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Peppers Newsletter May 11, 2021

Peppers Newsletter May 11, 2021

Good morning! Here's hoping all the moms, grandmas, stepmoms and generally mother-like figures had a terrific day on Sunday! All of the special ladies in our lives deserve more than one day a year to let them know how much they mean to us. And speaking of special ladies, there's one that we need to recognize this week for our Staff Appeciation campaign! Kathy Perry has been working alongside our Meat Manager, John,  for more than 22 years (that in itself deserves special recognition because, you know, it's John). Kathy is as reliable as they come and her high standards ensure that our Meat Department stays in tip-top shape! When Kathy isn't keeping John in line, she can be found spending time with her daughter and four grandchildren or tending to the garden. Thank you, Kathy, for your years of hard work. We look forward to spending many more with you on our team!

Management has been super busy getting in all kinds of new items for you over the past week or so! In fact, there's way too many to list in just this one newsletter so we'll forego the usual trivia so that we can list as many as possible without making it too lengthy. So here we go!

We have some new items that c an also be found in our advertised specials this week! That's always a bonus because you get to try something new at a special price! We're not saving the best for last this week, though, because it's chocolate and chocolate is pretty great, especialy when the business originated in BC! Zazubean Slinky is fair-trade, organic, gluten-free and vegan chocolate that either has half the sugar or has zero sugar! The top right corner of the label will tell you. The zero sugar bars are sweetened naturally with stevia and come in Grass Fed Milk Chocolate, Creamy Hazelnut or Super Dark Panama! Half sugar dark chocolate bars come in Nuts & Berries and Salted Almonds and are sweetened with either coconut sugar or a combo of coconut sugar and stevia! And best of all, you can try one (or all) for just $3.26 each this week!

Our Deli Department has offered Continental Sausage Co. Whiskey Thyme Maple Ham slices for quite awhile now and since they added this to their selection of fine meats, it's been a top seller. Now it's available as random weight hams in our Meat Department this week for the amazing price of just $1.06/100 grams! What makes this ham so special is the recipe of maple syrup and thyme combined with the award winning 100% single malt Shelter Point Whiskey from Shelter Point Distillery in Campbell River. This is premium ham with an unforgettable flavour! Come by our meat counter and we'll hook you up!

Hey, here's something you don't see everyday in our advertised specials: bird seed. But Scotty threw caution to the wind and put Armstrong All Season Bird Blend 3.18kg in it nonetheless because 1) it's a great deal at just $5.96 per bag. 2) there are a lot of birds around. 3) there are a lot of bird-lovers around. So it just made sense, really. This seed is best used with a large port tube feeder, platform feeder or hopper feeder. 

Twinings of London has been providing the world with tea since 1706. Now, over 300 years later, the company figured it was timne to change things up a bit. With Twinings Cold Infuse Flavoured Cold Water Enhancers you simply drop a pouch into your water bottle, shake and go! As per the company website: a delicious range of herbal water enhancers that offer an easy way to stay hydrated. Each silky infuser includes a blend of the finest fruits and herbs, specially blended to brew in cold water to give you a refreshing drink. There's no sugar, artificial flavours, colours or caffeine! And with great flavours such as Lemon Ginger, Strawberry Lemon, Blueberry Apple and Mango Passionfruit, you'll liven up your ordinary cold tap water instantly! 

If you just want to crack open a cold one we have something that's Canadian craft-brewed from the North Okanagan Valley. it comes from Underground, too! Not literally, though. Underground Kombucha is authentic, raw kombucha with naturally zero sugar loaded with billions of probiotics in every can. It's sustainably brewed using only ingredients from BC and comes in some amazing flavours: Peach Pear Apricot, Blood Orange & Brewer Hops, Black Cherry Vanilla and Blueberry Blackberry Ginger!

Some great foods come out of La Belle Province and one particular restaurant called Joe Beef in Montreal is têtes and épaules above most. Voted No. 1 in Quebec and No. 3 in the country by Canada's 100 Best Restaurants 2020, this tiny 30 seater (it has since doubled its capacity) is definitely one you must visit when in Rome. But for those of us who probably won't be making that journey anytime soon, we'll have to settle for some of their sauces and seasonings to transform our own BBQ creations! And wouldn't you know it, BBQ season is upon us! Joe Beef Steak Sauce and Joe Beef BBQ Sauce are going to be your new favourite condiments this summer. Combined with Joe Beef Butcher's Blend Seasoning Montreal Steak Spice and Joe Beef BBQ Rub, you'll have all the bases covered come dinner time! Look for them on the front display by the entrance.

As long as we're talking about meat, you should pick up some of the following from our Meat Department. Mary Manette Seafood Smoked Herring is naturally smoked Nova Scotia herring that is sustainably sourced. This descriptor is taken from the website: this sparkling fresh herring has a delicate and flaky texture that melts in your mouth; the perfect addition to your everyday pantry essentials. Our lightly smoked herring is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and Vitamin D, low in carbohydrates, and loaded with rich antioxidants. It's an easy appy on your seacuterie board or make a quick and delicious lunch with smoked herring and avocado toast!

Also found in our fresh seafood section are two local products by Humble & Frank Foods of The Atrium on Blanshard Street in downtown Victoria! Humble & Frank Original Tartar Sauce is a little sweet and a little tangy with a creamy texture. The tastes of pickled relish, dill and lemon vinegar (yum!) will make your fish and chips, calamari, egg salad or fried shrimp spectacular! Or try Humble & Frank Original Cocktail Sauce made with San Marzano tomato paste, freshly grated horseradish root, lemon juice, white pepper and other herbs and spices. Just add shrimp!

Stay tuned for next week's newsletter that'll be jam packed with more new goodies. Until then, enjoy the sunshine, stay safe and take good care!

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