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Pepper's Newsletter September 8, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter September 8, 2020

Good morning!  Today in 1504, The Statue of David, Michelangelo's marble masterpiece, was unveiled in Florence. He had started sculpting it three years earlier. The biblical nude figure is depicted facing towards Rome while holding onto the sling which he used to bring down the Philistine giant, Goliath (he then decapitated him and later brought the head to Jerusalem). In his right hand, he holds a stone, the ammunition that supposedly hit Goliath right between the eyes. Ironically, David stands a whopping 17 feet tall which is a Goliath height and makes us wonder how tall a statue of Goliath might have been had Michelangelo chosen to carve him as well! Another remarkable fact about this statue is that it was carved from a single block of marble that was abandoned by two different scuptors before Michelangelo successfully transformed it into one of history's most famous works of art.

Last week we mentioned that today marks the start of mandatory wearing of face masks for our customers. So this is just a reminder for you to bring a mask when you shop. We also carry locally-made masks! Adult-$14.99 and Child-$9.99 plus Disposable 10pk-$9.99. But what we're really excited to tell you about is that on Tuesday, September 14th, our online store will finally be available for your delivery or pick-up orders! That's right, you can go to our website and select from a comprehensive list of items! We've been working hard to get this ready and it's finally coming to fruition! Woo hoo!!

It's back-to-school time and our flyer is chock full of great deals on items for your family's lunches. And speaking of lunches, here's something new that you can pack in them! Nature Valley Lunch Box Banana Chocolate Chip + Veggies Granola Bars are the newest addition to this line of classroom-friendly snacks! Grown-ups have found another way to sneak vegetables into foods that children enjoy (in this case, it's mostly sweet potatoes) and the peanut-free recipe ensures that those with a peanut allergy are not at risk! These guys are also full of fibre and whole grains so it makes for a sensible and healthy snack. 

It's a universal fact: everyone loves pizza. There's not a single individual human person that doesn't enjoy a nice pie that comes in some way, shape or form. Therefore, you're going to love these new Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts! You pick the toppings and leave the crust to us (them). Available in two sizes the 245 gram packagaes come in Original as well as Protein (16 grams of protein and only 8 grams of carbs per serving). Or if you want the larger 404 gram package, you can choose from Original as well as Super Grains which is made from sprouted wheat as well as high-fibre wheat flour! They're ready to go! Just take out of the package, top with whatever tickles your fancy and pop in the oven. Pizza made at home just got a whole lot tastier!

"Holy guacamole, Batman!" That's what Robin might exclaim when he tasted new Fresh Is Best Guac-On! Guacamole! Made with ingredients including fresh cilantro, avocados and zesty lemons and limes, this fabulous dip is made with 10 fresh vegetables, contains no additves or gluten, is vegan and has no added sugar. But that's not the only new dip that our Deli Department has added, nosirree! There's also a new Fresh Is Best Garlic-O-Licious Spinach Dip! As you may have guessed, this dip is a tad garlic-centric. Use it for dipping chunks of fresh bread, chips, veggies or even try it as a salad dressing for Pete's sake! It's all natural and low in sodium.

Our Produce Department has introduced Bubbies Prepared Horseradish and the identical but for the addition of one ingredient Bubbies Prepared Beet Horseradish. The company website states: Bubbies horseradishes are fortified using natural mustard oil, not the artificial stuff often hidden in ingredients like "soybean oil" and "flavoring." Our horseradishes are OU Kosher certified, made with gluten free vinegar and produced in a gluten free facility. The pungent flavor adds zest and color to any meal and they continue the high quality for which all Bubbies' products are known. If it's pickled or fermented choose Bubbies for their time honoured, old-world recipes.

Pepper's has expanded our line of famous Milano Coffee by adding two new SKUs: Vienna and Parisian! The medium-bodied Vienna tastes of Almonds | Peach | Marzipan and consists of an "Old World recipe that mobilizes an empire of 7 varietals. True European sensibilities— regal and elegant, while potent and robust." Parisian is a dark coffee with overtones of Licorice | Dark Chocolate | Burnt Sugar. This "creme de la creme French-style roast is a melange of 7-9 varietals. Sticky, syrupy body and caramelized flavours with a peppery-sweet finish". Magnifique!

The oat beverage category continues to grow with Oat Dream Original Oat Beverage. Lactose and dairy free, this yummy drink is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D and B12. It also goes great in the aforementioned exquisite coffees! Or choose the Oat Dream Original Enriched Oat Beverage, the creamy oaty drink that's been fortified with lots of vitamins and stuff. Both are creamy, smooth and delicious and are 100% vegan.

Another excellent non-dairy item that will have you jumping for joy is Silk Dairy-Free Whipping Cream Alternative. Use this coconut-based product cup for cup like dairy for baking and cooking and obviously, as an alternative whipped topping to regular whipping cream. There's 0 sugar per serving, it's free from gluten and carrageenan and it's verified by the Non-GMO Project’s product verification program.

From Silk to Silk'n Soft we go! This is toilet tissue in a box! New Silk'n Soft Oh Natural Toilet Tissue is unbleached 3-ply premium toilet tissue that's made with bamboo and not trees! It's the most eco-friendly tissue that you can buy. And it's also the softest. Our forests (and your behind) will thank you!

Thanks for reading another newsletter. It's our pleasure to bring it to each of you each week! But more importantly, take care of each other. Stay safe. Be kind. Help someone who needs it. And as my Grandpa Mason used to say at dinner, "Eat till you squeal!"

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