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Pepper's Newsletter February 6, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter February 6, 2018

Good morning!  Groundhog Day was last Friday and two out of three of North America's weather predicting rodents forecasted six more weeks of winter. Whether or not it actually occurs is anyone's guess. It doesn't really matter though because we have some hot deals in our ad this week, one of which is a new line of side dishes by GoGo Quinoa.  

Made of mostly organic ingredients, the selection consists of Quinoa Paella, Quinoa Vegetables, Quinoa & Basmati Pilaf and Quinoa Provencal. These great meal accompaniments are ready in 15-20 minutes, are vegan and certified gluten-free and they're ad-priced at $2.76 each this week

For dessert, consider a candy bar from Go Max Go. We have Jokerz, Buccaneer and Maholo bars. Also vegan and gluten-free, these rice-milk chocolate covered bars are loaded with all-natural ingredients. No hydrogenated oils, trans fats or corn syrup. At Go Max Go, their mission is "to bring you the finest all-natural versions of the candy bars you grew up with."

Brand new to Pepper's are several products from Victoria's own BetterBrands IncFatButt is butter and peanut butter with added organic coconut oil, cold pressed avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, ghee and MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides). These so-called "super fats" are good for the body in all sorts of ways. And, there's a butter with added cocoa powder for a chocolatey treat! FatButt is Beyond Butter! Look for FatButt Butter, Chocolate Butter and Peanut Butter in the dairy department.

Another exciting new product from BetterBrands Inc. is Tap Sap. This is a sugar-free, maple flavoured syrup with zero calories, and next to zero carbohydrates. However, it is very high in fibre because the main ingredient, isomaltooligosaccharide (there's one for the spelling bee!) is a prebiotic dietary fibre made from  the tapioca plant. And it's also sweet! Look for it in Aisle 3 with the maple syrup.

Last but not least this week are products from another Victoria company: Love Of. Love Of makes Love of Dogs Organic Dog Treats and Love of Pussycats Feline Good Cat Treats that are vegan and wheat free but still packed with loads of nutrition and delicious flavours that your pet will claw your face off for! Okay, they definitely will NOT do that over these treats. But they WILL love you much more for giving them. 

That's it for this week's newsletter. Have a great week and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the aisles!

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