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Peppers Newsletter April 20, 2021

Peppers Newsletter April 20, 2021

Good morning! Today we have some good news to share (this is, afterall, a letter about news)! Firstly, the Family Business Association of Vancouver Island has honoured Pepper's Foods by presenting the 2020 Family Business Excellence Award to the Davits family, the owners of the store. Our current General Manager, Cory Davits, along with his father John, are so pleased to have been presented with this award and sincerely thank the staff, our customers and everyone at the FBA for this recognition!

Secondly, if you've been a shopper at our store for any length of time, you're likely aware of who our Store Manager, Don Way, is. If not, Don has been steadfastly working at the store for 34 years and holds the distinction of being the longest serving staff member at Pepper's. Don's easygoing personality and great sense of humour makes him a pleasure to work alongside, especially during the trying times associated with this pandemic. He's the glue that holds Pepper's together which is why he is never allowed to retire. Ever. So as part of our Staff Appreciation Campaign (we single out and embarrass a staff member every Thursday) we are proud to recognize hard-working Don as our first recipient and he was presented with a store gift card for his efforts. Way to go, Don!

Okey dokey let's talk about new items on the shelves starting with some refreshing beverages available in our cold case up front. You may already be familiar with Zevia, the zero calorie sodas sweetened with stevia that we sell singly up front as well as by the pack in aisle 5. Now there are two new lines of sugar-free drinks available to you! Zevia Organic Tea is sweetened (the Canadian way to drink iced tea) black tea naturally flavoured with either Lemon or Raspberry and is the "first and only zero calorie and zero sugar tea platform. Naturally sweetened with a delicate balance of flavou, Zevia Organic Tea is USDA Organic and brewed with Fair Trade Certified Tea." We also have Zevia Energy for when you need a little extra boost without the added sugar! With zero sugar, zero calories and 120mg of caffeine per can, you'll power through your day sipping on a Mango Ginger or Raspberry Lime energy drink!

Or you could always opt for the old standby that's been chasing away the yawns for eons: coffee. But not just any coffee. You may recall how CHEK News aired an episode of The Upside on-location from Pepper's Foods just a little while ago. Well, the hosts, Ed Bain and Jeff King neother of which had ever been to the store before, were so pumped up about the store and how we focus on local products as much as possible, that they asked if we'd be interested in selling The Upside Blend Coffee! Yes, Ed and Jeff have a brand of whole bean coffee that's only available for retail at Pepper's Foods and Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe. The beans are small batch roasted for the best possible taste bringing out the full-bodied flavour and aroma as well as an enticing sweetness and wonderful depth. You'll find it in Aisle 3 with the rest of the hot beverages.

The perfect accompaniment to coffee is undoubtedly biscotti. Italians know a thing or two about coffee and what goes well with it. So if you're picking up some of that Upside Blend, you should add the latest flavour of the most excellent Melinda's Biscotti: Gingersnap. What started out of a garage 15 years ago in Sidney, BC as grown into a successful and thriving business and we're very happy to offer this biscotti in our store. It's not in the most obvious spot so look for it on the top shelf directly across from the bread (near the ATM). 

Alternatively, you could just go for a chocolate chip cookie. However, our newest chocolate chip cookie puts the standard to shame because it's Christie Chips Ahoy Chewy Family Size with Cadbury Caramilk Chocolate Chips! You read that right. It's the classic chewy cookie with the classic chocolate taste of the iconic Cadbury Caramilk bar! What more is there to say, really except that you have got to get your hands on these immediately for your next compulsive snacking/binge watching marathon! Sweeeeet!

This pandemic has caused a lot of peeople a lot of stress so it's no wonder that alcohol consumption spiked! But if you're looking to scale back your boozin' yet still enjoy the taste of wine, try St. Regis Brut De-alcoholized Sparkling Wine! As per the company website:

The St. Regis Brut is a dry, golden yellow sparkling wine featuring floral, fruity and citrus notes layered over delicate and persistent effervescence. Made with a fine selection of Chardonnay grapes using traditional methods, our master winemakers have created a remarkable product that doesn’t compromise on taste to dazzle even the most discerning palates. Make every occasion a memorable one with this medium-bodied Brut that unveils a lively acidity, rounded balance and broad texture. It's great on its own or in mocktails!

Whole sesame seeds ground up with organic sesame oil = New World Organics Organic Sesame Tahini. No stabilizers, hydrogenated oils, sugars, salt, artificial colours, flavours, dairy products or preservatives are added to this traditional Middle Eastern condiment. It's also vegan! Add it to your dressings, noodles, quinoa, dips, pitas, hummus, and roasted vegetables.

If you happen to get a glob of that tahini on your favourite t-shirt there's a good chance it might stain it. Resolve Oxi Action Fabric Stain Remover comes in a new powder form in two varieties. There's Crystal White Chlorine Free Fabric Stain Remover as well as Colour Safe Fabric Stain Remover. NOTE: this is a super boosted IN-WASH stain remover meaning that you add it to your washing machine when you do your laundry. You can also use it as a spot remover by making a paste, applying it to the stain, waiting 5 minutes and then washing as recommended.

Finally, there's another new oat beverage available with the shelf-stable non-dairy beverages right under the monitor in Aisle 1. Silk Unsweetened Oat is a great dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, carrageenan-free, lactose-free and vegan alternative to drinking milk with only 50 calories per serving, zero cholesterol and zero sugar!

One last thing before you finish reading and start looking at our advertised specials, we have been provided with another NHL jersey from Arla Foods! This year we have a Winnipeg Jets Jersey available to be won (the draw will commence after the Stanley Cup is awarded) and all you have to do is sign your name and number on the back of your receipt and place it in the ballot box at the store entrance! Good luck!

Until next week, stay safe and take good care! 

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