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Pepper's Newsletter February 13, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter February 13, 2018

Good morning!  Here at Pepper's we're all about family. We're a family owned business and our staff are like one big family. Many of our regular customers are part of that family. We think that there's nothing more important. So we sincerely hope that you were able to spend some time with yours in the sun yesterday as it was celebrated province-wide.

Of course, tomorrow marks another special day for many of us: Valentine's Day! And what makes for a thoughtful and lovely gift for your sweetie? That's right...flowers! And Pepper's has an amazing selection of fresh-cut flowers at excellent prices for this special occasion. Make sure to get down here ASAP to ensure that you get the perfect bouquet.

As always, the newsletter is our conduit for providing you with information about all things Pepper's. This week is no exception. New to our deli department is Lenberg Farms Classic Reserve Cheese from Lindsay, Ontario. We offer truckles of sheep milk cheese, goat milk cheese and a blend of the two and all with Dutch inspired names. Taavi, inspired by Tania, is a 4 month old, 100% sheeps milk cheese. Taavi provides a sharp tang with a pleasant aroma. Luuk, inspired by Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar, is a 4 month old, 100% goat cheddar. Luuk is pleasant on the palate, but still offers the sharp, complex taste of goat cheese. Zander, inspired by Zoey, is a 2/3 goat, 1/3 sheep milk cheese that is aged for 4 months. The perfect blend of goat and sheep's milk, Zander is wonderfully creamy and soft while offering a subtle sharpness.

If you're into love and happiness (and really, who isn't?) then these new Peace Teas in funky, boss flavours and groovy designed cans will have you chilling (and peacing) out in no time! Like, wow man, this stuff is really far out! Trust us, you're going to love 'em and it won't cost you a lot of bread, either!

We've saved the best for last this week because we're SUPER excited to offer our Pepper's Foods Branded Tote Bags! These sturdy, rigid-bottomed totes are great for carrying your groceries, returning your empty bottles or pretty much everything else that you need to carry. And they fold flat instantly to save space when you're not needing them. Available in two colour schemes, you can get them from any of our cashiers or ask any staff member. Just $5.99 each!

Thanks again for having a look and don't forget to check out the attached weekly flyer for our Thursday Feature and our other great deals!

Take care!

Pepper's Foods


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