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Pepper's Newsletter August 13, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter August 13, 2019

Good morning!  Can you believe that we're already two weeks into August? It won't be long until the kiddies are sitting up straight in the classroom once again, hands folded, ready to learn and definitely not thinking about Fortnight. Tag, you're it teachers (almost)!

Everyone loves chocolate, right? Well, MOST people love chocolate. So you may have heard of a brand spanking new type called Ruby Chocolate, introduced by Barry Callebaut. No one knows where this mysterious and fascinating chocolate originated from or how it's produced. Ok, that's not true, although the production method is a trade secret. No colourants or flavourings are added to this chocolate despite Wikipedia stating that: The chocolate's taste is described as "sweet yet sour", with "little to none" of the cocoa flavour traditionally associated with other varieties of chocolate. We get the feeling that white chocolate eaters are going to love this variety. But if you want to find out for yourself, our Deli Department is selling bulk Ruby Callets for baking or using however you like!

Normally people associate Leclerc Celebration Cookies with chocolate since the line of these addictive cookies has Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Truffle, Caramel Truffle as well as other chocolate varieties. But now you can get Leclerc Celebration Maple Creme Cookies, a flavour favourite with young and old alike. And wouldn't you know it, the entire line of Celebration Cookies is in our ad this week for a seriously awesome price of $2.96 each!

Since we started carrying The Little Stand jams and other products, we've sold hundreds and hundreds of jars. No joke. People are absolutely loving these products! And the varieties just keep expanding. Now we also offer Red Plum Jam and Golden Plum Jam as well as Strawberry/Kiwi Jam and just Kiwi Jam! If you haven't tried any of these local delights, make sure you discover for yourself what all the fuss is about!

They're baaaaaaack! That's right, everyone's fun favourite and seasonally sensational, the refreshingly recondite and curiously cute... CUCAMELON! They look like a tiny watermelon but they taste like a tangy cucumber! You can put them in a salad, use as a unique cocktail garnish, make pickles or just eat them raw! Get these little summer nuggets of pure goodness before they're gone!

Carnivores rejoice! For there is another new flavour of Louis Pasture Pork Crisps: Salt & Vinegar! You don't often hear a product being touted as rich in gelatin but these pork crisps are! They're also hand made right here on Vancouver Island and are suitable for paleo and ketogenic diets! 

If gelatin free is more your style then you'll be happy to know that our Dairy Dept. now stocks Astro Yogurt 650g! Available here in Lactose Free PlainLactose Free Strawberry and Original 0% Plain, this naturally thick and creamy Balkan style yogurt has been produced by the company for over 30 years. 

When was the last time you had a fling? That long, huh? Well, now you can enjoy Pinty's Buffalo Chicken Flings whenever you like! These fully cooked chunks of chicken breast are seasoned and breaded in a delicious gluten-free coating.Or, if you'd rather not have a fling, you can also get gluten-free breaded Pinty's Chicken Strips or Chicken Fillets!

All this talk of pork crisps and breaded chicken is making us thirsty! If it's making you thirsty as well then consider purchasing Buderim Ginger Beer! Available in two varieties: Reduced Sugar and Ginger Beer & Pear, this refreshingly zingy beverage is made with fair dinkum Australian ginger. It's a ripper, mate!

But sometimes you just need something to really quench your thirst. On those occasions, you're going to want top reach for an icy G Zero Gatorade! With 0 grams of sugar, 0 carbs and only 5-10 calories per bottle, you get all the flavour and satisfaction of original Gatorade minus the 34 grams of sugar, 36 grams of carbs and 150 calories.

We hope you enjoyed your time spent down at Gyro Beach for Sunday's Cadboro Bay Festival! Despite a few sprinkles of rain it was still a day of great fun and enjoyment for all! Thanks to those who participated and helped make for a great day!

Until next week, take good care!

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