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Peppers Newsletter April 27, 2021

Peppers Newsletter April 27, 2021

Good morning! Last week we introduced our Store Manager, Don Way, to you in the first of a series of weekly Staff Appreciation posts. This week, our Meat Manager, Mr. John Eldridge, is in the spotlight. With 57 years experience as a butcher, John is a master at his craft and one of the best there is. Period. He stocks a diverse and exceptional meat counter each and every single day and do you know why? It's because he works very hard and LOVES what he does for a living! And we LOVE having him as an employee which he has been for the past 31 years. John brings an amazing energy to work every day as well as a great sense of humour. His newest hobby involves smoking various cuts of meat in his awesome backyard smoker! Have fun with it, John, and thank you!

Hey, remember Expo 67? It was the International and Universal Exposition, a Category One World's Fair that was the first of its kind to be held in North America. It was the focal point for Canada's 100th birthday which ran in Montreal, QC from April 27-October 29, 1967. Category 1 meant that it must cover the full range of activities of contemporary man. The theme was Man and his World with sixty-two nations participating (the most to date) and it also set an attendance record on the third day with 569,500 visitors. In total, 54,991,806 people experienced this incredible event which, by the way, almost didn't happen. Moscow was originally awarded the opportunity by the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris but the USSR cancelled and Canada was granted the green light.

What's new and exciting to the store this week you ask? Let's start off with stuff found in our Meat Department since the manager is the man of the hour! John has added some amazing new items from Langford's Glenwood Meats. And if you know anything about Glenwood, you know that they don't skimp on quality. And they've been a family operated business since 1950 so they know a thing or two about meats. Just in time for BBQ season are Glenwood Smokies available in Beef, Turkey and Jalapeno Cheese (pork) flavours! You get six giant smokies per package that cook up juicy and delicious on the grill!

There's also Glenwood Weiners which come in Original (pork and beef), Beef Cheddar and Chicken varieties! There are six large weiners per package that will put the weiners you currently buy to shame. They taste that good! 

And if you're looking for something ready-to-eat, try Glenwood Pepperoni! With four flavours to chose from (Original, Jalapeno Cheddar, Honey Garlic and Hot & Spicy) these are large portions of beef and pork pepperoni sticks with the perfect blend of seasonings and ingredients. We know that this will become your favourite pepperoni. And keep this in mind: you're purchasing product that's created and smoked on-site. Glenwood is involved entirely in the process so you're getting locally-made, high quality product that's flavourful and satisfying!  Keep supporting your local businesses!

Another tasty addition to the store can be found in our Deli Department in the form of Bacon & Cheddar Egg Bites! These scrumptious gluten-free snacks are high in protein and come in a pack of two for just $2.99. You can find them in the Deli's cold case across from the first till!

Sometimes we're out of stock on certain items be it due to supplier shortages or what have you. That was the case with certain items from The Fishery, local seafood products from Salt Spring Island. But now The Fishery Smoked Mussels and Smoked Scallops have returned to the shelves! So if you've been disappointed at not being able to purchase these, you're in luck because they're in stock! And another seafood item that was unavailabe but has also returned is St. Jean's (Nanaimo) Smoked Mussels. There's no shortage anymore of delicious, loical smoked shellfish so make sure you remember to put these back on your shopping list.

Remember The Upside Organic Coffee Blend that we told you about last week? They've already expanded their line to include The Upside Organic K-Cups (K-Cup compatible)! It's that same great coffee blend except it comes in convenient Keurig cartridges. Each package contains 18 cups that are 100% blue box recyclable! Currently they live on a displayer outside the front doors of the store but they'll eventually find their way to the shelf in Aisle 3 with the other coffees.

Keurig coffee is almost instant coffee but not quite. But if you're in the mood for a flavoured instant coffee beverage then the two new ones found just below the coffee grinder might just be for you! Maxwell House Cafe Instant Coffee is available at Pepper's in Suisse Mocha as well as French Vanilla flavours! Apparently this is highly coveted stuff that's hard to find so if you're one of the many who have to go elsewhere to purchase this, your just saved yourself a trip!

Our Produce Department has added Muscat Grapes! If you've never tried these delicate, seedless beauties then you're in for a treat! These greenish grapes with a pink bloom and soft skin are one of the oldest grape varieties in existence. Imported from Chile, they are only available until before the end of May. So you might want to jump on the chance to try these, if you haven't yet already. They don't taste like regular table grapes. They taste more of lychee fruit than grapes, actually: sweet and deliciously fragrant! 

If you want to attain a high level of streak-free cleanliness on glass and surfaces at home in a product that contains zero ammonia, try Method Glass Cleaner Waterfall. You'll get a streak-free shine with plant-based ingredients that smells like water lily and sandalwood! Smudges, fingerprints and detritus flung onto the bathroom mirror as a result of aggressive flossing don't stand a chance against this meaner, greener surface cleaner! 

Want a healthy yet convenient meal that's ready in mere minutes? One that doesn't contain meat? One that's loaded with fibre and protein but that;s gluten-free and vegan? Presto bang-o you're in luck! Because you can have all of that with San Remo Organic Chili with Romano Beans! Here's the complete list of ingredients: Borlotti Beans, Water, tomato puree, cane sugar, starch, salt, red chilli peppers, onions, spices. That's it. Simpler is often better and in this instance, that's exactly the case. Simple yet delicious. Quick and easy. 

There's another one for the books, gang. Wherever this finds you we hope that you are healthy and safe and continuing to persevere through this crazy period in our history. We hope you enjoyed the newsletter this week and until the next one arrives, please, take good care!

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