Pepper's Foods We have a passion for food and are committed to offering locally and ethically sourced products. Pepper's Newsletter December 4, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 04 Dec 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Sunday&#39;s Caroling in the Village was yet another great success and your generosity will help women in need at the Victoria Women&#39;s Transition House. The weather was nippy and crisp which was perfect for the occasion and the turnout was brilliant once again! Thanks to all those who volunteered to help ensure the success of this event!&nbsp;</p><p>Once again we have added some new product to the shelves so let&#39;s not waste any time. Ready? 3...2...1...go!</p><p>One of the most popular items in recent memory that we&#39;ve brought in has to be the <em><strong>Beyond Meat Burgers</strong></em>. The response to adding this meatless wonderfood has been gi-normous! So it made perfect sense to build on that and add another product from their lineup..<em><strong>.Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Original Bratwurst</strong></em>! It&#39;s the world&#39;s first plant-based sausage that &quot;...<em>looks, sizzles and satisfies like pork</em>.&quot; With 38% less saturated fat than pork, these brats have zero cholesterol, less total fat, less sodium, fewer calories but all the taste and satisfaction of a pork bratwurst sausage! And that&#39;s good news because nobody wants to eat a meatless sausage that tastes like, well, a meatless sausage. Your BBQs will never be the same and neither will your diet! Savvy sausage swallowers swear!</p><p>Fresh is Best makes great Mexican favourites. And Pepper&#39;s has been carrying their tri-coloured tortilla chips (corn, chili and jalapeno flavours) as well as their tri-flavoured taco shells for a long time. After all, this is a Kamloops-based company which also happens to make super tasty product! Now you can buy&nbsp;F<em><strong>resh Is Best Tortilla Chips</strong></em> in <em><strong>Chili </strong></em>and <em><strong>Jalapeno</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours with sea salt, respectively, in their own packages. So now you can mow down on just chili or just jalapeno if that works better for you than the mixed bag! Both kinds are vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher!&nbsp;</p><p>Some like it hot and it that&#39;s you&nbsp;then&nbsp;<em><strong>Mina Harissa</strong></em>&nbsp;(pron. ha-ree-sa)&nbsp;will certainly wake your mouth up. This is the most common condiment in North African cuisine and it&#39;s made with both red and green chili peppers. As per the company website:&nbsp;<em>Chili peppers were introduced to North Africa through Morocco from Spain in the 16th century. These fierce and robust peppers, originally from Latin America, charmed Morocco&#39;s population in such a way that they quickly became a precious culinary component across the whole Maghreb region. Morocco&#39;s sunshine and arid climate, as well as the abundance of olive oil, have provided the perfect conditions for the development of harissa.The name &#39;harissa&#39; comes from the Arabic word &#39;haris&#39;, which means to crush, referring to the action of crushing the chilies.&nbsp;Harissa comes in a variety of forms, such as&nbsp;harissa sauce,&nbsp;harissa paste which has a slightly thicker consistency than sauce, &nbsp;and also as a powdered spice blend&nbsp;which is meant to be used as a seasoning or rub or diluted with olive oil to reach liquidy consistency.</em></p><p>You can use this pepper sauce with couscous and tagines. It&#39;s super versatile, too, since it can spice up your meat dishes, seafoods, veggies, eggs, rice, pasta sandwiches, soups and stews or spread it on a sandwich or use it in a dip.</p><p>And while we&#39;re on the topic of peppers, you&#39;ll be pleased to know of the addition of&nbsp;<em><strong>Italissima Roasted Red Peppers</strong></em>. However, these are Spanish sweet bell peppers roasted and packed in water and a bit of salt. Another highly versatile food, you can use it as a pizza topping, in tomato sauces, on burgers or grilled sandwiches, stirred into scrampled eggs or an omelet. You get the idea. The internet can help you out some more if your imagination is a bit rusty.</p><p>Cauliflower Rice is actually just fresh cauliflower ground up into fine bits.&nbsp;<em><strong>Eat Smart Cauliflower Rice</strong></em>&nbsp;is&nbsp;the low-carb, low-calorie alternative to heavier dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, and even pizza. And, it&rsquo;s a great source of vitamins C and K. You can make an amazing pizza crust out of it, make a fried rice dish or blend it into a cauliflower rice hummus!</p><p>A triscuit a tasket. This time of year is pretty Triscuit-centric. People seriously love these baked whole grain crackers. And now there are two new varieties to choose from for your holiday knoshings:&nbsp;<em><strong>Christie Organic Triscuit Original&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Triscuit Cracked Pepper &amp; Olive Oi</strong></em>l. These yummy puppies have 17 grams of whole grain wheat per 19 gram serving! They&#39;ve been baking these crackers for over 100 years so they must be doing something right. Now Triscuits are better than ever!</p><p>Ok, now let&#39;s sweeten things up a bit.<em><strong>&nbsp;Ticklebelly Cakebars</strong></em>&nbsp;look like a frozen ice cream treat on a stick. But instead of ice cream, there&#39;s a soft cake dipped in a delicious confectionary! No more forks and plates! Simply grasp the stick and gobble it down. Dessert just got a whole lot more fun!</p><p>Ricky Bobby admitted too late that he loved crepes, &quot;the really thin pancakes.&quot; If only he wasn&#39;t so stubborn Jean Girard wouldn&#39;t have had to break his arm. Well, if you also love really thin pancakes then be sure to pick up some&nbsp;J<em><strong>acquet Bakery French Crepes</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Strawberry</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate</strong></em>. These are on-the-go crepes, individually wrapped and ready to eat! Imported from France, there&#39;s no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Just real, authentic french crepe flavour! And don&#39;t worry, your arms are in no danger.</p><p>And in addition to crepes, we also stock&nbsp;Jacquet Belgian Waffles! You can buy a 7-pack tube or purchase individually! These are authentic Belgian waffles using the original butter recipe since they started in 1885!</p><p>That&#39;s all for this week. Take care until next week and Happy Chanukah!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 27, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 27 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Woo hoo! Guess what? We have reached over 700 subscribers with today&#39;s newsletter! That&#39;s super exciting and we&#39;re thrilled to have such a substantial readership because it shows us that you really want to know what&#39;s going on at the store. So tell your friends and neighbours to head over to our website<em><strong>&nbsp;;</strong></em>and get on our email list! Let&#39;s get that number up to 1000!</p><p>As many of you already know, last Thursday was our annual Customer Appreciation Day and the store was bustling with customers sampling all kinds of tasty treats, both savoury and sweet.&nbsp;But the big winners were those who won one of five&nbsp;$100 dollar gift cards well as a grand prize of one $500 gift card! Thanks one and all for shopping with us and as we&#39;ve said many times before, we always look forward to seeing you in the aisles.</p><p>Now, onto the meat and potatoes of the newsletter; the new items. And we have several to tell you about so let&#39;s go!</p><p>A few weeks ago you were introduced to <em><strong>Rao&#39;s Pizza Sauce</strong></em> of the infamous Rao&#39;s Italian eatery of Queen&#39;s NYC. The response to that one item prompted us to add<em><strong>&nbsp;Rao&#39;s Tomato Sauce</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Arrabbiata&nbsp;</strong></em>(hot),&nbsp;<em><strong>Marinara</strong></em>&nbsp;(all-purpose) as well as&nbsp;<em><strong>Tomato Basil</strong></em>. They use the same Italian tomatoes as they do in their pizza sauce so that you can serve the same quality pasta dishes. Your meal will be the talk of the table!&nbsp;Rao&#39;s: Bringing the extraordinary home.</p><p>Why not serve a dessert that will literally be the talk of the table?&nbsp;<em><strong>Table Talk Old Fashioned Pies</strong></em>&nbsp;are the cutest little desserts to come along since Spotted Dick but with a much more appealing name. As to whether the flavour is much more appealing, you&#39;ll just have to buy some to find out.&nbsp;Available in:&nbsp;b<em><strong>lueberry, cherry, pumpkin</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>apple</strong></em>. Now everyone can get the kind of pie they like for dessert!&nbsp;Please note, the quarter is for scale and is not included with each pie.</p><p>However, if pie just isn&#39;t your thing, despair not! For we have another delicious and sweet option for you to choose from! And you may have already sampled it as an in-flight snack on your last vacation.&nbsp;<em><strong>Lotus Biscoff Cookies</strong></em>&nbsp;are a European favourite and have been since 1932 but they started out being&nbsp;offered on US flights since the mid 1980s before they found their way on store shelves. These are &quot;<em>the original carmelised biscuits</em>&quot; whose flavour is created through a unique baking process. An added bonus is if you&#39;re a coffee drinker as the company states that &quot;<em>every coffee needs a Lotus</em>.&quot; And it just so happens that we have<em><strong>&nbsp;Murchies Assorted Ground Coffee 400g in our ad this week for only $8.96</strong></em>&nbsp;each!&nbsp;Take a mini vacation: pour yourself a cup of joe, pair it with a<em><strong>&nbsp;Lotus Biscoff Cookie</strong></em>&nbsp;or two, put your feet up and relax!</p><p>There&#39;s nothing like&nbsp;cracking an ice&nbsp;cold Nehi beverage and slamming it back!&nbsp;Or, at least there<em>&nbsp;used</em>&nbsp;to be nothing like it. Ask Corporal Walter Eugene &quot;Radar&quot; O&#39; Reilly, he&#39;ll tell you. Nowadays, achieving that same level of soft-drink satisfaction can only be attained from chugging an ice cold root beer. Luckily for you, we have boxes of it for sale, literally!&nbsp;<em><strong>Great American Root Beer Packs</strong></em>&nbsp;are filled with five different varieties of your &quot;old time American root beer favourites&quot; (I used the Canadian spelling there). You get two bottles each of vintage flavoured (and styled) bottles of root beer that you can keep for yourself in the fridge or give to someone else&nbsp;as a great gift. Cheers!</p><p>Christmas is less than a month away (as if you needed to be reminded of this) so the festivities are soon going to kick into high gear. And one of the holiday rituals that many participate in is the consumption of egg nog. However, lots of people don&#39;t love the amount of sugar, saturated fat and/or overall calories contained therein. Or maybe you don&#39;t consume dairy but also don&#39;t want to feel left out when the party-goers are all congregated around the egg milk punchbowl toasting left, right and centre. In that case,&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Farms&nbsp;Nog&nbsp;Almond Beverage</strong></em>&nbsp;is the answer! With only 110 calories per cup (traditional egg nog has about 250!), there&#39;s also no carrageenan, soy or dairy. So remember: you&#39;re remarkable.&nbsp;Celebrate accordingly!</p><p><em><strong>Kraft Philadelphia Whipped Herbed Tzatziki Cream Cheese Spread</strong></em>&nbsp;is brand new and makes an amazing addition to your bagel, flatbread, pita or crackers. Easy to spread and full of that fresh,&nbsp;tangy tzatziki flavour that you love, it&#39;s going to be a hit at home with your family.&nbsp;Give it a shot!</p><p>For the last 12 years, Vick and Jas have been providing flavourful and authentic curries from Surrey, BC with&nbsp;<em><strong>Ace Curries To Go</strong></em>. It&#39;s curry from Surrey (without worry)! Now, Pepper&#39;s has their amazing curries in store (Aisle 2)!&nbsp;<em><strong>Ace Curries To Go Chicken Curry</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Butter Chicken</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Tandoori</strong></em>&nbsp;contain no MSG, preservatives or gluten and there&#39;s enough per pouch to serve from six to eight people. Check out their website at&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>Don&#39;t forget to order your fresh, holiday turkey by calling our Meat Department and reserving one today! The demand is always high because the quality and freshness of our birds are, too!&nbsp;</p><p>Until next week, take care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 20, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 20 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Here we are again on another Tuesday morning with another edition of the Pepper&#39;s Foods Newsletter brimming with information about all things Pepper&#39;s. And this week, there&#39;s no shortage of stuff to tell you about. So without further adieau, let&#39;s get right down to it!</p><p>Let&#39;s face it, there&#39;s nothing quite like a good burger. So juicy, so tasty, so satisfying. Mmmmmm. But if you eat meat, there may be a small (or large) part of you that feels bad about it. Maybe you&#39;re concerned about the welfare of animals. Perhaps you&#39;re wanting to eat healthier or you want to help reduce the role that raising and consuming livestock has on global climate change. Or maybe you&#39;d like, in your own small way, to help ease the strain on limited resources that exist to feed everone in the world. Whatever your reason(s) might be, we&#39;ve got a revolutionary new product that will help alleviate your concerns while still providing you with a delicious meal!&nbsp;</p><p><em><strong>The Beyond&nbsp;Burger</strong></em>&nbsp;(by Beyond Meat) is an entirely meatless, frozen patty that looks, cooks and tastes just like a real burger! It&#39;s pink prior to cooking (due to beet juice) and it browns just like hamburger does. Heck, this is like something straight out of&nbsp;The Matrix! With 20 grams of plant-based protein per patty, that&#39;s more per equivalent serving size than ground beef but with more iron,&nbsp;less fat (both saturated and overall), fewer calories and zero cholesterol. Get somebody to pinch you; you&#39;re not dreaming! It&#39;s the holy grail of veggie burgers! Come and get it!</p><p>If you&#39;d prefer your oatmeal on the go rather than hot out of a bowl then&nbsp;<em><strong>Pamela&#39;s Oat Up Oat Bars</strong></em>&nbsp;will really turn your crank. Choose from<em><strong>&nbsp;Peanut Butter&nbsp;</strong></em>or&nbsp;<em><strong>2 Chocolates + Almonds</strong></em>&nbsp;for a certified gluten-free and organic treat that&#39;s chewy and full of whole grain goodness! Load up on&nbsp;<em><strong>Oat Up</strong></em>!</p><p>&quot;<em>Exceptional coffee is always worth the quest</em>.&quot; That&#39;s the tagline for Nespresso&#39;s newest ad campaign.&nbsp;And if you or someone you know has a Nespresso machine, you probably&nbsp;already know that. That&#39;s because you either have to find a Nespresso Boutique or order the coffee pods&nbsp;online. Sounds like a pain in the you know what. Or, you could simply pick up a box of&nbsp;<em><strong>Caffe Umbria Nespresso Compatible Capsules</strong></em>&nbsp;anytime you like when you shop at Pepper&#39;s. They&#39;re not new to the store, but with the holidays looming large, you may want to keep us in mind if you&#39;ve thought about giving a Nespresso as a gift. Nice try, george Clooney.</p><p>Huey, Dewey and Louie. The Three Stooges. The Bee Gees. Snap, Crackle and Pop. All famous trios. Well, it looks like we have a new, soon-to-be-famous&nbsp;trio in this neck of the woods.&nbsp;<em><strong>Saltspring Kitchen Co.&#39;s Gourmet Trio of Preserves</strong></em>&nbsp;has hit our shelves and it&#39;s sure to please you and yours this holiday season. Choose from&nbsp;<em><strong>Pear &amp; Ginger Chutney</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Cranberry, Sour Cherry &amp; Port Preserve</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Winter Wonderjam</strong></em>&nbsp;to really round out your holiday food offerings. Or give it as a wonderful gift! Peace, love &amp; jam!</p><p>And what&#39;s Christmas without the mincemeat? For our younger readers, many years ago&nbsp;mincemeat commonly contained&nbsp;minced meat such as beef or&nbsp;venison or minced&nbsp;heart&nbsp;and other stuff like beef suet (fat) or even bone marrow! Nowadays, the meat ingredients have fallen out of favour for the most part, but the name lives on and so does the tradition of making mincemeat pies, pastries and tarts.&nbsp;And this year, our Deli Department is very pleased to offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Lynch&nbsp;Olde Style Mincemeat</strong></em>! This is a Canadian classic since 1943, chock full of fresh apples, delicious dried fruits, just the right amount of citrus peel, spice and rum. You can even warm it up and spoon over ice cream, if that&#39;s your thing. Delicious!</p><p>And if you&#39;re looking for something really fun to do this holiday season, Pepper&#39;s has a large array of <em><strong>Creat A Treat</strong></em> goodies such as&nbsp;<em><strong>Gingerbread House Kits</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Gingerbread Train Kits</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Ugly Sweater Cookie Kits</strong></em>&nbsp;and even&nbsp;<em><strong>Dr. Seuss&#39; The Grinch Cookie Decorating Kits.&nbsp;</strong></em>It&#39;s art that you eat and a whole lot of fun!</p><p>But wait, there&#39;s more!&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Chocolate</strong></em>&nbsp;makes incredibly rich and delicious chocolate treats and we sell A LOT of it because our customers know a quality product when they taste one. And it&#39;s made right here in Victoria. So this year, why not purchase a&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Chocolate Advent Calendar</strong></em>? Not just your run of the mill chocolates inside this box, nosirree.&nbsp;<em><strong>There&#39;s a mixture of organic, Fair Trade chocolates in four varieties: Orange Creme Filled, Vanilla Creme Filled, Peppermint Creme Filled&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Solid Chocolate!&nbsp;</strong></em></p><p>Or how about a&nbsp;<em><strong>Pure Lovin&#39; Advent Bar</strong></em>? It consists of 24 festive numbered pieces of the same quality chocolate that I guess you just break off one piece to eat per day? Yeah, good luck with that! Not for those with impulsive personalities.</p><p>And last but definitely not least, our annual <em><strong>Customer Appreciation Day&nbsp;is this Thursday, November 22</strong></em>! All day long we&#39;re offering 10% off all purchases (some exclusions apply), free food and beverages, prizes, department discounts,&nbsp;give-aways and one grand prize! It&#39;s our chance to let you know how much you mean to us and an opportunity for mingling and merriment! Please allow us to say thanks for supporting small business, for supporting local and for,&nbsp;well, just being YOU! It&#39;s your day so join us!</p><p>As always, have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 13, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 13 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning.&nbsp; Another long weekend is in the books and hopefully it was an enjoyable one spent with loved ones or people whom you care about. Maybe you spent it doing an activity that you particularly like. Maybe you cooked a delicious meal or relaxed reading a book or watching something on television. Maybe you mailed in your ballot pertaining to the&nbsp;voting system referendum for British Columbia provincial elections.&nbsp;But whatever you wound up doing this past weekend, even if you did nothing at all, it was only made possible by the fighting men and women who have sacrificed themselves in some way, with their bodies and minds, to ensure those freedoms that we oft take for granted are available to&nbsp;us. Lest we forget.</p><p>Alright, onto less sombre things: the new stuff that we like to tell you about every week! But before we get to that, we&#39;d like to remind you about our Customer Request board that&#39;s below the monitor in Aisle 1. You probably already know about it and how you can write something on there that you&#39;d like to see brought in, or if you have a question about the availability of an item. But you might not know that posted right above that board is a weekly update to your requests. Please take a moment when you&#39;re in the store to have a look.&nbsp;</p><p>Not too long ago&nbsp;we brought in Fairlife Ultrafiltered Milk at the request of a customer. It was lactose free with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than conventional milk. But we received several complaints from people who were upset that this milk&#39;s country of origin was the USA. Fair enough. Shortly thereafter we we informed by one of our dairy suppliers that there was a similar Canadian product&nbsp;available! Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to replace one with the other. So now we are proud to offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk&nbsp;in a 1L bottle</strong></em>!. It&#39;s lactose&nbsp;reduced&nbsp;(not entirely lactose free) and it has&nbsp;75% more protein&nbsp;and&nbsp;25% less sugar&nbsp;than conventional milk (the chocolate milk is&nbsp;50% less sugar!). It&#39;s produced entirely in Canada for Canadians by Canadians. And like all milk produced in Canada, that means it&#39;s both hormone and additive free! So<em><strong> try&nbsp;Saputo&#39;s&nbsp;Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk&nbsp;and #feelthejoyya!</strong></em></p><p>The next new product uses plenty of fresh milk as a primary ingredient!&nbsp;<em><strong>Bad Duck Caramel</strong></em>&nbsp;is&nbsp;butter, sugar and milk (traditional flavour) and that&#39;s it! But boy oh boy does it ever combine to make something wonderful! It&#39;s handmade in Wynndel, BC and in addition to&nbsp;<em><strong>Traditional</strong></em>, it also&nbsp;comes in&nbsp;<em><strong>&nbsp;Peppermint Chocolate</strong></em>, <em><strong>Salted</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Salted Coffee</strong></em>!&nbsp;We don&#39;t know why it&#39;s called Bad Duck since there&#39;s nothing bad whatsoever with this toffee and no ducks are used in the creation of this toffee&nbsp;but who cares? You&#39;ll just need to try it for yourself! To eat, just quack it!</p><p>Another sweet and delicious product to grace our shelves (and it also contains milk) is&nbsp;<em><strong>Rocco &amp; Olivia Hot Buttered Rum Drink Mix</strong></em>. Simply mix one tablespoon with hot water, add a lemon wedge and enjoy! Add on ounce of amber rum to really warm your cockles. Or you can warm it up and drizzle on ice cream or spread it on toast!&nbsp;</p><p>Bonne Maman makes absolutely wonderful jams and spreads, imported from France. Now, whether you&#39;d&nbsp;like to purchase it for your Christmas morning breakfast or to give as a gift,<em><strong>&nbsp;Bonne Maman Assorted Mini Spreads</strong></em>&nbsp;are here! Available in a 5x50g sleeve, this premium quality assortment of jams, jellies and marmalades will put a smile on everyone&#39;s face! Giddee up!</p><p>As if little tiny jars of jam wasn&#39;t enough, how about little tiny tarts?&nbsp;<em><strong>Bonne Maman Tartlets</strong></em>&nbsp;in<em><strong>&nbsp;Lemon, Raspberry</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate Caramel</strong></em>&nbsp;will send your family and friends over the edge in terms of sweet, sensory&nbsp;overload! You&#39;ll all feel as though you&#39;ve been whisked away to a Parisien boulangerie when you bite into one of these little&nbsp;flavour bombs! C&#39;est tres fin et fameux!</p><p>And finally, another dairy-free addition that we&#39;ve brought to you is&nbsp;<em><strong>Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Plain</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Vanilla Bean</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours! These<em><strong> are larger 454g containers</strong></em> and two new flavours in addition to the four that we currently carry in the smaller 150g cups. And as with all Daiya products, they&#39;re free of the top 8 allergens including dairy, gluten and soy! Daiya Foods: Find your happy plate!</p><p>Thanks for having a look! Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 6, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 06 Nov 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep on Saturday night? That&#39;s certainly a bonus to having Daylight Savings end. But like it or hate it, it&#39;s here to stay for at least another year.</p><p>This week in our advertised specials you&#39;ll see that it&#39;s built around baking. Everything that you need to create some seriously sensational and seasonal&nbsp;goodies are on sale! And our&nbsp;<em><strong>Thursday Special</strong></em>&nbsp;fits right in with&nbsp;<em><strong>Kraft Philadelphia Regular Cream Cheese Bricks on for only $2.99 each</strong></em>!</p><p>As for new items, we&#39;re pushing mostly liquids this week. So if you&#39;re looking for something new and exciting to scull, read on!</p><p>As the days get cooler, wetter and shorter, there&#39;s nothing more comforting than a nice, warm beverage to chase away the winter blahs. That&#39;s why picking up a box of&nbsp;<em><strong>Carnation Hot Chocolate Variety Pack</strong></em>&nbsp;makes perfect sense. And the best part about it is that there are three different chocolate flavours to pick from! If variety is&nbsp;the spice of life&nbsp;then now&#39;s the time to put some more into yours!</p><p>Apples and autumn go hand in hand so&nbsp;another delightfully delicious option for this time of year is apple cider. Not hard apple cider (although that&#39;s a good choice, too!) but rather fresh pressed, all natural&nbsp;<em><strong>Taves Family Farms Cider</strong></em>. This cider is cold-pressed and unfiltered: like orange juice with pulp. Drink it cold or make hot mulled apple cider.&nbsp;And it&#39;s made in Abbotsford, BC! They use a UV treatment and then pastuerize their cider to ensure it&#39;s perfectly safe to drink. And that means it can remain unrefrigerated until opened. Fun fact: it takes approximately 25 apples to make a gallon&nbsp;(3.78 L) of cider!</p><p>Our Produce Dept. added&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee</strong></em>&nbsp;some time ago and it&#39;s been a big hit. So it only made sense to expand the line with&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Mocha Cold Brew Coffee</strong></em>. That&#39;s right: delicious 100% aribica coffee blended with creamy almond milk and decadent chocolate. Cold brewing ensures more antioxidants, better flavour and less acidity than hot brewed coffee. And it&#39;s kosher, vegan, gluten, soy, dairy&nbsp;and&nbsp;carrageenan-free!</p><p>If you really want to kick it up a notch then&nbsp;<em><strong>Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee</strong></em>&nbsp;might be more to your liking. There&#39;s something here for everyone.<em><strong>&nbsp;Classic Latte</strong></em>&nbsp;contains organic skim milk while&nbsp;<em><strong>Mocha Latte</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Oat Milk Latte</strong></em>&nbsp;are two excellent dairy-free options. And there&#39;s a reason it&#39;s called nitro: not only does it contain 1.5x more caffeine than regular coffee, it&#39;s also infused with nitrogen giving it a creamy, sweet and smooth taste. Much like a fine stout!</p><p>However, if you&#39;d rather have your oat milk without the coffee then<em><strong>&nbsp;Earth&#39;s Own&nbsp;SoFresh Oat Unsweetened Original</strong></em>&nbsp;is where it&#39;s at! Oat milk is becoming very popular with consumers who want a creamier texture, more fibre and less fat in their non-dairy beverage. It&#39;s an excellent source of calcium and is&nbsp;also gluten-free.</p><p>Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi&#39;s (but you can&#39;t say that ten times fast!) classic, national bestselling book&nbsp;<em>Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience</em>&nbsp;might be a read that shows how some people can reach a state of conciousness that allows for a deeply satisying life. One thing that we do know is that if you&#39;re wanting to deeply satisfy&nbsp;your thirst,&nbsp;<em><strong>Flow Alkaline Spring Water</strong></em>&nbsp;will definately get the job done! It&#39;s not just another bottle of water, either. This water comes from a family owned artesian spring in the beautiful Bruce County, Ontario. It&#39;s naturally filtered through layers of limestone which adds minerals (electrolytes) and makes it taste fabulous. And because it&#39;s pH is 8.1 (higher than regular water&#39;s pH of 7) it might be beneficial in neutralizing acid in the body. However,&nbsp;it&#39;s&nbsp;the smart packaging that we really like. The plastic lid is derived from sugarcane while the tetra pack bottle itself is made with 70% renewable materials and is 100% recyclable.&nbsp;So go with the Flow and hydrate mindfully!</p><p>Greek yogurt without the guilt is now totally possible with&nbsp;<em><strong>Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt</strong></em>. There&#39;s zero preservatives, zero artificial sweeteners and zero fat in this yogurt. And there&#39;s also 25% less sugar than regular Oikos 0% greek yogurt. All those zeros still add up to BIG flavour and snacking satisfaction!</p><p>And finally, we&#39;ve been able to get back a popular non-dairy item:&nbsp;<em><strong>Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream</strong></em>! If you&#39;re looking to replace regular sour cream with one that&#39;s vegan, dairy-free, kosher parve, gluten-free, lactose-free, milk-free, butterfat-free, cholesterol-free, non-GMO and halal (phew!) then look no further.&nbsp;</p><p>One more thing...our annual&nbsp;<em><strong>Customer Appreciation Day</strong></em>&nbsp;is coming up in just over two weeks! It&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Thursday, November 22</strong></em>&nbsp;and we want you to be here for it! After all, the day is all about you, our customers. There will be lots of food, fellowship, discounts, giveaways and great prices on loads of items!&nbsp;It&#39;s a&nbsp;way for us to thank you for your business and loyalty and for choosing to shop with us when, as we&#39;ve said numerous times before, you have many other options. See you then!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 30, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 30 Oct 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Here&#39;s a Halloween factual tidbit to start things off today: According to Wikipedia the Scottish Halloween custom of &quot;guising&quot; &ndash; children disguised in costume going from house to house for food or money&nbsp;was first recorded in North America in 1911 in Ontario, Canada! But then The Canadian Encylopedia states that&nbsp;North America&rsquo;s first recorded instance of dressing in disguise on Halloween was in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1898. Either way&nbsp;Canada started the party on this side of the world over 100 years ago! Woot!</p><p>Do you know who Miyoko Schinner is? No? As William Wallace&#39;s uncle Argyle used to say, &quot;Then that&#39;s something we shall have to remedy.&quot; Miyoko Schinner is the vegan celebrity chef behind the wildly popular&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s</strong></em>! She&#39;s the queen of vegan cheese, an award winning author, former jazz singer, animal lover and vegan. Her book, Artisan Vegan Cheese, helped launch the start of the vegan cheese revolution. And now, Pepper&#39;s has a variety of her California made products on the shelf! You can find them where we keep the tofu and meatless products.</p><p>We have cultured, organic&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Vegan Cream Cheese</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Miyoko&#39;s Vegan Roadhouse Cheese Spreads&nbsp;</strong>available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Cheers to Cheddah</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Spicy Revolution</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours. And because these are cultured products, they have that delicious tang and robust flavour!&nbsp;</p><p>But it doesn&#39;t stop there. We have&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Aged English Sharp Farmhouse Vegan Cheese Wheel</strong></em>&nbsp;&nbsp;which is described on the website as:&nbsp;<em>a&nbsp;hard, aged, sharp round with complex flavors and a long finish that will continue to deepen in flavor and texture as it ages in your refrigerator. Serve with crackers, in a sandwich, or turned into a luscious sauce for pasta or vegetables when melted with nondairy milk</em>.&nbsp;We also stock&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s Classic Double Cream Chive Vegan Cheese Wheel&nbsp;</strong></em>which, as per the website:&nbsp;<em>this versatile round packs a buttery, savory, mild herbal garlic flavor. The creamy delight is a crowd pleaser enjoyed by everyone from kids to sophisticated foodies. Serve on crackers or use as a delicious sandwich spread.</em></p><p>And finally, rounding out the collection is organic&nbsp;<em><strong>Miyoko&#39;s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter</strong></em>. Made with coconut oil, this exceptional product melts, browns, bakes and spreads just like regular butter! And most importantly, it tastes just like regular butter!</p><p>Hey, if you&#39;re going to go through all that trouble (kidding!) making a gourmet vegan meal, then you may as well use&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Farms Barista Blend Almond Beverage</strong></em>&nbsp;for your amazing latte, cappucino or machiato for when you&#39;ve finished. It&#39;s specially formulated to easily create full-bodied&nbsp;foam so you can impress your family and friends with your barista skills. Dairy free without the sacrifice!</p><p>Sometimes we get a product in and then have problems keeping it in stock. Whether there&#39;s a change in the distributor or some other issue at work, for one reason or another, we aren&#39;t able to get it here anymore.&nbsp;That was the case with&nbsp;<em><strong>Mira Avocado Cooking Oil</strong></em>. We haven&#39;t had it for quite some time but now it&#39;s back (yay)! Made with 100% Hass avocados (sustainably grown in Equador without the use of pestricides or herbicides), it&#39;s raw, dense and extra virgin. Plus, avocado oil has a high smoke point making it ideal for frying and sauteing. And because it&#39;s dense, you can use less! Don&#39;t forget the fact that avocado oil contains loads of heart healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, the majority of which&nbsp;being oleic acid.&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for something different to snack on then maybe you need to try&nbsp;<em><strong>Olympic Greek Yogurt Dip and Pita Crackers</strong></em>.&nbsp;The top portion contains the pita chips and the dip is on the bottom.&nbsp;Talk about convenient! We have&nbsp;Caramelized Onion&nbsp;and coming soon is&nbsp;Spicy Chili&nbsp;flavour&nbsp;to tempt your tastebuds. Each package contains 11 grams of protein, is low in fat and makes the perfect addition to your lunch kit!</p><p>A very popular brands in Aisle 5&nbsp;is&nbsp;<em><strong>Fever Tree</strong></em>, one of the UK&#39;s premium mixers. We carry their&nbsp;<em><strong>club soda, ginger ale, ginger beer&nbsp;and&nbsp;tonics</strong></em>.&nbsp;After all, the company says that they start with the idea that if three-quarters of your drink is the mixer, then you should use the best. We think our customers know when they&#39;ve found a quality product so we&#39;ve now added<em><strong>&nbsp;Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic Water.</strong></em>&nbsp;As per the website:<em>&nbsp;by blending the essential oils from handpicked English elderflowers with quinine of the highest quality from the &#39;fever trees&#39; of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we have created a delicious, floral variation of our Indian tonic water</em>. And their description of the&nbsp;<em><strong>Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic Water&nbsp;</strong></em>goes:&nbsp;<em>by blending the gentle bitterness of South American angostura bark with aromatic botanicals, such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger, we&#39;ve created a delicious, unique tonic water that can be enjoyed with gin to make a Pink G&amp;T or as a sophisticated soft drink on its own</em>.&nbsp;Head on over to&nbsp;<strong>;</strong>to see a pairing wheel that takes the guesswork of which gin to pair with your favourite Fever Tree tonic!</p><p>We haven&#39;t included anything for all you sweet tooths out there yet so let&#39;s get to know&nbsp;<em><strong>Celebration Lemon Creme Cookies</strong></em>&nbsp;from the Leclerc European Collection! The taste of sweet chocolate with tangy lemons combine&nbsp;to create something truly delightful! This is like Viva Puffs for grown-ups!</p><p>And because the Health and Beauty section has been feeling a little left out lately, we&#39;re here to tell you about&nbsp;<em><strong>OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner</strong></em>. Vacations are expensive but the text on the shampoo bottle says that &quot;It&#39;s like a trip to the tropics in a bottle.&quot; Sweet! In Morocco, argan oil is eaten on bread, pasta and couscous. Here, we put it on our hair and skin! Hey, whatever floats your boat, right?&nbsp;Actually, it&#39;s&nbsp;supposed to be quite lovely for softening your hair and making it smell nice. In fact, both of these hair products smell amazing!</p><p>That&#39;s all there is for this week. Make sure you look at our attached weekly specials. And make sure to look out for the kidlets tomorrow night when you&#39;re out on the road. Slow down and take extra care while the tricksters are collecting their treats!</p><p>From all of us at Pepper&#39;s, have a safe and Happy Halloween!</p> Pepper's October 23, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 23 Oct 2018 07:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; On this day, October 23, 1935, Mackenzie King was elected Canada&#39;s Prime Minister for the third time. He was our tenth Prime Minister, by the way. Last Saturday our provincial municipal elections finished up with some big changes taking place in Vancouver as well as in other areas. And speaking of big changes, how about Canada becoming only the second country in the world (and the first G7 and G20 nation)&nbsp;to legalize the recreational use of marijuana?&nbsp;</p><p>Everybody knows that marijuana use and the munchies go hand in hand. So if you&#39;re looking for something to satisfy your craving then maybe<em><strong>&nbsp;Christie Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Oreos</strong></em>&nbsp;are the ticket! With a birthday cake flavoured creme filling and three different Mickey designs on the cookie, you can celebrate Canada&#39;s legalization of weed and Mickey&#39;s 90th birthday at the same time!&nbsp;</p><p>If crumbs just aren&#39;t your thing then try&nbsp;<em><strong>Starburst Gummies</strong></em>&nbsp;(orange, lemon, cherry, strawberry) and&nbsp;<em><strong>Starburst Gummies Sours&nbsp;</strong></em>(blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, strawberry).&nbsp; These little beauties are full of the&nbsp;Starburst&nbsp;fruit flavours you love with a soft and chewy texture. Impossible to only eat just a few even when you&#39;re not baked!</p><p>About a month ago we told you about&nbsp;<em><strong>Haupy&#39;s Rubs</strong></em>&nbsp;and how you can use them on just about any meat to make it extaordinary. So our<em><strong> Deli Dept.</strong></em> had the brilliant idea to offer our customers delicious, <em><strong>hot chicken wings with a&nbsp;Haupy&#39;s Rub&nbsp;coating</strong></em>! These are super tasty wings tossed with just the right amount of rub. Do exactly as the bag says: Grab N&#39; Go!</p><p>We also recently wrote about new&nbsp;<em><strong>Matilde Vicenzi Italian Ladyfingers</strong></em>. They were such a hit with our shoppers that we just had to try something else so we added&nbsp;<em><strong>Matilde Vicenzi Amaretto D&#39;Italia</strong></em>. These delightful and crunchy&nbsp;amaretti cookies are premium pastries baked in Italy and made with Sicilian almonds. With the holidays right around the corner, these little cookies will be a BIG hit with your friends and family.</p><p>Another Italian import that we&#39;ve stocked is&nbsp;<em><strong>Rao&#39;s Pizza Sauce</strong></em>. In case you&#39;ve never heard of Rao&#39;s, it&#39;s a Southern Italian restaurant founded in 1896 in East Harlem, NYC and it&#39;s kind of a big deal. In fact, unless you&#39;re Jay-Z or Leonardo DiCaprio you&#39;re probably not getting a table.&nbsp;So save yourself the trouble and bring the taste of the famous&nbsp;<em><strong>Rao&#39;s</strong></em> New York restaurant to your home&nbsp;and make your own pizza.&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>One more import that&#39;s sure to please is <em><strong>Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread</strong></em>. This description , taken from, sheds a little more light on a delicious product few know about:</p><p><em>This delectable jam, also known as chestnut spread, goes by various names in French: confiture de marrons, confiture de chataignes, and creme de marrons. Practically unknown in the United States, it is a favorite in France. Made like any jam by cooking fruit with sugar and in this case vanilla, it is excellent on toast. And because of its thick and smooth texture, it also goes well with ice cream, yogurt, or fromage blanc. Some use it in place of chestnut puree to make a Mont Blanc. Of course, you may also find yourself eating straight from the jar! Once widespread in France, chestnut trees, or chataigniers, are now becoming scarce as land has been given over to more profitable crops like grapes. Today the number of regions producing chestnuts has dwindled - Ardeche, Corsica, and Limousin are the principal producers of chestnuts today.</em></p><p>Perhaps you prefer cashews to chestnuts. And vegan to meat. If that&#39;s the case then&nbsp;<em><strong>Yoso Cashew Based Cream Cheese Style Spread</strong></em>&nbsp;is calling your name. Created in collaboration with Toronto based vegan chef Doug McNish, this is a minimally processed, vegan cream cheese style spread. It&#39;s&nbsp;free of carrageenan, dairy and gluten&nbsp;and contains only five ingredients, the main one being lightly toasted, organic cashews! Yoso is a Canadian company founded in Cambridge, ON.</p><p>Our final item for this week is another dairy-free item from Yoso. It&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Yoso Soygo Fermented Cultured Soy</strong></em>&nbsp;in a convenient multipack! Now you can enjoy dairy-free, vegan stirred yogurt in blueberry, vanilla and strawberry flavours in your lunch kit, at breakfast or as a snack. Yoso is made with organic soybeans and contains chicory inulin, a carbohydrate commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Inulin contains dietary fibre and is also a prebiotic, promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. So go soy, yo!</p><p>Hope you enjoyed this week&#39;s newsletter. Be sure to look at the attached flyer for dozens of items on sale for amazing prices. We look forward to seeing you in the store!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 16, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 16 Oct 2018 07:32:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; It&#39;s National Boss Day and that means that for those of you who have to go to work today, you should thank your boss for being the kind and fair person that they are. Sing his or her praises. Make them feel special. And then ask for that raise that you deserve.&nbsp;</p><p>Relationships between bosses and employees requires patience. In fact, patience is pretty much necessary for a smoother life, in general. So if you require a little more, but find it tough to muster it up on your own, then maybe a bag&nbsp;of delicious&nbsp;<em><strong>Patience Fruit &amp; Co. Chococrunch Bites</strong></em>&nbsp;is the answer. Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Dark Chocolate &amp; Coconut</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Milk Chocolate &amp; Chia</strong></em>, they make a base of crispy brown rice, unsweetened cranberry flakes and chocolate and add other yummy stuff to create an incredibly satisfying organic&nbsp;snack! This is a Canadian product full of iron, fiber, calcium and polyphenols but most importantly...flavour! So when you need to chill out and count to ten, grab a bag of&nbsp;Patience&nbsp;and let your cares melt away like the chocolate in your mouth!</p><p><em><strong>Blue Monkey&nbsp;</strong></em>is famous for its coconut water but now they&#39;ve made a foray into the world of&nbsp;fruit juice.&nbsp;<em><strong>Blue Monkey 100% Watermelon Juice</strong></em>&nbsp;is just that. And watermelon naturally contains lycopene, an anti-oxiodant, and L-citrulline, an amino acid that the body converts into arginine&nbsp;which helps cells divide, wounds heal, and ammonia to be removed from the body. It&#39;s science. All you need to remember is that it&#39;s refreshingly good!&nbsp;But if you&#39;re more of a sparkling beverage type of person then&nbsp;<em><strong>Blue Monkey Sparkling Watermelon Juice Drink</strong></em>&nbsp;will be right up your alley. It&#39;s watermelon juice, carbonated water and a tad of lemon juice. Take a drink and get that&nbsp;<em><strong>Blue Monkey&nbsp;</strong>ONTO</em>&nbsp;your back! Available in singles or in a convenient 4-pack!</p><p>It&#39;s never too early to start talking about Christmas and right now we have&nbsp;<em><strong>So Delicious Holiday Nog Coconut Beverage</strong></em>&nbsp;available to help get you into the spirit. This is a seasonal item (hint: available for a limited time) so make sure you get some&nbsp;now before it&#39;s too late. Because when we run out, it&#39;s gone for another year.</p><p>But if you&#39;d rather not think about Christmas right just yet then you can choose to focus on things more autumnal. And what signifies this season more&nbsp;than pumkin?<em><strong>&nbsp;Liberte</strong></em>&nbsp;has it&#39;s own seasonal item for you to enjoy by introducing their<em><strong>&nbsp;Pumpkin &amp; Salted Caramel Yogurt</strong></em>. Talk about a unique flavour combo! It&#39;s thick, rich and delicious&nbsp;but it&#39;s not going to be around for long, either!&nbsp;</p><p>Northern European countries have been preserving and enjoying their delicious (and healthy) herring pickled&nbsp;since Medieval times. Now, by customer request, Pepper&#39;s Meat Dept. has added<em><strong>&nbsp;Elman&#39;s Herring Fillets in Wine Marinade</strong></em>&nbsp;to their shelf. This Canadian company has been doing business for over 70 years, having been started by Polish immigrants, and their authentic kosher deli foods are sought out by those in the know.&nbsp;</p><p>ou know that intense burning sensation you get in your nose when you put a little too much wasabi or horseradish on your food? Only those people who eat them know what we&#39;re talking about.&nbsp;It hurts so good, though, right? You likely won&#39;t experience that when you try<em><strong>&nbsp;Kikkoman Wasabi Flavoured Sauce</strong></em>,&nbsp;though. It does contains both horseradish and wasabi to put a kick in your sandwich! But it&#39;s more like a mayonnaise type sauce that can also be used for dipping! Find it in Aisle 2 with the other Kikkoman products.</p><p>As most of you know by now,&nbsp;we always put something on a featured price every Thursday. And this week is no different.<em><strong>&nbsp;Dan-D-Pak Very Berry Oatmeal 1kg is on for the ridiculous price of $2.96</strong></em>! It&#39;s the time of year when a hot breakfast is called for. So make sure you get in on this deal!</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 9, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 09 Oct 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; It&#39;s that time once again where we bring you news of the latest and greatest products to grace our shelves (as well as our latest and greatest advertised specials). And this week, we have something for everybody! Here&#39;s hoping that everyone enjoyed plenty of turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie, baseball, football, hockey, (insert any additional sport here) and everything else associated with the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend! So loosten your belt and start reading!</p><p>Let&#39;s jump right in by telling you about a really unique and healthy product called&nbsp;<em><strong>P-nuff Crunch Puffs</strong></em>. These are baked puffs made of ground navy beans,&nbsp;rice and peanuts (as well as numerous other all-natural ingredients) that are&nbsp;the first puff snacks with 5g of &ldquo;complete&rdquo; vegan protein (per 1oz serving).&nbsp;They provide&nbsp;all 9 essential amino acids necessary for building and repairing muscle tissue, providing energy, and performing other essential body functions. Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Original</strong></em>, <em><strong>Cocoa</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Cinnamon</strong></em>, they contain no soy, corn, preservatives or gluten and are a good source of fibre.</p><p>Another similar product is&nbsp;<em><strong>Hippie Snacks Cauliflower Crisps</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Hippie Snacks Avocado Crisps</strong></em>. Guess what the number one ingredient is in each type of crisp, respectively? That&#39;s right: cauliflower and avocado! It&#39;s plant-based nutrition in a delicious, seedy and&nbsp;savoury snack. And there ain&#39;t no junk in there, either. Just simple,&nbsp;certified gluten-free whole food ingredients. Oh, and did we mention this comes from Burnaby?</p><p>While we&#39;re on the topic of gluten-free, we should mention that we have something&nbsp;to compliment our traditional Sigdal Bakeri (not a typo) Crispbreads line-up. We&#39;ve added&nbsp;<em><strong>Sigdal Gluten-Free Sunflower Seeds &amp; Quinoa Crispbread</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Sigdal Gluten-Free Oats Crispbread</strong></em>! These are the finest crispbreads from Norway with no additives or anything else artificial. Dense and hearty, they make the perfect breakfast, lunch or snack! Norway:&nbsp;it&#39;s not just for stave churches anymore!</p><p>Entomophagy is the human use of insects as food. Yes, insects such as crickets are no longer being strictly raised as food for your pet&nbsp;gecko anymore.&nbsp;In fact, the consumption of crickets by human beings is a fairly common practice around the world. It&#39;s just that North Americans are a little late to the party. But not for long.&nbsp;Because farming crickets as a safe and environmentally sustainable protein source is turning into a big business with the U.S. market&nbsp;alone&nbsp;expected to exceed $50 million by 2023 ( Why? Because farming crickets&nbsp;as a protein source uses 2000 times less water, 100 times less greenhouse gases and 12 times less feed than beef (for the same amount of protein).&nbsp;</p><p>But people aren&#39;t just sitting down and pouring themselves a big&nbsp;bowl of crickets for breakfast. Instead, crickets are ground into a fine powder (no legs to get stuck in your teeth) and added to products. And one such product is&nbsp;<em><strong>Bite Energy Bar</strong></em>. Available&nbsp;in <em><strong>Peanut Better</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Jiminy Ginger&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate Chirp</strong></em>, each bar contains approximately 20-30&nbsp;crickets as well as ingredients like organic dates, organic gluten-free whole grain oats and organic sunflower seed butter. Each bar also contains at least 5 grams of protein, is high in fibre the best part is that they really do taste good! No foolin&#39;!</p><p>If you&#39;d prefer to get your protein from a more conventional source then&nbsp;<em><strong>Vega Protein Nutritional Shake</strong></em>&nbsp;might be the better bet. Available in good old<em><strong>&nbsp;Vanilla</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours, you&#39;re getting a vegan, gluten-free nutritional shake composed of 20 grams of pea, hemp and pumpkin seed proteins, vitamins, minerals, greens and fibre! It&#39;s not the elixir of life but it&#39;s an elixir for living a healthy one! And the best part is that they&#39;re&nbsp;<em><strong>available this week in our ad for the awesome price of $2.76 each</strong></em>! Plus, you can also purchase in a convenient 4-pack!</p><p>Yaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! That&#39;s the primal scream&nbsp;one might make if they were, say, making the perfect sandwich only to open the fridge and find the mayonnaise jar empty. Don&#39;t let that be you. Instead, make sure to have a jar of<em><strong>&nbsp;Primal Kitchen Mayo</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Primal Kitchen Garlic Aioli</strong></em>&nbsp;(both made with avocado oil) at the ready at all times. This is the real deal, thick, rich and creamy and made with cage-free eggs.&nbsp;</p><p>And what&#39;s a sandwich without the mustard?&nbsp;<em><strong>French&#39;s Organic Classic Yellow Mustard</strong></em>&nbsp; is what&#39;s been missing from yours. Made with 100% Canadian organic mustard seeds. Fun fact: did you know that the use of yellow mustard as a hot dog condiment was first seen in the United States at the 1904 St. Louis World&#39;s Fair by the R.T. French Company?</p><p>And finally, at a customer&#39;s request, we&#39;ve added&nbsp;<em><strong>Rolling Meadow Grass-Fed Sour Cream</strong></em>&nbsp;to our Dairy Dept. Made with 100% Canadian milk, this is premium quality sour cream. And the cows that produce the milk that it&#39;s made from are allowed to graze in the pastures as long as the Canadian weather allows. And when it doesn&#39;t, they&#39;re fed grass sprouts in the winter to ensure that they get to eat grass all year long! There&#39;s a different taste to dairy products made from the milk of cows that are primarily grasses as opposed to those that eat only silage and grains.&nbsp;It&#39;s a bit more money but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.</p><p>That&#39;s all she wrote for this week. We hope you enjoyed our newsletter. Stay tuned for another one next Tuesday. Until then, take good care and have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 2, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 02 Oct 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Can somebody please tell me how it&#39;s gotten to be October already? Seriously, this is ridiculous! That means Thanksgiving is just around the corner (as if you didn&#39;t already know that). So just to make sure everyone is aware, we&#39;ll share our holiday hours once more:</p><ul> <li>Saturday, October 6.....7AM-7:30PM</li> <li>Sunday, October 7.....7AM-6PM</li> <li>Monday, October 8.....7AM-6PM</li></ul><p>With Thanksgiving comes a feast and this week in our newsletter we have a cornucopia of items that you can serve up at that meal. Plus, our entire ad is all about Thanksgiving Dinner so do not miss the opportunity to get great deals on everything that you need to make it amazing!</p><p>Our Produce Dept. has added three types of seasoned fresh creamer potatoes by&nbsp;<em><strong>The Little Potato</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Company</strong></em>. We have&nbsp;Savory Herb,&nbsp;Tomato Basil&nbsp;and&nbsp;Garlic &amp; Parsley. These convenient trays of tiny spuds can be microwaved and ready to eat in 5 minutes. That&#39;s it! Quick and easy (and tasty, too!). Why spend more time in the kitchen than you have to?</p><p>Go ahead.<em><strong>&nbsp;Bake My Day</strong></em>. Really, go ahead and pick up a delicious <em><strong>pumpkin pie </strong></em>from Duncan&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>Bake My Day Bakery</strong></em>. Everything they make is guaranteed gluten-free because they make it in a dedicated gluten-free facility. But everything they make also tastes like it&#39;s NOT gluten-free. So&nbsp;everyone can enjoy this pie. And just in time for Thanksgiving! Oh, and it&#39;s also free of dairy!</p><p>Our Bakery Dept. has made a terrific addition with&nbsp;<em><strong>Bubby Rose&#39;s Bakery</strong></em>&nbsp;fresh breads! We now have fresh&nbsp;<em><strong>Challah, Multigrain, Sourdough&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Peasant Seed</strong></em>&nbsp;loaves! Now you can pick up the same incredible bread here that you can buy at the cafe!</p><p>Sometimes your turkey is so large that the lid for the roasting pan won&#39;t even fit! It&#39;s times like these where&nbsp;<em><strong>Alcan Non-Stick Baking Foil&nbsp;</strong></em>comes in handy. Line your cookie sheets, put it on the BBQ grill or use it however you use aluminum foil in the kitchen. Food lifts right off!</p><p>Britons knew a long, long time ago that the perfect accompaniment to fish and chips was malt vinegar. So when our customers came brandishing torches and pitchforks due to a lack of this condiment at the store, we quickly brought in&nbsp;<em><strong>Allen&#39;s Original Malt Vinegar</strong></em>&nbsp;to appease the hordes who were unable to recreate that classic taste at home! But a lot of people don&#39;t really know what malt vinegar is. Wikipedia provides the following information:&nbsp;<em>Malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried in a process known as &quot;malting&quot;. The grains are made to germinate by soaking in water, and are then halted from germinating further by drying with hot air.</em>&nbsp;In this case, it&#39;s barley&nbsp;that&#39;s malted.&nbsp;So how do they make it into vinegar? The malted barley is made into beer and&nbsp;then they make the beer into vinegar. Traditional malt vinegar is dark but it can also come in distilled form which is clear, like water. Now you know.</p><p>Quite awhile ago we told you about withinUs TruMarine Collagen and the purported benefits of consuming it. And now we carry&nbsp;<em><strong>withinUs Coconut Creamer + Collagen</strong></em>, a delicious and nutritious, dairy-free boost for hot beverages and smoothies. It combines the health benefits of organic coconut milk powder and withinUs Trumarine Collagen. And it provides healthy fats and MTCs (medium chain triglycerides) for sustained energy and essential amino acids for collagen reproduction within the body.This supplement is keto and paleo friendly as well as being bovine, fowl and swine free (it says so on the container) and it&#39;s gluten-free with no added sugar.</p><p>For those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth, the next items will be right up your alley.&nbsp;<em><strong>McVitie&#39;s Penguins</strong></em>&nbsp;are milk chocolate covered biscuits filled with chocolate cream. They&#39;ve been around since 1932 and are similar to Tim Tams. So P..P..P...Pick up a Penguin &#39;cause they&#39;re really G..G..G...GOOD!</p><p><em><strong>Dare Raspberry Viva Puffs</strong></em>&nbsp;have a lot going on. There&#39;s a cookie base, a soft marshmallow topper, a fruity flavoured jelly centre and a chocolatey coating covering the whole thing. Kids all across the land find these irresistable. Just how good are these cookies? They have a 100%, 5-star rating on! Check it out for yourself if you don&#39;t believe us!</p><p>Low-calorie, vegan and&nbsp;dairy free? Hallelujah, because&nbsp;<em><strong>Halo Top Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert</strong></em>&nbsp;made with coconut milk&nbsp;ticks all the boxes. Now everyone can enjoy the famous taste of&nbsp;Halo Top Ice Cream but without the addition of dairy. This is certified vegan, certified gluten-free and kosher! Just in time for Thanksgiving!</p><p>Well there you have it. The first newsletter of Autumn. All of us here at Pepper&#39;s have loads to be thankful for but without our loyal customers, there would be no Pepper&#39;s. So thank you for supporting local by shopping local. We wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings and look forward to bringing you the best service possible as well as&nbsp;another newsletter next week!&nbsp;</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 25, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 25 Sep 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; On this day, September 25th, 1976, Paul Hewson (Bono Vox), David Evans (The Edge) and&nbsp;his brother Dik (who would later leave the band) responded to an ad on a bulletin board at Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin,&nbsp;placed there by Larry Mullen Jr.,&nbsp;a fellow student. They formed a band that would eventually become known as U2. Well, guess what? We&#39;ve posted an ad too (at the bottom of this newsletter) and in it are our&nbsp;specials for the week. We can&#39;t promise you fame and fortune if you respond to it, but we can promise that you&#39;ll certainly&nbsp;<em>retain</em>&nbsp;some of your money! Because our ad prices are unbeatable.</p><p>Before we get to everyone&#39;s favourite part of the newsletter (the new stuff), we would like to let you know our Thanksgiving weekend hours:</p><p>Saturday, October 7.....7AM-7:30PM</p><p>Sunday, October 8.....7AM-6PM</p><p>Monday, October 9.....7AM-6PM</p><p>And for those of you who want to get yourselves a juicy turkey, here&#39;s what you need to know:</p><p>We have two kinds of FREE RANGE turkeys available: Victorian Acres Farms (Comox Valley) at $5.35/lb and Rossdown Farms (Abbotsford) at $4.69/lb. We also have FREE RUN turkeys available from J.D. Farms (also of the lower mainland) at $4.35/lb.</p><p>You can reserve your turkey by calling our Meat Department or stopping by the counter in person right up until Saturday, October 6th. And remember, all of our fresh turkeys are hormone and antibiotic free.</p><p>Many of you will be reading this over your morning coffee so let&#39;s start by telling out by telling you about&nbsp;<em><strong>Oso Negro Coffee</strong></em>&nbsp;of Nelson, BC. The name translates to &quot;black bear&quot; in Spanish. What does that have to do with coffee? We have no idea. But what we do know is that this organically grown and ethically traded coffee will make an excellent addition to your pantry.&nbsp;The package is made from recycled paper, the bag liner is made from plants and the entire thing is 100% compostable once you remove the twist tie. Take a shot (of espresso) with this brand. We&#39;re sure you&#39;ll agree that this is just about as fine a coffee as you&#39;ll find anywhere.&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>You know what you can pair with coffee to make a delectably delicious and decadent dessert? Landyfingers.&nbsp;And we have two new kinds to enlighten you with today.<em><strong>&nbsp;Matilde Vicenzi Vincenzovo Ladyfingers</strong></em>&nbsp;are classic ladyfingers for the classic Italian tiramisu recipe. They&#39;ve been baking premium pastries since 1905 (guessing they&#39;ve pretty much dialed it in)&nbsp;and this is the No. 1 Italian ladyfinger.&nbsp;And for the gluten intolerants out there, we now carry&nbsp;<em><strong>Schar Gluten Free Ladyfingers</strong></em>! This&nbsp;is Europe&#39;s No. 1 gluten free brand, imported from Italy, and containing no wheat, GMOs, lactose or preservatives. Now there&#39;s no excuse NOT to make tiramisu! Go ahead, make your family and/or dinner guests an offer they can&#39;t refuse.</p><p>Another new&nbsp;product that is really gaining some traction with our customers is&nbsp;<em><strong>Nature &amp; Moi</strong></em>. Imported from France, the&nbsp;<em><strong>Mozzarella Style</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Cheddar Style Farmhouse Blocks</strong></em>&nbsp;are vegan cheese that contain no lactose, soy or palm oil. They crumble, smell&nbsp;and melt&nbsp;like real cheese and the feedback from some of our staff and customers is that they are&nbsp;delicious!&nbsp;</p><p>Jeopardy Pop Quiz: what&nbsp;drink that originated in the Caucasus Mountains uses &quot;grains&quot; to inoculate milk causing it to ferment the sugars?</p><p>Answer: Kefir</p><p>You probably knew that. But did you know that there&#39;s such a thing a Water Kefir? Neither did we until just a few days ago when we added&nbsp;<em><strong>The Squamish Water Kefir Co. Water Kefir</strong></em>&nbsp;to our shelves! It&#39;s kind of like kombucha except that it&#39;s the kefir &quot;grains&quot; that are added to the water, along with organic fair-trade sugar (which ferments into delicious water kefir). The result is a low-sugar, effervescent, dairy-free beverage full of probiotics to aid in digestion and help&nbsp;maintain healthy gut flora. It&#39;s gluten-free, caffeine-free, dairy-free, low in pre-digested sugar, 100% natural and plant based. And it comes in a variety of flavours! For more on this unique product head on over to the website:&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>Two weeks ago we told you about&nbsp;new Very Berry Cheerios. If that raised an eyebrow then perhaps you&#39;ll be interested in hearing about&nbsp;<em><strong>Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheerios</strong></em>.They use real peanut butter (allergy sufferers beware) and cocoa to flavour this whole grain cereal and it&#39;s lower in sugar than you might think! Remember all the times when&nbsp;mom made you eat Shreddies when all your friends were eating Cocoa Puffs? Go know you want this!</p><p>That&#39;s all there is for new items this week. If you&#39;re shopping this Saturday, September 29, between 10AM and 2PM be sure to try some <em><strong>Gulf Island Coffee</strong></em> as they will be here sampling their delicious coffee! Until next time take care and have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 18, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 18 Sep 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; We have so much to pack into this week&#39;s newsletter that there&#39;s no time to waste! Let&#39;s get right to it starting with a bunch of new items from our Dairy Department.</p><p>If you drink milk then you&#39;re probably thinking that milk is milk is milk.&nbsp;I mean, aside from lactose free versus regular milk, it&#39;s all pretty much the same, right? Wrong! Introducing new<em><strong>&nbsp;Fairlife Milk</strong></em>. This is next generation milk...ultrafiltered, lactose free with 50% MORE protein (14g per 250ml serving) and 50% LESS sugar (6g per 250ml serving) than regular milk. It&#39;s like super milk! And it contains more calcium, too (370mg per serving). Basically they take the five components of milk (water, minerals, lactose, protein and fat) and separate them using five different filters. They they recombine the ingredients to create their ultrafiltered, yet still natural, milk! Magnificent! Marvelous! Matchless! Set this new moo juice loose!</p><p>We are always trying to expand on dairy products that are made from grass fed cows. So good news because not only have we added&nbsp;<em><strong>Donia Farms Grass&nbsp;Fed Unsalted Butter</strong></em>, it also happens to be made from milk&nbsp;from a South Surrey, BC farm! This butter is 84% butterfat and because the cows have a silage free diet, the flavour imparted to this butter is outstanding! And it&#39;s less money than the other imported brand that we previously stocked.&nbsp;</p><p>If you like process cheese&nbsp;but find that it just isn&#39;t doing it for you anymore then perhaps you need to try&nbsp;<em><strong>Sonoma Jacks Gourmet Cheese Wedges</strong></em>. These are individually wrapped servings of delicious monterey jack processed&nbsp;cheese that make awesome additions to your lunch box! Pair with a Triscuit or any cracker for a quick and easy snack!</p><p>However, if you prefer a more traditional cheese, but are&nbsp;still looking for something that you can take as an on-the-go snack, then you&#39;re going to want&nbsp;to try these two new additions to our Dairy.&nbsp;<em><strong>Natrel Lactose Free Cheddar Portions</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>IOGO Nano Mozzarella Portions</strong></em>&nbsp;are just the ticket for kids and adults alike! Easy to open and perfectly portioned for snacking, everyone will want to find these in their lunch kits!</p><p>Batman and Robin. Kirk and Spock. Rocky and Bullwinkle. All famous duos. Now Pepper&#39;s has another soon to be famous (or as the label says, &quot;World Famous in Canada&quot;) duo as&nbsp;we introduce<em><strong>&nbsp;Haupy&#39;s Beaver Rub</strong></em>&nbsp;(Original and Spicy)&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Haupy&#39;s Moose Rub</strong></em>&nbsp;(Original and Maplesque)&nbsp;seasonings.&nbsp;We&#39;ve carried Haupy&#39;s Beaver Rub for some time but only the original variety so now we have the complete lineup.&nbsp;Not only can you use these&nbsp;mixtures to spice up swamp donkeys and marsh rodents but you can use them on just about anything! Try these uniquely Canadian rubs but have some fun&nbsp;and use your imagination!</p><p>As if those rubs weren&#39;t spicy enough, how about bringing the heat to your pasta sauce?&nbsp;<em><strong>Mezzetta Homemade Spicy Marinara Sauce</strong></em>&nbsp;is imported plum tomatoes from Italy&rsquo;s San Marzano region and&nbsp;California plum tomatoes&nbsp;blended with imported olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh basil, oregano, spices and crushed chili peppers. This is the sauce that may very well change your life.</p><p>And&nbsp; finally, when meat isn&#39;t an option but you just have to crush a burger,&nbsp;<em><strong>Cardinal Roadhouse Veggie Burgers</strong></em>&nbsp;are in order. These high protein veggie burgers combine quality soy protein with a veggie blend and are seasoned to perfection. Who cares that BBQ season is over (is it ever really over in Victoria?)? Pick up a pack of these Canadian veggie burgers and fix yourself a healthy and hearty meal!</p><p>That&#39;s all for this week, folks. Just a reminder that Terra Breads will be in-store this Thursday and Friday (Sept. 20 &amp; 21) sampling their yummy granola from 3pm-5pm each day! Make sure to stop by and give it a try. Happy Autumn!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 11, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 11 Sep 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; The first week of the 2018/19 school year is in the books and even though it&#39;s still officially summer, the weather would seem to indicate otherwise. Fall is quickly approaching and so is Thanksgiving which means that you need to start thinking about reserving a fresh turkey from our Meat Department. We&#39;ll share varieties and prices in an upcoming newsletter but for now we&#39;re just putting this on your radar because <strong>October 8th is Thanksgiving Monday</strong> and that will be here before you know it!</p><p>Parents know that getting the kids to eat their vegetables can be a real challenge. That&#39;s why it&#39;s a great idea to pick up<em><strong>&nbsp;Catelli Smart Veggie Spaghetti</strong></em>! This is white pasta that provides 1/2 serving of vegetables per 85g of pasta. They combine Canadian durum wheat, oat fibre (and lots of it!), carrots and cauliflower into a delicious noodle that you cook&nbsp;to perfection in only six minutes! Now you can get little Johnny to eat a high fibre meal while sneaking in some veggies, too! Best Parenting Award goes to: (your name here).</p><p>If you or your family like&nbsp;Cheerios&nbsp;then perhaps you&#39;ll want to&nbsp;try this classic cereal elevated to the next level.&nbsp;<em><strong>Very Berry Cheerios</strong></em>&nbsp;is a special edition flavour of four berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and, surprisingly,&nbsp;cranberry) squished into the iconic General Mills breakfast staple. No artificial flavours or colours are used to enhance the taste or appearance of this cereal. It&#39;s simply delicious whole grain oats and the taste of real berries combined to create a delicious breakfast that everyone will love!</p><p>Another special, yet limited, edition product on the shelf is&nbsp;<em><strong>Olympic Krema Pumpkin Spice Yogurt</strong></em>! After the huge success of this flavour last year, they&#39;ve brought it back for another run. And why not? You can get a pumpkin spice latte to go with your pumpkin spice muffin at the cafe, a pumpkin spice martini at the bar and heck, you can even buy pumpkin spice waffles and gum and ice cream! It&#39;s gotten out of hand! But this is a premium yogurt, thick and rich with 9% milk fat, and&nbsp;fruit on the bottom. And it&#39;s only available until November so make sure you get some while you can! And also look for&nbsp;Olympic Krema Strawberry&nbsp;and&nbsp;Olympic Krema Cherry&nbsp;flavours as well!</p><p>Another food craze from awhile back was coconut water. You can buy coconut water with pulp, without pulp, with added flavours such as mango, pineapple, name it. But there&#39;s a reason for coconut water&#39;s appeal:</p><ul> <li>low calorie</li> <li>contains natural electrolytes and isotonics</li> <li>&nbsp;rich in potassium</li> <li>fat and cholesterol free</li></ul><p>So we&#39;ve added yet another choice to the list with<em><strong>&nbsp;Everland Coconut Water</strong></em>. Everland is a Burnaby&nbsp;company so you&#39;re supporting a BC business when you purchase their&nbsp;products. Plus,<em>&nbsp;they</em>&nbsp;support small scale farmers by donating&nbsp;1% for every can you buy.&nbsp;</p><p>Closing out this weeks new products is<strong>&nbsp;Mocolate</strong>&nbsp;by Victoria, BC, company Heartisan Foods. It&#39;s the &quot;raw vegan power snack!&quot; But what is it actually? The company website describes it as, &quot;a decadent carob power snack full of complete plant based protein and whole food ingredients for your brain.&quot;</p><p>The herbal blend contains licorice root, marshmallow root, true cinnamon, ashwagandha, chag mushroom, fo-ti root, shilajit and carob.</p><p>The gold bar contains 100mg of hemp CBD (cannobidiol Isolate). No, you can&#39;t get high by eating this bar! That would require the compound called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)&nbsp;which is the main psychoactive cannabinoid of cannabis. This ain&#39;t that.&nbsp;In fact, there are zero mind altering substances contained within. But the purported benefits of CBD include pain and inflammation reduction, anxiety and depression reduction and a reduction of cancer-related symptoms, among others.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s does not endorse the efficacy of this product.</p><p>It&#39;s up to you to do your homework and see if Mocolate with CBD is right for you.</p><p>For more information on this product and the company, please visit&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>Closing out, the prize that we&#39;re offering currently is a set of two metal Stylecraft Lamps with LED Edison-style bulbs! Simply sign the back of your receipt with your name and number and deposit it in the draw box at the front of the store. The draw date is October 16th and you can enter as many times as you like!&nbsp;</p><p>Take good care until next week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 4, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 04 Sep 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; In fact, for parents, this morning is extra good because the kiddies are back in class! Woohoo! Can you believe that the summer has come and gone already? Ridiculous. Do you want to know what else is ridiculous? Our advertised specials for this week! Yes, everything you need to prepare yummy lunches that your kids won&#39;t trade away are listed. And our&nbsp;<em><strong>Thursday Special</strong></em>&nbsp;follows suit with&nbsp;<em><strong>Babybel Mini Cheese Portions on for only $3.99</strong></em>!! So please have a gander at the attached flyer and pick up the things your kids actually like!</p><p>Our first new item for today is another kid-friendly option.<em><strong>&nbsp;Honest Kids Organic Juice Boxes</strong></em>&nbsp;are available now at Pepper&#39;s in&nbsp;<em><strong>Fruit Punch, Apple</strong></em>&nbsp;and<em><strong>&nbsp;Berry Lemonade</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours. These tasty beverages contain only 40 calories per box despite having no added sugars. And each 200ml serving supplies 100% of the daily recommended vitamin C that your child needs. And take a look at the pictures; each&nbsp;animal is made out of the fruits that comprise the flavours! Fun! So you can feel great knowing that little Sally has a healthier lunch item and she&#39;ll just like it because it tastes and looks good.&nbsp;High five!</p><p>Dried fruit.&nbsp;Nobody&#39;s out there saying that they kind of enjoy eating dried cranberries. You either like them or you don&#39;t. If you are one of the ones who does, then you&#39;ll simply have to try&nbsp;<em><strong>Snow Farms Dried Cranberries</strong></em>&nbsp;(with orange flavour). We also have&nbsp;<em><strong>Snow Farms Whole Dried Tart Cherries</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Snow Farms Whole Dried Blueberries</strong></em>. All of these fruits are BC grown and there are zero artifical flavours, colours or preservatives added. Add them to your favourite cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or just eat them right out of the resealable pouch!</p><p>When was the last time you tried some &quot;hippie dust&quot;? Of course I&#39;m referring to nutritional yeast which, according to Wikipedia, <em>&quot; popular with&nbsp;vegans&nbsp;and&nbsp;vegetarians&nbsp;and may be used as an ingredient in recipes or as a&nbsp;condiment.[1] It is a significant source of some&nbsp;B-complex&nbsp;vitamins and contains trace amounts of several other vitamins and minerals. Sometimes nutritional yeast is fortified with&nbsp;vitamin B12. Nutritional yeast has a strong flavor that is described as nutty, cheesy, or creamy, which makes it popular as an ingredient in&nbsp;cheese&nbsp;substitutes. It is often used by vegans in place of cheese,[2]&nbsp;for example in mashed and fried potatoes, in scrambled tofu, or as a topping for&nbsp;popcorn.[3]&quot;&nbsp;</em></p><p>Pepper&#39;s is very excited to offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Yeshi Nutritional Yeast Dressing&nbsp;in</strong></em> three amazing flavours:&nbsp;<em><strong>Original, Sesame Ginger</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chili</strong></em>! These versatile dressings are made right here on the island in Mill Bay! And you can use them on&nbsp;anything. In fact, the company suggests you try them on&nbsp;everything! These are dressings for any diet but they&#39;re suitable for gluten-free, vegetarian and ketogenic diets as well. We think that these are going to be a big hit with our customers, hippie or not! For suggested uses, recipes and more information, please visit the website at:&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s not too late to whip it. Whip it good.&quot; That&#39;s the famous lyric by American rock band, Devo. You know, they may have been onto something way back when. Because here&#39;s another new product that takes the main ingredient and puts a new twist on it.&nbsp;<em><strong>Natrel Whipped</strong></em>&nbsp;takes cottage cheese to the next level by turning it into a dip and spread! Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Original,&nbsp;Roasted Red Pepper</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Chive &amp; Garlic</strong></em>&nbsp;each portion contains only 35 calories but is high in protein. Use it on bagels, crackers, flatbread, breadsticks, as a veggie dip or however you like. Look for the snappy black packaging in the dairy aisle where the cottage cheese is kept.</p><p><em><strong>Bob&#39;s Red Mill Petit French Style Green Lentils</strong></em> don&#39;t need much of an introduction. According to the package,&nbsp;<em>&quot;These dark green, lightly dappled lentils are prized for their peppery flavor and hearty texture.&nbsp; Because they hold their shape while cooking, Petite French Green Lentils are perfect for salads and pilafs. Each serving provides a wealth of fiber and iron.&quot;</em>&nbsp;But the best part is there&#39;s no need to pre-soak! In just 25 minutes on the stovetop you can have perfectly cooked lentils. For recipes on making French Lentil Soup and Warm French Lentil Salad just pick up a package.&nbsp;They&#39;re printed right on the back!</p><p>The Eastern Townships of southern Quebec is where you&#39;ll find the farm of Cosman &amp; Webb, the place where organic sugar maples are cultivated and tapped for their prized&nbsp;syrup. And Pepper&#39;s is proud to have been stocking this liquid gold for a few years now. Now we&#39;ve added&nbsp;<em><strong>Cosman &amp; Webb Organic Maple Sugar</strong></em>&nbsp;to the shelf. This is pure maple syrup transformed into a delicate sweetener that you can use in place of granulated white sugar. It&#39;s made from unblended and single forest maple syrup. And because of the beautiful packaging, this makes an ideal gift!</p><p>That&#39;s all for now friends. As always, thanks for taking the time to give us a read and thanks for choosing to shop with us when you have so many other options. Until next time...</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Labour Day Weekend Hours Peppers Foods Tue, 28 Aug 2018 11:48:00 GMT <p>Celebrate workers, the labour movement and the last long weekend of summer before the Back to School hustle begins.&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 28, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 28 Aug 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning and good news! This week we have loads of new items to tell you about so let&#39;s not waste any time and get right down to it!</p><p>Who says that only the carnivores get to eat gourmet? Not us! With new&nbsp;<em><strong>Gusta Vegan Sausages</strong></em>&nbsp;you can enjoy the savoury flavour of herbs and spices mixed with yummy vegetables and *wheat protein (translation: *gluten. Sorry all you gluten-intolerant peeps). These sausages are vegan (100% plant based), non-GMO (100% natural), and 100% Canadian made. And because this was a customer request, we had them in-store within a matter of days!</p><p>In 1893 a fellow by the name of&nbsp;&nbsp;Rasmus Tholstrup of&nbsp;Denmark established a cheese making company. Castello, the name of the business,&nbsp;is still going strong to this day which means only one thing: they know how to make&nbsp;<em>GOOD</em>&nbsp;cheeses! So it just makes sense that Pepper&#39;s carries this brand and has for ages. But now our Deli Department has expanded their line-up and&nbsp;added five new alluringly alliterate products:&nbsp;<em><strong>Castello Tantalizingly Tangy Cheddar</strong></em>&nbsp;(with savoury onion),&nbsp;<em><strong>Strikingly Spicy Cheddar&nbsp;</strong></em>(with cracked black pepper),&nbsp;<em><strong>Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar</strong></em>&nbsp;(aged 17-18 months),&nbsp;<em><strong>Curiously Crunchy Aged Havarti</strong></em>&nbsp;(caramel notes with a curious crunch) and&nbsp;<em><strong>Castello Considerably Crumbly Cheddar</strong></em>&nbsp;(aged 12 months)&nbsp;in a convenient snack pack format. So take the time to try the taste and texture unless of course you&#39;re turophobic (someone who fears cheese).</p><p>You know what goes really well with cheese? Pasta. And for those pasta connoisseurs out there who take their noodles seriously, we have added<em><strong>&nbsp;Delverde Linguine</strong></em>&nbsp;to our shelves in Aisle 2. Made with only the finest durum wheat semolina, combined with the pure waters of the Verde River of the Calabria region of Italy, this No. 11 linguine is every foodie&#39;s dream. Fun fact: the Verde River water has been filtered through rocks over 7 million years old. So you know it&#39;s good. Stimulate your dinner conversation as well as your taste buds!</p><p>Here&#39;s another great new additon to our shelves.&nbsp;<em><strong>Tre Stelle Paneer</strong></em>&nbsp;is&nbsp;<em>&quot;an authentic, non-melting cheese used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Paneer is crafted for cooking as it absorbs the flavours of the sauce and spices as it cooks. High in protein, it is the perfect substitute for meat, poultry and fish in Flexitarian and Vegetarian diets. Its versatility makes it ideal for both traditional Paneer dishes and in some of your favourite Western dishes like burgers, pasta and pizza.&quot;</em></p><p>And because it doesn&#39;t melt, you can add squares to kebobs, as a delicious ingredient to your vegetarian chili, as the main ingredient instead of using chicken in butter chicken or crumbled onto a grilled flatbread!</p><p>Greek yogurt has grown to become a dominant fixture in the dairy case. And rightfully so: it&#39;s super high in calcium and protein, it&#39;s rich, thick and creamy and is high in vitamin B12 and probiotics. But it&#39;s also kind of tart. In fact, that might be the&nbsp;only&nbsp;characteristic of this type of yogurt that people don&#39;t like. If you&#39;re one of those people, then perhaps you need to sweeten things up a tad with&nbsp;<em><strong>Liberte Plain Sweetened&nbsp;Greek Yogurt.&nbsp;</strong></em>It&#39;s available in a 750g tub or a convenient 4x100g multipack! Take the edge off of plain ol&#39;&nbsp;Greek yogurt with the slightly sweet taste of this sure to please yogurt!</p><p>But perhaps Greek&#39;s not your thing. Maybe you&#39;d fare better with an Icelandic style yogurt? Something along the lines of<em><strong> Skyr</strong></em>. What is it and why? Skyr is technically not even a yogurt although nutritionally it&#39;s almost identical. It&#39;s actually strained cheese made from skim milk. It&#39;s been cultured in Iceland for centuries.&nbsp;But skyr contains slightly higher amounts of protein than Greek yogurt, is even thicker&nbsp;AND it doesn&#39;t have that tang that many people dislike. In fact, it tastes more like creme fraiche. So if you&#39;re in the market for a change at the breakfast table, try<em><strong>&nbsp;Liberte Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt</strong></em>&nbsp;in<em><strong>&nbsp;Plain&nbsp;</strong></em>or&nbsp;<em><strong>Vanilla</strong></em>! It contains no added sugars either, but here&#39;s the twist: this Skyr is made with 2% milk instead if skim! Odin himself would approve.</p><p>When you look at the attached flyer you&#39;ll see another brand new item! Underground Kombucha is available to try for the crazy price of $2.96 + deposit! This Vernon, BC company uses only organic ingredients from other BC companies and opts to keep the naturally occuring probitotics of kombucha in their brew (unlike some other companies that filter it out). And they offer their beverage in a can. This is important for several reasons:</p><ul> <li>Aluminum recycles more productively than glass.</li> <li>No UV light &ndash; enemy No. 1 of kombucha &ndash; can get into a can.</li> <li>Cans chill faster than bottles.</li> <li>Cans take up less space and are easier to store.</li> <li>Cans are in demand by beach-goers, campers and hikers, picnic people, boaters, lawn jockeys, and ballerinas.</li> <li>Cans are sealed with nitrogen with no chance of air to oxidize the contents, while with bottles, which are purged with CO2, there&rsquo;s a chance of oxidation due to the seal between cap and bottle.</li> <li>Sustainability.</li></ul><p>It could also be that this drink is an expansion of the craft brewery Marten Brewing Company which already produces great beer in a can and it just made more sense to put their kombucha in a can too instead of re-tooling the entire facility to add a brand new bottling line. But I digress...</p><p>As the banner says at the end of the Looney Tunes cartoons, &quot;That&#39;s All Folks!&quot; At least until next week. Until then take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 21, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 21 Aug 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; You know what&#39;s great about summer (besides everything!)? One thing is that we get to eat fruits and vegetables that aren&#39;t otherwise available locally. Take for instance the&nbsp;<em><strong>cucamelon</strong></em>! This is a fruit that looks like a tiny watermelon but tastes like a tart cucumber. But it&#39;s not some hybrid plant. It&#39;s been growing naturally in Latin America since forever.&nbsp;<em><strong>The Spanish name is Sandiita which means &quot;little watermelon.&quot;</strong></em>&nbsp;Pepper&#39;s gets ours locally from Sol Farms in Saanichton. You can eat them raw as is or sliced in a salad, pickled, added to a stir&nbsp;fry or even as a garnish to a martini or cocktail! Despite their small size, this cute fruit packs a BIG nutritional punch:&nbsp;cucamelons are rich in Lycopenes (a heart improving antioxidant), beta carotene (helps to maintain eye health and young skin), minerals, and vitamin K, E, C and fiber.</p><p>Here&#39;s a different kind of summer flavour to tempt your tastebuds:&nbsp;<em><strong>Bonne Maman Mango-Peach Preserves</strong></em>.&nbsp;The tropical flavour of mangos combined with the sweet, ripe flavour of peaches join together to make a unique and delectable preserve. Add to plain yogurt, spread on toast, top vanilla ice cream or just go for it and have a spoonful right out of the jar!</p><p>Most everyone loves a BBQ (yet another summertime bonus). So next time you&#39;re having one, make sure you include one or all of these new&nbsp;<em><strong>Lays STReatS of the World Potato Chips</strong></em>. That&#39;s right, you can now buy chips that taste like&nbsp;<em><strong>Grilled Cheese Sandwich,&nbsp;Taco</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Pizza</strong></em>. They&#39;re not quite as over the top as some of the offerings you&#39;d find at a State Fair but as far as potato chip flavours go, they&#39;re pretty darn bold!</p><p>And don&#39;t forget to have a bottle of&nbsp;<em><strong>Suzie&#39;s Organic Mayonnaise</strong></em>&nbsp;handy to dress up your hotdogs (some people do it, you know), brats, burgers, salads, fries (Belgian style), sandwiches, dips or whatever else you like to put it on.&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for an alternative to wheat flour then it&#39;s your lucky day becasue we now stock&nbsp;<em><strong>GoGo Quinoa Organic Quinoa All-Purpose Flour</strong></em>. This is certified organic, certified gluten-free and vegan flour that makes delicious, high-protein bread, pancakes, muffins,&nbsp;cookies and anything else you can think&nbsp;of baking.&nbsp;Quinoa is also relatively high in fibre, contains all of the essential fatty acids and is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. So you can ditch the gluten but keep the nutrients, many of which are higher than in traditional grains. Hashtag: winning!</p><p>Another brand spanking new item for all of you gluten-free lovers (gluten haters?) is&nbsp;<em><strong>Kikkoman Gluten-Free Panko Style Coating</strong></em>. Finally a product for people who just want to eat some delicious, crunchy, fried shrimp without gluten for crying out loud! Fill your boots, folks. You&#39;re welcome.</p><p>Do you want to know a secret? Sometimes people sweat. And smell. Ok, that&#39;s no secret. We all know this. The problem is that sometimes we do this when we can&#39;t afford to: just before a business meeting, a job interview, a date (gack!). I&#39;m talking to all you ladies out there. Because unfortunately, us men don&#39;t have something like&nbsp;<em><strong>Secret Freshies On-The-Go Antiperspirant/Deodorant</strong></em>. This stealthy little ball goes with you anywhere in your bag or purse&nbsp;<em>&quot;for those moments when you want a little boost of freshness and protection.&quot;</em>&nbsp;&nbsp;Never get caught in a situation again where someone notices your BO before they notice you!</p><p>Oh and just FYI,&nbsp;<em><strong>Gulf Island Coffee&nbsp;will be doing an in-store demo this Saturday, August 25th from 10am-4pm.</strong></em> Their organic, direct trade coffees are&nbsp;<em>&quot;designed to bring you back to the leisurely mornings spent on a boat, the thrill of going into the open water, and the satisfaction of having the perfect drink in-hand to face any new challenge.&quot;&nbsp;</em></p><p><strong></strong></p><p>Unfortunately that&#39;s all there is until next week. Please have a look at the attached flyer and don&#39;t forget that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Seniors Days.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 14, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 14 Aug 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Sunday was the annual Cadboro Bay Festival at Gyro Park,&nbsp;and despite the cooler temperatures, the day was&nbsp;massively successful! We had&nbsp;world class sand sculptors, live music, bouncy castles, hands-on activities, food vendors and face painting! Hundreds of people turned out for some great family fun times and it was amazing to see such lively community spirit! Thanks one and all to everyone who contributed to the event and for those who participated!</p><p>This week we have (mostly) breakfast items that are new to our shelves. Now I don&#39;t know about you but I don&#39;t have a lot of time in the morning to make breakfast. But I also need something more satisfying than a regular old bowl of cereal.&nbsp;<em><strong>Quaker Overnight Oats</strong></em>&nbsp;are just the ticket!&nbsp;&nbsp;Available in&nbsp;<em><strong>Walnut, Raisin &amp; Honey</strong></em>&nbsp;as well as&nbsp;<em><strong>Toasted Coconut &amp; Almond</strong></em>&nbsp;flavours all you do is add milk the night before, put in the fridge and come morning time, you end up with a delicious, healthy and hearty breakfast! What could be easier than that? Steep. Sleep. Eat.</p><p>Or if you have the time in the morning, perhaps you&#39;d prefer good, old-fashioned pancakes? If so then maybe&nbsp;<em><strong>Anita&#39;s Organic Mill Pancake &amp; Waffle Mix</strong></em>&nbsp;fits the bill. In addition to the&nbsp;High-Fibre&nbsp;variety that we already carry, you can now choose from&nbsp;<em><strong>Multigrain</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Ancient Grain </strong></em>mixes! This company was founded over 20 years ago in Chilliwack, BC, and offers &quot;premium flours, cereals and mixes for a new generation of makers and bakers.&quot; Canadian certified organic, non-GMO, and of course, 100% free of pesticides and hebicides. Visit&nbsp;<strong></strong>&nbsp;for delicious variations including muffins!</p><p>You&#39;re going to need something to wash down that breakfast with so it might as well be<em><strong>&nbsp;Minute Maid Heart Wise Orange Juice</strong></em>! Heart wise? YES! You see, this delicious orange juice contains plant sterols which is a proven agent for lowering LDL Cholesterol. That&#39;s the so-called &quot;bad&#39; cholesterol that collects on the sides of your arteries like bacon fat down the kitchen sink drain. This is the ONLY juice clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. And it also contains vitamins B, B6 and B12.<strong> <em>Raise a glass and&nbsp;lower your cholesterol</em></strong><em>!</em></p><p>Ok let&#39;s switch gears for a minute and showcase a few new items from our Health &amp; Beauty department. We have a bunch of exciting new items from&nbsp;<em>Island Essentials</em>, a Vancouver Island&nbsp;company specializing in producing home cleaning and personal care products that are all natural,&nbsp; environmentally safe, not tested on animals and contain no harsh artificial chemicals.</p><p>First off is&nbsp;<em><strong>Island Essentials Castile Soap</strong></em>&nbsp;available in<em><strong>&nbsp;Natural, Lavender</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>forThave&#39;s Chai</strong></em>.</p><p>Castile Soap is made from vegetable oils and contains no animal fats whatsoever. You may not be familiar with it but you should definitely consider adding this to your arsenal of cleaning products because of its super versatility. You can clean your body AND your house with it!&nbsp;&nbsp;And you can do so effectively. In fact, there are far too many uses for this soap to list so here&#39;s a website that you can check out that will answer all of your castile questions:</p><p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p><p>We also have a whole new line of&nbsp;Island <em><strong>Essentials Natural Bar Soaps</strong></em>&nbsp;that are sure to be a hit in the bath or shower. Make sure not to use on an empty stomach or you might be tempted to take a bite. They smell&nbsp;<em>that</em>&nbsp;good!&nbsp;</p><p>And if you&#39;re looking for a new type of body cream to try,&nbsp;<em><strong>Island Essentials Natural Hand &amp; Body Cream</strong></em>&nbsp;may very well be your next favourite! These luxuriously rich creams are highly absorbent and moisturize&nbsp;with&nbsp;their non-greasy formulae. Nurture through nature with these hand-crafted emollients!</p><p>Almost forgot to mention that this weekend from 11 am until 5 pm on both Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19th,<em><strong>&nbsp;Island Farms will be in-store offering free ice cream samples</strong></em>! It&#39;s summertime&nbsp;and the livin&#39; is easy! Get down here for some delicious frozen goodness!</p><p>As always, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces in the aisles! Have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 7, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 07 Aug 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; You know, it&#39;s always so nice to get away from it all every now and then but it&#39;s also nice to get back to reality and back to work. So here we are again, Tuesday morning, with another newsletter and a list of new goodies to tell you about. And of course our new advertised specials&nbsp;kick&nbsp;in today as well. But first, here&#39;s hoping your&nbsp;Civic Holiday was as bright and sunny as the weather here on the island!&nbsp;</p><p>Let&#39;s see, where should we begin? How about by talking about cacao butter!&nbsp;<em><strong>Ecoideas Organic Cacao Butter</strong></em>&nbsp;is new to Pepper&#39;s and it&#39;s such a versatile item that you&#39;re going to want to make sure to put a bag in your basket.&nbsp;Why? Well, the&nbsp;Equadorian grown cacao pods that are used to make the butter are grown on farms where farmers and workers are paid a fair wage (certified Fair Trade). And with every purchase, funds are also contributed to support the farmers&#39; local communities. So there&#39;s that. Also, this is pure, unrefined butter. No chemicals are used to process it and it shows in the smooth texture, rich flavour and buttery aroma. &quot;But what is it used for&quot; you may be asking? It can be blended into smoothies, used in raw desserts or melted into hot cacao drinks. But it&#39;s also an excellent body moisturizer, lip balm and hair treatment! Certified gluten-free.</p><p>If you&#39;ve been consuming quinoa and brown rice and perhaps even farrow because of their&nbsp;health&nbsp;benefits but you&#39;re now so sick of all of them that you can&#39;t even stand it anymore then maybe it&#39;s time to get freekeh. It&#39;s actually pronounced <em>free-kah</em> but you might just freak out when you find out why this ancient grain is so beneficial. But just a heads up: this is wheat, so it is <em>NOT</em> gluten free.</p><p>Essentially this is a cereal food that is made from green durum wheat.&nbsp; As per Wikipedia:<em>&nbsp;the grain&nbsp;is roasted and rubbed to create its flavour. It is an ancient dish derived from&nbsp;Levantine&nbsp;and&nbsp;North African&nbsp;cuisines,[1][2]&nbsp;remaining popular in many countries of the eastern&nbsp;Mediterranean Basin&nbsp;where durum wheat originated.[3] The wheat is harvested while the grains are yellow and the seeds are still soft; it is then piled and sun-dried. The piles are carefully set on fire so only the straw and chaff burn. Under these conditions, the high moisture content of the seeds prevents them from burning. The roasted wheat is then threshed and sun-dried to achieve a uniform flavour, texture and colour. This threshing or rubbing process of the grains gives this food its name,&nbsp;farik&nbsp;or &ldquo;rubbed&rdquo;. Finally, the seeds are cracked into smaller pieces that resemble green&nbsp;bulgur.[1]</em></p><p>&nbsp;Another website,, has this to say about this &quot;new&quot; ancient superfood:&nbsp;<em>When it comes to nutritional benefits, there&#39;s no question that supergrain freekeh has the upper hand. It dominates quinoa (and a lot of other grains). Freekeh is low in fat and high in protein and fiber. Serving for serving, freekeh has more protein and twice as much fiber as quinoa. (A 42g serving of freekeh has six grams of fiber and six grams of protein, versus quinoa&rsquo;s three and five-and-a-half, respectively.) This means freekeh keeps you feeling full long after you&#39;ve eaten it, so it&#39;s a smart option for anyone focused on weight loss&nbsp;&nbsp;. Freekeh is also lower on the&nbsp;glycemic index&nbsp;(wholegrain freekeh GI = 43), making it a great choice for people managing diabetes or those just trying to keep their&nbsp;blood sugar steady. To top it off, this power-packed grain is high in iron, calcium, and zinc, and acts like a prebiotic, promoting the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system.&nbsp;</em></p><p>So there you have it. Now you have something else delicious to add to add to your shopping list. Pick up a tin of<em><strong>&nbsp;Ecoideas Whole Greenwheat Freekeh</strong></em>&nbsp;and give quinoa a rest.</p><p>At Pepper&#39;s we&#39;re always trying to give our customers the most options in terms of offering a varied selection of products. And now we have two new butters from Natrel gracing our shelves.&nbsp;<em><strong>Natrel Organic Salted Butter&nbsp;</strong></em>and&nbsp;<em><strong>Natrel Lactose Free Salted Butter</strong></em>&nbsp;are here (finally). Eastern Canada was first to get these two but now us Westerners&nbsp;can enjoy them as well! Yippee!&nbsp;</p><p>Here&#39;s one for the meat lovers.&nbsp;<em><strong>Cape Herb &amp; Spice Texan Steakhouse Rub</strong></em>&nbsp;offers a succulent sweet and spicy&nbsp;barbecue flavouring to not just steak but also&nbsp;poultry and seafood. Season a nicely oiled steak with this rub 30 minutes before you place it on the grill and keep the tin handy to add more flavour while you&#39;ve got the meat on the heat! And speaking of heat,&nbsp;<em><strong>Cape Herb &amp; Spice Ghost Chilli</strong></em>&nbsp;packs a mighty whallop. Designed for the die hard chilli enthusiast, this spice tops out at over 1 million scoville units. How hot is that? Remember that scene in<em>&nbsp;Raiders of the Lost Ark</em>&nbsp;when Belloq opens the Ark releasing the powers inside and Major Toht&#39;s face melts? Now you&#39;re in the ballpark. Use as a spice rub, marinade or table seasoning. You&#39;ve been warned!</p><p>If you do decide to go ahead and play with fire, you should know that we now have&nbsp;<em><strong>Thelma&#39;s Frozen Lemonade</strong></em>&nbsp;on tap in the slushie machine! Might want to keep that nearby...But even if you don&#39;t try out the ghost pepper powder, this is such a refreshing beverage to take with you down to&nbsp;the beach on these dog days!&nbsp;</p><p>My sister-in-law told my son the other day that cheese was her most loved food. She said that she would take it any day of the week, even over anything&nbsp;sweet. Well if you&#39;re like her then you need to try&nbsp;<em><strong>Air Cheese&nbsp;Cheddar&nbsp;</strong></em>or&nbsp;<em><strong>Gouda</strong></em>!<em><strong>&nbsp;Air Cheese Bites</strong></em> are made of premium natural cheese, dehydrated without any other ingredients, and puffed through a special process, resulting in a crunchy, airy, and protein-rich cheese snack. No refrigeration required! Perfect for munching on the go or when you&#39;re pounding through your favourite Netflix series!</p><p>And finally, we have<em><strong>&nbsp;Activia Probiotic Yogurt with Oats, Almonds and Fruit</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Plain</strong></em>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<em><strong>Vanilla</strong></em>!&nbsp;Discover the new Activia source of fiber; a delicious snack of probiotic&nbsp;yogurt topped with a crunchy mix made of cereals, dried fruits and nuts. And with over 10 billion&nbsp;Bifidobacterium lactis per 100g, your gut will thank you for it!</p><p>Don&#39;t forget to have a look at the attached flyer to take advantage of some excellent pricing on loads of&nbsp;items from every department!</p><p>Until next week, take good care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter July 24, 2018 Peppers Foods Tue, 24 Jul 2018 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Fun Fact: On this day in&nbsp;1911&nbsp;American explorer&nbsp;Hiram Bingham&nbsp;discovered Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. Seems like nowadays there&#39;s virtually no part of the Earth&#39;s landmass that hasn&#39;t been explored, thus, those kinds of&nbsp;discoveries are few and far between. Most of us have to settle for less exciting endeavours in our daily lives. However, everyday has the potential to be an adventure (if you decide you want it to be one). Let&#39;s start by discovering some new items at Pepper&#39;s!</p><p>Ever had a Moscow Mule? If you don&#39;t know what that is, it&#39;s a delightful cocktail containing vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice. And this is the perfect weather for enjoying one (or several). The secret, however, is in using a quality ginger beer. And as luck would have it, we just so happen to have not one but&nbsp;TWO&nbsp;available in Aisle 5.<em><strong>&nbsp;Rugged Roots Brewhouse</strong></em>&nbsp;has created&nbsp;<em><strong>Wildfire Organic Spicy Ginger Beer&nbsp;and&nbsp;Zingiber Organic Ginger Beer</strong></em>. We&#39;ve been talking alot lately about probiotic containing foods and these two are no different. These are handcrafted, probiotic brews naturally fermented and carbonated right here in Victoria, BC. And they contain absolutely no preservatives, sulphites or additives. But you don&#39;t have to use them just as a mix; they can be enjoyed all on their own!&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p><em><strong>Kapow Now!</strong></em>&nbsp;is a Vancouver company that creates plant based superfoods for vibrant living. And we have some sweet and savoury options of theirs available now for you!&nbsp;<em><strong>Kapow Now! Chocolate Glop Hot Chocolate Mix and Spread</strong></em>&nbsp;can be spread on anything and everything! Mix it with water or milk or&nbsp;heck, eat it straight out of ther jar. It&#39;s made from mostly whole dates and contains&nbsp;no added sugar, is dairy free and vegan. And&nbsp;<em><strong>Kapow Now! Salted Caramel Glop Maple Date Spread</strong></em>&nbsp;can be spread, drizzled or mixed with liquid making it a versatile addition to your pantry! It&#39;s also another great vegan option.</p><p>As for the savoury,&nbsp;<em><strong>Kapow Now! Nocheez Chickpea Crackers</strong></em>&nbsp;are wheat free, non-GMO and vegan crackers that taste kind of cheesey without the cheese. It says so right on the bag! But they are also high in protein, Omega 3, iron and fibre.&nbsp;<em><strong>Available in Original, Rosemary and Smoked Paprika.</strong></em></p><p>Red Robin for the seafood lover in you! Wait, sorry. Wrong restaurant chain. If you love the taste of&nbsp;<em><strong>Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews</strong></em> food then you&#39;ll be tickled pink to know that we now have two Yummm Certified sauces. <em><strong>Red Robin Whiskey River BBQ Sauce</strong></em> makes a great flavour addition to all of your BBQ options: burgers, steak, you name it, this goes with it. And even though there is now a western province wide campfire ban in effect, <em><strong>Red Robin Camp Fire Sauce</strong></em>&nbsp; still makes&nbsp;a&nbsp; great dipping sauce for jalapeno poppers, mozza sticks, fried, veggies...whatever. Go ahead, fire up the Yummm!!</p><p>Multi-award winning companies win awards for a reason: their products are good! And <em><strong>Stonewall Kitchen</strong></em> consistently puts out products that win awards year after year. Whether it&#39;s from the Scovie Awards, Specialty Food Association (SFA), SIAL or several others, this specialty foods&nbsp;company that was founded in 1991 just keep churning out winning products. And we already carry a whole lot of their stuff. You can find most all of them across from the ATM machine and the rest in Aisle 1 with the condiments. Now Pepper&#39;s is pleased to add three new items:&nbsp;<em><strong>Stonewall Kitchen Classic Pizza Sauce, Bacon Caesar Dressing and Ghost Pepper Aioli</strong></em>. If you would like to read more about their products and the awards that they&#39;ve won, head on over to&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>That&#39;s all for another week. We hope you enjoyed reading up on all things new to Pepper&#39;s Foods. We&#39;ll leave you with two other newsworthy items: due to rising costs,&nbsp;<em><strong>effective August 1, 2018 our delivery fee will increase from $2.50 to $5.00</strong></em>. Also, due to the long weekend in August there most likely will NOT be a newsletter sent out but there will be an email containing the advertised specials.</p><p>Have a great week!&nbsp;</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p>