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Pepper's Newsletter June 1, 2021

Pepper's Newsletter June 1, 2021

Pepper's Newsletter Monday, May 24, 2021

Hi everyone, Jon here again with another newsletter for you (the last one for May, I might add). As I write this, game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is happening between the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. if you know me, you'll know that I'm a lifelong Leafs fan so it's a good thing that I'm writing this instead of watching because I don't think I can take the disappointment. The personal pain and anguish of this love/hate relationship is just too much to take. I've been apoplectic about this series collapse for two entire days so I'll just wait until later on tonight to see if the annual letdown has occurred. But enough about me and my emotional breakdown. Chin up, yes? On to the newsletter!

We continue with our Employee Appreciation campaign this week by honouring our Produce Manager, Cameron Dean, who has slid into his relatively new role, taken the reigns and run! Cam's been a solid and dependable worker for the past 14 years whose first role was as an employee of the deli. That led to Deli Manager and for about the past two years, he's led his team in the Produce Dept as manager there. Cam is constantly looking for fresh, local, quality produce and isn't afraid to order unique or obscure items to line his shelves. His department has never looked better! Cam's a very proud papa of three young boys, a dedicated family man and just a generally all a round swell guy! Thanks, Cam, for your dedication and hard work!

While we're on the topic of our Produce Dept. let's kick off our list of new items with one that can be found there in the tofu section. So Nutty French Onion Dip/Spread is a vegan, wheat-free, soy-free, well, spread or dip! Stepping away from highly processed and animal-based products, the Victoria, BC based creators wanted to create a french onion dip that was actually good. And they did it! The label says, "This is a fresh, natural product. Put it on everything. Eat. Repeat." Sounds good to us!

Continuing with plant-based deliciousness, TMRW Foods Breakfast Patties are 100% vegan and made with "familiar ingredients" and contain 13g of protein per serving. They're prepared in Canada in Port Coquitlam, BC, using ingredients including quinoa, red kidney beans, sunflower seeds and yellow split peas. 

Alternatively, TMRW Foods Sausage Links are also available for a sizzlin' good breakfast! Choose from Hickory Maple or Roasted Garlic + Herb with each variety containing 11g of protein per serving and made with similar ingredients!

If you're going to cook up a mess of plant-based sausages or sausage patties, you're going to have to have something else to go along with it. That's where JUST Plant Egg Folded comes in! I'm not in love with the product name but you'll fall in love with the taste! And because it's folded for convenient heating in the toaster, you'll also love the ease with which you can prepare it! Put it on toast, as the middle of a breakfast sandwich or eat in by itself. It was voted Best New Frozen Product at Expo West’s NEXTY Awards 2020 which is great, because when you head to the frozen food section for the TMRW stuff, you can grab a box of these, too!

Alright, that's it for plant-based items. Next up is something to be found in our Meat Department seafood section and we're very excited about it because it's locally produced in little ol' Sidney By the Sea, BC. Jenny's Smoke Shack Candied Wild Sockeye Salmon is handmade in small batches using just fresh fish, sea salt and maple syrup. Simple, healthy and delicious! Keep refrigerated.

If, while you're cruising past the meat counter, you decide to purchase any number of our delectable lamb cuts, either raised locally in Metchosin or those from New Zealand, you're going to want to make sure you have a good mint sauce to go with it. And we have not one but two new ones for you! Mrs Bridges Mint Sauce is one of the finest from the UK and uses a traditional vinegar-based recipe. Another exceptional sauce is Colman's of Norwich Mint Sauce which is made with mint grown in the fields of Norfolk and has been since the 1960s. 

Not long ago, we told you about Bart Lemongrass Paste in a newsletter and it sold out almost immediately! It's back in stock again but our Grocery Manager, Don, though that he may as well get a couple more lemongrass products while he was at it. In addition ton the Bart Lemongrass Paste, you can now get actual Bart Lemongrass Sticks. It's the perfect ingredient for soups or other long-simmered dishes because the flavour infuses as they sticks rehydrate. And if you only need a one-shot of lemongrass flavour, pick up some deSIAM Lemongrass Stir-fry Paste. Each package contains 30g of paste, just enough for a single stir-fry! Perfect!

Belberry Fine Foods has taken an everyday favourite and turned it into a genuine gourmet table condiment with Belberry Royal Selection San Marzano Tomato Ketchup! Man, your mac and cheese is gonna be so wicked awesome now! Give your burger, grilled cheese, fries or whatever you put ketchup on the royal treatment with this exquisite sauce!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a caesar salad, only to be disappointed by receiving one with a weak and meh dressing? It's such a bummer. Caesar salads should be bold and garlic-y, right? So if you're like so many of us who demand a strong garlic flavour in your dressing, pick up The Garlic Box Caesar Dressing and Dip. There's a whole bulb of fresh (Ontario grown) garlic in every jar! It's everything you want in an authentic caesar dressing and dip that won't leave you feeling bummed out!

Our Deli Department already had an impressive selection of Italissima Gnocchi located in front of the tofu section (bottom shelf) but decided to go all out and get a few more for you! Italissima Squash Gnocchi as well as Italissima Cauliflower Gnocchi and Italissima Gluten-Free Cauliflower Gnocchi cook in about two minutes. Just pour directly into boiling salted water and when they float, they're done (just like perogies).

And finally, for all of your baking needs, we offer Savör Organic Blackstrap Molasses. As per the company website: Savör Organic Molasses is organic, kosher, unsulphured and contains no additives or preservatives. A high source of iron and an excellent replacement for refined molasses – this baking champion will have you sweetening the organic way in no time! Our molasses has a robust flavour described as bittersweet. Unlike refined sugar, blackstrap molasses contains essential vitamins and minerals and boasts several powerful health benefits. Use for marinades, dressings and baking to add a hint of sweetness and warm spicy flavour. 

That'll do it for this week and that'll do it for this month! June is upon us already! Oh, sports update... Leafs lose. Shocking result there. Time for a stiff drink. I guess the Seattle Kraken are going to need some fans, right? Hmmm. Oh well, that's sports for you. Actually, that's just the Toronto Maple Leafs for you. Until next week, take a few deep breaths and take good care!


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