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Peppers Newsletter March 23, 2021

Peppers Newsletter March 23, 2021

Good morning!  Elevator puns are bad on so many levels. Elevator puns really push my buttons, you know? Seriously, these elevator jokes really drive me up the wall! In fact, I’m terrified of elevators, I’ve been taking steps to avoid them. Alright, alright, I'll zip it. What's the reason behind these elevator jokes today? An American inventor and industrialist named Elisha Otis installed the very first commercial elevator in a New York City department store today in 1857 and went on to found the Otis Elevator Company which is still going strong to this day! His story is quite interesting in that his life had its fair share of ups and downs. He contracted pneumonia which was severe enough to almost kill him. His first wife died leaving him with two young sons. His career repeatedly stalled and he tried his hand at numerous jobs including dollmaker, mechanic and sawmill operator (which he designed and built). However, at age 40 while working as a manager for a bedstead factory, he wondered how to move debris from the lower levels to the upper in order to clean up the building. As a skilled craftsman, he was able to design and build a safety platform which could be raised and lowered without risk of falling. If not for this invention, modern skyscrapers would not be possible. So the next time you're inside an elevator, remember to thank it for picking you up whenever you're down!

Alright, bad jokes aside, this week we have some good items to discuss so let's get down to brass tacks. Easter is fast approaching and you'll want to be prepared if you're hosting dinner for this holiday! It's fairly easy if nobody has any dietary restrictions. But it can get a little more challenging when you need to feed the non-meat eaters as well! Though not new, a wholesome and tasty meat alternative is The Very Good Butchers Stuffed Beast! It's a meatless herby roast filled with delightfully tasty stuffing and veggies that feeds 5-7 people easily. Plus, it'll last up to four weeks in the fridge and even longer in the freezer.

Another great meatless option is Gardein Meat-Free Stuffed Turk'y. This is a holiday favourite and you get not one but two individual stuffed turk'y as well as two packs of gravy! So if it's just dinner for one, no problem. Just cook one and save the other for another occasion! These beauties cook up moist and delicious in just 20 minutes. If you like Tofurky, you'll love these!

We might as well mention another meatless option while we're on the topic. These guys were just in our ad but didn't make it into last week's newsletter. Oh well, better late than never, right? If you're in the market for an exceptional cheese alternative, and one that's already shredded, pick up Violife 100% Vegan Cheddar Style or Mozzarella Style Cheese Alternative! You next pizza, omelette, or batch of nachos will shine with the excellent flavour and perfectly melted texture of these shreds!

Let's go full 180 degrees from vegan to the artery hardening breakfast favourite: bacon. It's universally accepted that bacon is the most satisfying food in existence. Just ask Homer Simpson. So in addition to the already über popular Harvest bacon flavours that our Meat Department already stocks (Applewood Smoked and Thick Sliced) now we have Harvest Hickory Flavour Bacon! It's naturally smoked using real hardwood chips (so you know it's good) and cured using special flavourings and seasonings. Breakfast just got a whole lot better with Harvest's "good taste of the West!"

But, if your go-to breakfast is simple cold cereal, that's cool. We've got you covered. General Mills Cinnamon Cheerios Oat Crunch are Multigrain Cheerios topped with whole grain oats and real cinnamon. One bowl has more than half of your daily recommended whole grains and there are five types of whole grains to boot including oats, sorghum and millet. It's a quick and easy, hearty and nutritious breakfast with a good source of fibre.

Another whole grain food item, albeit one designed to satisfy your snacking, is Nature Valley Crispy Creamy Wafer Bars! Choose from Peanut Butter or the obviously better combination of Peanut Butter Chocolate. Light and crispy whole grain wafers are coated in peanut butter and topped with crunchy granola (as well as chocolate if you bought the chocolate covered one which you should have and if you didn't then make sure you get it next time). 

Whole grains seems to be trending in this newsletter so let's keep it rolling along by mentioning that we have a new item that is also in our advertised specials this week! Lundberg Organic Mini Rice Cakes are a light, bite-sized treat made with the goodness or organic brown rice. They're crafted to be thin, lightly crunchy but heavy on flavour. And since they're made with rice, it goes without saying that they're gluten-free but we'll say it anyway. These crisps are certified gluten-free! Right now we have White Cheddar, Sea Salt and Apple Pie flavours to choose from and they're ad-priced this week at $3.76 each!

I don't know about you but all this talk of delicious food is making me thirsty. If you also could use a new drink in your fridge then pick up Perrier Blackberry Carbonated Natural Spring Water Slim Cans! This premium sparkling water sets itself apart from its competitors because its water is naturally carbonated. And with zero calories, zero sweeteners and all natural blackberry flavour, we have it just in time for spring!

One last thing...The Little Jam Stand has concocted a "Ham Gravy" that will be available in time for Easter. It's another of her incredible items exclusive to Pepper's. It's kind of like a honey mustard glaze but it looks like gravy and it's for serving with ham. Problem is, there's no real name for it yet. That's where you come in. Reply to this email with a suggestion for the product name and the one whose name is chosen will win themselves a free jar! The name and more details of this item will follow in a future newsletter. Good luck!

From all of us here at Pepper's Foods we wish you a Happy Springtime and hope that you continue to take good care! Cheers!


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