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Pepper's Newsletter May 28, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter May 28, 2019

Good morning!  On this day in 1934, the Dione Quintuplets were born in Corbeil, Ontario. Yvonne, Cecile, Annette, Emilie and Marie were born two months premature and were the first known quintuplets to survive infancy which is remarkable given that their total combined weight one week after birth was 10 pounds!

Last week we told you about Project Peanut Butter where your peanut butter donation is matched by Pepper's, Merry Maids and Island Nut Roastery as a way to help underpriviledged folks get something to eat through The Mustard Seed Food Bank. This means that your one jar donation results in a total of four! You have until June 18th to contribute. And this week in our ad, we have Island Nut Roastery Peanut Butter 375g on for the great price of $3.46! If you haven't already, please consider purchasing a jar and donating it towards a great cause.

What better goes with peanut butter than jelly? Perhaps not Trugs Gourmet Nicely Spicy Red Pepper Jelly with white wine.You could spread it on a turkey sandwich instead of mustard or mayo. Or use it as a glaze on pork or salmon. Of course, dolloped on a cracker with cream cheese is always a hit at parties. Red pepper jelly can be eaten lots of different ways so make sure you try this new and delicious one made in Burnaby, BC!

BBQ season is now officially in full swing and if you're looking for a way to create the most flavourful steak in the 'hood then look no further than The Keg Steaklhouse + Bar Steak Spice with 25% less sodium than the Original. This blend of dehydrated onion and garlic and select spices is the perfect seasoning for your next grilled steak. And a portion of the proceeds generated from the sale goes towards charity through The Keg Spirit Foundation. For more information head on over to www.kegsteakhouse.com

Lovely Lemon Grass

Essential in Asian foods

You delight my mouth.

What else can you say about lemon grass? With new Haiku Lemon Grass in water, you'll always have some on hand when your Thai or Vietnamese recipes call for it. And M'Lord Marinated Green Asparagus has a refreshing and tangy flavour, perfect for salads, as an accompaniment to your appetizer plate or even as a garnish for a Bloody Mary.

What if you could eat cookies by the fistful and not have to worry about ingesting all kinds of junk that you don't want in the process? You'd probably go for it, right? Well now that dream can be a reality with new Sejoyia Coco-Thins Snackable Cashew Cookies. These light and crispy cookies are made from organic coconut, cashews, cassava and only a few more ingredients for a gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and paleo friendly snack! Choose from Salted CaramelLemon Zest or Chocolate! Sejoyia means See-Joy-In-All. And these cookies should bring loads of joy to whomever eats them! Plus, they're made using 100% wind powered energy!

Our Dairy Dept. made several additions this week, the first actually being a non-dairy item with Earth Island Pepper Jack Style Cheese Alternative. You've got your jalapeno peppers, your sweet bell peppers, your olive extract and other ingredients for a spicy, vegan cheese-like slice that'll make any dish perk up!

Our customers have been asking for more grass-fed products and we've listened by bringing in Donia Farms Grass Fed Milk in a 2L jug! This South Surrey, BC farm has been around since 1955 producing silage-free dairy products. Currently we only have 2% but will add homo when the supplier has it available. Taste the difference grass-fed makes. You might not go back to regular milk ever again!

Another brand spankin' new item is Sävor Grass Fed Butter. Made in Eastern Ontario, this butter is created by following the standards and guidelines for Grass Fed Dairy from the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle. 

And finally, Pepper's has added another brand of goat milk yogurt: Goat's Pride Whole Milk Goat Yogurt! This yogurt is made in Abbotsford, BC at McLennan Creek. The popularity of goat milk products has really skyrocketed because goat milk has numerous benefits that bovine milk does not (as per the Goat's Pride website):

  • Goat milk cells are 1/5th the size of dairy milk cells, making goat milk easier for humans to digest than milk from larger animals.
  • The protein in goat milk is a different type of protein than in cow milk (A2 vs A1). This protein is much more easily tolerated by humans, especially those with food allergies.
  • Goat milk contains lactose, BUT it also contains an enzyme that helps our bodies to more easily digest the lactose so for people with lactose intolerances goat milk often does not give them the same symptoms.

So if you like dairy but can't tolerate it well, goat milk products might just be the remedy.

Next week we'll be into the month of June, can you believe that? Time sure does fly where you're having fun! Thanks for taking the time to read up on what's new at the store. Until next time, take good care and have a great week!

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