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Pepper's Newsletter August 6, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter August 6, 2019

Good morning!  If you were getting anxious because you didn't receive a Pepper's Newsletter the last two weeks then you can relax: it's business as usual this Tuesday morning and we promise not to disappoint. We have a bunch of stuff to tell you about!

Let's start things off by mentioning that the Cadboro Bay Festival is this Sunday, August 11th from 11am to 3 pm right down the street from us at Gyro Park! We're very proud to be the presenting sponsor for this super-fun annual event! And this year will be very exciting because six world-class sand sculpting teams will be there creating amazing works of art that you'll get to vote on to determine whose is the best! Kids can enjoy the bouncy castles, hands-on activities, arts and crafts stations as well as information displays. And if you get hungry, there will be numerous concessions to satiate your cravings! Plus, there will also be three local bands performing on stage throughout the afternoon. Sound good? Great, then we'll see you there!

For more information, please visit:


And before we forget, please be aware that Wildfire Bakery will NOT be delivering to the store this week because they are replacing their brick ovens. So just sit tight because their superb bread will be back in-store very soon.

Alright let's get down to brass tacks, the meat and potatoes per se of the newsletter: new products. Everybody wants to know what the latest items that they can get their hands on are. So here we go...

Summer is BBQ season and lots of people love grilling up a steak. If you're one of those people then you're going to want to try the new Stubborn Chef Japanese Steak Sauce, the latest culinary concoction from this Victoria business. This rounds out the Stubborn Chef lineup which already consists of Ginger Dressing and Spicy Mayo! With only eight ingredients, this all-natural sauce is the perfect accompaniment to your next juicy cut!

Or if you prefer something a little more traditional for the meats you're searing, then Simply Natural Organic BBQ Sauce available in Tangy or Honey might be more your thing. Both contain no cholesterol, lactose or gluten and the Tangy is vegan. But because the other sauce contains honey, it isn't labelled as vegan. Regardless, both kinds offer a delicious, smokey flavour that won't disappoint!

As many of you are aware, since we started carrying The Little Stand products, the reception has been incredible. So owner/creator Katherine Little decided to add even more to her already stellar line of jams and salsas! Now you can purchase Mango Jalapeno ChutneyPear Salsa and Antipasto! Talk about fresh and tasty! These products are phenomenal!

If you've spent any time in Spain then you've probably tried or at least heard of Tiger Nut Horchata, the delicious thicker, sweeter version of almond milk. Sorry, what's that? What's a tiger nut? Excellent question! A tiger nut is actually a tuber and it's a popular raw snack in parts of the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. And in addition to using it to make a drink, it can also be made into an oil, rich in vitamin E. And because we like to give our customers lots of product choices, we thought we'd offer Ecoideas Organic Tigernut Oil to those who want to try something new. Sourced from Spain, this oil is 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. It has a rich, nutty taste and a high smoke point of 460 degree F making it a very versatile oil indeed!

Another new type of oil by Ecoideas is Coco Natura Fermented Organic Coconut Oil. The other name for fermented is Wet Fermented Processing and, as taken from the CocoInformer website:

Wet-fermented processing is another common method of producing virgin coconut oil. In this method, the extracted coconut milk is allowed to undergo fermentation for about 18 to 36 hours. Special enzymes may be added to hasten fermentation. During this process, water, which is much denser than the oil, sinks to the bottom of the vessel, leaving the oil floating on top. This oil is then skimmed off and filtered so that the impurities can be removed. The oil can be further heated so that remaining coconut solids can be separated, leaving the final product truly purified.

This raw oil is completely unrefined, unbleached, non-hydrogenated and non-deodorized and has a mild flavour and silky texture. It's also high in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

Speaking of coconuts, we've got the perfect summer treat for you with Coconut Bliss Organic Cookie Sandwich Frozen Desserts! In Vanilla and Dark Chocolate flavours, respectively, these yummy frozen treats are 100% plant-based, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and made with sprouted flours! 

If you like crackers but can't handle the gluten then you might like the taste and texture of Sanissimo Salmas Oven Baked Corn Crackers. These crackers are made with simple ingredients and we have them in Plain and Chia & Flax varieties! With only a pinch of salt, zero sugar and certified non-GMO, these crackers are only 70 calories per 18 grams! 

Eating stacked potato chips is fun. My uncle Pete used to make a moose call from the empty cannister (no word of a lie..and it worked!). Still, all game hunting uses aside for the cannister, lots of people like potato crisps because they taste a little different than conventional chips. Well, there's a new kid in town with The Good Crisp Company. Available here in Original and Sour Cream & Onion, these certified gluten-free potato crisps are a great tasting alternative to the usual potato crisps you'd normally buy.

There's nothing usual, however, about the next brand of potato chips that we're showcasing. Miss Vickie's Signatures are potato chips taken to the next level! With flavours like Citrus & Black PeppercornApple Cider Vinaigrette & Shallots and Hickory Smoked Salt, these chips are guaranteed to make nights in exceptional!

Okay good people, that should do you for another week. Have a look at the attached flyer as we have a heap of great specials for you. And don't forget to come to Gyro Park on Sunday. It's always a hugely popular afternoon!

Take good care,

Pepper's Foods


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