this newsletter out next week in 2021! It&#39;s been one tough year for all of us but we got through it. Man, what a crazy time that we live in, right? But let&#39;s keep supporting each other, in the spirit with which you did our sponsor families! If we continue to do that (as well as wear a mask and listen to our&nbsp;provincial health officer and other medical experts) until the vaccine is available we will be alright. We will be. We hope that you enjoyed your Christmas holidays and we sincerely wish you all the best in the coming year! Enjoy yourselves kicking 2020 to the curb and wiping the slate clean. Happy New Year, everyone! Take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter December 22, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 22 Dec 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Hey, if you live on southern Vancouver Island then you know how ironic it was that it got whalloped with a HUGE winter storm on the first day of winter! Wow, talk about your intense low pressure system! That was ugly. Here&#39;s hoping everyone managed alright with the brutal driving conditions and cancelled ferries. So this week we&#39;re going to change the newsletter up just a little bit because it&#39;s crazy hectic for everyone these days. We&#39;ll forgo the usual history lesson or story and cut down on the description of the new items so that we can squeeze more items&nbsp;into the newsletter without it taking an hour to read. But don&#39;t worry: we&#39;ll have a &quot;proper&quot; newsletter next week, promise!</p><p>Let&#39;s start off by listing our holiday store hours, just in case any of you missed it adorning the top of our last ad. Our store hours will be as follows:</p><ul> <li>Christmas Eve:&nbsp;7am to 4:30pm</li> <li>Christmas Day: CLOSED</li> <li>Boxing Day: CLOSED</li> <li>New Years Eve: 7am-6pm</li> <li>New Years Day: CLOSED</li></ul><p><em><strong>Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce</strong></em>. This is the real deal, straight out of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and it&#39;s a great value at only $2.99 for a 370ml bottle!</p><p><em><strong>Burnbrae Farms Pickled Eggs</strong></em>. You get six hardboiled, peeled pickled eggs per jar. Superbowl is coming up (COVID permitting) and these pretty much go hand in hand with football and a beer. Look for them in the dairy aisle.</p><p>Another snack you might want to have handy for that is <em><strong>Angie&#39;s Boom Chicka Pop White Cheddar Puffs</strong></em>. Baked, not fried and made with real cheddar cheese. Gluten-free, too.</p><p>Last week we had Kellogg&#39;s The Elf on the Shelf Holiday Cereal. This week it&#39;s <em><strong>Kellogg&#39;s Rice Krispies Holiday Edition</strong></em>! They&#39;re coloured just for the holidays!</p><p><em><strong>Lakanto Golden Monkfruit Sweetener</strong></em> is made from the monkfruit which is, like, 200 times sweeter than sugar. It has zero calories, zero carbs, is zero on the glycemic index and can be used cup for cup like regular sugar.And unlike stevia or other sweeteners, there&#39;s no gross aftertaste.</p><p><em><strong>Lisc Pure Redcurrant Jam</strong></em> is something that you should have on your holiday breakfast table. It&#39;s sweet and tart and makes a great topping for your toast or bagels.</p><p>You could also purchase local and get&nbsp;<em><strong>The Little Stand Jam Packs</strong></em>. Each cellaphane package contains three different jams for either you or someone on your gift-giving list to enjoy!</p><p><em><strong>Yoggu!</strong></em> is a dary-free coconut yogurt made in Vancouver and we&#39;ve added the ubiquitous flavour of <em><strong>Pumpkin Spice</strong></em> to the line! Get vegan probiotic cultures with every bite!</p><p><em><strong>Klades Holmen Herring Tidbits </strong></em>are craved by Scandinavians everywhere! And now you as well can satisfy your herring hankering by visiting our Meat Department which carries four kinds: <em><strong>With Dill, In Mustard, With Onion</strong></em> and <em><strong>In Tomato</strong></em>!</p><p>Speaking of seafood, you can purchase some frozen from Vancouver with <em><strong>Ocean Mama Seafood Raw Shrimp</strong></em>. They&#39;re peeled, deveined and come with the tail-off.</p><p><em><strong>Botanacine Micro Greens </strong></em>are vertically grown in the Cowichan Valley. This process is environmentally friendly, uses less water, is reliable and eliminates the need for any pesticides or chemicals. Our Produce Department has <em><strong>Butter Head Lettuce</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Pea Shoots</strong></em> and <em><strong>Sunflower Shoots</strong></em>.</p><p>This Christmas, remember to be extra patient and stay socially distanced when visiting the store. Each and every one of us here at Pepper&#39;s extends our warmest and most sincere holiday wishes to you and your families. We hope that your holidays are cheerful, joyous and warm but most of all, we want everyone to stay healthy and&nbsp;safe.&nbsp;</p><p>Merry Christmas, everyone, and remember to take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter December 15, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 15 Dec 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; The glorious National Flag of Canada, the single red maple leaf on a white background bordered by two red panels was approved by a parliamentary committee of 15 members on December 15, 1965.&nbsp;The design, chosen from thousands of submissions from fellow Canadians, was one by George Stanley, the Dean of Arts at the Royal Military College (RMC) of Kingston, Ontario. The RMC&#39;s own flag is almost exactly the same design and George liked it so much, he simply plunked a 13 point maple leaf in the centre. The maple leaf was redesigned to have only 11 points because the detail of 13 was lost when viewed at a distance. This flag was officially adopted by proclamation by Queen Elizabeth II on January 28, 1965 and was raised in a public ceremony on Parliament Hill on February 15 that same year, replacing the Canadian Red Ensign flag that had been used from 1921-1965.</p><p>Ok so before we get started we need to talk turkey. Literally. If you haven&#39;t yet ordered a fresh turkey from us you should know that everybody wants a small bird this year. We&#39;ve had more requests for 10-12 lb turkeys than ever before because there are smaller gatherings due to COVID-19. But there are only so many little birds to go around. They needed to be ordered months in advance and since then, provincial mandates were implemented limiting the number of people who could be allowed to spend time together. Yet another casualty of this pandemic. So we want you to know that you can order a half turkey or even just some parts of a turkey instead of not getting the small whole bird that you&#39;re looking for. We can easily cut a 20 lb bird, for example in half, allowing you to still have the same amount of turkey, with both white and dark meat, and it&#39;ll cook faster, too. We had quite a few satisfied customers at Thanksgiving who chose to have a half turkey so we wanted you to know about this option so that you can plan your holiday accordingly!</p><p>Now, onto the new stuff! If you&#39;d rather not eat an animal for your holiday dinner then you should definitely consider getting a <em><strong>Vegan</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Stuffed Beast</strong></em> from Victoria&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>The Very Good Butcher</strong></em>. As per the company website: <em>Please everyone at the table with fluffy, savoury stuffing wrapped in a succulent meatless roast. Crispy, herby and juicy, this best-seller is the perfect addition to any meal and comfortably feeds 5-7 people.</em>&nbsp;Just know that these are selling quickly and quantities are limited.&nbsp;</p><p>Another great local business is&nbsp;<em><strong>Green Cuisine</strong></em> restaurant, bakery and caf&eacute;. It&#39;s been offering Victorians vegan dining options since 1990. And Pepper&#39;s has a really unique and yummy treat called<em><strong> Green Cuisine Mochi</strong></em>! It&#39;s the rice cake you&nbsp;bake! The company website describes mochi as follows:&nbsp;<em>Made from organic sweet brown rice, Green Cuisine Mochi comes as a flat, hard square and has a plastic-like sheen to it. Mochi is a traditional Japanese food, and is said to promote stamina. We carry different mochi flavours to satisfy your sweet or savoury needs. Mochi may seem strange at first, but it&rsquo;s delicious!&nbsp;</em>Choose from <em><strong>Original Brown Rice,</strong></em> <em><strong>Cinnamon Raisin</strong></em> or <em><strong>Sesame flavours</strong></em>. Here are a few ways that mochi can be prepared:</p><p><strong>Baked Mochi</strong>: Cut mochi in 1&Prime;-2&Prime; sections and bake for 8-10 minutes. Mochi will puff up into soft, pillow-y squares that are chewy inside.</p><p><strong>Mochi Waffle</strong>: With a large knife cut mochi into slices, place them in a preheated waffle iron, close lid and cook for 4-6 minutes. The mochi will melt together into a crispy waffle. Enjoy with maple syrup.</p><p><strong>Mochi Sticks:</strong> Cut mochi into thin slices, bake or pan fry until crispy, and serve with a soup for a warming lunch.</p><p>Sometimes just getting dinner on the table, let alone a healthy and low calorie one, can seem&nbsp;like a miracle. But with new <em><strong>Miracle Noodle</strong></em>, you&#39;ll wonder how you ever got by without it! It&#39;s the smash-hit noodle craze that&#39;s lasted over 1400 years in Japan! Made from the konjac plant, now you can have noodles with almost no calories, low/no carbs, that&#39;s grain-free, low on the glycemic index and gluten-free! Yes, by substituting<em><strong> Miracle Noodle </strong></em>with your traditional&nbsp;sides of potatoes, rice&nbsp;and regular pasta, you&#39;ll be eliminating hundreds of calories at every meal and&nbsp;your blood sugar won&#39;t spike. These vegan noodles are comprised of 97% water and 3% soluble plant fibre that moves slowly through the body, making you feel fuller longer and tasting great! Try them in<em><strong> Fettuccine Style</strong></em> or <em><strong>Angel Hair Style</strong></em> and your keto or paleo diet will never be the same again!</p><p>Looking for a tasty and quick high-protein snack that you can take anywhere? You get all that with <em><strong>Ocean&#39;s&nbsp;Snacki</strong></em>t, the tuna with multigrain rice cracker snack available in <em><strong>Original </strong></em>(skipjack tuna, mayonnaise style dressing), <em><strong>Lemon &amp; Pepper</strong></em> (skipjack tuna with lemon flavour and pepper) and <em><strong>Onion &amp; Celery</strong></em> (skipjack tuna, mayonnaise style dresing with onion and celery). Each one has between 16g and 19g of protein and zero gluten. Plus, the tuna is responsibly caught, they&#39;re classroom and dolphin friendly and best of all, they&#39;re ready-to-eat!</p><p>You know, cranberry sauce is the cherry-on-top, so to speak, of the holiday turkey meal. If the turkey is the&nbsp;Pi&egrave;ce De R&eacute;sistance the cranberry sauce is the Beaute d&#39; Emeraud. You&#39;ve gone through all that trouble to make the perfect dinner, right? So why not serve the best dang cranberry sauce this year? <em><strong>Farmer&#39;s Market&nbsp;Organic Cranberry Sauce</strong></em> is made with organic, non-GMO cranberries and cane sugar. And it&#39;s free of the Big-8 allergens just in case you were wondering.</p><p>We can&#39;t forget the kiddie&#39;s at the Christmas breakfast table! They&#39;ll squeal with delight when they see a box of <em><strong>Kellogg&#39;s The Elf on the Shelf Holiday Cereal</strong></em> waiting for them. Its nummy vanilla flavour is Santa and the elve&#39;s favourite and it&#39;ll be little Cindy Lou&#39;s, too, once she gets a taste!&nbsp;After all, there&#39;s a reason that it&#39;s the official cereal of the North Pole.</p><p>What&#39;s traditional and festive, filled with dried fruits and made with butter,&nbsp;almonds and eggs? The answer is Panettone, the Italian sweet bread of the holidays! You&#39;ll make the best french toast of your life with this bread, and you&#39;ll make a best friend for life is you give this bread as a gift! <em><strong>Moulin Vert Bakery</strong></em> just so happens to make a fine Panettone and you can find it in the bread aisle at Pepper&#39;s. Right beside it you&#39;ll find a few more exquisite holiday treats from Moulin Vert. There&#39;s <em><strong>Moulin Vert Fruitcake</strong></em>, the fruitcake that will make you actually like fruitcake! It contains house-candied fruit, dried fruits,&nbsp;almonds and real drinking rum! And while you&#39;re at it, grab <em><strong>Moulin Vert Orange Cranberry Shortbread </strong></em>or <em><strong>Moulin Vert Haggis Farm Shortbread</strong></em> which is their version of the classic Scottish shortbread made with 100% organic spelt flour.</p><p>There&#39;s only one more newsletter until Christmas! Oh, and please keep the donations coming in for the two families that Pepper&#39;s is sponsoring this year! Your generosity is so very much appreciated! Until next week, stay safe getting all of your holiday tasks completed, be kind to each other and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Peppers Newsletter December 8, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 08 Dec 2020 00:06:00 GMT <p>Good morning! On today&#39;s date, 1963, 19 year old Francis Wayne Sinatra a.k.a. Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped from room 417 at Harrah&#39;s Lake Tahoe, a hotel and casino, in Stateline, Nevada. The kidnappers were three amateurs looking to make some easy money because, well, Frank Sinatra was a bit of a high roller at that time and they figured that he&#39;d fork over the dough without much of a fuss. They were asking for $240,000 (equal to $2 million nowadays) which &quot;Ol&#39; Blue&nbsp;Eyes&quot; paid within a couple of days. It was no coincidence that the kidnapping took place shortly after the assination of President Kennedy, a close friend of &quot;The Chairman of the Board&quot; himself. Frank Jr. was released unharmed and it didn&#39;t take very long for the FBI to make some arrests. One of the kidnappers, John Irwin, confessed his crime to his brother who promptly called the Feds. Irwin&nbsp;gave up the other two, Barry Keenan and Joe Amsler and all three were convicted and sent to prison. Almost all of the ransom was recovered from this terribly executed kidnapping.</p><p>Before we get to the new items, we want to let you know that Pepper&#39;s is sponsoring two families in need, as we do every year at this time. We will be accepting non-perishable food items (look for the buggy with the bow outside) as well as monetary donations until December 21. This has been a rough year for most and your donations will go a long way towards making someone&#39;s Christmas just a little better.</p><p>Ok, let&#39;s start with what you all want to know about: new stuff! First up is <em><strong>Rawesome</strong></em> (Raw plus Awesome) <em><strong>Non-Dairy Cultured Cashew Cream Cheeses</strong></em>. Made with raw cashews, filtered water, spices and cultured with organic enzymes, these delicious dairy-free spreads go great on sandwiches, bagels, pasta or&nbsp;wraps and make excellent dips, too. Choose from <em><strong>Original, Coriander &amp; Chili Pepper</strong></em> or <em><strong>Onion &amp; Chives</strong></em>. There&#39;s also a <em><strong>Rawesome Tzatziki</strong></em> that, like the cream cheese, is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, oil-free and vegan! Look for these where we keep the tofu!</p><p>Our frozen food section has been graced with two new items from the dedicated gluten-free bakery Bake My Day of Duncan, BC. We now have ready-to-bake vegan and gluten-free <em><strong>Samosa Rolls</strong></em> as well as&nbsp;gluten-free <em><strong>Chicken Curry Hand Pies</strong></em>. The samosa rolls are made with potatoes, peas, onions, garlic and lots of spices while the dairy-free hand pies contain chicken curry and coconut milk wrapped in a vegan pastry!</p><p>While you&#39;re picking those up, you might want to grab a bag of the newest variety of <em><strong>Dumpling Drop Dumplings: Lemongrass Chicken</strong></em>! The flavour combinations of the chicken, lemongrass, water chestnuts, chives, soy sauce and sesame oil make for one darlingly divine dumpling!</p><p>You know, we said it once before but they can pretty much make milk out of anything now. For those of you who drink nut milks, Elmhurst has two really awesome new non-dairy beverages for you to try, each made with onbly TWO ingredients!&nbsp;<em><strong>Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Hazelnuts </strong></em>is simply hazelnuts and water. That&#39;s it! It&#39;s great in iced coffee, on cereal, oatmeal or porridge and it makes the tastiest smoothies ever! <em><strong>Elmhurst Unsweetened Milked Walnuts</strong></em> is a high Omega-3 beverage comprised of, you guessed it, just water and walnuts! There&#39;s no bitter taste&nbsp;often associated with walnuts, either. Both milks are shelf stable until opened, meaning no refrigeration is required. Plus, there are no emulsifiers or gums added, they&#39;re gluten-free and vegan and they&#39;re kosher!</p><p>You know what might go just peachy with the aforementioned nut milks? How about some <em><strong>Singing Bowl Granola Sweetly Raw Healthy Vegan Treats</strong></em>? We have <em><strong>Caramel Crunchers </strong></em>as well as a <em><strong>Peanut Butter Crunch Bar</strong></em>. They&#39;re so new, we don&#39;t even know what&#39;s in them! But if they&#39;re even half as good as the granola or other stuff that SBG makes, they&#39;re sure to taste incredible!</p><p>January 1 will be here before you know it and that means the start of another diet for a lot of people. So if you&#39;re planning on eating more rabbit food then (or now for that&nbsp; matter) why not make it taste so much better by splashing a little Maison Orph&eacute;e on it? We&#39;ve expanded our line to now include <em><strong>Maison Orph&eacute;e Vegan Raspberry Vinaigrette</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Maison Orph&eacute;e Vegan Ceasar Vinaigrette</strong></em>. Made with First Cold-Pressed Oil, these vegan and dairy-free dressings also make excellent marinades and&nbsp;contain no gluten.</p><p>So far we&#39;ve been talking savoury so now it&#39;s time to sweeten things up a bit. And what better way to satisfy that sweet-tooth than with chocolate? Last week we showcased <em><strong>Temper Chocolate</strong></em> and this week we have another brand from Vancouver: <em><strong>Solasta Chocolate</strong></em>! It won&#39;t last long, though, once you take a bite of their 55% vegan dark Belgian chocolate bars in unique and innovative flavours! Try <em><strong>Maple Pecan &amp; Sea Salt</strong></em> (sugar free),<em><strong> Rosemary Olive Oil &amp; Sea Salt </strong></em>(sugar free), <em><strong>Macadamia &amp; Cacao Nibs</strong></em>&nbsp;(vegan) or <em><strong>Cherries &amp; Almonds</strong></em> (vegan)! These make excellent stocking stuffers and look very festive with their popping red and white packaging!</p><p>Our Store Manager, Don, gets in the greatest treats from all over the place. Last year he made available <em><strong>Cartwright &amp; Butler Sweets</strong></em> from England and they were a smash hit! And why wouldn&#39;t they be? They make the most unique sweets that come in the nicest packages but best of all, they taste SO good! So he got some more for this year, too! We have <em><strong>Tangy Pattern Fruit Sweets, Sea Salted Toffee, Butter Toffee </strong></em>and <em><strong>Sherbet Pips</strong></em>. All will be perfect for the holiday candy bowl but they&#39;re also the perfect little gift for that sweet person in your life!&nbsp;</p><p>Ted Templeman is a super successful music producer. But he had nothing to do with <em><strong>Templeman&#39;s Toffees Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Crunch Toffee</strong></em>! No, the famed Van Halen producer is only good at laying down Eddie&#39;s sweet guitar licks. He left the candy-making to the experts who just so happen to be located in Port Perry, Ontario! It&#39;s award-winning, hand-made buttercrunch toffee slathered in luxurious dark chocolate and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. Deadly combination, no? Yes! You Really Got Me should be the song attached to this exquisite toffee because once you taste it, you&#39;ll be hooked!</p><p>If you&#39;re wondering why you can&#39;t find any Welch&#39;s Grape Jelly it&#39;s because there&#39;s a shortage of it, probably due to COVID-19 or some such. No need for sour grapes, though, because Victoria&#39;s <em><strong>The&nbsp;Little Stand</strong></em> has their very own <em><strong>Grape Jell</strong></em>y! Buying locally tastes better anyway, right? The Little Stand products are&nbsp;located outside our front entrance as well as on the aisle end-cap in front of the ATM.</p><p>Thanks for checking us out again this week! Turkey orders are pouring in fast and furiously so make sure to contact us at 250-477-6513 to reserve yours today! With reduced sized gatherings this year, we are getting many requests for smaller turkeys. We do everything that we can to accomodate your requests but we can&#39;t guarantee the exact size of your bird. Don&#39;t forget that we have turkey breast rolls (stuffed or unstuffed), hams, prime rib, salmon, lamb and plenty of options to make your holiday meal spectacular!</p><p>Until next week, be safe and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter December 1, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 01 Dec 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Today in 1955, Rosa Parks, a black woman in Montgomery, Alabama, refused to give her seat on the bus to a white man who had no place to sit because the &quot;white&quot; only seating section was full. Rosa, along with three other &quot;coloured&quot; people were told by the bus driver to stand and give up their seats to allow more seating for whites. The other three complied, but Rosa did not. No, the 42 year old was sick and tired of giving in to the demands of white society. She was arrested and found guilty four days later for violating segregation laws (and charged $10 plus another $4 for court fees) and given a suspended sentence. Her non-compliance led to a bus boycott which garnered national and international attention. On November 13, 1956, the Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to have segregated buses and Rosa, who had since lost her job and experienced a full year of harrassment and threats,&nbsp;became known as &quot;the mother of the civil rights movement.&quot; She moved to Detroit and lived a meaningful life working as an administrative aid for a congressman and was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civilian honour that can be granted in the United States. Rosa died on October 24, 2005, at the age of 92.</p><p>There&#39;s a bunch of new stuff to talk about today (much of it gluten-free) so let&#39;s get started! Two weeks we told you about the <em><strong>Dr. Henry Whiskey BBQ Sauce</strong></em>&nbsp;and we sold out immediately! But despair not, for we now have loads of it back in stock, as well as another of the creator&#39;s sauces: <em><strong>Chef Ann Kirsebom&#39;s Tequi-Lime Sauce</strong></em>, described on the website as &quot;<em>a fusion of East meets West in a bottle. The sweet dark flavors of the Asian grill; blend with the south-of-the-border heats of chilies, bright fresh lime finished with a celebratory shot of Tequila!</em>&quot; Pick up a bottle of each when you shop this week!</p><p>Our Deli Department is going all out once again bringing in items that will make your holidays dazling and delicious! For starters, they&#39;ve added <em><strong>Lynch Mincemeat&nbsp;Tarts with Pure Rum</strong></em>.&nbsp;A family tradition, this is a Canadian Classic since 1943. Bursting with fresh apples, delicious dried fruits and with just the right amount of citrus peel, spice and rum makes this perfect for traditional and everyday celebrations. Plus, you can purchase just the mincemeat itself, a&nbsp;great filling for tarts, pies, and pastries. It also makes a great fetsive topping for ice cream!</p><p>The Deli Department has also added a plethora of nummy stuff from <em><strong>Wendel&#39;s True Foods</strong></em> that are certified gluten, wheat and egg-free. There&#39;s <em><strong>Cranberry White Chocolate Shortbread</strong></em>, <em><strong>Peppermint Stars</strong></em>, <em><strong>Gingerbread Babies</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Gingerbread People</strong></em>&nbsp;which you can decorate yourself. Fun!&nbsp; Another option for mincemeat treats is <em><strong>Wendel&#39;s Mince Fruit Tarts</strong></em>, loaded with a rich, rum-drenched filling! These tarts are certified gluten-free.</p><p>Let&#39;s keep this gluten-free ball rolling by mentioning more decadent Deli Department delicacies: <em><strong>VGF Gluten-Free </strong></em><em><strong>Nanaimo Bars&nbsp;</strong></em>and <em><strong>Peanut Butter Cups</strong></em>!<strong>&nbsp;</strong>The bars, as described by the company are: <em>a&nbsp;healthy indulgence, the base is sweetened only with organic dates and the filling with organic maple syrup. Topped with a layer of delicious vegan chocolate. </em>The cups are simply fresh peanut butter also topped with delicious vegan chocolate!</p><p>And if you&#39;re looking for an extra decadent and smooth cheese, try <em><strong>Natural Pastures Triple Cream Camembert</strong></em>, a variation of their award winning camembert! It has a delicate note of mushroom and is only here for a limited time! All of these Deli items can be found in the cold case near the store entrance!</p><p>Innovative and local products really get our juices flowing so when the opportunity arose to bring in <em><strong>Jam Packed Way Beyond Berries Spreads </strong></em>from Nanoose Bay, BC, we didn&#39;t hesitate! These aren&#39;t just your typical fruit spreads, though. They&#39;re way beyond that! In addition to fruit, you&#39;ll find stuff like kale, broccoli, spinach and other ingredients whose flavours enhance the fruit and add extra nutrition! There&#39;s also no added sugars so you won&#39;t get overwhelmed with sweetness! Choose from<em><strong> Barnyard Batch</strong></em>, <em><strong>Field Fixin&#39;s</strong></em> or <em><strong>Country Fare </strong></em>varieties!</p><p>Onion marmalade, otherwise known as onion confit, is a savoury offering of onions cooked to a very soft consistency with added salt and herbs. This condiment goes wonderfully with roasted meats, pat&eacute;s, game and foie gras and it will absolutely ramp up your charcuterie or cheese platters! You can also make onion tarts. So this holiday season, make sure you get hold of <em><strong>Royal Selection Belberry Mulhouse Onion Confit &amp; Chutney</strong></em>. It&#39;s imported from Belgium so you can add it to the list of really good foods perfected there such as chocolate, waffles, fries and beer (not food).</p><p>And if perfection is what you seek, look no further than Aisle 5 where you&#39;ll find <em><strong>Perfection Snacks Gluten-Free Snack Mixes</strong></em>! The <em><strong>Original Mix</strong></em> contains a savory mix of pretzel twists, cheese curls, cheddar tortilla chips, and seasoned bread sticks. And <em><strong>Guacamole Ranch </strong></em>flavour contains avocado ranch tortilla chips, parmesan/cheddar cheese curls, spicy guacamole corn chips and pretzel twists. Both types are certified gluten-free, kosher, contain no hydrogenated oils, artificial flavours or colours, MSG or high fructose corn syrup. Choose flavour. Choose Perfection!</p><p><em><strong>Temper Chocolate &amp; Pastry</strong></em> is&nbsp; a &quot;<em>community based pastry shop/cafe, specializing in European pastries, cakes and chocolates</em>.&quot; They&#39;re located in West Vancouver and if you love dark chocolate you&#39;re going to be thrilled to get your hands on a selection of <em><strong>Temper Dark Chocolate Bars </strong></em>now available at Pepper&#39;s! Choose from <em><strong>70% Dark, Caramelized Almond, Smoked Salt &amp; Toffee </strong></em>or <em><strong>Orange </strong></em>flavours! This is gourmet chocolate containing gourmet ingredients for chocoholics and connoisseurs alike. For detailed and lengthy descriptions of Temper&#39;s fine chocolate, please visit their website at <strong></strong>.</p><p>The countdown to 2021 begins today with it being December 1st already! Pretty soon we&#39;ll be on our final newsletter of 2020. Oh, and don&#39;t put off ordering your fresh turkey from our Meat Department because the holidays will be here before you know it. Order it now and rest easy knowing it&#39;s been taken care of. Thanks for tuning in again, be well and until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter November 24, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 24 Nov 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Conspiracy theories surround today&#39;s notable historic events. On November 24th,&nbsp;1963 a Dallas, Texas nightclub owner named Jack Ruby shot JFK alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on live television! Oswald later succumbed to his injuries. Ruby claimed that his grief over President Kennedy&#39;s murder motivated him to shoot Oswald but many believe that it was to prevent him from providing authorities with a larger conspiracy surrounding the President&#39;s death. Ruby was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to death but his death sentence was overturned for several reasons and he ended up dying (still incarcerated) of lung cancer in 1967.</p><p>But there&#39;s another possibly even larger mystery linked to today&#39;s date and that has to do with the disappearance of the infamous&nbsp;Dan &quot;D.B.&quot; Cooper who hijacked a Boeing 727 in 1971, extorted $200,000 in ramsom and then parachuted out the back somewhere between Seattle and Reno, never to be seen or heard from again. Some FBI agents think that Cooper could not have survived the descent but no parachute or remains were ever found. In 1980 a young boy found some of the bundled ransom cash in the sand along the Columbia River, near Vancouver, WA. Did Mr. Cooper survive the jump and live out his days a fugitive or did he perish? Nobody knows. The case remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in the history of commercial aviation.</p><p>If you love meat then today is your lucky day because there&#39;s a whole lot of it in our newsletter. We&#39;ll circle back to that in a minute. But first, let&#39;s tell you about some incredible new dumplings from Vancouver&#39;s <em><strong>House of Yee</strong></em>. We&#39;re talking <em><strong>premium handcrafted dumplings</strong></em> that are free from gluten and MSG and come with the sauce included (also gluten-free)! Choose from <em><strong>Golden Dumplings</strong></em> filled with coconut red curry, spinach and chickpeas in a turmeric wrap; <em><strong>Jade Dumplings </strong></em>filled with ginger miso tofu with edamame in a spinach wrap; or two kinds of <em><strong>Premium Dumplings</strong></em>: braised shiitake mushroom with chicken or braised shiitake mushroom with pork. Yee-umm!</p><p>While we&#39;re talking about things that are gluten-free, we should mention that the amazing <em><strong>Laughing Daughters Gluten Free Foods Inc.</strong></em> has come through once again by offering their <em><strong>Graham Cracker</strong></em>. Yes, the label says &quot;cracker&quot; as in singular but rest assured, there&#39;s more than one in the bag. Maybe it&#39;s like when you&#39;re talking about more than one moose or&nbsp;more than one beer. You might say, &quot;Hey, look at all those moose.&quot; Or, &quot;I drank five beer last night.&quot; Wait, that&#39;s beside the point. What&#39;s important is that these locally-made and tasty graham cracker are made with several types of flour, butter, honey, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and best of!</p><p>There&#39;s nothing like a cold glass of milk to wash down those graham cracker but if dairy-free is more your style then why not have a glass of fresh, hand-pressed nut milk? New <em><strong>Nutmeg Mylk</strong></em> is made right here in BC (Vancouver) using various kinds of nuts with&nbsp;flavours that include <em><strong>Creamy Brazil Nut</strong></em> - a super creamy mylk with almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts lightly sweetened with vanilla and maple, <em><strong>Blue Coconut </strong></em>- creamy coconut cashew mylk with blue algae, cinnamon and maple, and <em><strong>Silky Cacao</strong></em> - a chocolatey blend of almonds, cashews, raw cacao,&nbsp;cinnamon and maple. These delicious nut milks are made with raw, organic, simple&nbsp;and nutrient-rich ingredients without using any preservatives or chemicals. And since the owner&#39;s name is Meg, the product name should make more sense!</p><p>Another new plant-based beverage that&#39;s also gluten-free and that has a very short list of ingredients is&nbsp;<em><strong>Earth&#39;s Own Naked Oat Milk</strong></em>. Made with only Canadian-grown oats, water, sea salt and natural enzymes this oaty potation also makes a mean latte!</p><p>Now that the weather has turned colder and the rain has further dampened our spirits, warming up with a hot cup of tea sounds pretty splendid. Kettle and Hive make unique herbal tea and lemon concentrates that you simply spoon out of the jar into a mug of hot water! We have numerous flavours but our newest is the<em><strong> Kettle and Hive Elderberry and Cinnamon Herbal Tea Mix</strong></em>. Elderberries have a high vitamin C content so you can stave off scurvy while staving off the winter blahs!</p><p>Alright, we said there would be meat and by golly here it comes! Our Meat Manager started the ball rolling a couple of weeks ago by adding those new pat&eacute;s, rillettes and terrines (which completely sold out by the way but are now back in stock). And now he&#39;s really done it by adding a ton of other new items! First up is <em><strong>Funks Premium Quality Sausage</strong></em> from Abbotsford, BC. With five varieties of gluten-free and lactose-free ready-to-eat sausages, you can choose from <em><strong>Beef Farmer Sausage, Beef Farmer Sausage with Garlic, Pork Farmer Sausage, Pork &amp; Beef Farmer Sausage </strong></em>and <em><strong>Turkey Farmer Sausage</strong></em>! Man, great sausage is just so satisfying! Fire up the BBQ and get the Funks out!</p><p>Two scrumptious sausages that don&#39;t require any refrigeration are <em><strong>Freybe Dry Spanish Chorizo</strong></em> and <em><strong>Freybe Swiss Farmer Sausage</strong></em>! Both are also lactose and gluten-free and the chorizo is about a medium heat for those who like things a little spicy.</p><p>How about <em><strong>Freybe Mennonite Style Farmer Sausage</strong></em>? This fully cooked pork sausage is prepared with minimal spices, is nicely smoked and also contains no gluten. Or, if a coldcut style sausage sounds great on a sandwich or meat and cheese platter, <em><strong>Freybe Chorizo Sausage</strong></em> should do quite nicely. It&#39;s&nbsp;a traditionally air dried and sliced sausage that will make your charcuterie board really kick!</p><p>You wanna know what&#39;s da bomb? <em><strong>Continental Gouda Bomb Sausage&nbsp;Ring</strong></em> is, that&#39;s what! It&#39;s a pork sausage ring stuffed with gouda cheese that&#39;ll provide a flavour explosion in your mouth when you take a bite! Seriously, sausage and gouda together? That&#39;s one kooky combo!</p><p>And as if all that wasn&#39;t enough, John went ahead and added the universal favourite meat of all time since the history of people and pork: bacon. But it&#39;s not just any bacon. It&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Klondike Bacon</strong></em>, maple smoked and sugar-free in all its glory, just like the miners liked it (that last part is not verified). And it&#39;s priced right, too.</p><p>Though this may not sound like an item from the Meat Department, it is, because it&#39;s now part of our fresh pasta lineup. <em><strong>Taste Republic Gluten-Free Lasagna Sheets </strong></em>are made with brown rice flour and can be used straight out of the package and into the pan (no boiling required). Taste Republic says they&#39;re on a mission to revolutionize gluten-free food. Join the movement!</p><p>That&#39;ll do it for another week, folks. Hope you enjoyed this newsletter as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you! As always, be nice to your fellow human beings and, until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter November 17, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 17 Nov 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; We need to tell you about a cad.&nbsp;Definition of Cad as per Merriam Webster:&nbsp;<em>a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another&#39;s feelings or rights</em>. Synonym (noun):&nbsp;<em>boor, clown, cretin, creep</em>. There&#39;s certainly been a lot of press lately&nbsp;about a certain one of those. But we&#39;re not interested in him. Nor are we talking about the acromym CAD which stands for Computer Aided Design. So what kind of CAD are we, in fact, talking about? <em><strong>Customer Appreciation Day</strong></em>! Mark <em><strong>Thursday, November 26th</strong></em> on your calendars because all day here at Pepper&#39;s we&#39;ll be celebrating YOU by offering&nbsp;10% off your purchases all day long! Usually we have loads of free snacks, treats and drinks available for our guests on this day. Alas, health concerns associated with this pandemic will prevent us from being able to offer any of that this year. But we will have some prizes, gift bags or baskets to give away to some lucky shoppers! Thank you so much for your continued support and patronage. Our customers are the absolute best!</p><p>You know, not everything associated with this pandemic is a bummer. Take, for example, this amazing BBQ sauce from Chef Ann Kirseb&ouml;m of&nbsp;Delta, BC, whose vegan sauce is made in honour of our Provincial Health Officer and her calm leadership through this crisis! It&#39;s <em><strong>Dr. Henry Gourmet Sauce with Canadian Whiskey</strong></em>! You can support the BC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund as well as the healthcare workers at VGH and UBC with your purchase since all proceeds are donated! use this sauce as a BBQ or&nbsp;grilling sauce, marinade, stir-fry sauce or however you like!&nbsp;</p><p>Something that might ride shotgun with this sauce is <em><strong>Belmont Meats Chicken Burgers</strong></em>. These extra lean burgers are juicy and flavourful and are a great source of protein and iron! Any time is a good time for a BBQ so head on over to our frozen food aisle and grab a box of these great-for-the grill patties!</p><p>As long as you&#39;re hanging out in the frozen food section check out these great new pizzas from Port Coquitlam! <em><strong>Holy Napoli Pizza</strong></em>, Batman! Yes, authentic neapolitan p<em><strong>i</strong></em>zza can be had at home when <em><strong>you </strong></em>purchase either the<em><strong> Margherita, Calabrese </strong></em>or <em><strong>Pesto Roast Vegetable</strong></em> pies! Neapolitan pizza is topped with globs of mozzarella whereas a New York pizza is covered entirely with shredded mozza. <em><strong>Holy Napoli Pizzas</strong></em> are made with real San Marzano tomatoes, &quot;00&quot; pizza flour from Italy, fresh mozzarela, 100% pure extra virgin olive oil and are baked in a stone oven at 500 degrees! This is truly authentic, Italian neapolitan pizza made right here in BC!</p><p>More European cuisine can be found in our Deli Department but this time in the form of <em><strong>Tatianna&#39;s Authentic Recipe Pierogies</strong></em> and <em><strong>Tatianna&#39;s Authentic Recipe Latkes</strong></em> (potato pancakes). This&nbsp;is Old World goodness at its finest! Choose pierogies in <em><strong>Potato &amp; Cheddar</strong></em>, <em><strong>Potato &amp; Cheddar with Jalapeno </strong></em>or <em><strong>Sauerkraut</strong></em> flavours! Tatianna&#39;s are pre-cooked. You simply need to heat and serve! Or you can freeze to eat at a later date. Look for these delicious dinner options just inside the store entrance in the Deli cold case!</p><p>A Victoria staple since 1956 is <em><strong>The Dutch Bakery</strong></em>. And the Deli Department hits another home-run by getting back just in time for the holidays, <em><strong>The Dutch Bakery Almond Paste</strong></em> in <em><strong>1 lb </strong></em>or <em><strong>half lb bars </strong></em>(two flavours) as well as<em><strong> The Dutch Bakery Ribbon Cake</strong></em> and <em><strong>Mini Almond Cakes </strong></em>and <em><strong>Mini Ginger Cakes</strong></em>! These are specialties of the bakery that continue to please year in and year out! They&#39;ll enhance your holiday culinary creations and make terrific treats for the entire family!</p><p>Iced coffee is huge nowadays (remember when it didn&#39;t really even exist?). Iced tea was always a thing, right? Now you can drink a variation of both with new <em><strong>Elmhurst Oat Lattes</strong></em>! They&#39;ve swapped out the dairy for oat milk by offering four amazing flavours of classic coffee and tea faves! Try <em><strong>Matcha Latte </strong></em>(matcha tea &amp; oatmilk), <em><strong>Cacao Latte</strong></em> (coffee plus cocao &amp; oat milk), <em><strong>Flash Brew Latte</strong></em> (Arabica coffee &amp; oatmilk) or <em><strong>Golden Milk Latte</strong></em> (turmeric and tea &amp; oat milk). These drinks are vegan, dairy-free, carrageenan-free, kosher and provide 30g of whole grains per serving! Plus they&#39;re shelf stable so you don&#39;t need to refrigerate until opened! Look for these beauties in our Produce Department right up front by the entrance!</p><p>There&#39;s something that this pandemic generates that could have a lasting effect on our environment: waste. Literally tonnes and tonnes of waste is generated every day through the use of disposable masks, gloves and other PPE. You can take a small but significant step towards reducing that waste by using <em><strong>Medtrica Biodegradable Disinfecting Wipes</strong></em>. With three manufacturing plants in Canada, Medtrica specializes in manufacturing medical grade, everyday use materials for hospitals and other medical facilities. With Hydrogen Peroxide 1.25% w/w these wipes kills 99.99 % of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Stay safe while helping the environment.</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for some great gift ideas for the finicky foodie in your life, or you just want to try a few flavours of something without committing to an entire jar, try <em><strong>Bonne Maman Miniature Spreads</strong></em>! You get five miniature French fruit spreads from the world&#39;s number one exporter of jams: <em><strong>Strawberry, Apricot, Raspberry, Cherry</strong></em> and<em><strong> Orange Marmalade</strong></em>. Or if savoury is more your thing there&#39;s <em><strong>Edmond Fallot Miniature Dijon Mustard Packs</strong></em>. Four 25g teeny-tiny jars of French dijon mustards come in this little sleeve including <em><strong>Dijon,&nbsp;Terragon Dijon, Green Peppercorn Dijon </strong></em>and <em><strong>Blackcurrant Dijon</strong></em>. They&#39;ve been making mustard since 1840 so there&#39;s a pretty good chance that they&#39;ve got it figured out by now.</p><p>This time next Tuesday will be one month away from Christmas! And Christmas means turkeys! Our Meat Department is taking orders for fresh turkeys now so make sure to get your order in to ensure that you don&#39;t miss out. Please note that we cannot guarantee your exact turkey weight but we will always do our best to get what you request. Thanks again for having a look and, here it comes...until next week...take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Peppers Newsletter November 10, 2020 Peppers Foods Wed, 11 Nov 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning! There are just a few things to mention today before we dive into the newsletter and the first thing is to remind you that November is when we have our annual Customer Appreciation Day! The date isn&#39;t quite finalized yet but you can be sure that we&#39;ll notify you as soon as it is. So keep your eyes peeled for the date in a future newsletter as well as our social media pages! The other thing is that, as many of you already know, we have a Customer Request Board in Aisle 1, right below the monitor where you can write down a product you&#39;d like to see on our shelves. But you can also ask a question regarding an item such as why isn&#39;t it in stock or what happened to it?&nbsp;Every week we type up a sheet and post it right above the request board with the answers to your questions. Make sure to check it out if you&#39;ve been asking about a certain item.</p><p>As we are all aware, tomorrow, November 11th, is Remembrance Day and&nbsp;so we thought it would be appropriate to list 11 interesting facts about Canada&#39;s involvement in notable global conflicts throughout history. These points are taken from the Canadian Veterans Affairs website.</p><ul> <li>The Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force comprise the&nbsp;three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces. Their long and proud tradition of protecting and serving Canada on land, at sea and in the air continues today.</li> <li> <p>The&nbsp;Royal Canadian Navy&nbsp;began World War II with 13 vessels and 3,500 sailors, and ended it as as one of the largest navies in the world with 373 ships and more than 110,000 sailors (all volunteers), which included the 6,500 women serving in the Women&rsquo;s Royal Canadian Naval Services. Aircraft from Royal Canadian Air Force Eastern Air Command, Royal Canadian Air Force crews in Royal Air Force Coastal Command and ships from the Royal Canadian Navy helped sink 50 U-boats.</p> </li> <li> <p>More than 650,000 men and women from Canada and Newfoundland served during the First World War. More than 66,000 gave their lives and over 172,000 were wounded.</p> </li> <li> <p>Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was the Canadian army doctor who wrote the world famous poem&nbsp;In Flanders Fields.&nbsp;On May 2, 1915, McCrae&rsquo;s friend,&nbsp;Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, was killed in action and buried in a makeshift grave. Wild poppies were already beginning to bloom between the crosses marking the many graves and he was inspired to write&nbsp;<u>In Flanders Fields</u>&nbsp;the next day.</p> </li> <li> <p>More than 26,000 Canadians served in the Korean War and approximately 7,000 continued to serve in the theatre from the Armistice to August 1957. In total, 516 Canadians died in what is the third deadliest conflict in Canadian history.</p> </li> <li> <p>More than 50,000&nbsp;women served in the military&nbsp;with the Canadian Women&rsquo;s Army Corps (CWACs), the Royal Canadian Air Force &ndash; Women&rsquo;s Division (WDs), the Women&rsquo;s Royal Canadian Naval Service (Wrens) and as Nursing Sisters.</p> </li> <li> <p>More than one million Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in the Second World War. More than 45,000 gave their lives and another 55,000 were wounded.</p> </li> <li>The&nbsp;South African War&nbsp;began on October 11, 1899. The conflict was between the British and the Boers, the descendants of Dutch Protestant farmers who had been the first White settlers in the region.</li> <li> <p>More than 7,000 Canadians volunteered for service during the South African War. Approximately 280 died, most due to injury or illness brought on by the harsh conditions, and more than 250 were wounded. The South African War ended on May 31, 1902, with the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging.</p> </li> <li> <p>From 1921 to 1930, Armistice Day was held on the Monday of the week in which November 11 fell. In 1931, Alan Neill, Member of Parliament for Comox&ndash;Alberni, introduced a bill to observe Armistice Day only on November 11. Passed by the House of Commons, the bill also changed the name to &ldquo;Remembrance Day&rdquo;. The first Remembrance Day was observed on November 11, 1931.</p> </li> <li> <p>In 1920, Anna&nbsp;Gu&eacute;rin&mdash;the French Poppy Lady&mdash;attended the national American Legion convention as a representative of France&rsquo;s YMCA Secretariat. She was inspired by Moina Michael&rsquo;s idea of the poppy as a memorial flower and felt that the scope of the Memorial Poppy could be expanded to help the needy. She suggested that artificial poppies could be made and sold as a way of raising money for the benefit of orphaned children and others who had suffered greatly as a result of the war.<br /> In 1921, Madame&nbsp;Gu&eacute;rin&nbsp;visited Canada and convinced the Great War Veterans Association of Canada (predecessor to the Royal Canadian Legion) to adopt the poppy as a symbol of remembrance in aid of fundraising; which it did on July 5th of that year.</p> </li></ul><p>Now onto the new goodies...</p><p>Last week we intorduced you to <em><strong>Caplansky&#39;s Deli Mustards</strong></em> but the photo that we published consisted of plastic bottles and not the actual glass jars that we actually retail. We apologize for any confusion and would also like to tell you that we have added <em><strong>Caplansky&#39;s Spicy Mustard</strong></em> as well as C<em><strong>aplansky&#39;s Mild Mustard</strong></em>, rounding out the total varieties to four!</p><p>Great tasting mustard makes for a great tasting hotdog or sandwich. But every great hotdog or sandwich needs an equally excellent accompanying beverage. Which leads us to&nbsp;<em><strong>Great American Rootbeer!</strong></em>&nbsp; This case offers five deliciously different types of rootbeer: <em><strong>Red Arrow, Bulldog, Old Red Eye, Americana </strong></em>and<em><strong> Brownie</strong></em>! Every root beer lover will, well, love this sweet collection and with&nbsp; Christmas fast approaching, it makes the perfect gift, too!</p><p>Speaking of Christmas, our annual shipment of <em><strong>Earth&#39;s Own Almond Nog</strong></em> has arrived! Use it to make super-dupity foamy nog latt&eacute;s, add spiced rum or drink it straight with a bit of nutmeg sprinkled on top! It&#39;s vegan friendly, soy free, dairy free, egg free, contains no carrageenan and tastes like the holidays!</p><p>Even though it might feel like winter already, it&#39;s still autumn until December 21st. And autumn and apples go together like mac and cheese. So if you like apples, speciificaly in a sauce form, then you might want to try an excellent Canadian applesauce called <em><strong>Applesnax</strong></em>! Pepper&#39;s has Applesnax Au Naturel, a conventional unsweetened applesauce as well as <em><strong>Applesnax Organic Applesauce </strong></em>in <em><strong>Unsweetened</strong></em> and <em><strong>Homestyle </strong></em>varieties. These are simple and healthy snacks that taste great and are great ingredients for baking, too!</p><p>Since kids love applesauce, we should take this opportunity to tell you about something else young children will love: <em><strong>Heinz By Nature Organic&nbsp;Baby Purees</strong></em>! We have baby foods made with natural ingredients&nbsp;including acerola cherry, a plant extremely high in vitamin C, starting at Stage 2 (6+ months) in flavours such as<em><strong> Apple Strawberry &amp; Raspberry</strong></em>, <em><strong>Pear</strong></em> and <em><strong>Mango Apricot &amp; Kale</strong></em>. These take-along squeeze pouches are super easy for introducing your young&#39;un to new flavours!</p><p>Oyster sauce is a staple in stir-fries as well as other Asian-inspired dishes. <em>New Golden Dragon Oyster Sauce </em>is a popular and authentic Chinese sauce with the rich flavours of oyster extractives and soy sauce. It also makes an excellent marinade!</p><p>Much more exciting than that are <em><strong>Sutra Foods Simmer Sauces</strong></em> available in our Deli Department! These simmering sauces are made on Vancouver Island in the Cowichan Valley so you can feel good with your purchase knowing your hard-earned dollars are staying closeby and supporting local business! Currently there&#39;s <em><strong>Sutra&#39;s Best Thai Sauce</strong></em>, a delicous and dairy-free simmering red sauce (it&#39;s gluten-free, too) that&#39;s spicy and complex and coconut-y! Then there&#39;s <em><strong>Sutra&#39;s Best Butter Chicken Sauce</strong></em>, which, according to the company website, is: <em>a rich, creamy blend of aromatic mild spices in a fusion of tomato &amp; cream. Mild in flavour, which makes this a great choice for all the family-even the kids! </em>Check out the website here: <strong></strong></p><p>If you&#39;re looking for &quot;real-deal&quot; corn tortillas, the ones made more traditionally and less processed, with a texture, taste and structure more reminiscent of the corn from which they were made, then look no further than our Deli Department who comes through again with <em><strong>Maiiz Nixtamal Corn Tortillas</strong></em>. Some of you may be wondering what nixtamal is, exactly. Nixtamalization is a process which chemically transforms corn in a variety of ways. Dry corn is soaked in boiling water with slaked lime (it&#39;s kinda complicated but it&#39;s all natural). Hours later the corn is drained and ground into a slightly elastic dough called masa which is then shaped into the round tortillas. These <em><strong>Maiiz Nixtamal Corn Tortillas</strong></em> are naturally gluten-free and made with organic BC corn. But they need to be kept refrigerated until ready to use which is why you&#39;ll find them up front in the Deli&#39;s cold case.</p><p>&quot;I can&#39;t eat enough pickled beets!&quot; is what you might never hear someone actually utter out loud but it&#39;s probably a very common internal dialogue amongst our shoppers. That&#39;s because pickled beets are good. Darn good (right, Pop?). They&#39;re so good that we had to get the trusted brand that many get their darn good sauerkraut from: Lisc. It&#39;s Polish and the Polish know a thing or two about beets. So the next time you&#39;re pining or panicking for some pickled beets, pick Polish <em><strong>Lisc Pickled Sliced Baby Beets</strong></em> and pig out!</p><p>Alright friends, we hope that you had a good week. If you&#39;re off work tomorrow, please take a moment to remember the sacrifices that so many have made to provide us with the freedoms and priviledges that we so&nbsp;often take for granted. Lest we forget.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 3, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 03 Nov 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Charles Boles aka &quot;Black Bart&quot;&nbsp; was an American outlaw who had a very prolific (and lucrative) career as a stagecoach robber, holding up more than 28 Wells Fargo stagecoaches between 1875-1883. His territory included mostly northern California but also included some areas bordering California and Oregon. Known as a &quot;gentleman bandit&quot; he was quite polite and cordial during his heists, never using profanity. He left two poems behind at two different crime scenes which added to his notariety and those, however, did include some salty language. His last heist occured on November 3, 1883, and, ironically, it happened at the same site as his very first. It was a bungled robbery attempt which ultimately left Charles shot in the hand. He fled leaving behind a&nbsp;handkerchief and a few other personal belongings. Authorities canvassed 90 laundries to see if they could identify the embroidered F.X.O.7 found on the hankies until one was finally able to provide an address of a man who had purchased them. Even though he had committed a vast number of robberies, Wells Fargo only pressed charges for his final one, resulting in a six year sentence at San Quentin prison where he served only four before being released on good behaviour in January of 1888. A month later he simply disappeared, never to be seen again.</p><p>Alright so we have lots to talk about today and no time to waste so lets get right to it! Last week we presented some great new items for people with FODMAP sensitivities and our Grocery Manager has expanded that line-up already because of the positive response.! We have two <em><strong>Fody Pasta Sauces</strong></em>: <em><strong>Marinara</strong></em> and <em><strong>Tomato Basil</strong></em> as well as a <em><strong>Fody Medium Salsa </strong></em>and <em><strong>Fody</strong></em> <em><strong>Ketchup</strong></em>! Everything is onion and garlic free and&nbsp;these are excellent additions to a line that will leave many happy shoppers with happy guts!&nbsp;</p><p>Our Meat Manager, John, is excited to announce a new line of small batch and all natural products from <em><strong>Pickles&#39; Pantry</strong></em>, hand-crafted in the Cowichan Valley! Named after chef Louise Pickles, we have <em><strong>Pickles&#39; Pantry P&acirc;t&eacute;s</strong></em> (Peter Piper picked a pack of Pickles&#39; Pantry P&acirc;t&eacute;!), a <em><strong>Duck P&acirc;t&eacute; with Cranberry &amp; Port </strong></em>as well as a <em><strong>Chicken P&acirc;t&eacute; </strong></em>that&#39;s<em><strong>&nbsp;Burnt Honey &amp; Apple </strong></em>flavoured! FYI, the duck is slightly stronger flavoured than the chicken. For the plant-based dieters out there, we have a delicious <em><strong>Lentil Walnut P&aacute;t&eacute;</strong></em>, full of umami flavour and one that&#39;s uniquely savoury! If you&#39;re interested, there&#39;s <em><strong>Pickles&#39; Chicken, Bacon &amp; Mushroom Terrine,</strong></em> made with Farmhouse Poultry chicken and chanterelles from Vancouver Island. Or choose the <em><strong>Country Terrine with Figs &amp; Pistachios</strong></em>, made with house ground pork shoulder and garnished with brandy soaked figs and flecks of toasted pistachios. And finally, we have <em><strong>Traditional Pork Rilette</strong></em> described by the company from its website as:&nbsp;<em>Pork shoulder is slowly cooked in stock with aromatics and spices, until meltingly tender, then mixed together with its own cooking juices and fats and left to set overnight. Served best on a slice of toasted sourdough with some cornichons to contrast its rich fatty nature, rillette is a simple yet luxurious treat.&nbsp;</em>With the holidays approaching quickly, these items are sure to please everyone at your table!</p><p>Schwartz&#39;s is a world-famous deli in Montreal whose smoked meat sandwiches will alter the trajectory of your life once you&#39;ve tried one. So a guy in Ontario decided that he didn&#39;t want to have to travel that far to get an incredible smoked meat sandwich and decided to open his own place called Caplansky&#39;s Delicatessen. You can find it in York, Ontario. So what, you might ask? Well, Pepper&#39;s can&#39;t get you one of the incredible sandwiches made there, but we can get you not one, not two but <em>three</em>&nbsp;kinds of <em><strong>Caplansky&#39;s Delicatessen Mustards</strong></em> to make your own sandwich or hotdog&nbsp;outstanding! Choose from <em><strong>Ballpark Mustard,</strong></em> <em><strong>Mild Mustard</strong></em> or <em><strong>Horseradish Mustard</strong></em>! Are we achieving the desired Pavlovian response yet? Good! Because your tastebuds are going to thank you emphatically when they&#39;re exposed to these awesome new condiments! Come and get it!</p><p>Marmalade is one of those spreads that you either love or hate and if you happen to love it then you are going to really love trying new <em><strong>Wilkin &amp; Sons Tiptree Pure Orange Marmalade</strong></em> or their <em><strong>Tiptree Pure Lime Marmalade</strong></em>! They&#39;ve been making jams in this little English village for 135 years! It&#39;s all they&#39;ve ever done. So we&#39;re betting that these marmaldes are the &quot;real deal.&quot; Try them out and see for yourself.</p><p>Pomegranates are chock full of antioxidants but getting to the fruit can be a real pain in the keester. So why not get all that insane nutrition from its juice, instead? With <em><strong>Red Crown Organic Pomegranate Juice</strong></em> in either&nbsp;<em><strong>Original</strong></em> or <em><strong>With Pulp</strong></em>, you get cold-pressed not-from-concentrate juice. There&#39;s nothing but pomegranate juice in there: no juice blends or anything else. The juice also makes a great addition to your holiday cocktails with its intense ruby colour and sweet but tangy taste!</p><p>And speaking of mixes, one of the more popular ones on the market (or <em>in</em> the market) is Fevertree. They know that if 3/4 of your drink is mix, it had better be darn good. And their mixes are good! And up until now you could only purchase them in a glass bottle. But now they&#39;re making 8x150ml cases of cans! Try the same great tasting <em><strong>Fevertree Premium Ginger Ale</strong></em> or <em><strong>Fevertree Premium Indian Tonic Water </strong></em>in your next libation and see why they&#39;re the best!</p><p>Kombucha sales remain super steady because the popularity of these fermented bevvies just keeps climbing! So if&nbsp;you are one of the very many who gravitate towards their effervescence, check out <em><strong>Cultured Kombucha</strong></em>, made right here in little old Victoria, BC! They have vibrant and invigorating flavours such as <em><strong>Raspberry Lemonade, Blueberry Jasmine, Elderflower Ros</strong></em>e and <em><strong>Nettles &amp; Petals</strong></em>.Get beneficial enzymes and healthy bacteria in addition to a refreshing flavour explosion in your mouth! Be Gutsy, drink Cultured Kombucha!</p><p>There&#39;s another beverage that is somewhat appealing to a few folks out there. It&#39;s coffee and we are pleased to offer another choice bean blend (packaged in a snazzy, regal-looking bag to boot!) from Fernwood Coffee Company, also of Victoria, BC. New <em><strong>Fernwood 1936 Espresso</strong></em> is a &quot;<em>decadent&nbsp;and full bodied cup with a sweet, bright acidity and notes of peach in the finish</em>.&quot; The blend is as follows:&nbsp;</p><p>Brazil, Poco Fundo &ndash; Minas Gerais<br />Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe - Kochere G1</p><p>Hey, all we know is that it tastes really, really good. Trust us.</p><p>That&#39;s all there is for new items this week. If you look at the attached advertised specials, you&#39;ll notice that there is a baking theme going on. Everything you bakers need to, you know, bake stuff, is on sale so make sure to get in on the savings this week. COVID-19 numbers are rising all across BC so it is vital to ensure that we stay the course, continue to follow the rules while in-store and keep our distance while also wearing a mask. Thanks for your continued support and compliance!</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods.</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 27, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 27 Oct 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; There are a few things happening this weekend, one of them being Halloween on Saturday! But just because there&#39;s a global pandemic occuring doesn&#39;t mean we can&#39;t still have fun. It just has to be done smartly and sensibly. So please make sure you follow health protocols and trick or treat safely (extra safely). The other thing to mention is that the clocks go back an hour. Before you head to bed on Saturday, set your clocks back an hour to mark the end of Daylight Savings and enjoy that extra hour of sleep!</p><p>The closest humankind has ever come to decimating itself happened over a span of 13 days in October, 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was during this time of the Cold War that Russia and America, the world&#39;s &quot;superpowers&quot; stood toe-to-toe and flexed their nuclear muscles. Russia was constructing missile sites in Cuba, which is situated only 145 kms (90 miles) from U.S. shores, discovered by an American U-2 spy plane. President Kennedy demanded the missiles be removed and thus ensued a very tense stand-off which included an American &quot;quarantine&quot; of Soviet ships en route to Cuba (Kennedy had to be careful not to use the word &quot;blockade&quot; because that could have been considered an act of war).&nbsp;During the crisis, both leaders were encouraged to launch nuclear strikes but calmer heads eventually prevailed and the stand-off ended on today&#39;s date, October 27, 1962. Phew! Now, onto the new items!</p><p>We&#39;ve been talking about new items from Ecoideas lately and we have two more for you! First up is <em><strong>Ecoideas Organic Cassava Flour</strong></em>. It comes from the cassava root, a longtime staple food in South America, Africa and Asia. What&#39;s great about it is that it&#39;s totally wheat free so there&#39;s no gluten, either! You use it 1:1 however you would use wheat flour. It&#39;s grain-free, nut-free, paleo friendly and has a neutral flavour!</p><p>If you&#39;re a fan of tangy flavour then <em><strong>Ecoideas Organic Golden Berries </strong></em>should be high up on your list. This &quot;Andean Superfood&quot; is part of the nightshade family and resemble miniature yellow tomatoes when fresh. They&#39;re&nbsp;high in antioxidants, polyphenols and carotenoids, are an excellent source of vitamin A, are rich in fibre and are a source of iron. Look for them in AIsle 3!</p><p>Goodly Foods is a Vancouver-based business that &quot;Makes delicious soups, stews and sauces by repurposing surplus produce and creating unique community employment opportunities.&quot; As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>Goodly Foods reframes the narrative around food &ldquo;waste&rdquo; into one of viewing surplus food as a resource. We set out to test that model by understanding the volume, flow and quality of specific vegetables that would otherwise be considered as imperfect and process them into nutritious and delicious foods.&nbsp;</em>Your purchase helps reduce waste and create jobs! Our deli department currently has <em><strong>Goodly Simply Squash</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Goodly Purely Potato Soups </strong></em>with other flavours set to arrive shortly! If you would like to read more about this amazing venture, check out their website at <strong></strong></p><p>You know what makes a great one-two combo? New items that are also in our ad! Why? Because you get to try out stuff for cheap! This week we have three new kinds of <em><strong>Hefty Garbage Bags</strong></em>! <em><strong>Hefty Strong </strong></em>with Easy Flaps are large sized for standard 77 litre garbage cans. <em><strong>Hefty Ultra-Strong</strong></em> are drawstring bags for the big hinge-top 121 litre roll cans. And <em><strong>Hefty Strong Compostable</strong></em> are just that: small, compostable 10 litre bags for your compost container. All three contain Arm &amp; Hammer Odour Neutralizers and <em><strong>all three are just $5.66 in this week&#39;s ad</strong></em>!</p><p>What else is new and on sale? Check out<em><strong> GoGo Quinoa Mac &amp; Vegan Cheese</strong></em> and <em><strong>GoGo Quinoa Shells &amp; Vegan Cheese</strong></em>! These yummy plant-based pastas are certified gluten-free and contain 93% organic ingredients! They&#39;re great alternatives to traditional pastas with cheese and these 170g boxes can be yours<em><strong> this week for only 2/$5</strong></em>!&nbsp;</p><p>Another gluten-free, yet slightly more gourmet, pasta option comes straight outta Italy. They take &quot;<em>Corn and brown rice masterfully combined using steam (Metodo diLavorazione al Vapore&reg;) into a delicious and satisfying gluten-free pasta.</em>&quot; These guys employ a precise 7 stage process that includes extruding the pasta through special bronze dies that gives the pasta a &quot;rough, sauce-absorbing&nbsp;surface.&quot; Sounds serious. If you want to check out all the hub-bub surrounding this imported treat, you can find <em><strong>Rummo Penne Rigate</strong></em>, <em><strong>Rummo Fusilli</strong></em> and <em><strong>Rummo Rigatoni</strong></em> it in Aisle 2.</p><p>Dreary old table salt can only perk up your food so much, right? That&#39;s why Europe&#39;s staple seasoning, <em><strong>A. Vogel Herbamare</strong></em>, is the way to go when it comes to salting your salmon, so to speak! It&#39;s herbed sea salt which contains a blend of organic celery, leek, watercress, onions, chives, parsley, lovage, garlic, basil, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and kelp. Pepper&#39;s has <em><strong>Herbamare Herbed Sea Salt in a 125g and 250g shaker</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Herbamare Spicy Sea Salt 125g</strong></em> and, for all you sodium-free lovin&#39; folk, <em><strong>Herbamare Natural Salt Substitute 125g</strong></em>. Winter&#39;s just around the corner so why not reduce the drudgery of it as much as possible at every meal?</p><p>And finally, we have three new gourmet spreads also hailing from&nbsp;Europe! Italy&#39;s <em><strong>Callipo Dalla Nostra Terra </strong></em>line of jams and spreads contains &quot;<em>delicate and genuine flavours</em>&quot; and we have both sweet and savoury options! <em><strong>Callipo Organic and Candied Ginger Spread </strong></em>is a divine as it sounds! It contains primarily Calbrian lemons, lemon zest, cane sugar and candied ginger. Or how about <em><strong>Callipo Clementine Organic Spread</strong></em>? Juicy Calabrian clelmentines, cane sugar and lemon juice make for a sweet yet tangy spread unlike any you have ever tried! And for a savoury option there&#39;s <b><i>Callipo Red Onion Spread</i></b>,&nbsp;a compote made of red onion from Tropea Calabria GPI,&nbsp;renowned for its particular sweetness and high digestibility. All three can be found in Aisle 3 with the regular jams and jellies.</p><p>This time next week we&#39;ll be into November. That&#39;s a good thing because we&#39;re that much closer to reaching the end of this very forgettable year. In the meantime let&#39;s continue to look out for each other, be respectful and kind towards each other and always, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 20, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 20 Oct 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; On this date in&nbsp;1955 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the English writer, poet and academic published the third and final volume to his <u>The Lord of the Rings</u>&nbsp;story. Tolkien didn&#39;t want to use this title as he felt that it revealed too much of the story and preferred <u>The War of the Ring</u>. The adapted films by Peter Jackson led to a huge resurgence in the the books and introduced millions of people to the characters of this legendary literary work. However,&nbsp;it is Tolkien&#39;s excellent storytelling istelf that has cemented him as being the &quot;father&quot; of modern fantasy literature.&nbsp;In 2008,&nbsp;The Times&nbsp;ranked him sixth on a list of &quot;The 50 greatest British writers since 1945&quot;. Here is an excerpt from <u>The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King</u>:&nbsp;<em>Then Frodo came forward and took the crown from Faramir and bore it to Gandalf; and Aragorn knelt, and Gandalf set the White Crown upon his head, and said: &#39;Now come the days of the King, and may they be blessed while the thrones of the Valar endure!&#39; But when Aragorn arose all that beheld him gazed in silence, for it seemed to them that he was revealed to them now for the first time. Tall as the sea-kings of old, he stood above all that were near; ancient of days he seemed and yet in the flower of manhood; and wisdom sat upon his brow, and strength and healing were in his hands, and a light was about him. And then Faramir cried: &#39;Behold the King!&#39;&nbsp;</em></p><p>Alrighty so the powers that be here at Pepper&#39;s have been busy over the last week bringing in more new goodies for you! And the first line of new items is from a company that has been making hot sauces, jams and jellies from Belize since 1981 and are now available in Canada: <em><strong>Marie Sharp&#39;s Fine Foods</strong></em>! Cuirrently we have hot sauces in varying degrees of heat including <em><strong>Mild Red Habanero Pepper Sauce </strong></em>(Mild-1 out of 6), <em><strong>Green Habanero Pepper Sauce</strong></em>, a unique cactus-based, tangy sauce&nbsp;(Mild-1 out of 6), <em><strong>Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce</strong></em> (Medium-2 out of 6), and <em><strong>Belizean Heat Habanero Pepper Sauce</strong></em> (Hot-4 out of 6). The spicy ratings are from the company so what they deem as mild, you may find hot! The Belizean Heat label states not to play tricks on the weak or the elderly so proceed with caution!</p><p>In addition to these amazingly flavourful sauces you&#39;ll find <em><strong>Marie Sharp&#39;s Green Mango Chutney</strong></em>,<em><strong> Red Habanero Jelly</strong></em> and <em><strong>Green Habanero Jelly</strong></em>. The chutney pairs great with any pork dish, with cured meats and cheeses or with samosas, pakoras, Jamaican patties or cornish pasties. The jellies go great with cream cheese dishes, melted brie, melted as a glaze for meats, chicken wings or salmon with the red being slightly hotter than the green.</p><p>For something spicy but made a little closer to home there&#39;s <em><strong>Salt Spring Kitchen Co. Peach &amp; Pepper Spicy Pepper Spread</strong></em>. It&#39;s a sweet and spicy spread that pairs great with soft cheeses, fish, poultry or on sandwiches. Or try<em><strong> Salt Spring Kitchen Co. Hot Mango Spicy Pepper Spread</strong></em>, a mostly savoury spread that compliments&nbsp;fresh Ch&egrave;vre, Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, seafood, lamb, and pork. You can also purchase the popular <em><strong>Salt Spring Kitchen Co. Winter Collection Gift Box</strong></em> which includes three smaller jars of <em><strong>Cranberry, Sour Cherry &amp; Port Preserve</strong></em>, <em><strong>Cranberry &amp; Pepper Spicy Pepper Spread</strong></em> and <em><strong>Winter Wonder Jam</strong></em>. By the way, <em><strong>Winter Wonder Jam </strong></em>is also available by itself in the regular sized jar and is comprised of&nbsp;strawberries, oranges, cranberries, bourbon, cinnamon and&nbsp;cloves.&nbsp;Pairs with toast, scones, Brie, fresh Ch&egrave;vre, and cocktails.</p><p>Another spicy spread to swallow is<em><strong> Elman&#39;s Kosher Deli&nbsp;Foods Hot Mustard.</strong></em> This refrigerated mustard can be found in our Produce Department and is made in Winnipeg where Elman&#39;s was founded over 70 years ago. Bold but not too spicy, this golden condiment will make any sandwich &quot;kick&quot;!</p><p>Do you have any idea what a FODMAP is? You probably do if you suffer from IBS. If not, a&nbsp;FODMAP stands for &ldquo;<em>fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols</em>&rdquo;. They&#39;re short chain carbohydrates that many people are unable to digest, and, as a result, contribute to gas, bloating, cramps, pain and diarrhea or constipation. Individuals with IBS are particularly sensitive to FODMAPs which&nbsp;commonly consist of&nbsp;fructose, lactose, polyols (xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, etc), fructans and galactans. Canada has one of the highest IBS rates in the world (an estimated 18% versus the global total of 11%).&nbsp;Logically, it makes sense then, that if you are sensitive to these carbs, reducing them from your diet will lead to less discomfort. So we&#39;re pleased to now offer<em><strong> Fody Salad Dressings</strong></em>, the low FODMAP, gut-friendly dressings that contain no onions, garlic, gluten or lactose! Choose from <em><strong>Vegan Caesar, French, Maple Dijon </strong></em>and <em><strong>Garden Herb</strong></em>. Why should people with digestive troubles have to sit on the sidelines and watch while everyone else gets to eat the foods they enjoy? Exactly! So if you suffer from digestive issues&nbsp;or food senmsitivities, give these tasty new dressing a go!</p><p>Kale is generally considered to be one of the world&#39;s healthiest foods. In fact, it contains one of the highest contents of the vitamin, a carotenoid, called <em>lutein</em> which is related to beta-keratine and vitamin A and is excellent for eye health and has other beneficial effects on the body. But sometimes it gets a little boring adding it to frozen to smoothies or just cooking it as a side dish. Why not try snacking on it with <em><strong>Kaley&#39;s Kale Chips</strong></em>? This savoury delight&nbsp;is made with kale that is spiced up and air-dried (not fried) to make one of the best new snacks around! Available at Pepper&#39;s in <em><strong>Salt &amp; Vinegar, BBQ, Bacon </strong></em>and <strong><em>Dill Pickle</em></strong> flavours, these chips can also be crushed and added to omelettes or used as a breading on chicken! Mix them in with your mac and cheese or sprinkle them on a salad! Oh, and these Canadian-made nibbles are made in Cobourg, Ontario so you can snack easy knowing your dollars are supporting a Canadian business!</p><p>Ever&nbsp;get the giggles? Now you can get them anytime when you pick up a bag of <em><strong>YumEarth Giggles Organic Chewy Candy!</strong></em> With flavours such as green apple, lemon, orange, strawberry and grape, these gluten-free goodies are allergy-friendly and contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes, getting their colours, instead, from real fruit and vegetable juices! And you can also get the same great flavours with<em><strong> YumEarth Organic Sour Giggles Chewy Candies</strong></em>!</p><p>Well, that&#39;ll just about do it again for this week. Stay tuned for another exciting and informative newsletter next week which will be the last one for October. Ridiculous! Time sure flies when you&#39;re in the middle of a pandemic! Please continue to carry on with good COVID etiquette to keep yourself and others safe!</p><p>Until next time, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>