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Pepper's Newsletter July 16, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter July 16, 2019

Good morning!  Woo hoo!!! The Pepper's Foods Newsletter subcription membership just surpassed 800 and we're hoping to add a bunch more names to that list on Thursday from 10am-2pm at our 10th Annual Local Island Showcase! There will be a list for anyone who would like to be included in our weekly email blast. So if you like the newsletter and you think a friend might as well, tell them to attend the Showcase (with you) and sign up! And when you have a look at the attached weekly specials, you'll notice that most of the items listed are local because it just makes sense to build our ad around the local vendors from the Showcase!

Some of you may have noticed a few personnel changes around these parts. After 15 years of loyal service, our Front End Manager, Cathy Charleton, moved on to the next working chapter in her life. We will miss her presence in the store and wish her all the best as she takes on new challenges! Lucky for us, though, we managed to fill the big shoes left behind by Cathy by hiring Michelle Dawson as our new Front End Manager! Michelle comes to us with loads of experience and has already fit in as one of the family. Welcome Michelle!

More and more people are turning to the internet when it comes time to send a card. After all, you save a stamp, paper and the e-card is sent immediately. That's all well and good, but there's something to be said for taking the time to select and personalize a card and have the receiver physically receive it in the mail. And selecting a quality card is practically an art form. So if you're looking for greeting cards for any occasion, you'll be thrilled to be able to send one from Wrendale Designs. Artist Hannah Dale started her company in Lincolnshire, England, inspired by the wonderful creatures found there in the countryside. All of her cards feature one or several different animals and are printed on superb quality, low environmental impact board. 

It seems like cycling and drinking coffee go hand in hand. How many times have you seen that group of spandex-clad road warriors at your local coffee shop either pre-caffeinating up before the long haul or rehashing those near misses after the ride? Exactly! This being Victoria, there's a whole lot of cyclists and coffee drinkers. So when we heard about Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters, we acted quickly to get their whole bean coffee in stock! Located in Saanich, BC, their coffee beans are small batch roasted with partial proceeds of every single sale going towards supporting youth cyclists! Nigel Tufnel would certainly approve! For more information on this and other coffees including brew guides, origin information and Eleven Speed coffee rides, visit www.elevenspeedcoffee.ca

"When it comes to beats, well, I'm a fiend, I like my sugar with coffee and cream." - Beastie Boys

If you're an iced coffee fiend and also like it the way the Beastie Boys do, then new Caffe Monster Energy Coffee is really going to get you amped! It's 100% aribica coffee with low fat milk, sugar, taurine, B vitamins and coffee fruit extract. And we have it in Vanilla and Mocha flavours, respectively. Drink this and you'll soon be intergalactic!

What better way to enjoy that iced coffee than with a reusable straw? We've been offering our customers lots of alternatives to plastic straws and we've got two more for you from Starfrit. Vibrant and fun, the Starfrit Large Diameter Silicone Straws come with a cleaning brush and both protect your teeth from the hard tip of a steel straw and protect your lips from temperature shock as well as a metallic aftertaste. Plus, thick smoothies and shakes don't stand a chance with the wider diameter. Or if you prefer, we have Starfrit Extra Long Reusable Straws with Silicone Tips! The same benefits of an all silicone straw but just in a different size and length!Also included is a cleaning brush.

Steel cut oats are the inner kernel of the whole oat (the inedible husk removed) which have been cut up, presumably with a steel blade. And they're a breakfast favourite of many. But they can take upwards of 30 minutes to fully cook. Not with Quaker Quick Steel Cut Oats! These little suckers cook ten times faster than regular steel cut oats which is beneficial for obvious reasons. No need to cook the night before if you're always pressed for time in the morning!

Canadians ate 530,000 metric tonnes of cheese in 2018. That sounds like a lot. But compared to the EU (which consumed almost 94 million metric tonnes), it's small potatoes. The point is, people like to eat cheese. And clearly lots of it! So if you're one of those people, or you have family members who are, then make sure to pick up Black Diamond Marble Cheese Sticks. They're reasonbly priced and so easy to toss in a lunch kit or grab when you're walking out the door.

Say, you know what would pair nicely with that cheese? How about some beef jerky? But not just any jerky: Island Jerky Black Pepper Beef Jerky. This delicious and satisfying snack is made with 100% Canadian Beef, is wheat free and is made just down the road in Sidney, BC. And, this being earthquake country and all, it wouldn't hurt to have some in your kit. 

Alrighty then ladies and gents, there's another weekly newsletter for you to mull over. This will be the last one for a couple of weeks (don't worry, you'll still receive the weekly specials in your inbox) because summer holidays have arrived and, well, it's time to chill out for a bit. Until next time, take good care and we'll see you Thursday under the big tent for our Local Island Showcase!

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