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Peppers Newsletter March 30, 2021

Peppers Newsletter March 30, 2021

Good morning! Hey y'know what? This year, March has five Tuesdays in it which means that this is a bonus newsletter for the month! Woo hoo! And today's history lesson is directly related to two things that I love a lot: Victoria and hockey! Yes, today in 1925 the Victoria Cougars of the WCHL beat the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL 6-1 to win the Stanley Cup (Victoria took the series 3-1 in the best of five)! This was the last time any team that wasn't a part of the NHL won the Cup. The game was played in the old Patrick Arena in Oak Bay at the corner of Cadboro Bay Road and Epworth Street (then called Empress Street). Alas, the arena burned to the ground in what appeared to have been an act of arson on November 11, 1929. On a side note, the WCHL ceased to exist after the 1925-26 season and the newly formed NHL team in Detroit purchased the Victoria Cougars becoming the Detroit Cougars until 1930 when they renamed to the Detroit Falcons and then in 1932 came to be known as the Red Wings.

Easter will be here in a blink and if you're looking for some sweet treats for those baskets we've got loads of stuff to pick from. Cakes Etc. has Easter Egg Cookies in a bag of five or individual Bunny Cookies! Dutch Bakery has Solid Chocolate Bunnies available in milk or white chocolate! Or we have bags containing both Easter Bunny and Egg Cookies! Plus, there are loads of other Easter candies located on the aisle end at the first till! So make sure to get some really great goodies now before we're all sold out!

Does eating gourmet, whole-hearted soul food sound appealing to you? It did to us as well. And that's precisely why we started carrying SaltSpring Pie Company Pies! Homemade, delicious hand-crafted and hearty, these pies are made by three generations of Walde women with lots of love! They're easy to cook and healthy, too! With flavours like Roast Chicken, Vegetable and Sweet Corn; Braised Beef & Mushroom; Turkey and Roast Yam and Pork Apple & Sage, you're getting simply exceptional comfort food made on the farm from one family to another!

If low-carb and keto-friendly eating is the name of your game then get ready to be happy because we now offer Sprague Simply Soups! Not only do they only contain between 6 and 7 net carbs per serving, they're also gluten-free and full of plant-based proteins! Choose from Simply Green (broccoli, creamed coconut and curry), Simply Bisque (tomato bisque with roasted red peppers and cream) or Simply Cauli (cauliflower, hemp hearts and turmeric). Sprague Foods has been in business since 1925 and they're proud to produce 100% Canadian products!

Oh, and did we mention that there are also Sprague Organic Simply Soups as well? These are just regular organic soups, not the keto-friendly, low-carb kind. The company motto is tasting is believing. So don't take our word for it that these soups are unbelievable. You're just oing to have to try them for yourself. Choose from six gluten-free flavours: Lentil and Vegetable, Carribean Black Bean, Tomato Red Pepper, Québec-Style Split Pea, Tuscany-Style Minestrone or Sweet Potato Coconut Curry!

Here's an excerpt from the website of RiceSelect, a company that produces, no, not rice, but exquisite couscous! Traditional Moroccan Couscous is a small, natural pasta that's extremely light and fluffy when cooked, but absorbs large amounts of flavor. With origins from North Africa, this pasta resembles small balls that are made with 100% enriched durum semolina wheat. Couscous is prepared by steaming the pasta to create a light and fluffy consistency. This grain's versatile shape and short cook time of 5 minutes make couscous ideal as a stand-alone dish or paired with sauces, vegetables, and other protein-heavy recipes. With RiceSelect, you can cook with confidence, knowing our Couscous is the perfect addition to an unforgettable meal. That meal could be your Easter dinner this weekend! Whether it's RiceSelect Conventional Pearl Couscous with TurmericRiceSelect Organic Pearl Couscous or RiceSelect Organic Tri-Coloured Pearl Couscous, you have a very quick yet delicious side dish that makes a great alternative to potatoes or rice! 

How convenient would it be to have a dairy-free beverage that's the perfect size for an on-the-go drink? With Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla you get four 240ml bottles of almond beverage free from added sugars, artificial flavours or colours! Pack one in your lunchkit or gym bag, stash some in your staff fridge or grab one on your way out the door!

Here's a perfect snack to go with that tasty beverage: Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies! It's the unique caramelized taste of Lotus Biscoff with either a Biscoff Creme, Smooth Vanilla Creme or Smooth Chocolate Creme filling! You'll reminisce about that perfect plane trip that you took ages ago because these are the cookies served as snacks on many commercial airlines! 

If you want to give your laundry detergent a serious boost without adding harsh chemical detergents, try Nellie's Oxygen Brightener Powder. This all-natural formula is unscented and phosphate-free and can be used on colours as well as whites. It cleans clothes, fights stains and does an excellent job deodorizing, too! So if you have gym clothes that you just can't seem to de-stinkify, this is your new go-to product! And since it comes in a nice tin, you can re-purpose the packaging to hold whatever you like.

Before we go, let's update you on The Little Stand product naming that we talked about last week. We erroneously stated that the product was a honey mustard glaze. The sweetness comes from brown sugar, not honey. And it tastes like a sweet and tangy mustard that you can use as a glaze or serve cold as a dip. Our staff tried it and LOVED it which isn't surprising since all of The Little Stand products are simply wonderful. At any rate,  the name is Nanny's Ham Sauce and you can get some right now for your Easter dinner in jars of two different sizes.

Have a great long Easter weekend and until next week, take good care!

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