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Pepper's Newsletter October 1, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter October 1, 2019

Good morning!  Happy October, people. Here's a little history lesson for you to start things off. Octo means eight (in Latin, by the way) yet October is the tenth month. What's up with that? Well, our current Gregorian calendar wasn't always the calendar used. Prior to that there was the Julian calendar. But even before that there was the Roman calendar and in that calendar, October was the eighth month. January and February didn't exist then. But when they were added in 45 BC, it pushed October down to the tenth month. Fascinating!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you're like practically everybody, you're going to want to serve up a toothsome turkey. Mmmmm turkey. And Pepper's is just the place to purchase that fresh bird from!

We have three choices for you:

  • Kildonan Farm (North Saanich) Free Range 
  • Victoria Acres (Comox) Free Range
  • J.D. Farms (Abbotsford) Free Run

Just mosey on over to our full service meat counter and we'll take your turkey order pronto! Please note that though we strive to fulfill your orders as requested, we cannot guarantee that you will get the exact size bird that you desire. And there is always the risk that our suppliers will run out so it's best not to wait. But we will always do our very best to get you what you need!

Turkeys aren't always what's for dinner on Thanksgiving. How about a nummy rack of lamb? Or perhaps a pleasurable prime rib roast? Of course, a flavourful ham is always well received. Whatever it is you're hankering for, we've got it for you here at Pepper's!

Coffee is, for millions, the first thing on the agenda in the morning. So we might as well make it the first thing that we reveal in today's new product list. Tim Hortons Premium Instant Coffee will get you buzzing immediately upon rising. Add one to two teaspoons to a mug of hot water and presto, you're enjoying Tims at home!

Fresh, local, organic. When we hear those words, our ears perk up! So when we heard about new The Art of Slow Food fresh, gluten-free breads, we wasted no time in getting it in-store! This Victoria business uses old-world traditions in baking their gluten-free sourdough, available in Toasted Sesame, Rosemary Poppyseed and Kalamata Olive

Taken from their website, theartofslowfood.comUsing natural wild levain and a base of psyllium husk, flax and water, the dough is fermented for 12-18 hours to allow phytic acid breakdown and real flavour development. The bread is then baked in traditional dutch ovens to create rustic loaves with appealing crust. We do not use common gluten-free ingredients such as xantham gum, agar agar, potato starch, rice flour or other high-starch ingredients. The bread is made with only 7 simple, organic ingredients, in order of predominance: Spring water, psyllium husk, ground flax, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, natural levain (wild yeast) and sea salt. As a result of slow fermentation, the carbohydrates and starches in the bread are broken down, creating a light, soft digestible bread. The psyllium husk and ground flax act as a digestive aid and provide a soft, chewy texture without gluten or added starches.

Here's a product that we carried in the past but is now back by popular demand! Gay Lea Lactose Free Sour Cream has returned, and just in time for Thanksgiving! Now our lactose free customers can again enjoy this silky smooth and delicious sour cream as a topping, in dips and sauces, as an ingredient for baking, in salad dressings and however else they want to use it!

For those of you who enjoy a good cup o' nog, Island Farms Eggnog is on the shelf and will be from now until the end of the year. It's not new, but we wanted you to know that you can have it for your Thanksgiving festivities.

If you're looking for something sweet that you don't drink, than look no furthan than these three new bagged confections hanging up in Aisle 5. There's Reese's Pieces (who is Reece, anyway?), Snickers Bites and, for a sweet and salty treat, Smarties Snax which blends honey almond clusters, roasted almonds and pretzels with Smarties! Your next movie night could be amazing when you pull out these snacks!

We've said it before and we'll say it again: why should just our human customers get all the good stuff? Now Fido can get in on that action with new Tri-V Dog Food available in Beef and ChickenBeef and Vegetable or straight up Beef. It's too bad that dogs can only see one of the snappy colours of these cans (yellow). But they won't care because it's the taste of this dog food from Chilliwack, BC that'll make them roll around like they do when they come across a dead animal carcass on the beach. There's no artificial ingredients or preservatives, it's made from real meat, it's good for dogs in all life stages and it's been manufactured in Canada since 1972.

Unfortunately that's all there is until next week. Thanks for reading and, more importantly, thanks for shopping with us! Remember, we deliver, so if you are unable to come to us to shop, let us come to you!

Take good care.

Pepper's Foods


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