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Pepper's Newsletter June 11, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter June 11, 2019

[Ward has arrived home from work and is reading the mail in the living room, unbeknownst to June and Wally who have just come down the stairs] 

June Cleaver : Now Wally, I want you to go in the living room and pick up those orange peels that you left on the coffee table. If your father comes home and sees them he'll be in a terrible mood all through dinner.

Wally Cleaver : Yeah, I don't want him hollerin' at me again.

[June sees Ward in the living room, who has overheard their exchange] 

June Cleaver : [sheepishly]  Hello Dear. I was upstairs, I didn't know you were home.

Ward Cleaver : Oh yes, the monster has returned to his cave.

Sunday is Father's Day and that means no leaving orange peels in the living room (kids) and if you're a dad...no hollerin'! To all you fathers out there, enjoy your special day, wherever your cave may be!

We have an in-store demo happening Saturday, June 15th between the hours of 11am and 1pm whereby Victoria's own Holy Grail Kitchen Co. will be sampling some of their superior quality, dairy free chocolate sauces. Make sure to stop by and give them a try!

Pepper's prides itself on is being as accomodating to customers as possible. And one of the ways we can do that is to get products that customers request. It's not always possible but we always try our best! And last week we were able to get in Riviera Coconut Milk Vegan Delight Raspberry and Blackcurrent. This high protein, lactose-free vegan yogurt is made with coconut milk and has such a rich texture, you'll likely be fooled into thinking it's classic yogurt! Calcium, plus vitamins A, B12 and D have been added to this highly probiotic delight!

Glaceau Vitamin Water is one of the best selling drinks in our cold beverage cooler. But now there are two new, low-calorie options to tantalize the tastebuds and rehydrate your body. Vitamin Water Fire is spicy watermelon and lime flavoured with only 15 calories per bottle. The spice comes from ginseng and it's an excellent source of vitamins C and B! Or perhaps your taste preference is for Vitamin Water Ice, the cool blueberry lavender drink also sky high in vitamins C and B and containing only 10 calories per bottle! It's an epic battle of the senses. Who ya got? 

Are you of those people that likes their cola a little on the fruity side? Oh yeah? Perfect, because now Pepsi has new Pepsi Mango and Pepsi Lime, respectively, to liven up the cola drinking experience that they figure must need livening up. They've been making Diet Pepsi Lime since forever but this is regular Pepsi with real lime juice. But mango is all new territory! Let us know if you approve!

Did you know that our full-service Meat Department has a plethora of BBQ friendly products other than just steaks and burgers to "meat" all of your family BBQing needs? We have Chicken Skewers in teriyaki, honey garlic, buffalo, lemon herb and souvlaki flavours! Throw another shrimp (or a few) on the bar-b with Shrimp Skewers, available plain or marinated. Or try putting your John Spatchcock on this BBQ favourite by cooking up one of our Spatchcock Chickens, also available plain or marinated. How about a fresh Salmon Burger (sockeye) with bacon or sundried tomato? We've got Maui Ribs or Marinated Pork Tenderloin. And don't forget that a Boneless Stuffed Turkey Breast makes an excellent dinner on the BBQ. There's something for everyone available at Pepper's Meat Department!

If you're going to whip up some burgers or hotdogs, make sure to pick up the perfect condiment for either: Mazzetta Deli-Style Zesty Bell Pepper Relish! This is an awesome alternative to regular old sweet green relish with both red and green peppers mixed with jalapenos, vinegar and mustard seed. And remember, we already carry their sweet pepper relish, too!

Asian Home Gourmet Coconut Cream Powder Mix is a convenient way to use coconut milk. Maybe your recipe doesn't call for an entire can of coconut milk. Problem solved! You can use this powder (each packet makes the equivalent of one coconut's milk) in curries, smoothies, Pina Coladas or just about anything where rich, coconut flavour is required.

A little while back we started carrying Caboo Bamboo and Sugarcane Fibre Dinner Napkins so we decided to expand on that by offering Caboo Bamboo and Sugarcane Fibre Facial Tissue. Just like the napkins, they use only 100% bamboo and sugarcane fibres to produce this strong yet soft tissue. And no, they don't use bamboo that would otherwise be dinner for pandas. 100% Canadian owned.

These next products go out to our furry friends, both feline and canine, because they need some variety in their diets just like the rest of us. Friskies Indoor Classic Pate Chicken Dinner has all the nutrition that your indoor cat requires with the added benefit of hairball control. It promotes a healthy weight for your kitty aged 1 and up.

Just look at the contented face of the cat on the bag of Purina Cat Chow Easily Digestible Cat Food! Is that the face of a cat with gastointestinal issues? No way, Jose! With natural prebiotic fibre to support digestive health, high quality protein and 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats, yours will be purring all the way to the litterbox after chowing down on this food!

And finally, Purina Beneful IncrediBites Grilled Sirloin Steak flavoured dogfood is just for small dogs! The number 1 ingredient is real beef and it's nutrient rich to support your adult small dog's higher metabolism. Plus, it's a blend of crunchy and chewy bits that is GUARANTEED to be loved by your dog. It's right on the bag. Give your Poop-a-Snoo (or whatever baby-talk name you call your beloved pooch) this tasty and healthy food that he'll find irresistable!

Thanks for checking us out again this week. It's been a slice! Until next Tuesday, take good care!

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