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Peppers Newsletter January 12, 2021

Peppers Newsletter January 12, 2021

Good morning! Tomorrow the NHL returns, albeit with a curtailed schedule, and all of the Canadian provinces have signed on to allow games to be played thereby allowing the creation of an all-Canadian division, the firsdt and likely last on ever! That's exciting because a lot of us could use a pleasant distraction from many of the current events occuring now. Our newsletter kicks off with its usual historical fact relating to today's date. Today in 1918, Joe Malone of the Montreal Canadiens scored five goals against Ottawa, leading to a 9-4 victory. He became the first 20 goal scorer and would go on to score a total of 44 goals that season. Some of Joe's NHL records include:

  • Most goals in one game (7), January 31, 1920 at Quebec. Final score: Quebec 10, Toronto 6
  • Most games played with 5 goals or more: 5
  • Highest goals-per-game average, one season: 2.20 with Montreal, 1917–18 season (44 goals in 20 games)
  • Fastest player in NHL history to score 100 goals: 62 games
  • Most consecutive three-or-more goal games: 3 (1917–18 and again later in that season), tied with Mike Bossy (1980–81)
  • Longest consecutive goal-scoring streak from start of NHL career: 14 games (1917–18)

The Sillery, Quebec-born player won the Stanley Cup three times over the course of his career and was eventually inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1950 as well as to Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

Alrighty then, onto the new items! Our first product comes to us from a legendary local business known for their gastronomical and libacious (is that a word?) creations. Spinnakers Brewpub (Canada's oldest by the way) brews many types of beer and ciders, spirits and ales. They make vinegars from those beers and ciders, bake fresh breads, cheeses and jellies. Heck, they even make their own sensational chocolates! So we're not surprised that they've created their own line of Sparkling Mineral Waters and Sodas! With zero calories and zero sugars, these Sparkling Mineral Waters are super refreshing and come in Apricot, Blackberry and Grapefruit flavours. They make excellent mixers, too! Spinnakers Soda Co. make deliciously refreshing sodas in Black Cherry, Ginger Ale, Cola and Rootbeer! Locally-made doesn't get any better than this! Look for them in our cold beverage case at the front of the store.

Also following inline with "Dry January" is Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse's Temperance Series, a line of new Non-Alcoholic Ciders! So far there's Eden (apple) and Bonnie (blackberry and apple). As taken from their company website:

Our Temperance Series consists of non-alcoholic ciders free of added sugars, preservatives and sulphites. 

Our Temperance Series of juices reminds us of “wellness” in the physical, mental and spiritual sense. It is about living a balanced life, and nurturing ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. As individuals, we each have unique approaches and aspirations, including our own views of what it means to live a balanced life. Our Temperance Series invites us to strive for a personal harmony that feels authentic, and reminds us to be open to simple pleasures, large and small, that bring colour and joy to our world. When we find ourselves feeling anxious in a hectic, chaotic world, we are reminded of the things that truly matter.? With wellness in mind we are excited to partner with the Family Caregivers Network of BC to support through the sales of our Temperance Series and look forward to sharing more about this very soon. ?

This next item isn't new to the store but it's another excellent local product that deserves another mention because of a recent deal made on CBC's Dragon's Den! Bin Breeze Indoor Compost Powder is a counter-top compost additive that eliminates not only odours but also those pesky fruit flies! The all natural, non-toxic formula absorbs moisture and comes in Unscented as well as a Lavender scent!

If you want authentic, high-end Italian ingredients for your recipes then San Remo is where it's at! In addition to the numerous varieties of beans, legumes, tomatoes and sauces that Pepper's stocks, we now have San Remo Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena! And guess what? It's in the ad this week for the super price of just $4.66! San Remo Food Importers Ltd. was born of the evolution of Vancouver's Renzullo Food Market, established in 1964 and which still exists today!

Hey, if we're talking about Italian cooking, we should mention Olivieri Skillet Gnocchi, available in our Meat Department! Ready in 5 minutes, these scrumptious little pillows are made in a skillet so there's no boiling or draining of water necessary. They end up being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Each bag serves two and you can get them in Original and Real Cheese flavours! And, they pair nicely with Olivieri Classic Alfredo Sauce. Our selection of Olivieri Fresh Pastas has also expanded significantly! With too many new varieties to list, there are lots of new kinds of Tortellini as well as Sacchettini.

But if you prefer dry pastas over fresh, especially ones that come with cheese, Annie's has added two different types in two different sizes! Annie's Homegrown Deluxe Rich & Creamy Shells 312g are made with 70% organic ingredients and come with real cheese sauce! We have 'em in Shells with Aged Cheddar as well as Shells & White Cheddar. Annie's Homegrown Organic Shells 170g come in the same two flavours but the cheese is in the standard powered form like you're accustomed to. 

Last but not least we have Melitta Eco Clean Coffee Descaler, the boidegradable, natural and non-toxic treatment for your K-Cup, drip and espresso coffee machines. Each bottle gives you enough descaler to perform three cleanings using citric acid as the main ingredient which means no awful odour and no corrosive properties. Plus, there's also an ingredient to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria. get better tasting coffee naturally!

Until next week, stay safe and please...take good care!

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