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Peppers Newsletter January 5, 2021

Peppers Newsletter January 5, 2021

Good morning and welcome to the first newsletter of 2021! You know, the weather around southern Vancouver Island hasn't exactly been very pleasant the past few weeks. We got that big snow storm on December 21 and lately we've been living up to our reputation as being the "wet coast." It's been a constant deluge of rain. But it's definitely not as bad as the "Great Frost of 1709" which started on today's date and left all of Europe in a deep freeze for three months, the likes of which hadn't been felt in 500 years. England dubbed this weather phenomenon the Great Frost. In France, it was called Le Grand Hiver. There, more than 600000 people died due to the ensuing famine. People rioted for food. Livestock froze. Trees and plants froze. Rivers, lakes and even the ocean froze. The ground froze solid up to a metre deep. And yes, a lot of people froze, too. With sustained temperatures of -10 degrees C to -15 degrees C, it may not sound that cold to us today, but back then, it was deadly. 

Everybody knows that a nice hot bowl of soup chases the winter chills away. And if you happen to enjoy the soup from one of Canada's favourite coffee chains, you'll be super happy to know that you can now purchase it from Pepper's and prepare it at home whenever you like! Tim Hortons Ready-To-Serve Soups are prepared in Canada and come in Cream of Broccoli, Chicken Noodle and Chicken & Rice flavours! And as luck would have it, they're also in our ad this week for the great price of 2/$5!

Way back in the early 1900s, aluminum cookware started to replace the traditional heavy cast iron found in North American households. And cleaning them was difficult. Hence, a cookware peddler and his jeweller brother-in-law came up with the Brillo Pad and an effective cleaning product was born. All these years later, Brillo is still producing household cleaners. And Pepper's has a couple of new ones for you to try. Brillo Basics Dishwashing Liquid Soap is available in Clean Lavender as well as Oxy Power. It's easy on the hands but tough on dirty dishes. Plus, the ingredeints are entirely biodegradable and the colours are strangely seductive!

And when it comes time to clean the bathroom, there's Brillo Basics Foaming Shower Cleaner. Its foaming action easily removes soap scum, hard water stains, and dirt. Plus, it won't scratch surfaces and it leaves a brilliant shine with a fresh clean scent. Great for use on shower walls and doors, tubs, glazed ceramic tiles, stainless steel and chrome fixtures, glazed porcelain, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces. But don't use it on acrylic, brass or natural marble surfaces.

Pimentos (or pimientos) are a type of sweet chili pepper without much heat. In fact, they're the mildest of all the chili pepers. But they're very flavourful and make great additions to dips, appys and spreads such as mayonnaise or cream cheese. So if you need to pick some up, Pepper's has new Unico Diced Pimentos in Aisle 1, right above the BBQ sauces.

As long as you're in Aisle 1, you might as well pick up some Earth's Own Chocolate Oat Milk. With 50% less sugar than conventional chocolate milk, it's made with Fair Trade Camino Cocoa and 7x less water than is required for producing almond or cow's milk! And it's gluten-free! Oh, and just before you leave the aisle, there's one more new item for you to get: Olympic Organic Multipack Yogurt 4x100g. Made from wholesome milk from grassfed cows it contains 100% natural ingredients. Choose from Vanilla or Blueberry flavours.

We love when we can unveil items in our flyer because you get to try something new for a great price! In addition to the Tim Hortons Soups, this week we also feature Everland Organic Popping Corn for just $3.96! This non-GMO, Certified Canada Organic popcorn pops fluffy and delicious making a great high fibre, whole grain healthy snack! And if you're in the market for a less healthy snack, look no further than our Bakery Department where you'll find Top Dessert Jelly Roll Cakes in Vanilla Lemon, Chocolate Swiss and Strawberry Jelly flavours. Always a family favourite, these sweet cakes are fun to eat and taste oh so good! 

We draw two $100 Gift Card winners every single month and the only way to win is to deposit your receipt with your name and number into the receptacle at the front of the store. Free food is always a welcome windfall so don't forget to enter! You could be the next winner!

Until next week, stay safe and take good care!

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