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Pepper's Newsletter November 20, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter November 20, 2018

Good morning!  Here we are again on another Tuesday morning with another edition of the Pepper's Foods Newsletter brimming with information about all things Pepper's. And this week, there's no shortage of stuff to tell you about. So without further adieau, let's get right down to it!

Let's face it, there's nothing quite like a good burger. So juicy, so tasty, so satisfying. Mmmmmm. But if you eat meat, there may be a small (or large) part of you that feels bad about it. Maybe you're concerned about the welfare of animals. Perhaps you're wanting to eat healthier or you want to help reduce the role that raising and consuming livestock has on global climate change. Or maybe you'd like, in your own small way, to help ease the strain on limited resources that exist to feed everone in the world. Whatever your reason(s) might be, we've got a revolutionary new product that will help alleviate your concerns while still providing you with a delicious meal! 

The Beyond Burger (by Beyond Meat) is an entirely meatless, frozen patty that looks, cooks and tastes just like a real burger! It's pink prior to cooking (due to beet juice) and it browns just like hamburger does. Heck, this is like something straight out of The Matrix! With 20 grams of plant-based protein per patty, that's more per equivalent serving size than ground beef but with more iron, less fat (both saturated and overall), fewer calories and zero cholesterol. Get somebody to pinch you; you're not dreaming! It's the holy grail of veggie burgers! Come and get it!

If you'd prefer your oatmeal on the go rather than hot out of a bowl then Pamela's Oat Up Oat Bars will really turn your crank. Choose from Peanut Butter or 2 Chocolates + Almonds for a certified gluten-free and organic treat that's chewy and full of whole grain goodness! Load up on Oat Up!

"Exceptional coffee is always worth the quest." That's the tagline for Nespresso's newest ad campaign. And if you or someone you know has a Nespresso machine, you probably already know that. That's because you either have to find a Nespresso Boutique or order the coffee pods online. Sounds like a pain in the you know what. Or, you could simply pick up a box of Caffe Umbria Nespresso Compatible Capsules anytime you like when you shop at Pepper's. They're not new to the store, but with the holidays looming large, you may want to keep us in mind if you've thought about giving a Nespresso as a gift. Nice try, george Clooney.

Huey, Dewey and Louie. The Three Stooges. The Bee Gees. Snap, Crackle and Pop. All famous trios. Well, it looks like we have a new, soon-to-be-famous trio in this neck of the woods. Saltspring Kitchen Co.'s Gourmet Trio of Preserves has hit our shelves and it's sure to please you and yours this holiday season. Choose from Pear & Ginger ChutneyCranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve or Winter Wonderjam to really round out your holiday food offerings. Or give it as a wonderful gift! Peace, love & jam!

And what's Christmas without the mincemeat? For our younger readers, many years ago mincemeat commonly contained minced meat such as beef or venison or minced heart and other stuff like beef suet (fat) or even bone marrow! Nowadays, the meat ingredients have fallen out of favour for the most part, but the name lives on and so does the tradition of making mincemeat pies, pastries and tarts. And this year, our Deli Department is very pleased to offer Lynch Olde Style Mincemeat! This is a Canadian classic since 1943, chock full of fresh apples, delicious dried fruits, just the right amount of citrus peel, spice and rum. You can even warm it up and spoon over ice cream, if that's your thing. Delicious!

And if you're looking for something really fun to do this holiday season, Pepper's has a large array of Creat A Treat goodies such as Gingerbread House KitsGingerbread Train KitsUgly Sweater Cookie Kits and even Dr. Seuss' The Grinch Cookie Decorating Kits. It's art that you eat and a whole lot of fun!

But wait, there's more! Pure Lovin' Chocolate makes incredibly rich and delicious chocolate treats and we sell A LOT of it because our customers know a quality product when they taste one. And it's made right here in Victoria. So this year, why not purchase a Pure Lovin' Chocolate Advent Calendar? Not just your run of the mill chocolates inside this box, nosirree. There's a mixture of organic, Fair Trade chocolates in four varieties: Orange Creme Filled, Vanilla Creme Filled, Peppermint Creme Filled and Solid Chocolate! 

Or how about a Pure Lovin' Advent Bar? It consists of 24 festive numbered pieces of the same quality chocolate that I guess you just break off one piece to eat per day? Yeah, good luck with that! Not for those with impulsive personalities.

And last but definitely not least, our annual Customer Appreciation Day is this Thursday, November 22! All day long we're offering 10% off all purchases (some exclusions apply), free food and beverages, prizes, department discounts, give-aways and one grand prize! It's our chance to let you know how much you mean to us and an opportunity for mingling and merriment! Please allow us to say thanks for supporting small business, for supporting local and for, well, just being YOU! It's your day so join us!

As always, have a great week!

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