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Pepper's Newsletter December 4, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter December 4, 2018

Good morning!  Sunday's Caroling in the Village was yet another great success and your generosity will help women in need at the Victoria Women's Transition House. The weather was nippy and crisp which was perfect for the occasion and the turnout was brilliant once again! Thanks to all those who volunteered to help ensure the success of this event! 

Once again we have added some new product to the shelves so let's not waste any time. Ready? 3...2...1...go!

One of the most popular items in recent memory that we've brought in has to be the Beyond Meat Burgers. The response to adding this meatless wonderfood has been gi-normous! So it made perfect sense to build on that and add another product from their lineup...Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Original Bratwurst! It's the world's first plant-based sausage that "...looks, sizzles and satisfies like pork." With 38% less saturated fat than pork, these brats have zero cholesterol, less total fat, less sodium, fewer calories but all the taste and satisfaction of a pork bratwurst sausage! And that's good news because nobody wants to eat a meatless sausage that tastes like, well, a meatless sausage. Your BBQs will never be the same and neither will your diet! Savvy sausage swallowers swear!

Fresh is Best makes great Mexican favourites. And Pepper's has been carrying their tri-coloured tortilla chips (corn, chili and jalapeno flavours) as well as their tri-flavoured taco shells for a long time. After all, this is a Kamloops-based company which also happens to make super tasty product! Now you can buy Fresh Is Best Tortilla Chips in Chili and Jalapeno flavours with sea salt, respectively, in their own packages. So now you can mow down on just chili or just jalapeno if that works better for you than the mixed bag! Both kinds are vegan, gluten-free and certified kosher! 

Some like it hot and it that's you then Mina Harissa (pron. ha-ree-sa) will certainly wake your mouth up. This is the most common condiment in North African cuisine and it's made with both red and green chili peppers. As per the company website: Chili peppers were introduced to North Africa through Morocco from Spain in the 16th century. These fierce and robust peppers, originally from Latin America, charmed Morocco's population in such a way that they quickly became a precious culinary component across the whole Maghreb region. Morocco's sunshine and arid climate, as well as the abundance of olive oil, have provided the perfect conditions for the development of harissa.The name 'harissa' comes from the Arabic word 'haris', which means to crush, referring to the action of crushing the chilies. Harissa comes in a variety of forms, such as harissa sauce, harissa paste which has a slightly thicker consistency than sauce,  and also as a powdered spice blend which is meant to be used as a seasoning or rub or diluted with olive oil to reach liquidy consistency.

You can use this pepper sauce with couscous and tagines. It's super versatile, too, since it can spice up your meat dishes, seafoods, veggies, eggs, rice, pasta sandwiches, soups and stews or spread it on a sandwich or use it in a dip.

And while we're on the topic of peppers, you'll be pleased to know of the addition of Italissima Roasted Red Peppers. However, these are Spanish sweet bell peppers roasted and packed in water and a bit of salt. Another highly versatile food, you can use it as a pizza topping, in tomato sauces, on burgers or grilled sandwiches, stirred into scrampled eggs or an omelet. You get the idea. The internet can help you out some more if your imagination is a bit rusty.

Cauliflower Rice is actually just fresh cauliflower ground up into fine bits. Eat Smart Cauliflower Rice is the low-carb, low-calorie alternative to heavier dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, and even pizza. And, it’s a great source of vitamins C and K. You can make an amazing pizza crust out of it, make a fried rice dish or blend it into a cauliflower rice hummus!

A triscuit a tasket. This time of year is pretty Triscuit-centric. People seriously love these baked whole grain crackers. And now there are two new varieties to choose from for your holiday knoshings: Christie Organic Triscuit Original and Organic Triscuit Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil. These yummy puppies have 17 grams of whole grain wheat per 19 gram serving! They've been baking these crackers for over 100 years so they must be doing something right. Now Triscuits are better than ever!

Ok, now let's sweeten things up a bit. Ticklebelly Cakebars look like a frozen ice cream treat on a stick. But instead of ice cream, there's a soft cake dipped in a delicious confectionary! No more forks and plates! Simply grasp the stick and gobble it down. Dessert just got a whole lot more fun!

Ricky Bobby admitted too late that he loved crepes, "the really thin pancakes." If only he wasn't so stubborn Jean Girard wouldn't have had to break his arm. Well, if you also love really thin pancakes then be sure to pick up some Jacquet Bakery French Crepes in Strawberry or Chocolate. These are on-the-go crepes, individually wrapped and ready to eat! Imported from France, there's no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Just real, authentic french crepe flavour! And don't worry, your arms are in no danger.

And in addition to crepes, we also stock Jacquet Belgian Waffles! You can buy a 7-pack tube or purchase individually! These are authentic Belgian waffles using the original butter recipe since they started in 1885!

That's all for this week. Take care until next week and Happy Chanukah!

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