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Pepper's Newsletter September 24, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter September 24, 2019

Good morning!  Summer is officially over (boo) as yesterday marked the fall equinox. All you vertical egg-balancers were probably very busy while the rest of us were putting away our sandals, pulling out the sweaters (and umbrellas) and preparing ourselves for shorter and chillier days. But if you're like so many people, that means your favourite season has arrived! The leaves are changing, the smell of fireplace smoke is in the air, Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner and warm and hearty foods are once again on the dinner menu! So embrace the change and let's get right into today's newsletter!

If we're talking chilly then we should start by telling you about Nora's Plant-Based Ice Cream, the brand spanking new non-dairy frozen dessert from Vancouver! In four delicious flavours (Mint ChipStrawberries & CremeVanilla Bean and Peanut Butter & Chocolate) this rich and creamy dessert is made with cashew and coconut milk, organic cane sugar and just a few other simple ingredients. It's like nothing you've ever tasted and it's 100% certified vegan! Yum!

A little while ago we told you about new greek yogurt from Liberte that had less sugar but a little more milk fat for more flavour that came in a 4x100g multipack. Now you can purchase Liberte Greek Coconut 3% and Liberte Greek Vanilla 3% in a larger 750g container! Because seriously, if you're going to eat this sensational yogurt with 35% less sugar, you're going to want to eat lots of it!

Pepper's has been selling the extremely popular Danish Castello Brie and Camembert cheeses for ages. And we're pleased to be able to offer another flavour for our customers: Castello Garlic & Pepper Brie! Much bolder than their original brie, it has a slightly tangy and aromatic taste and a smooth but firm consistency. Make your next dinner or cocktail party that much better with this superb soft cheese!

Everyone knows that macaroni and cheese is comfort food at its finest. And this is the season for mac and cheese. So make sure to pick up Italpasta Original Macaroni & Cheese from the 100% Canadian owned and operated company. And it's made with 100% Canadian wheat! Inspired by Italy, made in Canada.

Three weeks ago in the newsletter, we told you about two amazing, new BBQ sauces from As You Like It of Union Bay, BC. Since then, we've added another excellent condiment of theirs: As You Like It Chiang Mai Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce! They claim that it's "the best sweet chili garlic sauce on the continent." Those are mighty strong words, don't you think? But it might just be the truth, based on just how good their BBQ sauces are! Use this sauce as an accompaniment to rice or noodle dishes, pour over vegetables, or brush on fish or chicken while cooking. There's no limit as to how you can use this sauce in your kitchen!

Packing a nutritious and wholesome lunch for the kiddos can be a challenging task. Getting them to eat their fruits and (mostly) veggies while you're present at the dinner table is hard enough, let alone while they're at school. But with Wild Made Organic Fruit Rolls and their Veggie Go's Fruit and Veggie Strips, you're pretty much guaranteed to get something healthy down their throats! Each fruit roll has half a serving of fruit and each veggie strip has one serving of fruit and veggies! They don't add any sugar or junk to these snacks; it's just pure fruit and vegetable purees. Plus, they're vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO! Of course, these also just make great snacks for anytime, not just at lunch.

"Hooray, it's laundry day!" (said no one ever). But you just might if you buy Sapadilla Laundry Detergent Grapefruit + Bergamot 946ml. The Sapadilla Soap Company originated in Vancouver and produces eco cleaners and soaps using plant-based ingredients and 100% pure essential oil blends. You get up to 38 loads out of that little bottle because it's concentrated. Actually it's SUPER concentrated, so you don't need to use a lot. But you'll get a whole lot of effective result and the smell is so good, you'll start looking for things around the house to wash. That clean t-shirt you wore for 20 minutes after your shower? Toss it in the hamper. You get the idea.

And finally, we have the tree-free Silk 'n Soft Bamboo Bathroom Tissue 4 Roll. We've talked about this Victoria company numerous times in the past for their napkins, facial tissue and larger bathroom tissue packages (all of which can be purchased at Pepper's). Because does it really make sense to cut down trees to make this stuff? Nope. And recycled tissue is typically fairly harsh (aka not soft). Bamboo offers the perfect solution for tree-free AND high quality products. And although we've stressed this in past letters, the bamboo that pandas eat is not the bamboo used in the making of these products!

We love sending you this newsletter every week. Really, we do! And hopefully you enjoy receiving it. So if you think someone else might enjoy it, too, send them over to our website www.peppers-foods.com and get them to click on our Newsletter feature (in green lettering at the top of the page) to sign up and start receiving one every Tuesday!

Thanks so much for reading and take good care until next week!

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