Pepper's Foods We have a passion for food and are committed to offering locally and ethically sourced products. Peppers Newsletter September 15, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 15 Sep 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; If you have the&nbsp;soundtrack to the film <u>2001: A Space Odyssey </u>(the Richard Straus &quot;Sunrise&quot; theme) put it on now and continue with the newsletter. For today marks a very special day for Pepper&#39;s Foods! Actually, it was yesterday but that&#39;s not important right now. What<em> is </em>important is that the Pepper&#39;s Foods Online Grocery Shopping site is, well, online! Yes, we are all-systems-go with a right proper site to allow you to shop with convenience and ease. If you want to use it right now, head on over to <strong></strong></p><p>In a day or two you&#39;ll be able to access the link from our website but for now,&nbsp;&nbsp;just cut and paste or click on the link to access our online store! You will need to create an account in order to place an order but it&#39;s quick and easy to do. The first thing you&#39;ll see are a series of 16 thumbnails that will take you to the most frequently purchased items. You can access all categories through the Shop Now tab at the top of the page. You can view our Weekly Ad, see what&#39;s on sale, check out your orders, see what&#39;s trending and access loads of recipes and other cool stuff. There&#39;s also a FAQ section to help you, if you need it. You can choose whether you want your profile to save your credit card information or, if you prefer due to privacy concerns,&nbsp;you can provide it each time. There&#39;s even a My Favourites section where you can store the items you love most for easy ordering next time you shop!</p><p>But please keep this in mind: there will inevitably be some bugs and things to fix such as things that are miscategorized or items missing. Please be patient! There are literally thousands of items that need to be catalogued. This was a huge undertaking and several members of our staff worked tirelessly getting this up and running. We want it to provide the best&nbsp;shopping experience possible for you and we&#39;ll get there. In the meantime, enjoy this new way to shop at our store! As Gord Downie of The Tragicaly Hip once said, &quot;It&#39;s been a long time coming. It&#39;s well worth the wait.&quot;</p><p>We have numerous bakery items in our newsletter this week. The first brand to tell you about is from <em><strong>GluteNull</strong></em>, a vegan, gluten-free, paleo, keto-friendly and organic bakery&nbsp;that we introduced you to a few weeks ago when we only had one kind of their bread (Coconut Ciabatta). But now we&#39;ve added three more: <em><strong>GluteNull Buckwheat</strong></em>, <em><strong>GluteNull Amaranth</strong></em> and <em><strong>GluteNull Quinoa&nbsp;</strong></em>because it seems it&#39;s what the people want! All three are sugar-free, yeast-free, dairy-free, egg-free and they&#39;re also free of the top 11 allergens!&nbsp;</p><p>In addition to the bread we also have <em><strong>GluteNull Almond Fatty Buns</strong></em>. With these you get the same keto and paleo-friendly traits with a good amount of protein, ulta low carbs and a high fat content! It&#39;s an innovative product for our ketogenic customers!</p><p>Croissants are one of life&#39;s simple pleasures. Flakey, moist, buttery and delicious are all perfectly acceptable adjectives describing these baked beauties. But wouldn&#39;t it be amazing if you could buy not a loaf of bread but a loaf of croissant? Now you can! Our Deli Department has available two kinds of delicious <em><strong>Croissant Loaf:</strong></em> <em><strong>Classic</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Cinnamon &amp; Brown Sugar</strong></em>! Pull off a hunk and just chow down! Make a sandwich!&nbsp;Use it as you see fit! These loaves are super satisfying and yummy no matter how you choose to eat them!</p><p>Irene&#39;s Bakery is Vancouver Island&#39;s largest family owned and operated wholesale bakery. And it&#39;s located right here in Victoria. In 2019 they merged with another beloved company, 6 Mile Bakery, and took over its Carey Road production facility. Both bakeries had always focused on producing traditional European breads. Combined, their bakers have over 200 years of baking experience! And now you can purchase several types of<em><strong> 6 Mile Bakery Loaves</strong></em> at Pepper&#39;s! In addition to the foil wrapped <em><strong>Garlic Bread </strong></em>(not shown) there&#39;s <em><strong>Homemade White</strong></em>, <em><strong>Homemade Whole Wheat</strong></em> and <em><strong>Homemade Peasant Loaf</strong></em>. It&#39;s the freshest sliced bread around!&nbsp;</p><p>And now for something new from Irene&#39;s Bakery. They know that the simplest ingredients often make for the best products. And that&#39;s why we now carry <em><strong>Irene&#39;s Bakery Peanut Butter Cookies</strong></em> and <em><strong>Irene&#39;s Bakery Ginger Cookies</strong></em>! You can&#39;t go wrong with either of these two flavours. They&#39;re the staple flavours of the cookie realm for good reason.&nbsp;</p><p>Here&#39;s&nbsp;a little history taken from the website of our next new item: <em>In 1890, Chemist John J. McLaughlin of Toronto, started to manufacture soda water, which he sold to drugstores in siphons as a mixer for fruit juices and flavoured extracts. 14 years and hundreds of experiments later, McLaughlin finally perfected the formula for his Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale. He also developed mass bottling techniques and served Canada Dry wherever people gathered. In 1923, P. D. Saylor and Associates purchased the entire company from the McLaughlin family and formed the public corporation, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc.</em></p><p>New<em><strong> Canada Dry Premium Ginger Ale </strong></em>is the ultimate in ginger ales. It&#39;s crafted from cane sugar and we&#39;re not sure what else makes it a &quot;premium&quot; ale but that&#39;s what the packaging says so we&#39;re going with it. It comes in a four pack of glass bottles so you know it&#39;s good. Only inferior sodas come in plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Everybody knows that.&nbsp;</p><p>And lastly this week, we bring you two excellent new teas from Tazo! Does an infusion of green tea, matcha, mate and grapefruit sound inviting? If so, you&#39;ll want to pick up a box of <em><strong>Tazo Matcha Mate Graprefruit Tea!</strong></em> Or how about the herbal happiness of aromatic golden turmeric and the flavour of sweet passionfruit? You&#39;ll find it in <em><strong>Tazo Turmeric Bliss</strong></em>. There&#39;s a chill in the air and a new season calls for a new tea or two!</p><p>As always, you&#39;ll find our advertised specials attached to this newsletter. And don&#39;t forget to noodle around on the new shopping site! We&#39;re confident that once you get familiar with it, you&#39;ll want to use it every time you shop with us! Stay safe out there and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 8, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 08 Sep 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Today in 1504, The Statue of David, Michelangelo&#39;s marble masterpiece, was unveiled in Florence. He had started sculpting it three years earlier. The biblical nude figure is depicted facing towards Rome while holding onto the sling which he used to bring down the Philistine giant, Goliath (he then decapitated him and later brought the head to Jerusalem). In his right hand, he holds a stone, the ammunition that supposedly hit Goliath right between the eyes. Ironically, David stands a whopping 17 feet tall which is a Goliath height and makes us wonder how tall a statue of Goliath might have been had Michelangelo chosen to carve him as well! Another remarkable fact about this statue is that it was carved from a single block of marble that was abandoned by two different scuptors before Michelangelo successfully transformed it into one of history&#39;s most famous works of art.</p><p>Last week we mentioned that&nbsp;today marks the start of mandatory wearing of face masks for our customers. So this is just a reminder for you to bring a mask when you shop. We also carry locally-made masks! Adult-$14.99 and Child-$9.99 plus Disposable 10pk-$9.99.&nbsp;But what we&#39;re really excited to tell you about is that <strong>on&nbsp;Tuesday, September 14th, our online store will finally be available for your delivery or pick-up orders</strong>! That&#39;s right, you can go to our website and select from a comprehensive list of items! We&#39;ve been working hard to get this ready and it&#39;s finally coming to fruition! Woo hoo!!</p><p>It&#39;s back-to-school time and our flyer is chock full of great deals on items for your family&#39;s lunches. And speaking of lunches, here&#39;s something new that you can pack in them! <em><strong>Nature Valley Lunch Box Banana Chocolate Chip + Veggies Granola Bars</strong></em> are the newest addition to this line of classroom-friendly snacks! Grown-ups have found another way to sneak vegetables into foods that children enjoy (in this case, it&#39;s mostly sweet potatoes) and the peanut-free recipe ensures that those with a peanut allergy are not at risk! These guys are also full of fibre and whole grains so it makes for a sensible and healthy snack.&nbsp;</p><p>It&#39;s a universal fact: everyone loves pizza. There&#39;s not a single individual human person that doesn&#39;t enjoy a nice pie that comes in some way, shape or form. Therefore, you&#39;re going to love these new <em><strong>Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts!</strong></em> You pick the&nbsp;toppings and leave the crust to us (them). Available in two sizes the <em><strong>245 gram </strong></em>packagaes<em><strong> come in Original as well as Protein</strong></em> (16 grams of protein and only 8 grams of carbs per serving). Or if you want the larger <em><strong>404 gram package</strong></em>, you can choose from <em><strong>Original as well as Super Grains </strong></em>which is made from sprouted wheat as well as high-fibre wheat flour! They&#39;re ready to go! Just take out of the package, top with whatever tickles your fancy and pop in the oven. Pizza made at home just got a whole lot tastier!</p><p>&quot;Holy guacamole, Batman!&quot; That&#39;s what Robin might exclaim when he tasted new <em><strong>Fresh Is Best Guac-On! Guacamole</strong></em>! Made with ingredients&nbsp;including fresh cilantro, avocados and zesty lemons and limes, this fabulous dip is made with 10 fresh vegetables, contains no additves or gluten, is vegan and has no added sugar. But that&#39;s not the only new dip that our Deli Department has added, nosirree! There&#39;s also a new<em><strong> Fresh Is Best Garlic-O-Licious Spinach Dip</strong></em>! As you may have guessed, this dip is a tad garlic-centric. Use it for dipping chunks of fresh&nbsp;bread, chips, veggies or even try it as a salad dressing for Pete&#39;s sake! It&#39;s all natural and low in sodium.</p><p>Our Produce Department has introduced <em><strong>Bubbies Prepared Horseradish</strong></em> and the identical but for the addition of one ingredient <em><strong>Bubbies Prepared Beet Horseradish</strong></em>. The company website states: <em>Bubbies horseradishes are fortified using natural mustard oil, not the artificial stuff often hidden in ingredients like &quot;soybean oil&quot; and &quot;flavoring.&quot; Our horseradishes are OU Kosher certified, made with gluten free vinegar and produced in a gluten free facility. The pungent flavor adds zest and color to any meal and they continue the high quality for which all Bubbies&#39; products are known</em>. If it&#39;s pickled or fermented choose Bubbies for their time honoured,&nbsp;old-world recipes.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s has expanded our line of famous <em><strong>Milano Coffee</strong></em> by adding two new SKUs: <em><strong>Vienna </strong></em>and <em><strong>Parisian!</strong></em> The medium-bodied <em><strong>Vienna </strong></em>tastes of&nbsp;Almonds | Peach | Marzipan and consists of an &quot;<em>Old World recipe that mobilizes an empire of 7 varietals. True European sensibilities&mdash; regal and elegant, while potent and robust</em>.&quot; <em><strong>Parisian </strong></em>is a dark coffee with overtones of&nbsp;Licorice | Dark Chocolate | Burnt Sugar.&nbsp;This &quot;<em>creme de la creme French-style roast is a melange of 7-9 varietals. Sticky, syrupy body and caramelized flavours with a peppery-sweet finis</em>h&quot;. Magnifique!</p><p>The oat beverage category continues to grow with <em><strong>Oat Dream Original Oat Beverage</strong></em>. Lactose and dairy free, this yummy drink is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and B12. It also goes great in the aforementioned exquisite coffees! Or choose the <em><strong>Oat Dream Original Enriched Oat Beverage</strong></em>, the creamy oaty drink that&#39;s been fortified with lots of vitamins and stuff. Both are creamy, smooth and delicious and are 100% vegan.</p><p>Another excellent non-dairy item that will have you jumping for joy is <em><strong>Silk Dairy-Free Whipping Cream Alternative</strong></em>. Use this coconut-based product&nbsp;cup for cup like dairy for baking and cooking and obviously, as an alternative whipped topping to regular whipping cream. There&#39;s 0 sugar per serving, it&#39;s free from gluten and carrageenan and it&#39;s verified by the Non-GMO Project&rsquo;s product verification program.</p><p>From Silk to Silk&#39;n Soft we go! This is toilet tissue in a box! New <em><strong>Silk&#39;n Soft Oh Natural Toilet Tissue </strong></em>is unbleached 3-ply premium toilet tissue that&#39;s made with bamboo and not trees! It&#39;s the most eco-friendly tissue that you can buy. And it&#39;s also the softest. Our forests (and your behind) will thank you!</p><p>Thanks for reading another newsletter. It&#39;s our pleasure to bring it to each of you each week! But more importantly, take care of each other. Stay safe. Be kind. Help someone who needs it. And as my Grandpa Mason used to say at dinner, &quot;Eat till you squeal!&quot;</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 1, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 01 Sep 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Before we get into the newsletter we&#39;d like to let you know that <strong>effective Tuesday, September 8th, customers will be required to wear a mask in order to enter the store</strong>. The vast majority of our customers already wear one when they&#39;re inside. We get it, nobody wants to wear a mask. It&#39;s a drag. But so is getting sick. And with pandemic case numbers exploding in this province, we all need to do everything that we can to protect each other from this nasty virus. So please remember your mask when you leave home to come to the store.</p><p>Ok, so now that we&#39;ve gotten that out of the way, let&#39;s get busy learning about all sorts&nbsp;of things. For instance, on today&#39;s date in 1985, a French-US&nbsp;expedition led by American oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard&nbsp;discovered the final resting place of the luxury liner RMS&nbsp;Titanic, having sunk 600 kms off the coast of Newfoundland on April 15, 1912. It had been 73 years since anyone had laid eyes on the doomed liner which was deemed &quot;unsinkable&quot; by it&#39;s builder. Ironically (and tragically), it slipped beneath the frigid waves of the Atlantic Ocean after it struck an iceburg on it&#39;s very first voyage. 1500 souls were lost. Alas, none of this is new. Everyone knows this story. But what you might not &nbsp;know is that the ship&#39;s chief baker, Charles Joughin, went into the water that night having drunk a vast quantity of whiskey and was recued come daylight when the RMS Carpathia arrived. Remember that scene in Titanic when Jack and Rose were on the outside of the railing and there&#39;s a baker beside them with a mickey of booze? They then ride the ship as it sinks into the water. Well, that was based on testimony by Joughin who claimed that he rode the ship down &quot;like an elevator&quot; not even dunking his head under when it finally submerged. It officially made him the last person to exit RMS Titanic. He was pulled from the water with little more than swollen feet.</p><p>This newsletter is&nbsp;all about the meat. Well, not all about it. It&#39;s about half the meat. Let&#39;s just say there are several meat products to describe. So if eating meat isn&#39;t your thing, skip ahead a little bit. For the rest of you, read on.</p><p>Our Deli Department has been working feverishly to bring in the items that our customers want and the Saanich Peninsula&#39;<em><strong>s Berryman Brothers Ready-to-Eat Charcuterie Sausage</strong></em> is one that is getting everyone excited about! Each package contains <em><strong>four varieties of smoked sausage: Swiss Farmer</strong></em>, <em><strong>Polish Kielbasa, Spanish Chorizo</strong></em> and <em><strong>Honey Garlic</strong></em>. Simply remove them from the package, cut up and enjoy!</p><p>Next there&#39;s <em><strong>Berryman Brothers Smoked Garlic Ham Ring </strong></em>which you can either boil first or cut up and serve like the other sausages. All are free from gluten, dairy and antibiotics and all of them are extremely tasty!</p><p>The other thing that our Deli wants you to know about is that they have back in stock the moist and exceptionally flavoured <em><strong>Preferisco Prosciutto D&#39;Italia</strong></em>! It&#39;s sliced to order for your convenience. This all-natural prosciutto is made in Italy of the finest pigs. If you think that everything&#39;s better with bacon (which it is) then you&#39;re sure to find that the same holds true for this exquisite dry-cured ham!</p><p>It&#39;s still summer and that means BBQ season is still&nbsp;in full swing. And it&#39;s a good thing, too, because our Meat Department has added two new family favourites of hot dogs! <em><strong>Maple Leaf Natural Top Dogs </strong></em>are all-natural wieners with zero fillers made with premium meats and natural ingredients. Choose from the <em><strong>Original Size </strong></em>or the<em><strong> BBQ Forma</strong></em>t (same package weight but just larger wieners). Real. Simple. Maple Leaf.</p><p>As long as you&#39;ve&nbsp;got the grill fired up for some hot dogs, why not throw on some burgers while you&#39;re at it? But not just any burgers, mind you. Not even beef burgers.<em><strong> Belmont Meats Turkey Burgers </strong></em>are a healthier alternative to beef without sacrificing any flavour or satisfaction! These extra lean patties are juicy and flavourful and are a great source of protein and iron. Plus they&#39;re free of any trans fats. Change it up and gobble down something different and delicious!</p><p><em><strong>Since Yeshi Dressing</strong></em> hit the shelves a while back, their popularity has grown exponentially! This Mill Bay business makes one of the tastiest dressings around incorporating nutritional yeast into a varied selection of flavours such as Original, Mild Chili, Smoky Chipotle and Ginger Sesame. But just when you thought it couldn&#39;t get any better, they went ahead and created a new flavour that&#39;s sure to make you ask, &quot;Et tu, Bruce?&quot; when you find out that your neighbour Bruce has also purchased it. New <em><strong>Yeshi Dressing Caesar </strong></em>has &quot;<em>subtle flavours of garlic, anchovy, mustard and lemon...everything you would want in a traditonal Caesar dressing but with a decidedly Yeshi twist</em>!&quot; It&#39;s free of eggs, gluten, nuts and dairy and it&#39;s going to be your next favcourite dressing. All hail Caesar and say yes to Yeshi!</p><p>These next guys are trying to take a page out of the Kombucha Lovers Handbook by offering an alternative to said beverage and maybe pull a few of the soda and juice drinkers away, too. <em><strong>Tribe ACV </strong></em>(Apple Cider Vinegar) is a <em><strong>Sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar Drink </strong></em>that&#39;s lightly flavoured with <em><strong>Tropical Blend, Turmeric Ginger Peach </strong></em>and <em><strong>Blackberry Sage</strong></em>. But wait, why would anyone want to drink apple cider vinegar?&nbsp;Actually, there are numerous studies that show it to reduce harmful gut bacteria, aids digestion, improves metabolism and helps lower blood pressure. These refreshingly different drinks are 75% organic, low in sugar and calories, are gluten-free and caffeine-free and will make you feel good &nbsp;from the inside out!</p><p>The Fine Cheese Company of Bath England cordially invites you to purchase and enjoy their <em><strong>Fine English Gluten-Free Water Crackers</strong></em>. Made with maize flour, soya bran and tapioca but not with wheat or dairy, these gluten-free crackers have, according to the company website, &quot;<em>a toasty flavour and is thin and crunchy and a great addition to the range</em>.&quot; Indeed.&nbsp;</p><p>If you drink coffee then you know that almost nothing beats a good cuppa. It&#39;s a blissful activity. But if you choose to add non-dairy creamer but haven&#39;t found one that suits your taste then <em><strong>Coffee-Mate Bliss Oat Plain Coffee Creamer </strong></em>will make every cup of your plant-based coffee creamer experience a blissful one. With only 1 gram of sugar per serving, you can ditch the curdle and embrace the creamy because there&#39;s no separation going in in your mug. Just shake first, pour, stir and enjoy!</p><p>That&#39;s all there is for this week, people. Thank you so much for continuing to support us during this pandemic. Our customers are the greatest and you are the reason why we succeed. There&#39;s no Pepper&#39;s without our amazing customers! So please continue to social distance. Please continue to follow the arrows. And please continue to be kind and patient with each other!</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 25, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 25 Aug 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &quot;Bond, James Bond.&quot; Those are undoubtedly the most iconic words ever uttered by the fictitious super spy.&nbsp;And Sir Thomas Sean Connery is undoubtedly the best actor to portray him. Today is his 90th birthday! &nbsp;James Bond, a British secret agent, is supposed to be England&#39;s top intelligence officer. Yet, ironicaly, a proud Scotsman made him a global phenomenon!&nbsp;His code&nbsp;number is 007 and he has been granted a license to kill. And so has our grocery manager, Scott! He&#39;s&nbsp;slashed prices in our ad this week so make sure to get in on these deals because this is a great one!</p><p>There are a lot of great things about Port Coquitlam but one of the best things, as far as foodies are concerned, has to be from GluteNull Bakery,&nbsp;the company that creates &quot;<em>healthy, delicious plant-based goodness.&quot; </em>It&#39;s a family business whose&nbsp;Golden Rule is&nbsp;&lsquo;<em>What you do not wish upon yourself, extend not to others&rsquo;. </em>They make vegan, 100% gluten-free (in a dedicated facility) and non-GMO verified breads, cookies and energy bars that are out-of-this-world good! Currently, Pepper&#39;s has <em><strong>Bagged Cookies </strong></em>in <em><strong>Buckwheat Chocolate</strong></em>, <em><strong>Chocolin</strong></em> (fine unsweetened chocolate and ground flax sweetened with *<em>Swerve</em>) and <em><strong>Quinoa Coconut</strong></em> flavours! *Swerve is a true sugar replacement because it&rsquo;s sweet and delicious! Unlike other natural sweeteners like stevia, it has no bitter aftertaste and measures just like sugar. It&rsquo;s also the only sugar replacement of its kind that browns and caramelizes just like sugar.</p><p>In a plastic tub you&#39;ll find<em><strong> Ginger Square Cookies</strong></em> or <em><strong>Goji Berries and Chocolate Cookies</strong></em>! As for <em><strong>Energy Bars,</strong></em> there&#39;s <em><strong>Coco Delish Bars</strong></em>, <em><strong>Hemp Energy Protein Bars</strong></em>, and <em><strong>Fruit and Nut Breakfast Bars</strong></em>! As if these weren&#39;t enough, there&#39;s also <em><strong>Coconut Ciabatta Bread</strong></em> the keto-friendly bread that is super low in carbs that has been lab tested to ensure its low carb content.&nbsp;</p><p>People all over the place are raving about these products (no, really!) so if you&#39;d like to read more customer reviews and more about this business and their amazing baked goodies, head on over to their website at <strong></strong>.</p><p>Local vendors really rev our engine so we didn&#39;t hesitate to get <em><strong>Very Good Food </strong></em>(VGF) <em><strong>Cookies </strong></em>on our shelf when they became available! Though not gluten-free they are &quot;gluten-friendly&quot; and vegan. What does that mean? As taken from the MenuCalc website:<em>&nbsp;It implies that the food may not be entirely gluten-free because it is prepared in the same kitchen as gluten-containing foods but that it is okay for those with mild gluten sensitivities. Try <strong>Peanut Butter</strong></em>, <em><strong>Oatmeal Raisin</strong></em> as well as several other kinds! And look for their<em><strong> Muffins</strong></em> to hit the shelf sometime in the near future!&nbsp;Plus, everything is made very near to us in North Saanich.&nbsp;Local supporting local is what it&#39;s all about! It&#39;s time for some very good food!</p><p>The kombucha craze continues to grow (we&#39;re not complaining!) so Pepper&#39;s has added two new brands to our cold beverage case! <em><strong>JagaSilk</strong></em>, the Victoria, BC based tea company whose products we have been stocking for ages, now has two types of <em><strong>Kombucha-Jun</strong></em> made with precision in uniquely numbered batches with Vancouver Island honey and farm direct teas of various origins!</p><p>Or for something a little different, why not try <em><strong>Tonica Blue Lemonafe Kombucha</strong></em>? It&#39;s made in Toronto, is all natural and organic and contains loads of beneficial enzymes to delight your digestive tract. The blue colour comes from a type of superfood Blue Majik spirulina and this refreshing bevvie makes for a great thirst-quencher&nbsp;or the perfect mix for your next favourite vodka cocktail!</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for a great protein powder packed with Omegas 3 &amp; 6, one that&#39;s organic and vegan,&nbsp;has a relatively high amount of fibre and is proudly made in Canada&nbsp;look no further than <em><strong>Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Max Protein</strong></em>! There&#39;s a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving with zero added&nbsp;sugars, a mild taste and&nbsp;a creamy texture. Great for athletes!</p><p>Big families create lots of dirty laundry. So go big or go home with new<em><strong> Tide Pods 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent 72 count</strong></em>! 72 loads of laundry until you have to buy another container...that should last the average family with two teenagers (or toddlers) at least a few days. Choose from <em><strong>Original Scent</strong></em> or <em><strong>Spring Meadow</strong></em>.&nbsp;</p><p>Buying your kitty&#39;s favourite foods just got a lot easier with new <em><strong>Friskies P&acirc;t&eacute; Ocean Delights</strong></em>&nbsp;and <em><strong>Friskies Poultry Lovers Cat Food</strong></em>. There are 12&nbsp;cans (3 different varieties&nbsp;per pack) in each box so all you need to do is pick up one and go! It&#39;s complete and balanced nutrition for your feline made with real meat and seafood.</p><p>Did we mention that it&#39;s only four months until Christmas? By the time you get the next newsletter it will be September already! Oh well. The way 2020 has been going, nobody&#39;s really complaining too much about how time flies. Except maybe Republicans.&nbsp;Thanks for checking us out again and until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 18, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 18 Aug 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning! It&#39;s always nice to get away but it&#39;s also good to get back into the swing of things. This week there&#39;s plenty of new products to tell you about so let&#39;s get&nbsp;right to it. But first, what do Patrick Swayze, Christian Slater, Edward Norton, Robert Redford and Bruin Leney all have in common? Correct! They all have their birthdays today! And yes, all of them except for one, are very famous actors and have been seen in a plethora of movies. But there&#39;s no one we&#39;d like to see have a happier birthday than Bruin &quot;The Bear&quot; Leney. Happy birthday, buddy!!</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s party time, it&#39;s excellent!&nbsp;Schwing!&quot; Those words were made famous by party-head Wayne Campbell of Aurora, Illinois. But did you know that one of our new items comes from Aurora, Ontario? That&#39;s right, new <em><strong>Cookie It Up Shorts</strong></em> are excellent snacking material. They&#39;re basically super-delicious, rich and buttery miniature shortbread cookies, the chips of the cookie world if you will. And they&#39;re available in four amazing flavours: <em><strong>Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Cranberry, Salted Butterscotch</strong></em> and <em><strong>Double Chocolate</strong></em>! It&#39;s oh-so-easy to pick up a bag (or four), take home and start munching. What&#39;s difficult is finding a way to stop. Oh wait, it&#39;s not hard at all! Just eat until they&#39;re gone! We&#39;re in a global pandemic. Anything goes at this point.</p><p>We couldn&#39;t stop with just one choice cookie this week. This one is baked right here in-store in our Deli Department! If you happen to be shopping and smell something incredible, it&#39;s simply <strong><em>English Bay Key Lime &amp; White Chocolate Cookies </em></strong>in the oven! These two flavours go great together which means that these cookies will go great in your mouth. Pick up a bag in our baked goods section where other delicious English Bay cookies are found.</p><p>It&#39;s almost time to go back to school. Well, let&#39;s put it this way: school is set to resume on September 10th.&nbsp;Whether or not your kids attend a classroom is much less of a certainty. However, what we are certain of is that if you pack one of these new <em><strong>Nature Valley Maple Brown Sugar Crunchy Granola Bars </strong></em>in their lunch, they&#39;ll (a) eat it and (b) like it. A lot. What&#39;s not to like? There are two kinds of sugar&nbsp;in there! But there&#39;s some whole grain oats packed in as well. It&#39;s a great addition to the lunchkit for everyone in your family. Get crunchin&#39;!</p><p>For a treat with<em> less </em>sugars there&#39;s always <em><strong>Cavalier Fine Belgian Chocolate Bars</strong></em>! You heard right: this is real gourmet, Belgian milk and dark chocolate made by a family-owned business. It has reduced sugars and is sweetened with Stevia. We have two sizes of bars: 85 gram (<em><strong>Milk Hazelnuts</strong></em> and <em><strong>Dark Berries</strong></em>) and 40 gram (<em><strong>Milk Caramel </strong></em>and <em><strong>Dark Cocoa Nibs</strong></em>). Now you can indulge a little (or a lot) by eating delicious chocolate without all the guilt normally associated with this oft frowned upon act. Have a cavalier disregard for eating so healthy all the time! C&#39;mon, you deserve it!</p><p>Our Dairy Department has quite a few new additions so let&#39;s start with some new flavours (and sizes) from the famous <em><strong>Libert&eacute; Canada Yogurt</strong></em> line! Everyone who eats yogurt knows that the richest, creamiest and most decadent yogurt in all the land&nbsp;is <em><strong>Libert&eacute; M&eacute;diterran&eacute;e</strong></em>. And if you&#39;re a fan you&#39;ll be giddy to know that <em><strong>Libert&eacute;&nbsp;M&eacute;diterran&eacute;e Plain</strong></em> comes in a bigger <em><strong>900 gram tub</strong></em>! More means better and at&nbsp;10% milk fat, that&#39;s a lot more bang for your buck! There&#39;s also a new <em><strong>Limited Edition&nbsp;M&eacute;diterran&eacute;e Vanilla Yogurt </strong></em>flavour! There&#39;s only 9% milk fat in this one. Maybe they had to add less fat to make room for the vanila. Who knows? One thing that we do know is that this won&#39;t be around forever. Get it while it&#39;s still available! And finally, rounding out the new line-up is<em><strong> Libert&eacute; 2% Greek Yogurt&nbsp;</strong></em>in three new flavours: <em><strong>Peach</strong></em> (pictured), <em><strong>Cherry </strong></em>and <em><strong>Lemon</strong></em>!&nbsp;</p><p>We&#39;ve talked about Armstrong Cheese on numerous occasions in the newsletter. This Armstrong, BC based company has been making award-winning cheeses for over a century. It sells like hotcakes at Pepper&#39;s and with the addition of four new <em><strong>Armstrong Cheese Slices</strong></em>, it&#39;s sure to become even more popular! With <em><strong>Creamy Havarti</strong></em>, <em><strong>Medium Cheddar</strong></em>, <em><strong>Smoke Flavoured Cheddar </strong></em>and <em><strong>Monterey Jack </strong></em>you get the convenience of&nbsp;pre-sliced cheese that comes in a resealable zipper package. For a quick and easy snack just open the pack and take a slice or two. Plus, they&#39;re the perfect size for a sandwich. No knives or cutting board required, either. Practical and pleasant. Win-win!</p><p>These next items aren&#39;t new to the store. They&#39;ve been here for awhile now. But the packaging has had a major overhaul moving from blah to beautiful! <em><strong>Emborg Plant Based Cheese Shreds</strong></em> are vegan, non-dairy cheeses available in <em><strong>Mozzarella Style</strong></em> and <em><strong>Cheddar Style</strong></em>. They taste like cheese, melt like cheese and satisfy like cheese but are mostly made from potato and corn starch! And there&#39;s no palm oil, soy, gluten or dairy!</p><p>And though these next items were unveiled in the short newletter that came out last week, we liked them so much that we had to brag about them some more!&nbsp;Proudly made here in Canada (Edmonton, AB) <em><strong>Get Sauced BBQ Sauces and Glaze</strong></em>s are guaranteed to make your next cookout the best cookout of the season! Our current selection of<em><strong> Grilling Sauces includes Honey Hickory Chipotle </strong></em>(general purpose BBQ sauce) as well as <em><strong>Peach</strong></em> (pork back ribs, wings, pork tenderloin, etc). For incredible ginger beef, oriental style wings and amazing&nbsp;stir-frys, <em><strong>Get Sauced Szechuan Sauce</strong></em> is a must-have. And the <em><strong>Get Sauced Carolina&nbsp;Gold</strong></em> is a mustard sauce with a touch of sweetness that makes a great glaze, topping or dipping sauce!</p><p>That&#39;s all for now, folks. Remember, in these frustrating and tedious times do as Ron Burgundy does and &quot;stay classy!&quot;</p><p>Take good care,</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 4, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 04 Aug 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning. Last week we lost a longtime and loyal customer to a stroke at the age of 97. Norma Fitzsimmons was a lovely lady with a passion for flowers. Her love of flowers led her to becoming a florist in the 1950s and to her starting&nbsp;the annual Greater Victoria Flower Count back in 1975. It&nbsp;was her way of showcasing the beauty of our city, the City of Gardens,&nbsp;and to encourage us to appreciate the mild winters here while much of the rest of Canada remained frozen. Born in August of 1922, she stayed right here in Victoria throughout her life living in her home here in Cadboro Bay.&nbsp;Norma loved to donate and arrange flowers for a multitude of events and organizations and Pepper&#39;s was very happy to provide many of the fresh cut flowers that she required. We will miss her smiling face and her kind heart. Rest peacefully, Norma.</p><p>Have you ever eaten a Muffuletta Sandwich? Do you even know what it is? Well, it&#39;s a sandwich born in New Orleans, Louisiana at a tiny Italian-American grocery store with a sandwich counter called Central Grocery. Created in 1906,&nbsp;the sandwich consists of a round Sicilian sesame bread layered with a marinated olive salad, salami, ham, Swiss cheese, provolone and mortadella. Why are we telling you this? Excellent question! It&#39;s because Pepper&#39;s now sells <em><strong>Unico Muffuletta Olive Salad</strong></em> in both<em><strong> Mild </strong></em>and <em><strong>Hot </strong></em>styles! Now you can make the greatest sandwich ever known to humankind (unconfirmed). And if you want to use it for something other than in a sandwich, try it on a pizza, on a burger, on a cracker or&nbsp;as a topping for grilled fish or chicken!</p><p>Plant-based food alert! We&#39;ve added a shelf-stable (up to 365 days unopened!) dairy-free alternative to milk that hails from Sweden! Det heter <em><strong>Sproud </strong></em>och &auml;r gjord med &auml;rtor! We have <em><strong>Original </strong></em>(blue), <em><strong>Unsweetened</strong></em> (black) and <em><strong>Chocolate</strong></em> (brown). Here&#39;s what the company has to say about their innovative &quot;powered by peas&quot; milk:&nbsp;<em>We are Swedish, we believe that coming together makes for a better world. Sproud is the next level of plant-based products bringing taste and sustainability together. With a natural creamy texture and neutral taste, our planet-first family of products bring you dairy-free alternatives with the closest taste to regular milk. Sproud is the dairy alternative that blends with the food and drinks you love. Creamy and foamy in coffee, perfect in tea, in smoothies and on cereals. It&rsquo;s just like milk. Powered by peas and developed in Sweden using the yellow split pea protein, we have one mission: to be the best tasting non-dairy milk</em>.</p><p>In keeping with this plant-based theme, you&#39;re going to be pleased to know that the super-duper popular (and super-duper local) <em><strong>The Very Good Butchers </strong></em>has four more items for all you whole-food and vegan loving folk out there (and there are MANY!). Try <em><strong>Ribz, BBQ Jackfruit, Pepperoni</strong></em> and <em><strong>Steak</strong></em> for your next vegan dinner. All of these items, as well as their other delicious products, are described in detail on their website. Head on over to <strong> </strong>and read all about this local business and what goes into making their meat-free goods.</p><p>Do you go through so much soy sauce that you require an enormous jug of it to make your consumption practical? Oh, you do? Great! Because we now sell <em><strong>Kikkoman Soy Sauce</strong></em> in a <em><strong>1.89 litre</strong></em> bottle! Brewed the traditional way and aged for several months, this all purpose soy sauce will serve your large family just fine! Gone are the days of heading to Costco just to get that huge bottle of soy sauce. Now you can get it a Pepper&#39;s when you buy the rest of your groceries!</p><p>While we&#39;re on the subject of the Kikkoman brand, we also carry an exciting new <em><strong>Kikkoman Takumi Korean BBQ Sauce</strong></em>! It blends soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, apples, pear and orange juices for a savoury-sweet flavour profile that can be used as a glaze, sauce or dip with your favourite meats and veggies! And if you&#39;re looking for an excellent oil that adds incomparable flavour to dressings, marinades and dips, <em><strong>Kikkoman 100% Pure Sesame Oil</strong></em> will add essential flavour to all of your Asian cooking recipes!&nbsp;</p><p>Our <em><strong>Deli Department </strong></em>has upped their game once again by offering three amazing and tasty summer salads! There&#39;s a kickin&#39; <em><strong>Cajun Pasta Salad</strong></em>, a delicious <em><strong>Dill Pickle Pasta Salad</strong></em> and a keen <em><strong>Santa Fe Quinoa Salad</strong></em>! All&nbsp;three are perfect for your next day trip to the beach, a picnic in the park or for a quick and easy dinner at home on the patio!</p><p>Going camping? Looking for a sustainable alternative to or something to compliment cord wood? Then look no further than <em><strong>BioFlame Briquettes</strong></em>! These briquettes are made right here on Vancouver Island in Chemainus and are made of 100% all-natural wood with no artificial binders or chemical additives. They burn long and clean, are eco-friendly and are carbon neutral! Great for your backyard firepit, your woodstove or for campfires!</p><p>Just a heads up: next week there will not be a newsletter. Whoa, remain calm, it&#39;ll be ok! It&#39;s vacation time for our writer&nbsp;but you&#39;ll still get the advertised specialsdelivered to your inbox! And don&#39;t forget to enter the draw to win the Edmonton Oilers home jersey that we mentioned last week. TTFN!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>P.S. Take good care</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter July 28, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 28 Jul 2020 00:06:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Hockey&#39;s back! Yes, today is the start of exhibition games for the 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers! The Penguins take on the Flyers followed by the classic Leafs versus Habs and then it&#39;s the Oilers facing off against their fierce rivals the Flames! And if all goes well, the Stanley Cup Qualifiers will begin on August 1st! We&#39;ll talk about a hockey related giveaway a little later in the newsletter.&nbsp;But&nbsp;first, let&#39;s talk about something tragic and fascinating and remarkable that happened on today&#39;s date in 1945.</p><p>As a thick fog blanketed New York City, a US B-25 bomber, on a routine flight from Bedford Army Air Field in Massachusetts to Newark Airport in New Jersey crashed into the side of the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors. Fourteen people died as a result of the crash (all three flight crew and&nbsp;11 civilians). That&#39;s the tragic part. However, the disaster could have been much worse. For example, the resulting fire was extinguished in less than 40 minutes! In fact, less than 48 hours later, many floors of the building were open to the public. And it still remains the only significant fire at that height to be successfully extinguished. There was also an extraordinary story of survival within the story. An elevator operator named Betty Lou Oliver suffered severe burns when she was thrown from her elevator car on the 80th floor. In order to be treated for her injuries, she was placed in another elevator car to be taken to the ground floor. However, in what is reminiscent of what Hemingway went through in last week&#39;s story, the cables of that elevator car had been damaged and it fell 75 floors with Betty inside! Astonishingly, she survived the fall, albeit with a broken pelvis, neck and back, making her the Guinness World Record holder for longest survived elevator fall, a record which still stands today!</p><p>Our first new item for the newsletter comes from local Victoria artist, <em><strong>Arlene Gonczy.</strong></em> Arlene&#39;s <em><strong>Concept Cards</strong></em> feature her original artwork on the front and are left blank for you to compose your own personal message. The short bio on the back of her cards reads: <em>Arlene grew up in rural Saskatchewan and currently resides in Victoria, BC. She has a major in Sociology and has studied fine arts at the Ubiversity of Victoria. She has a keen interest in visual arts and has been successful selling her work at retail stores and galleries on Vancouver Island</em>.&nbsp;During these times when many of us can&#39;t travel to see our loved ones, why not take a few moments and send them a beautiful card from a talented local artist?</p><p>When we started selling various products from local <em><strong>Millstone Farms and Organic Inc.</strong></em> of North Saanich the response from our customers was huge. Whether it was the Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Organic Laundry Soap, Certified Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags or Pastured Organic Eggs, it became apparent that shoppers were equally as passionate about zero waste, sustainable living and natural organic food and products. The newest addition to the Millstone line is <em><strong>Eco Cloths</strong></em>! These are reusable and compostable cloths made of 80%&nbsp;wood cellulose and 20% cotton. They become soft and absorbent when wet and can be used and washed over and over again (nine months or more!). In fact, one cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towel. In keeping with the zero waste, sustainable living that Millstone is all about, this product completely breaks down without a trace in a short period of time once composted. Plus, this is a TOTALLY local collaboration! The screen printing of the cloth is done by Raincoast Screen Printing in Victoria and the printing of the retail band is done by Metropol, also of Victoria. The design was drawn by the daughter of one of the owners and as if that weren&#39;t enough, a percentage of the sales is being donated to The Pollinator Partnership with proceeds being used to protect the bee pollinators in the Victoria area and throughout Canada! Make paper towels, sponges and dish cloths a thing of the past and get with the now!</p><p>Let&#39;s keep riding this local train where the next stop is The Little Stand, the &uuml;ber popular&nbsp;local company that makes amazing home-made jams, jellies, antipastas and more! And exclusive to Pepper&#39;s Foods is <em><strong>The Little Stand Apricot Jam</strong></em>! You can&#39;t get it anywhere else so make sure you get it while you can because it&#39;ll be gone very, very soon!</p><p>We&#39;ve made a great new addition to our own merchandise with our <em><strong>Pepper&#39;s Aluminum Water Bottle available now for only $19.99</strong></em>! With a slick silver and black colour scheme, this eco-friendly bottle will replace all the plastic bottles that are so harmful to the environment while allowing you to rep your favourite local grocery store! It has a pop-up straw in the lid and a convenient loop carry handle, too!</p><p>For the lady&nbsp;who wants a little <em>less </em>aluminum in her&nbsp;life, <em><strong>Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant</strong></em> will do quite nicely! Choose from either <em><strong>Honeydew </strong></em>or <em><strong>Rosewater</strong></em> scents a deodorant that is clear, paraben&nbsp;and dye-free. For long-lasting odour protection with more natural ingredients and refreshing scents, get in on the Secret!</p><p>Cookies are universally loved by people of all ages. But what about your pets? Do they like cookies? If the number one ingredient of those cookies is organic free range chickens they won&#39;t just like them,&nbsp;&nbsp;they&#39;ll <em>love </em>them! With <em><strong>Castor &amp; Pollux Natural Pet Works Organix Organic Chicken Cookies</strong></em> (say that 10 times fast!) your dog will get the flavour and crunch they crave without any soy, corn or wheat.&nbsp;</p><p>And what should you do after you eat cookies? Why, brush your teeth of course!&nbsp;Your dog can&#39;t do it (can it?) so you need to give them something that can help keep those pearly whites clean and that canine breath fresh. It&#39;s easy with new <em><strong>Purina Dentalife Chews</strong></em>! For small or medium sized dogs, these are daily oral care dog treats that helps reduce tartar buildup due to the unique shape of the stick! &nbsp;They&#39;ll love it and they&#39;ll love you for it!</p><p>Yet another product made from oats has arrived in our Dairy Department! <em><strong>Earth&#39;s Own Caf&eacute; Edition Oat Dairy-Free Half &amp; Half Alternative </strong></em>pours just like real cream and is grown by Canadian Farmers using 7 times less water than almond or cow&#39;s milk!</p><p>We mentioned a hockey related giveaway earlier in the newsletter and we have an <em><strong>Edmonton Oilers Home Jersey</strong></em> available in a draw that will take place after the Stanley Cup FInals! Generously donated by Arla Foods Canada, they provide our store with amazing tasting Tre Stelle and Castello cheeses as well as other great foods! Enter as many times as you like but you have to write your name and number on&nbsp;your receipt each time and deposit it into the box at the front of the store. Don&#39;t miss out on your chance to win a jersey from one of hockey&#39;s most storied NHL franchises!</p><p>You may have noticed that our staff are required to wear face coverings due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Stage-3 reopening of BC&#39;s economy. We would encourage our customers to do the same to greatly minimize the likelihood of virus transmission. Please continue to social distance, follow the arrows and have patience while in the store. Thank you!</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter July 21, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 21 Jul 2020 00:10:00 GMT <p>Good morning! A lot of famous people were born today but one of the most well known of them all is probably American novelist Ernest Hemingway. He was born July 21, 1899 and died July 2, 1961 when&nbsp;sadly, he committed suicide. Seems that most really creative folks are often as equally conflicted. But did you know that he survived not one but two plane crashes in two consecutive days? Yes, &quot;Papa&quot; Hemingway (as he was affectionately known in his beloved Cuba) crashed on an African sightseeing flight receiving serious injuries. The next day, seeking medical attention, that plane exploded at take-off. He survived and recuperated over the course of the next several weeks, reading numerous obituaries of his death written in error by reporters who thought he must have died. The year was 1954, the same year that he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.</p><p>Last week we gave you locally-made dumplings. This week we&#39;re bringing you authentic Ukarainian hand-pinched perogies from <em><strong>Perogie Pinchers of Victoria (PPOV)&nbsp;</strong></em>! Made with only the freshest local ingredients, these perogies are created out of sheer love from traditional family recipes passed down since 1863. In other words, these perogies are the bomb! Choose from <em><strong>Traditional Classic</strong></em>: potato/cheddar cheese/onion. <em><strong>Island Favourite</strong></em>: cottage cheese/potato/organic dill or <em><strong>Baba&#39;s Best</strong></em>: sauerkraut/bacon. Support local by purchasing these perfectly pleasing perogies because PPOV donates up to 40 dozen perogies to Our Place made on-site. PPOV also gives back to the community by planting fruit shrubs, championing other local businesses and volunteering at the Ukrainian Catholic Church.</p><p>It&#39;s BBQ season and that means burgers, sausages, hotdogs and a whole other mess of food to go along with! So why not add some pizazz to your next meal with <em><strong>SaltSpring Kitchen Co. Candied Jalapeno Relish</strong></em>? Excellent on your next gourmet burger, paired with a variety of cheeses (keep reading...), on nachos, tacos, eggs, heck, anywhere you want to add a little sweet and a little heat!&nbsp;Another lovely, local but certainly not languid product that you simply need to try!</p><p>Say, this next item might go great with the aforementioned relish. Though not new, the retail packaging is! It&#39;s the new look of <em><strong>Beyond Meat&#39;s Beyond Sausage</strong></em>! These <em><strong>Mild Italian </strong></em>plant-based links are high in protein but contain no soy or gluten and are GMO-free as well.</p><p>Rice is nice but variety is the spice of life. If you&#39;ve grown tired of boring white, brown or whatever rice you always cook, maybe it&#39;s time to go WILD with a blend! <em><strong>Lundberg Countrywild Rice</strong></em> is an&nbsp;&quot;<em>outstanding blend of Wehani, long grain brown rice, and Black Japonica that&nbsp;has plenty of fragrance, colour, and flavour with an attractive separateness of grain</em>.&quot; Translation: it tastes and looks good.&nbsp;</p><p>Goat cheese is an attractive option for cheese lovers and our Deli Department has two new varieties from <em><strong>Great Lakes Goat Dairy!</strong></em> Certain to cause your guests to speak highly of your charcuterie board, the applewood smoke infused <em><strong>Smokin&#39; Goat </strong></em>will also take your grilled veggies to another level! Or you could try the<em><strong> Herb &amp; Garlic Goat Cheese</strong></em> on your favourite crackers. The savoury flavour of the cheese combined with delicate herbs is bound to make you eat waaaay too much of it.</p><p>Also from our Deli Department is new<em><strong> Le Rustique Camembert</strong></em>, another excellent selection (and one that&#39;s purely French) for your charcuterie board, platter or appies! It has a soft texture, medium flavour intensity that is reminiscent of a raw cheese though it is made with pasteurized cow&#39;s milk. Pair it with C&ocirc;te-du-Rh&ocirc;ne red wine, sparkling wine, IPAs, porters and stouts.&nbsp;</p><p>Recently we introduced you to numerous gluten-free baking mixes from XO Baking Co. Now you have an even greater selection because we&#39;ve added <em><strong>XO Baking Co. Gourmet Cookie Mix!</strong></em> With <em><strong>Chocolate Chip</strong></em> or <em><strong>Double Chocolate Chip </strong></em>you&#39;ll&nbsp;get unforgettably delicious (and rice-free) gluten-free cookies that look and taste just like regular cookies! And with <em><strong>XO Baking Co. Corn Bread Gourmet Bread Mix</strong></em>, you can serve a slightly sweet corn bread with your favourite chili recipe or with warm home-made honey butter as a simple dessert! Num-nums.</p><p>If we told you that we sold &quot;probably the biggest and tastiest chocolate bar in the world&quot; (according to the company) would you buy it? What if it was vegan? It&#39;s definely not the biggest (this claim is geared towards a larger version).&nbsp;We can&#39;t verify anything except that yes, it IS vegan and yes, it tastes ridiculously good. New <em><strong>Vego Mini Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar</strong></em> is made with fine Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts surrounded by rich milk chocolate. Essentially what you have here is Nutella in a chocolate bar form. It&#39;s Europe&#39;s cult-favourite chocolate bar that people reportedly have taken back home by the suitcase-full. Maybe it is the tastiest chocolate bar in the world. Only one way to find out...</p><p>Let&#39;s move from one unique chocolate treat to another. When you think hummus you probably think savoury, right? Well hummus has taken a dramatic turn (for the better) with <em><strong>Fontaine Sant&eacute; Dark Chocolate Delight Dessert Hummus</strong></em>!&nbsp;Serve as a dip with fruits or crackers.&nbsp;Spread over biscuits, bagels or toast.&nbsp;Use as frosting on cakes or cupcakes. It has a smooth, creamy consistency and a rich, chocolate flavour from the added cocoa powder! There&#39;s nothing savoury about this. It&#39;s sure to be your new go-to chocolate treat!</p><p>Sometimes we like to remind our shoppers about items that we have carried for a long time but that people might not realize that we stock. Today we&#39;re going to remind you about <em><strong>Riviera Petit&nbsp;Pot Yogurt,</strong></em> the French-Canadian yogurt that comes in the little reuseable glass jar. As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>A glass petit pot lets you see what&rsquo;s in store before you enthusiastically break through the seal of quality. A lid you carefully pull open, slowly revealing the treasure that awaits you within. A little spoon you sink in and clink against the glass. Everything about the Petit Pot Collection appeals to the senses and enriches the taste experience</em>.&nbsp;<em>Riviera&rsquo;s petits pots are lovely to look at and can be so practical once they&rsquo;re empty! There are hundreds of ways to use them: as verrines for appetizers, votive candle holders, or spice jars. We love to use them in any way possible because they look great and&mdash;with their reusable lids&mdash;they&rsquo;re handy and environmentally friendly. Y</em>es, the possibilities are endless! So when you purchase your yogurt, look for the hanging strip of colourful plastic lids!</p><p>That&#39;ll do it for this week. As if it&#39;s almost August already! Only one more newsletter for July. Anyways, have an amazing week. Have a safe week. And keep on looking out for one another. You&#39;ve heard it a thousand times but it rings true now more than ever: In a world where you can be anything, <strong>be kind</strong>.</p><p>Take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter July 14, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 14 Jul 2020 00:05:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Last week we mentioned that we were about to start carrying the very amazing (and very local) <em><strong>Dumpling Drop</strong></em> products. And since then, we have indeed put three types of their delicious and wildly popular hand-made <em><strong>Dumplings</strong></em> in our frozen food section! Right now there&#39;s <em><strong>Pork Belly, Vegan</strong></em> and<em><strong> Shrimp &amp; Chive</strong></em>. And as a compliment to the dumplings, we also have their house-made spicy <em><strong>Chili Oil</strong></em>! Find out why everyone&#39;s buzzing about these delectable dumplings and add them to your next order! But wait, there&#39;s more! To celebrate the arrival of Dumpling Drop at Pepper&#39;s, they&#39;re holding a sweet giveaway through their Instagram account! Head on over to&nbsp;<strong></strong> to participate but you can read the content of their post below:</p><p><br />?GIVEAWAY? to celebrate our products being on the shelf at&nbsp;<strong>@peppersfoodsvictori</strong>a&nbsp;, we&rsquo;re giving one lucky winner a prize pack! You can win:<br /><br />&bull; A $25 gift card to&nbsp;<strong>@peppersfoodsvictoria&nbsp;</strong><br /><br />&bull; A Dumpling Drop tote bag<br /><br />&bull; A pair of our custom chopsticks<br /><br />&bull; 1 bag of our dumplings<br /><br />&bull; 1 jar of our housemade chili oil<br /><br />Want to win? Here is how to enter:<br /><br />1. Like this post<br /><br />2. Follow&nbsp;<strong>@peppersfoodsvictoria</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>@dumplingdrop&nbsp;</strong><br /><br />3. Tag a friend in the comments who would also want to win (1 comment = 1 entry, so tag away!)<br /><br />BONUS ENTRY: share this post on your story, and don&rsquo;t forget to tag us so we see it!<br /><br />Winner will be announced this Friday at 6pm, must be able to pick up prize at our downtown storefront. Good luck to all! ????</p><p>Recently we told you about several exciting and new (sounds a bit like the lyrics to The Love Boat theme) items from Adriana&#39;s. Well, there&#39;s&nbsp;more Mexican food made with love to list and it&#39;s not savoury! Think churro but crunchier. New<em><strong> Adriana&#39;s Crispitos </strong></em>are the perfect dessert to your taco Tuesday. Crispy, crunchy, sugary and cinnamon-y! Mmmm. Anything deep-fried and coated in sugar is A-OK in our books!</p><p>Is it a vinaigrette or is it a marinade? It&#39;s both! Yes, new <em><strong>Maison Orph&eacute;e Vinaigrette-Marinade</strong></em> is equally delicous on your salad as it is on your meat! Available at Pepper&#39;s in <em><strong>Italian, Maple &amp; Dijon </strong></em>(their most popular and versatile dressing) and <em><strong>Olive &amp; Balsamic</strong></em>, these Quebec-made vegan sauces are crafted with first cold-pressed oils, are naturally gluten-free and contain nothing artificial.</p><p>Have you been searching for the perfect snack or light meal that&#39;s low in saturated fatty acids, free of trans fats, rich in fibre, high in protein, low in cholesterol&nbsp;AND contains potassium and iron? You have??Well you&#39;re in luck because right now we have three kinds of new <em><strong>Clover Leaf Bistro Bowls</strong></em>! These are shelf-stable and&nbsp;convenient meals featuring tuna and either rice or pasta that are great for lunches, travel or just in case you need something nutritious real quick-like. There&#39;s <em><strong>Spanish Medley, Mediterranean Pasta </strong></em>or <em><strong>Mexican Rice</strong></em>. Super convenient, quick and tasty meld together in these&nbsp;2020 DUX GRAND PRIX Best &lsquo;Facilitating Product&rsquo; AWARD winners!</p><p>Get back in the &quot;rye life&quot; with new <em><strong>Ryvita</strong></em> (Ry=rye, vita=life) <em><strong>Snackbread</strong></em>, the light and crispy alternative to regular old bread or crackers. As their name suggests, these make excellent snacking fodder and we currently have <em><strong>Original, Pepper</strong></em> and <em><strong>Cheese</strong></em> flavours! But hang on because perhaps <em><strong>Ryvita Thins</strong></em> are a little more your style? Perfect for &quot;<em>dipping, dunking and devouring</em>&quot; these flatbreads&nbsp;are available here in<em><strong> Onion </strong></em>as well as <em><strong>Three Cheese</strong></em>!</p><p>Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. Those little lambs are missing out because oats are a hot item right now! Seems there&#39;s no limit to what they can make with &#39;em! If you read our newsletters you&#39;ll no doubt notice a steady stream on oat products listed. And today there&#39;s a couple more! First off is Yoats Oat Yogurt from Yoso, their latest innovation and Canada&#39;s first oat yogurt! We thought the company website description said it best so this is what they wrote:&nbsp;<em>Yoats is the latest innovation from Yoso. With Non-GMO Project Verified and certified gluten-free oats, live cultures, and no cane sugar or sweeteners, Yoso has crafted a delicious, creamy Oat Yogurt Alternative that will be available in three flavours, Unsweetened, Vanilla, and Blueberry. Each flavour is gluten-free, plant-based, peanut-free, preservative-free, unsweetened, vegan, and proudly made in Canada, and every 175g serving contains 1 billion cfu of probiotic cultures. </em>Nuff said.</p><p>Another kind of alternative to milk is <em><strong>Malk Oat Milk</strong></em>. We told you about Malk Almond Milk quite awhile ago but now they&#39;ve created an organic, gluten-free oat beverage that contains no gum and is made with only three simple ingredients! It&#39;s cold pressed and &quot;<em>the delicious alternative to artificial</em>!&quot;</p><p>Lakewood is a not-from-concentrate juice producer whose slogan is &quot;<em>Nourishing since 1935</em>.&quot; And we&#39;ve added <em><strong>Lakewood Organic Beet Juice</strong></em> which is technically a blend because they add only one other ingredient: organic lemon juice. This allows the juice to be bottled without the use of any preservatives. But did you know that the fresh-pressed juice from&nbsp;over 3 pounds of beets goes into every bottle? And it&#39;s also pasteurized in case you were wondering. And it&#39;s also high in the antioxidant vitamin C. Plus, &nbsp;studies have shown that consuming beet juice can increase exercise stamina while reducing oxygen output. Who knew? Now you do. Oh and it&#39;s best to consume within two weeks of opening for maximum freshness.</p><p>So there you have it, people. A whole whack of new items for your enjoyment. As usual, please don&#39;t forget to look at the attached weekly specials where you&#39;ll find some great deals on items from every department. And please make sure to continue to follow the health guidelines for COVID-19. Please follow the arrows in the aisle and practice social distancing while in the store, both towards your fellow shoppers and employees. So until next week stay safe and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter July 7, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 07 Jul 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;We usually like to start the newsletter off with a little historical tidbit or story and today is no different. But today&#39;s has to do with the best thing to happen since wrapped bread! Yes, wrapped bread. Because today in 1928 the first sliced bread was sold by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Missouri. It was cut with a machine created by American inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder (who also happened to have been born on today&#39;s date, 1880).</p><p>Remember last week when we told you about the Adriana&#39;s Salsas? We also mentioned that more good stuff was set to arrive from them. Well, guess what? We now have something to compliment those salsas: <em><strong>Adriana&#39;s Pica Chips</strong></em>! These are deliciously spiced artisinal corn chips&nbsp;with ingredients like paprika, chili powder, lemon pepper and&nbsp;&nbsp;cayenne. Or just eat them stright from the bag. Either way you&#39;re going to love these amazing local corn chips made with love!</p><p>If Mexican foods get you fired up then our Deli Department is pleased to announce the arrival of <em><strong>Queso Dourada Mexican Cheeses</strong></em>! Made by BC&#39;s largest producer of fresh cheese (The Scardillo Cheese Company of Burnaby, BC, which is family owned and operated since 1959), we have three authentic varieties: <em><strong>Queso Fresco</strong></em>, a soft unripened cheese&nbsp;(16% m.f.), <em><strong>Oaxaca</strong></em>, a partly-skimmed cheese&nbsp;(18% m.f.) and <em><strong>Cotija</strong></em>, a firm ripened cheese (24% m.f.). Do Mexican right with these cheeses that are sure to make your next Mexican dinner the best ever!</p><p>Our Deli also has a brand new bold flavour of Boursin Cheese which basically means it&#39;s going to be very tasty because, well, it&#39;s Boursin! New <b><i>Boursin Apple &amp; Maple</i></b>&nbsp;pairs two flavours perfectly in an irresistable soft cheese that also contains pear! Spread on canape, crusty baguette, crackers or your favourite vehicle for delivering this super yummy cheese into your mouth.</p><p>It&#39;s always exciting when we can debut a new item (or items) in our weekly advertised specials and that&#39;s exactly the case this week when we feature a new line of amazing, authentic and awesome pasta sauces! <em><strong>De Cecco I Sughi Pasta Sauces</strong></em> all contain ripe Italian tomatoes, fresh extra virgin olive oil&nbsp;&nbsp;and are made in Italy with only the freshest ingredients. <em><strong>Sugo alla Napoletana</strong></em> pairs fresh basil with Italian tomatoes. <em><strong>Sugo all&#39;Arabbiata</strong></em> combines chilli peppers and onions and <em><strong>Sugo alla Siciliana</strong></em> integrates both green ands black olives into the sauce. <em><strong>On sale this week for the great price of 2/$5.00</strong></em>!</p><p>Perhaps you like to make your own pasta sauce? Or maybe you like to add herbs to other dishes but you can never finish a whole pack of fresh basil, parsley or dill before you have to toss it?&nbsp;If you want seasonings that won&#39;t spoil then Litehouse <em><strong>Freeze Dried Herbs</strong></em> are exactly what you need. We have the whole line and conveniently the jars all state the equivalent of the fresh bunches contained inside! For example, a jar of <em><strong>Freeze Dried Garlic</strong></em> contains 45 cloves. A jar of<em><strong>&nbsp;Freeze Dried Red Onion</strong></em> contains the equivalent of two onions. And a jar of <em><strong>Freeze Dried Basil </strong></em>contains the equivalent of three bunches. Look for them inside in our Produce Department where they sell their salad dressings.</p><p>If you&#39;re all about eating non-dairy then listen up because you&#39;re not going to want to miss out on hearing about new <em><strong>So Delicious Oatmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert</strong></em>! Yes, finally they&#39;ve come out with a non-dairy ice cream made with silky smooth oatmilk! We have it in <em><strong>Oatmeal Cookie</strong></em> as well as the great flavour combo of <em><strong>Peanut Butter and Raspberry</strong></em>! It&#39;s also gluten-free so you have no excuse not&nbsp;to try what is sure to be the summer&#39;s most popular new frozen dessert!</p><p>As long as we&#39;re talking about oats, let&#39;s take this oportunity to mantion that we now carry Leclerc Go Pure Fruit &amp; Oat Bars!&nbsp;These uber yummy Canadian-made apple and dated based snacks are made in a peanut-free facility&nbsp;with real fruit and contain no artificial flavours or colours. These nutrient dense snacks are a source of fibre, too!&nbsp;Choose from <em><strong>Banana &amp; Strawberry</strong></em> or <em><strong>Raspberry</strong></em>.</p><p>People who drink ginger beer are kinda fussy when it comes to their brand. That&#39;s why discerning ginger beer drinkers choose The Great Jamaican Spicy Ginger Beer because of its intensity and flavour. If you haven&#39;t mixed it with your favourite dark rum yet, you&#39;re missing out of the best Dark N&#39; Stormy cocktail around! But did you know that there&#39;s now <em><strong>The Great Jamaican Tonic Water</strong></em>? It&#39;s true and it&#39;s arrived in the nick of time for all of your summer cocktail parties. Here&#39;s what the company website has to say about this unique elixer:&nbsp;<em>Fever grass, well known in Jamaica for its complex and sophisticated flavour, is what gives <strong>The Great Jamaican Tonic Water </strong>its distinctive kick. Pirate Jake has done it again by fusing a British classic with a tangy Jamaican twist. <strong>The Great Jamaican Tonic Water </strong>combines classic and distinctive bitter flavours with bright citrus aromas and a hint of freshly cut grass, topped with a lasting dry finish. Refreshing, on its own, in a timeless gin and tonic, or in your very own mixes paired with your favorite spirits</em>. That&#39;s the way un-huh, un-huh we like it!</p><p>You&#39;ll have to wait a whole &#39;nother week to find out what else is new and exciting at Pepper&#39;s! Make sure you try some of these amazing new items discussed in today&#39;s newsletter and if you see one of our employees in the aisles, let them know what you think! And remember that you can ask for us to get in something that you don&#39;t see by writing it on the dry-erase board under the monitor in Aisle 1. Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter June 30, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 30 Jun 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;80 million. 80,000,000. That&#39;s a big number!&nbsp;It&#39;s hard to imagine that large a number of anything. Yet on this date in 1908 a meteoroid entered the Earth&#39;s atmosphere and burst about 5-10 kms above the remote Siberian forest knocking that many trees over in an what is known as the Tunguska Event. That&#39;s an awful lot of flattened timber!&nbsp;It was the&nbsp;most harmful known asteroid-related event on Earth in recent history. As a result, June 30th is known as Asteroid Day! Wikipedia states:&nbsp;<em>The United Nations has proclaimed it be observed globally on June 30 every year in its resolution. Asteroid Day aims to raise awareness about asteroids and what can be done to protect the Earth, its families, communities, and future generations from a catastrophic event.</em></p><p>And speaking of being flattened, today is also former boxing heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson&#39;s birthday. He turns 54.</p><p>There&#39;s a lot to cover this week so let&#39;s not waste any time and get right down to business. We love supporting&nbsp;local businesses so we want to put onto your radar that we will soon be offering hand-made dumplings from&nbsp;<em><strong>Dumpling Drop </strong></em>(as well as their chili oil)! We will be the only retailer to offer these incredible, authentic dumplings that are made in Victoria&#39;s Chinatown so as soon as we get &#39;em in, you&#39;ll hear about it pronto!</p><p>Our Meat Department has <em><strong>FRESH Sockeye Salmon</strong></em> from the clean, cold waters of Barcley Sound, BC (near Ucluelet)! Lots of you have been asking about getting fish not previously frozen and we&#39;re happy to announce that it&#39;s now available! And if you&#39;re looking for something quick and easy for the kids (or yourself)&nbsp;try <em><strong>Olymel Wieners</strong></em> on the BBQ tonight!</p><p>Adriana&#39;s has been creating authentic and amazing Mexican food in Victoria for over 15 years. Pepper&#39;s already has an extensive line of Adriana&#39;s including corn tortillas and several flavours of corn chips! And now you can purchase four delicious <em><strong>Adriana&#39;s Salsas</strong></em> from our Deli Department! Choose from <em><strong>Salsa de la Casa, Salsa Pesto Poblano, Salsa Verde </strong></em>or <em><strong>Salsa Rustica</strong></em>! All are made from fresh and flavourful ingredients and all are perfect for your next Mexican dinner night! Also, we&#39;ll be getting even more new items from Adriana&#39;s in the near future so stay tuned to hear about that, too!</p><p>When you think cornichon do you think gherkin? You&#39;re not wrong. A cornichon is just a type of gherkin. Wikipedia explains it in their definition of Pickled Cucumber:&nbsp;<em>The word&nbsp;gherkin&nbsp;comes from early modern Dutch, gurken or augurken for &quot;small pickled cucumber&quot;.&nbsp;Cornichons&nbsp;are tart French pickles made from&nbsp;gherkins&nbsp;pickled in vinegar and tarragon. They traditionally accompany p&acirc;t&eacute;s and cold cuts. Sweet&nbsp;gherkins, which contain sugar in the pickling brine, are also a popular variety</em>. Pepper&#39;s now stocks <em><strong>Maille L&#39;Original Cornichons</strong></em> which, according to the company, are <em>made according to the French recipe and traditions for that extra tart bite, these special little pickled gherkins are a perfectly balanced garnish for a meat terrine, pate or gruyere cheese.&nbsp;They are essential for nibbling when there is a plate of fennel salami or cured ham on the go. They also add flavour and are an essential component in classic dishes, ranging from steak tartar and sauce gribiche, to potato salad</em>.&nbsp;</p><p>Lots of people sign off on letters, texts&nbsp;or emails to loved ones with a few x&#39;s and o&#39;s (XO). It&#39;s like sending virtual hugs and kisses. And when people bake, they&#39;re putting some love into the process because most people don&#39;t just bake something for themselves. What they bake is to be shared and enjoyed by family and friends. So if you love to bake, love to eat, love to eat gluten-free or love to bake for someone who loves to eat gluten-free then you are going to absolutely LOVE <em><strong>Xo Gluten-Free &amp; Rice-Free Gourmet Baking Mixes</strong></em>! With <em><strong>Banana Bread</strong></em>, <em><strong>Carrot Cake</strong></em>, <em><strong>Pound Cake</strong></em>, <em><strong>Fudge Brownie</strong></em> and <em><strong>Blondie</strong></em> to choose from, there&#39; are lots of delicious recipes to love!&nbsp;</p><p>It&#39;s cherry season (hooray!) and coincidentally we just so&nbsp;happened to get in <em><strong>Triple Jim&#39;s Pure Black Cherry Juice</strong></em>. This not from concentrate juice is made from fresh BC cherries. It&#39;s all natural. Nothing is added. So don&#39;t worry about chomping on a pit; pour a glass of cheerful cherry juice and chill!</p><p>Perhaps you&#39;d rather have a cup of coffee? We told you about the new Milano Coffee in the last newsletter. But if you prefer a dairy-free substitute instead of cream, try <em><strong>Silk The Vanilla One Oat Yeah for&nbsp;Coffee Creamer</strong></em>! Add it to your coffee just as you would cream, or froth it into creamy foam for your next specialty coffee beverage!</p><p>If you want to give your kids the illusion of eating a sugar cereal then check out new <em><strong>Nature&#39;s Path Envirokidz Turtle Splash Cereal</strong></em>! They&#39;ve made strawberry and chocolate flavoured, turtle-shaped cereal out of organic navy beans, fruit and veggies (amongst other stuff) so they get the taste of real strawberries with a relatively low sugar and relatively high protein content. Plus there&#39;s a free baby sea turtle adoption so they can help save the turtles!&nbsp;</p><p>And lastly this week we have<em><strong> Biovert Automatic Dishwasher Tabs</strong></em>. These tabs are biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free, fragrance-free and chlorine-free. But these 100% water soluable dishtabs are &nbsp;full of environmentally friendly dish cleaning power! Hey, we&#39;re saving turtles, we&#39;re saving the environment and if you look at the attached flyer, you&#39;re soon to be saving money!</p><p>Until next week, and as always, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter June 23 Peppers Foods Tue, 23 Jun 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Everybod&#39;s seen&nbsp;<em>Late Night with David Letterman</em>. That talk show ran from 1982 - 1993. It was then changed to <em>Late Show with David Letterman</em> in 1993 and ran until Letterman stopped hosting in 2015. But did you know that on this day in 1980, David Letterman&#39;s first show called <em>The David Letterman Show </em>debuted as a morning show on NBC? That&#39;s right, from June 23 - October 24, Letterman hosted a talk show that was initially 90 minutes but was shortened to 60 minutes soon&nbsp;after it first aired. Morning viewers weren&#39;t really into Dave&#39;s edgy humour but the network&nbsp;recognized that he was talented and so he eventually got his own late night show. Some of the show&#39;s&nbsp;recurring segments included the Top 10 List, Viewer Mail, Will It Float? and Stupid Pet Tricks/Stupid Human Tricks.</p><p>Let&#39;s start&nbsp;our newsletter off today the way we like our coffee: strong. And this brand of coffee is a strong seller!<em><strong> Milano Coffee</strong></em> has been a Vancouver staple since 1984 and this background summary, taken from their website, wil give you a little more history of this brand:</p><p><em>The legacy of Vancouver based Milano Coffee&rsquo;s artisan tradition dates back three generations of Italian coffee heritage blended with over thirty years of West Coast culture. In 1984 visionary founder and Master Roaster, Francesco Curatolo, brought 75 years of Italian roasting and blending expertise to Vancouver, Canada garnering a worldwide reputation for his exquisitely crafted Italian coffees.&nbsp;Following a 15 year mentorship to Francesco, today&rsquo;s Milano Coffee owner and Master Roaster, Brian Turko, has earned his place as a West Coast coffee pioneer, elevating the premium coffee concept to new heights. Combining a careful diligence for Italian tradition with a boundless appetite for innovation, Brian&rsquo;s novel blending concepts have created the &lsquo;Milano taste&rsquo; hailed by coffee connoisseurs throughout the world and awarded multiple times by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters</em>.</p><p>Currently Pepper&#39;s is offering three varieties:<em><strong> Bourbon</strong></em> (medium bodied), <em><strong>Black Beauty </strong></em>(Dark) and <em><strong>La Futura </strong></em>(the espresso master&#39;s reserve -&nbsp;medium bodied). This is coffee for people who are serious about their coffee. Seriously. Head on over to<strong></strong> to read all about this company whose slogan is W<em>est coast heart, Italian soul</em>.</p><p>Ok, so you&#39;re serious about your coffee. But why not have a little fun while you&#39;re sipping your cuppa and add a little sweetness to the deal? Christie&#39;s has once again added a new flavour to their long list of Oreo cookies with their limited edition<em><strong> Oreo Tiramisu</strong></em>. It&#39;s the classic Italian dessert taste of coffee, lady fingers and mascarpone combined in not one but two layers of creme and sandwiched between the classic oreo chocolate cookies!</p><p>Or if coffee&#39;s not your cup of tea then perhaps, despite it now being officially summer, you&#39;d like to bring the taste of Timmy&#39;s home with <em><strong>Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate</strong></em>.&nbsp;It&#39;s the same smooth and creamy taste that you get from the restaurant! But hey, the way this year is going, we&#39;ll probably have the coldest, wettest summer in recent history. Either way, you&#39;re going to want to have this handy for when you get that chocolate craving that will inevitably hit!</p><p>In the event that our summer is, in fact, not dismally chilly, then you are definitely going to want to have some of these amazing new <em><strong>Torani Syrups</strong></em> in the cupboard. They&#39;re not just for coffee anymore because these new fruity flavours are perfect for&nbsp;when you make your Soda Stream drinks! Make refreshing, icy granitas, add to milkshakes, jazz up your cocktails, lemonade or make amazing Italian sodas! Currently we have <em><strong>Strawberry </strong></em>and <em><strong>Raspberry </strong></em>in <em><strong>Regular</strong></em> or <em><strong>Sugar-free</strong></em> and we&#39;re working on getting some other exciting flavours so stay tuned! Available in Aisle 5 with the soda pops.</p><p>Bruschetta is a simple yet satisfying Mediterranean appy and you can make it right now with a loaf of French bread and a jar of new<em><strong> Sardo Premium Select Bruschetta Mix</strong></em>. <em><strong>Sweet Pepper Mi</strong></em>x offers three kinds of bell peppers, zucchini and celery as well as capers and spices. Great on pizza, too! <em><strong>Olive Mix</strong></em> is green, black and kalamata olives and <em><strong>Mushroom Mix</strong></em> may contain&nbsp;button, oyster, shiitake, porcini or straw mushrooms. Sardo has only two things in mind when they make these bruschetta spreads: quality ingredients and exceptional taste!</p><p>Potato chips are the go-to salty snack of choice for so many folks. So if you&#39;ve grown tired of the same old flavours then you&#39;ll want to try new <em><strong>Kettle Brand Parmesan Garlic Chips </strong></em>and<em><strong> Kettle Brand Ranch Chips</strong></em>! These bold tasting chips will shock your tastebuds and take your next movie night to another level!</p><p>Plant-based food has exploded in popularity in the last little while and Pepper&#39;s has tried to offer our customers items in this category that satisfy. That&#39;s why it was an easy choice when we found out about a great local company called<em><strong> The Cultured Nut</strong></em> based right here in Victoria, BC! They make amazingly delicious nut-based, pure vegan cheeses in a whole whack of flavours, too.&nbsp;However, there was a short time that we weren&#39;t able to offer it. But rejoice for it hath returned to our shelves with a new look but with the same great taste! You can find it in the end cap of Aisle 1 where we keep the tofu!</p><p>As long as we&#39;re talking plant-based foods, dried fruit makes a tasty snack any time of day. With <em><strong>H+H </strong></em>(Healthy and Happy) <em><strong>Thai Premium Mix </strong></em>you get dried mango, young coconut, pineapple and strawberries that, combined,&nbsp;make up one heckuva (H+H+H?) sweet treat! Offset the savoury of those new Kettle Brand chips with the sweetness of these tropical fruits.</p><p>That&#39;s it for new items this week. In case you didn&#39;t know, we&#39;re now open even later until 8 p.m. so you have more time to buy the things you need. And we promise that our new online store will be opening very, very soon! We&#39;ll keep you posted so stay tuned...</p><p>Until next week everybody, stay safe and take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter June 16, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 16 Jun 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;We&#39;re very excited to tell you about our brand spankin&#39; new online ordering system which is almost but not quite ready to go live. So if you&#39;re one of our many customers that prefers delivery or pick-up over instore shopping, listen up. You&#39;ll be able to add practically any item to your cart &nbsp;that we carry and see current prices, as well as list&nbsp;substitutions if we happen to be out of stock on something in particular. This new system is really going to increase the accuracy of your order as well as make ordering simpler and quicker! So stay tuned; we&#39;ll let you know the moment it&#39;s ready for you to use!</p><p>Lately we&#39;ve been getting a lot of new product in so let&#39;s get busy and get into it! We&#39;ll start with our new gluten-free baked items and leading things off is <em><strong>Aidan&#39;s Pitas</strong></em>! We have new <em><strong>Soft Pitas</strong></em> (6 packs) that come in delicious<em><strong> Wild Blueberry</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Cranberry </strong></em>flavour and there&#39;s also&nbsp;<em><strong>Pocket Pitas </strong></em>(4 pack) available in <em><strong>Original</strong></em> as well as a brown option of <em><strong>Red Lentil &amp; Blue Corn</strong></em> (which also contains twice the fibre as the Original). All are made with 100% natural ingredients and are also egg-free, nut-free, peanut-free and soy-free! Plus, they&#39;re made in Ontario.</p><p><em><strong>Pikanik Bakery </strong></em>of Surrey, BC specializes in gluten-free, top allergen-free and plant-based goods. But you don&#39;t have to go and line up to sample some of their wares because we now carry two of them right here in our frozen food aisle! For an incredible pizza just thaw <em><strong>Pikanik Bakery Gluten Frickin&#39;&nbsp;Free Pizza Dough</strong></em>, roll out into a 10&quot;-12&quot; pizza, add sauce and your favourite toppings and you&#39;re good to go! Bake for 15 minutes and presto, instant new favourite meal! Or you can heat from frozen their <em><strong>Pikanik Gluten Frickin&#39; Free Focaccia</strong></em>. Stick it in the oven for 18 minutes, cool for 10 and eat it in seconds!</p><p>For those of you who don&#39;t shy away from gluten, you might be interested in<em><strong> Pretzilla Soft Pretzel Mini Buns</strong></em>! These little guys make the perfect sliders, mini-sandwiches or you can have the perfect soft pretzel dinner rolls by sprinkling on some salt from the included packet! Made in a certified peanut and tree nut-free facility, these are also kosher and vegan!</p><p>Triscuit Crackers have been around for over 100 years and these 100% whole wheat crackers now come in a huge assortment of flavours including the brand new<em><strong> Triscuit Tzatziki</strong></em>! It&#39;s the true taste of fresh yogurt, cucumber and dill combined&nbsp;in a crunchy whole grain cracker that can be topped with cheese or your favourite ingredient, or eaten straight out of the box!</p><p>Just in time for your summer culinary creations comes <em><strong>Sunflower Kitchen Babaghanouj</strong></em> and fresh<em><strong> Basil Pesto</strong></em> and <em><strong>Kale &amp; Oregano&nbsp;Pesto</strong></em> available from our Deli Department! The babaghanouj is a middle eastern roasted eggplant dip with a rich and smoky flavour. The pestos are made with raw fresh herbs and sunflower seeds. But everything is dairy-free, nut-free and vegan!</p><p>Also in our Deli Department comes <em><strong>Oakrun Farm Bakery Belgian Waffles</strong></em>.&nbsp;Traditionally waffles in Belgium are consumed as a dessert and served with powdered sugar, whipped cream, butter, ice cream, chocolate sauce, fruits etc. Sounds good, right? Well, guess what? It IS good and once you toast these waffles to the perfect crispy and golden brown the possibilities for dressing them up become endless! Available in a multipack or in singles!</p><p>We&#39;ve talked an awful lot about things that you can&#39;t drink so it&#39;s time to introduce you to <em><strong>Rise Brewing Co. Organic Oat Milk</strong></em> (this might pair nicely with those waffles...). Made from only four simple ingredients, it&#39;s creamy, slightly sweet and refreshingly smooth! This is dairy-free drinkin&#39; at its finest!</p><p>And speaking of dairy-free, why not try <em><strong>Melt Organic Buttery Sticks</strong></em> on your next ear of fresh corn on the cob? It&#39;s made with organic coconut oil but&nbsp;it&#39;s&nbsp;free from gluten, soy and nuts and is high in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). It&#39;s butter made from plants that can be substituted straight up so you can replace the old with the new and not have to worry about revisions to your recipes!&nbsp;</p><p>And finally, you may remember some time ago us telling you about Sheese, a non-dairy, gluten-free and vegan simulated cheese product in the Wensleydale Style with Cranberries. Well, we&#39;ve added <em><strong>Sheese Vegan Blue Style</strong></em> simulated cheese product that makes for&nbsp;the perfect substitution for regular blue cheese. You won&#39;t believe this isn&#39;t real blue cheese and neither will your party guests!&nbsp;</p><p>Please see the attached weekly specials. Also, don&#39;t forget that Father&#39;s Day is this Sunday, June 21! Steve Martin said, &quot;A father carries pictures where his money used to be.&quot; So make sure to remind that special male role model in your life how much he means to you, whether he&#39;s your father or not. And maybe buy him a hotdog.</p><p>Until next week, take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter June 9, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 09 Jun 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Today Marty McFly, Edward Scissorhands and Queen Amidala all share a birthday! Of course we&#39;re talking about BC&#39;s own Michael J. Fox, Hollywood bad boy Johnny Depp and the lovely academy award winning actress&nbsp;Natalie Portman, respectively. Interestingly, none of them have ever appeared in a movie together although Depp and Portman did appear in Sir Paul McCartney&#39;s video for his song <u>My Valentine</u>.&nbsp;</p><p>First up on the agenda is telling you about new items in our Deli Department! We&#39;re super excited to now offer another amazing Victoria company&#39;s wares: <em><strong>Justo&#39;s Hummus</strong></em>! Available in five exciting flavours these 100% vegan, gluten-free, hand-crafted hummuses (what is the plural for hummus, anyway?) come in&nbsp;eco-friendly glass jars which you can reuse or recycle. Choose from <em><strong>Smoky Chipotle, Masala Curry, Lemon Cumin, Vegan Ranch </strong></em>or <em><strong>Best-O Pesto</strong></em>.&nbsp;</p><p>As if that wasn&#39;t enough, our Deli also expanded their line of super fresh and tasty products from another successful Victoria business!&nbsp;New <em><strong>Fresh Coast Salad Dressings</strong></em> are dairy and gluten-free and come in <em><strong>Almond Caesar, Sweet Chili Lime, Pesto Balsamic </strong></em>and <em><strong>Miso Lime</strong></em> flavours! They&#39;re made with only the freshest ingredients and also come in an eco-friendly reusable glass jar. Both of these new product lines can be found in the cold deli case near the entrance and right across from the first till.</p><p>Ranchero sauce is a spicy type of Mexican tomato-based salsa made with onions,&nbsp;peppers and other good stuff. So when a customer asked for it, we brought in <em><strong>La Costena Ranchera Sauce</strong></em>, a spicy and smoky sauce made with tomatillo, jalapeno, peppers, onions and spices. Try it on&nbsp;huevos rancheros, carnitas, chicken,&nbsp;beef, fish and soups. Or how about on enchiladas, fajitas, tacos, in any type of pork dishes, burritos or as a substitute on any dish that calls for barbecue sauce? Great flavour and not too hot!</p><p>Classico makes delicious conventional and organic pasta sauces as well as&nbsp;pestos&nbsp;but now they have something new for all you pizza lovers out there! <em><strong>Classico Traditional Pizza Sauce</strong></em> will make any home-made pizza taste like you ordered out! Made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil, it contains no gluten and no preservatives.&nbsp;Also try it as a dipping sauce for garlic bread, mozza sticks, or on pizza or meatball subs!</p><p>A few weeks ago we introduced you to Patience Fruit &amp; Co. Organic&nbsp;Dried Blueberries. Well, we just so happened to add a couple of new varieties by bringing in <em><strong>Patience Fruit &amp; Co. Organic 3 Fruit Blend</strong></em>, a yummy combination of sweetened dried cranberries, wild blueberries and tart cherries as well as <em><strong>Patience Fruit &amp; Co. Organic Cranberries</strong></em> (sliced!) which is simply dried cranberries all by themselves. These make great snacks or ingredients to your baking or as toppings for yogurt, ice cream or for whatever you want to add them to!</p><p>Alas, the fight against the coronavirus continues so for those of you looking for something to disinfect your hard surfaces at work or at home such as countertops, sinks, handles, switches, phones or dooknobs (just to name a few) then <em><strong>BT Surface Disinfectant &amp; Deodorizing Spray</strong></em> is going to fit the bill quite nicely. It&#39;s an effective bacteria killer, made in Canada, and it can also be used in the air as a space spray.</p><p>A lot of people swear that charcoal is great as a natural tooth whitening ingredient and breath freshener&nbsp;in toothpaste. We&#39;ve now given you two choices when it comes to mainstream brands of toothpaste containing charcoal: <em><strong>Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Charcoal with Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste</strong></em> as well as <em><strong>Colgate Essentials with Charcoal Toothpaste</strong></em>. Both contain flouride and are safe for enamel which means you can use everyday. They&#39;re mint flavoured so you don&#39;t have to worry about your toothpaste tasting and smelling like that roasted marshmallow that caught fire when you were camping that one time and you couldn&#39;t blow it out but decided to eat it anyway and immediately regretted that decision.</p><p>How are we going to finish off the newsletter this week? How about by showing you new <em><strong>Finish Powerball All In 1 Max Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Tabs</strong></em>? Available in a 55 or 105 count this is what&nbsp;the company website says about it:&nbsp;<em>Finish All In 1 tackles whatever you throw at it. Our Powerball supercharges the tablet to remove even baked-on food, giving you a powerful clean the 1st time, everytime. Finish All In 1, which contains new Glass Protection ingredients, offers powerful clean and shine for your glasses while also helping to prevent corrosion - leaving them clean and shiny! Use it even on your toughest messes like greasy dishes &amp; cloudy glasses for fast action cleaning. Finish All In 1 tablets are safe for septic systems. The tablets are easy-to-use, wrapper free &amp; pre-measured to enhance your dishwashing experience</em>.&nbsp;</p><p>Or you could try <em><strong>Finish Powerball Quantum</strong></em> which is essentially the exact same product but it&#39;s a powder, gel&nbsp;and liquid combination combined into one tab to do everything that you could possibly want your dishwashing detergent to do. Now if they could only get it to load and unload the machine...</p><p>Alrighty ladies and gents, that&#39;s another newsletter in the books. Please check out the attached flyer for all sorts of great deals in every department. We, of course, thank you for your continued patronage and support and we always wish for your continued good health and good fortune.</p><p>Until next week, take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter June 2, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 02 Jun 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! Hey, it might actually be afternoon when you receive your weekly newsletter. You see, it&#39;s written ahead of time and set to go out automatically early Tuesday morning. But it can take hours for this to happen, especially if there are numerous photographs and especially now that our readership has increased. So if you&#39;re one of the unlucky ones who gets their newsletter late you can relax&nbsp;because we&#39;re soon changing the software that is responsible for how our newsletter is sent out. This should result in everyone getting the newsletter in a more timely manner! Yay!</p><p>As if it&#39;s June already! Lots of GOOD stuff happens in June, though: summer officially kicks in, there&#39;s Father&#39;s Day and National Indigenous People Day. And this year it&nbsp;means school&#39;s back in here in BC. At least for now, anyway.&nbsp;So please remember that school zone speed limits are in effect once again.&nbsp;</p><p>Ok, there&#39;s a lot of ground to cover this week so let&#39;s hop to it. If you love seafood, fresh, wild, sustainably caught, Ocean Wise certified seafood, then you&#39;re going to LOVE Vancouver&#39;s own <em><strong>Simply West Coast Seafood Soups!</strong></em> Pepper&#39;s has four varieties to choose from:</p><ul> <li><em><strong>Seafood Chowder</strong></em></li> <li><em><strong>Spicy Thai Seafood Soup </strong></em>(gluten free)</li> <li><em><strong>Cioppino (classic Italian seafood stew, </strong></em>also gluten-free<em><strong>)</strong></em></li> <li><em><strong>Seafood Gumbo</strong></em></li></ul><p><em><strong>?</strong></em>Wholesome and hearty, these soups are loaded with tender vegetables and natural ingredients. They come in a recyclable glass jar and are ready to eat. Just heat and feast! But they require no refrigeration until opened.&nbsp;Choose Simply West Coast and make seafood. Simply!</p><p>Speaking of seafood, what&#39;s the classic condiment to compliment your fish and chips? That&#39;s right, tartar sauce. And we have <em><strong>Hellmann&#39;s Tartar Sauce</strong></em> with a tangy blend of creamy mayonnaise, relish,&nbsp;delicious spices and Canadian free-run eggs. Or if you&#39;re looking for a different flavoured condiment, try <em><strong>Heinz Garlic Aioli</strong></em>. Mayo and garlic creates&nbsp;aioli so the name is a bit redundant but no matter, it&#39;s the taste that&#39;s important. And this delivers a bold and flavourful one! Great on&nbsp;burgers or sandwiches, it also makes an amazing dip for fries&nbsp;and pizza!</p><p>Most of the tortilla chips from Que Pasa aren&#39;t flavoured. They&#39;re either salted or unsalted, red or blue, etc, etc. But we can agree that they are ALL super yummy. So when we found out about new <em><strong>Que Pasa Sweet &amp; Spicy Ranch Tortilla Chips</strong></em>, we had&nbsp;to have them in the store. And the flavours: you&#39;ve got your onion. You&#39;ve got your garlic. You&#39;ve got your jalapeno! There&#39;s ranch seasoning, vegan buttermilk flavour, chipotle goes on and on. Just like the eating that will take place once you open the bag! Gluten-free and vegan friendly.</p><p>Our <em><strong>Deli Department</strong></em> has really kicked things up a notch with the addition of<em><strong> four new summery salads</strong></em>! There&#39;s fresh <em><strong>Mexican Bean, Caesar Pasta Kale, Greek Pasta</strong></em> and <em><strong>Tabouli</strong></em>, all super tasty and ready to eat. Perfect for a quick and easy summer picnic lunch or dinner. Why cook and get all hot and bothered when you can just dish it out and relax? Available in our deli&#39;s cold case at the back of the store.</p><p>Snacking options just got a whole lot better with<em><strong> Sunrype Good Bites Classic Coconut</strong></em>! Gluten-free, vegan and containing no peanuts or tree nuts, it&#39;s the simple and natural ingredients of this delectable snack that make it a real winner! This Canadian company based out of Kelowna has been making snacks and beverages for families since 1946.</p><p>With this next product, instead of hearing &quot;Pass the Cheerios&quot; at the breakfast table you just might hear, &quot;Pass the Cheeri-whoa!&quot; That&#39;s because there&#39;s new <em><strong>Cheerios Coconut Flavoured Limited Edition Cereal</strong></em>. The company website spins this unusual flavour by stating:<em>&nbsp;Coconut Cheerios bring the sweet, exotic taste of a relaxing tropical getaway right to your breakfast bowl. Our latest Limited Edition flavor is inspired by the delicious nutty flavor of coconut. Enjoy these O&rsquo;s at breakfast or on-the-go!</em></p><p>Mmmm. We could all use the sweet, exotic taste of a relaxing tropical vacation right about now, given the current state of affairs in the world. Let us know if this flavour lives up to to the hype!</p><p>Home baking is still in overdrive so if you&#39;re in need of some more yeast, we&#39;ve got the very convenient <em><strong>Lallemand Instaferm 01 Yeast</strong></em> ready for you! otherwise known as Instaferm Red, this&nbsp;instant dry yeast is&nbsp;ideal for all types of yeast-leavened products containing 0-8% sugar (lean dough) and will give you consistent baking results!&nbsp;Suitable for halal, vegetarian and vegan diets.</p><p>And finally this week, for all you sweet treat lovers out there,<em><strong> Ritter Sport Chocolate&nbsp;</strong></em>has introduced their <em><strong>Colourful Variety Limited Edition Bars</strong></em>: <em><strong>Marhaba</strong></em> is yogurt&nbsp;honey hazelnut, <em><strong>Buenos Dias</strong></em> is white mango passionfruit and <em><strong>Hula Hula</strong></em> is coconut wafer (another new coconut flavour!). These won&#39;t last very long at all so make sure to try all of them because once they&#39;re gone, they&#39;re gone!</p><p>One last thing, we are currently offering a give-away on Instagram for free Level Ground coffee! Simply head on over to @peppersfoodsvictoria on your Instagram for all the details for a chance to win a whole mess of coffee!</p><p>Thanks so much for your continued support and please stay safe. Until next week, take good care of yourselves and each other.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p><em><strong>?</strong></em></p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter May 26, 2020 Peppers Foods Mon, 25 May 2020 19:03:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;On August 12, 1908 Henry Ford built the first Model T car. And on today&#39;s date in 1927 the very last one, which also happened to be the 15 millionth, rolled off the assembly line. Henry Ford closed all of his factories for six months in order to re-tool for production of what was to become the Model A, the first car to brandish Ford&#39;s iconic blue oval logo. And despite the Great Depression, over 5 million were sold by 1931.</p><p>We have lots to tell you about this week so let&#39;s get right to it, shall we? If the welfare of the animals that produce your food is important to you then you&#39;ll be glad to know that we now carry <em><strong>Rabbit River Farms Free Range Certified Organic Extra Large Brown Eggs</strong></em> in our Dairy Department! The Richmond, BC eggs come from caged-free hens and this business is all about humane animal husbandry. That means happy hens = healthy eggs. The chickens are fed an all organic, all vegetarian diet and the farming practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly. So if you&#39;re looking for a great tasting egg from properly treated hens, head over to the dairy aisle and pick up a dozen!</p><p>We listen to what our customers ask for and frequently bring in items that have been requested. But occasionally&nbsp;a staff member will recommend something and that&#39;s exactly how our next item found a home here. Newman&#39;s Own Hot BBQ Sauce is wonderful on chicken, ribs, steak, heck, just about anything that lands on your grill. There are other flavours to this line so if there&#39;s one that you&#39;d like us to carry, let us know!</p><p>If that BBQ flavour profile just isn&#39;t your thing then you should know that <em><strong>Sawmill Prime Rib &amp; Steak House</strong></em>&#39;s incredible <em><strong>Sesame Steak Sauce</strong></em> is finally back on our shelf! Not just delicious on steak, this versatile sauce makes a great dip for vegetables, french fries and baked potatoes.&nbsp;</p><p>Or if you&#39;d rather just skip having to do anything at all except open your mouth and chew, our&nbsp;Deli Department has something else that has been MIA for awhile: <em><strong>St. Louis Ready-to-Eat BBQ Pork Back Ribs</strong></em>! Just heat and serve and you&#39;re good to go!</p><p>Perhaps all this talk of BBQ is making you thirsty? If so, consider<em><strong> Heineken 0.0 Alcohol-Free Beer</strong></em>&nbsp;as the perfect accompaniment to your next &#39;cue. This 0% alcohol beer is only 69 calories and is brewed the same and tastes the same as a classic Heineken. Be like the people in the commercials and drink one while driving your car. Take it to your next business meeting (whenever that is). It&#39;s all good &#39;cause there&#39;s no booze in it, just great Heineken-like lager taste!</p><p>As you know, we&#39;re at the beginning of BC&#39;s Restart Plan for COVID-19. Currently, all in-person gatherings of any size are strongly discouraged. But that doesn&#39;t mean that you can&#39;t pick up new <em><strong>Hormel Foods Gathering Honey Ham and Smoked Turkey Deli Tray</strong></em>! This convenient platter contains Sargento mild&nbsp;cheddar and marble cheese cubes, Hormel sliced ham and turkey as well as crispy, round snack crackers! Just pop off the lid, open the fresh packs and start snacking!&nbsp;</p><p>Local products get us all giddy and we love watching local companies thrive. That&#39;s exactly the case with Salt Spring Island&#39;s&nbsp;Laughing Daughters Gluten Free Foods Inc. In addition to the gluten-free products that they currently offer, you can now purchase <em><strong>Laughing Daughters Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour Mix</strong></em> so that you can make your own gluten-free goodies! Containing organic brown rice flour, tapioca flour, organic amaranth flour, organic sorghum flour, potato starch and potato flour, this mix is great for baking or cooking. Acording to them, &quot;<em>It&#39;s the gluten-free flour of your dreams</em>!&quot;</p><p>&quot;You rang, M&#39;lord?&quot; &quot;Indeed, fetch me something to eat, would you?&quot; Say, did you know that mangoes are the most widely consumed fruit on the planet? It&#39;s no surprise, really. They&#39;re sweet, juicy, tender and super yummy. And <em><strong>M&#39;Lord Sliced Mangoes</strong></em> are no different. Packed in water and mango pulp (with no added sugars) these delicious fruit pieces are excellent in shakes, smoothies, in baked goods, in salads or as a snack right out of the can! They&#39;re also excellent as a source of vitamin C.&nbsp;</p><p>We&#39;ll already be into June this time next week! My how the time does fly. Be sure to browse the attached flyer containing the specials for the week. Keep doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and as always, take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter May 19, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 19 May 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Welcome to Phase-Two of the re-opening of British Columbia&#39;s economy. If you didn&#39;t already know, here&#39;s what that entails as taken from an internet news site:</p><ul> <li>Museums, art galleries and retail locations can open, as long as they can maintain physical distancing. May 19 also marks the restart of elective and scheduled surgeries.</li> <li>Dentistry, physical therapy, massage therapy and in-person counselling can also resume under enhanced protocols, as can child care services.</li> <li>Restaurants, cafes, and pubs are also able to open starting Tuesday (today), however, many have opted to push their relaunch dates to give themselves more time to prepare. New WorkSafeBC protocols for restaurants include using large menu boards or disposable menus, installing decals on the floor to control the flow of patrons, and minimizing the use of shared kitchen equipment and appliances.</li> <li>In addition to these measures, restaurants must ensure physical distancing between tables, meaning many will be forced to cut their capacity to allow for more space.</li></ul><p>For now, Pepper&#39;s is still limiting the number of customers allowed into the store so that we can maintain safe physical distancing. We will also keep the directional arrows on the floor for the time being. So fingers crossed, people, that things go smoothly and the numbers of new cases of COVID-19 continues to diminish.</p><p>As for new items, we have lots this week so let&#39;s get down to business! The first one, predictably, is a hand sanitizer called <em><strong>Herbal Glo&nbsp;Ultra Clean Hand Sanitizer Spray.</strong></em>&nbsp;This 80% alcohol spray comes in a stealthy little 60 ml atomizer bottle making it perfect for your purse or pocket when you&#39;re out and about. With aloe vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel and vitamin E, it offers excellent protection against the virus while making your hands smell amazing and keeping them soft and supple.</p><p>Sometimes all this virus talk can get to you after awhile. Anxiety, stress and worrying can all contribute to various maladies including disrupting your sleep. So if you need a natural way to help drift off into la-la land, try <em><strong>Honibe Gummie Bees Melatonin</strong></em>. These Canadian-made gummies each contain 2mg of melatonin as well as honey&nbsp;and are gelatin free so they&#39;re safe for vegetarians. Take them to fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed!</p><p>Dirt, pesticides, wax and impurities are all potentially on the produce that you purchase from the grocery store. Using plant and mineral-based ingredients, <em><strong>Attitude Fruit &amp; Vegetable Wash</strong></em> is the perfect product to thoroughly clean your fresh produce when you get home from the store.&nbsp;Depending on what you&#39;re washing, you can either spray on, rub&nbsp;and rinse or dilute in a bowl of water and soak your stuff in it for a few minutes.&nbsp;And if you&#39;re into making your own baby food, you&#39;ll feel great knowing that little Suzie is eating the purest fresh baby food possible!</p><p>Not that we&#39;re suggesting that you <em>need</em> to use the aforementioned product on these but we now have <em><strong>Glanford Greenhouses</strong></em> fresh <em><strong>Tomatoes on the Vine</strong></em>, <em><strong>Roma</strong></em>&nbsp;and <em><strong>Cherry Tomatoes</strong></em> in our Produce Department once again! It&#39;s so amazing to be able to get such fresh and tasty tomatoes from right in the heart of Victoria! It doesn&#39;t get any more local than that! Oh,&nbsp;and with Luke moving on towards greener pastures, we&#39;re very happy to have one of our former Deli Managers slide in to fill his shoes! We&#39;re confident that Cameron will excel as our new Produce Manager. Here&#39;s to new opportunities, Cam!</p><p>Axl Rose said it best when he wrote, &quot;<em>take it slow and things will be just fine</em>.&quot; Of course, this is a line from Guns N&#39; Roses&#39; song&nbsp;<u>Patience</u>. And that leads us to our next item, <em><strong>Patience Whole Dried Wild Organic Blueberries</strong></em>. These slowly grown and slowly dried (hence the name), Canadian&nbsp;berries are sweetened with apple juice making them tender and delicious. Add to yogurt, granola or oatmeal or just eat &#39;em right out of the bag as a healthy and nutritious snack!</p><p>Baking at home has exploded over the last two months and if you&#39;re seeking an excellent gluten-free flour then <em><strong>Cup4Cup Wholesome Flour Blend </strong></em>is going to fit the bill nicely. As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>Cup4Cup&rsquo;s&nbsp;Wholesome Flour is the only non-GMO verified, nutrient-rich, dairy-free, gluten-free, 1:1 substitution for whole wheat flour that is a source of fiber and omega fatty acids. </em>It&#39;s certifed gluten-free, certified kosher, is packed with Omega-3&nbsp;fatty acid and thanks to the ground golden glax seeds and rice bran, has a hefty amount of fibre, too!</p><p>Now that the sun is shining and the warm weather appears to have arrived for good (knock wood) the standard summer staple thirst quencher, otherwise known as lemonade, is going to be the go-to beverage of choice for the young and old. And every year we get excited when we learn that <em><strong>Happy Planet Fresh Organic Lemonade 1.5L</strong></em> is available for us to offer our customers! Well guess what, folks? That time is NOW! It&#39;s back and it&#39;s just as good as ever!! It&#39;s one of life&#39;s simple pleasures, isn&#39;t it? Just water, organic cane sugar and organic lemon juice is all that&#39;s required to create an overall feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. One swig of this timeless classic will have you feeling that life is good again (P.S. it&#39;s always good).</p><p>Well ladies and gentlemen, that&#39;s another newsletter for you. Hope you enjoyed it. Scroll down a bit further to see our&nbsp;attached advertised specials. And we&#39;re sorry if we sound like a broken record but we just want you to stay safe so please continue to follow the instructions of our trusted health professionals and do everything that you can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Until next week, take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter May 12, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 12 May 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Sunday was all about celebrating mothers because moms have to wear a lot of hats and do a lot of things: love, cherish, teach, support, protect. Moms can also be extremely influential women. Say, do you want to know a very influential woman who was born today in 1907? Katharine Hepburn! She portrayed strong, confident, modern and independent women in many of her films and was well ahead of the curve in doing so. She died June 29, 2003.</p><p>If you ever played baseball, you&#39;ll know that feeling of stepping up to the plate wanting nothing more than to hit one out of the park. It&#39;s always disappointing when, instead, you either strike out, fly out or ground out. That&#39;s kind of what this week&#39;s newsletter feels like: it&#39;s a bit of a letdown. There&#39;s not a lot to write about.&nbsp;But hey, you can&#39;t hit a home run every time up, right? So let&#39;s tell you about what&#39;s new to the store for this week.</p><p>As you may expect, we have some pandemic-fighting products for you! The first is locally made by<em><strong> Lily Kennedy Custom Gowns</strong></em>. She makes wedding dresses but, like so many other business owners during this time, has adapted to the needs of others. She&#39;s offering her<em><strong> hand-made protective facemasks</strong></em>. Made of a canvas exterior and a cotton liner, these awesome masks even have a little pocket in case you want to add a filter!&nbsp;</p><p>And surprise, we&nbsp;have more hand sanitizer for you! This one comes to us via <em><strong>Minhas Distillery</strong></em>, another distillery that&#39;s changed gears and started battling COVID-19! All three of its North American locations (two in Calgary and one in Wisconsin) have started producing their very high alcohol content <em><strong>hand sanitizer</strong></em>. With 80% denatured alcohol, that pesky coronavirus doesn&#39;t stand a chance!&nbsp;</p><p>Pets need some TLC too so why not treat your kitty to one of three new <em><strong>Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats</strong></em>? But these aren&#39;t just regular cat treats. No, these have a specific purpose for maintaining your cat&#39;s health!&nbsp;<em><strong>Temptations Indoor</strong></em> somehow helps manage littler box odour and helps maintain healthy body condition. <em><strong>Temptations Hairball Control</strong></em> contains natural fibers to help minimize the formation of hairballs. And <em><strong>Temptations Dentabites Oral Care</strong></em> helps remove plaque and tartar build up and freshens your feline&#39;s breath! All three are chicken flavoured.</p><p>Hey, here&#39;s a treat for the human members of your family. I don&#39;t know about you but these days of self-isolation have made many just a tad salty. So why not go with that by trying new <em><strong>Clif Bar Energy Bar Sweet &amp; Salty</strong></em>&nbsp;in <em><strong>Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt</strong></em> or&nbsp;<em><strong>Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt</strong></em>? These bars, that contain just a dash of&nbsp;salt, were inspired by the cookies available at their employee-run cafe!&nbsp;</p><p>The Very Good Butchers are a Victoria-based business specializing in offering plant-based meats handcrafted with real, whole-food ingredients. And Pepper&#39;s has been carrying their goods since their early days. Now they&#39;ve added <em><strong>The Very Good Butchers Taco Stuff&#39;er </strong></em>their wholesome and tasty meat alternative for making tacos! It&#39;s street style &quot;meat&quot; with all the spices and flavours of Mexico but beware:<strong> this product contains wheat and gluten and may contain soy and sesame.</strong></p><p>We&#39;re keeping it short and sweet this week. Hopefully there will be more new stuff for you to try next week. In the meantime, remember to maintain social distancing and keep up the good fight against the corona virus. Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter May 5, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 05 May 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Happy Cinco de Mayo! And happy return-to-shopping in-store at Pepper&#39;s Foods! That&#39;s right, you can come back in, now that we&#39;ve re-organized and made a few changes (chiefly, reducing the number of staff during shopping hours). We have to say, it&#39;s been awfully strange around here these past few weeks so it will be great to see many of you back in the aisles!</p><p>We need to apologize for publishing in Sunday&#39;s information newsletter that we wouldn&#39;t be offering deliveries on the weekends. As&nbsp;happens so&nbsp;often these days, things change. We made a mistake and, in fact, <strong>we <em>WILL</em> be offering deliveries on the weekend</strong>! So if you were bummed out thinking it couldn&#39;t happen anymore, order away for Saturday and Sunday deliveries!</p><p>Sooke Brewing Company make a vast array of ales, pilsners, stouts and other libations, most of which are on the strong side when it comes to alcohol content. But a lot of breweries have traded in their signature brews for their own version of hand sanitizer, and SBC is no different. Pepper&#39;s now carries <em><strong>Sooke Brewing Company Hand Sanitizer</strong></em> made with a World Health Organization formulation of 70% ethanol, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide. All those nasty germs and viruses don&#39;t stand a chance with this stuff! &nbsp;Available in a 237ml bottle for $12 and a 946ml bottle for $30.</p><p>As long as we&#39;re talking about sanitized hands, let&#39;s take this opportunity to mention a couple of new hand soaps available now. <em><strong>Mrs. Meyer&#39;s Clean Day Hand Soaps </strong></em>are made with olive oil and aloe vera. They&#39;re aromatherapeutic containing garden-inspired aromas as well as other thoughtfully chosen ingredients and will leave your hands feeling soft and squeaky clean! Available in <em><strong>Bluebell </strong></em>and <em><strong>Honeysuckle</strong></em> scents.</p><p>When Ecos makes their health and beauty products, they&nbsp;use&nbsp;hypoallergenic and earth friendly ingredients. They utilize plant-powered surfactants and softeners to make their<em><strong>&nbsp;Ecos Hand Soaps</strong></em>. Pepper&#39;s has a<em><strong> Lemongrass </strong></em>scented soap as well as one in<em><strong> Lavender</strong></em>. Plus, you won&#39;t find any dyes, parabens, phosphates or phthalates in these effective and uplifting-scented hand soaps.</p><p>&nbsp;Cauliflower is chock-a-block full of antioxidants like vitamin C and manganese, and has phytonutrients, vitamin K, and omega-3. It&#39;s a powerhouse of nutrition. That&#39;s why Caulipower chose their name.&nbsp;So if you love soft tacos, quesadillas, enchilladas and wraps but can&#39;t have the gluten found in traditional tortillas&nbsp;then <em><strong>Caulipower&nbsp;&iexcl;Viva Cauliflower Tortilla!</strong></em> is just exactly what you want! Vegan and a good source of fibre, these delicious new tortillas will last for up to four weeks in the fridge if you purchase them frozen (which you will since they&#39;re kept in the freezer aisle).</p><p>We&#39;ve been carrying <em><strong>Yoggu Dairy-Free Coconut Yogurt </strong></em>(made in Vancouver) for some time now. This popular fermented probiotic yogurt is made without dairy: just organic coconut cream, agar and vegan probiotic cultures. So do you want the good news or the bad news first. Ok, the bad news is that they no longer have the Strawberry flavour. But the good news is that there&#39;s a new Mango flavour! So make sure to pick up a jar and give this a try!</p><p>We always attach our weekly specials to this newsletter. So when you scan through it this week, you&#39;ll notice something new:<em><strong> Hellmann&#39;s Salad Dressings</strong></em>!<em><strong> Lemon Za&#39;atar </strong></em>and <em><strong>Sesame Thai </strong></em>can also serve as marinades while<em><strong> Classic Caesar </strong></em>and<em><strong> Classic Ranch </strong></em>make the perfect dressing for&nbsp;any salad! Now that BBQ season has arrived, your&nbsp;main courses and salads will have&nbsp;all of your family members&#39; mouths watering.&nbsp;Get them<em><strong> this week for $4.76 each</strong></em>!</p><p>That&#39;s all there is for this week. Remember that Mother&#39;s Day is coming up this Sunday. Don&#39;t forget to show that special lady how much you love and cherish her, especially if you are unable to see or hug&nbsp;her in person due to physical distancing. To all the mother&#39;s out there, Happy Mother&#39;s Day from Pepper&#39;s Foods. Take good care.</p> Pepper's Newsletter April 28, 2020 Peppers Foods Tue, 28 Apr 2020 06:30:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Today in 1789 master&#39;s mate to Captain William Bligh, Fletcher Christian, led a mutiny on the HMS Bounty about 1300 miles west of Tahiti. Apparently ol&#39; Fletch and some of the crew were a little too enthralled with the good life that they were leaving behind (not to mention Bill&#39;s allegedly harsh treatment of them)&nbsp;so they set the captain and those loyal to him adrift in the m iddle of the ocean in a small boat and went back to Tahiti. Most of the mutineers, though, including Fletcher Christian, were either murdered by their fellow crewmates or died prematurely from one thing or another. William Bligh and all of the crew who were cast away survived the 3618 nautical mile journey that they endured before reaching Timor! Seems the grass wasn&#39;t as green as Fletcher and his followers had thought.</p><p>Thank goodness there was no mutiny when we decided to close the store to shoppers a few weeks ago. But since then a few things have happened: the panic shopping seems to have abated. In general, the frenzy is over for the time being and the vibe is a little more relaxed. The other thing is that we&#39;ve had some time to rethink our strategy in terms of how to offer our customers and our staff the safest way to shop in-store. With that in mind,<em><strong>&nbsp;we have decided to re-open to the public starting Monday, May 4th</strong></em>. We&#39;re going to modify the hours&nbsp;that our staff will be working. You can imagine that having customers, plus employees stocking the shelves, as well as other employees shopping for deliveries and pick-ups would result in too much congestion in our small store to offer effective social distancing. When we have all of the details, you can expect another newsletter (as well as notices on our social media pages) explaining our store hours and any pertinent facts that you&#39;ll want to know. So stay tuned for the next chapter in our evolving COVID-19 story...</p><p>Every year when the weather starts to warm up we haul the <em><strong>Nestle Frozen Novelty Freezer</strong></em> out of storage and fill it up with a variety of treats that everyone will enjoy. This year is no different and we currently have it outside at the front entrance. So for all of you Concierge Shoppers, ask a staff member what we have available and add one or two to your grocery bag! But you can have a look for yourself once we re-open to the public nect week!</p><p>Our lactose free line continues to expand with the addition of <em><strong>Dairyland Lactose Free 10% Half &amp; Half Cream</strong></em> in a 946ml carton!&nbsp;The best part is that it has the same rich, fresh taste of&nbsp;regular cream so if there&#39;s a member of your family that&#39;s lactose intolerant, you only need to purchase one carton (as opposed to getting lactose free as well as&nbsp;regular).</p><p>Ther&#39;e only one thing you&#39;ll need to add to the next new item to get something much tastier and that&#39;s simply water.&nbsp;That&#39;s because<em><strong> Betty Crocker</strong></em> makes it super easy to whip up a batch of super tasty and fluffy<em><strong>&nbsp;Bisquick Buttermilk Biscuits</strong></em>. Just add water to the mix and in 15 minutes you&#39;ll be enjoying mouth watering biscuits perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner!</p><p>Sweet and spicy go together like Ross and Rachel, Leia and Han&nbsp;or possibly even Justin Long and Drew Barrymore. That&#39;s what you get when you take the deliciousness of sweet potatoes and the smoky, yet spicy flavour of chipotle seasoning and combine them as <em><strong>Alexia Chipotle Spicy Sweet Potato Fries</strong></em>. These crispy fries would get Emeril&#39;s kiss of approval and don&#39;t worry if you forgot the ketchup because these already have enough flavour all on their own.</p><p>Perhaps a nice bowl of soup would pair nicely with those fries? How about <strong>Soup<em>etc</em></strong>!&nbsp;<em><strong>Wild About Salmon&nbsp;Creamy Chowder</strong></em>? Made in East Vancouver, these gluten-free soups are all-natural and free of preservatives. Or take your pick from the other flavours of this award-winning line that we have in stock if chowder&#39;s not your thing, that is. And remember: eat well and be nice to people!</p><p>If you&#39;ve been quarantined for the last few weeks then you might be looking for a fresh way to invigorate and energize your body and your mind. Showering with&nbsp;<em><strong>St. Ives Citrus &amp; Cherry Blossom Energizing Body Wash</strong></em> is one great way to do it! Made with 100% natural extracts, this dermatologist tested formula contains no parabens or&nbsp;animal-derived ingredients, is cruelty-free and comes in a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic.&nbsp;</p><p>Please continue to practice social distancing, washing your hands and being kind to the people you come across during your day. We are all starting to feel the strain of this pandemic and even a small act of kindness can have a huge impact on someone and go a long way towards brightening someone&#39;s day. We hope this newsletter brightened yours a little. So until next week stay safe and take good care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p>