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Pepper's Newsletter September 3, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter September 3, 2019

Good morning!  Today is an extra special day for all you parents because your offspring have returned to the classroom once again. Congratulations! You made it through nine gruelling weeks and now the teachers get them for the next 10 months! But seriously, here's hoping your Labour Day long weekend spent with the kiddies was enjoyable for everyone. The weather here was glorious making for the perfect atmosphere to end summer vacation!

This week we have some really great and exciting products to tell you about so without further delay, let's get to it!

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Sparkmouth Drinks Co. Ltd. offers four refreshingly delicious sparkling waters: Lemon, Lime, Strawberry and Grapefruit! Pictured is the multipack which contains all four flavours (three of each), but you can also purchase each flavour in its own case of eight, if you prefer. With zero sugar, calories or sodium, each can contains only carbonated water and natural flavour. In other words, they're all spark! Find your spark and pick up a case today!

Equally as delicious is Arizona Original Iced Tea with Lemon Flavour and Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey available in a 960ml tetra carton. The original iced tea is a premium blend of black tea using filtered water, cane sugar and natural lemon flavour. And the other uses a premium blend of brewed green tea with cane sugar, honey and ginseng extract. The company claims both are excellent served hot as well. We'll leave that up to you to try but as long as the weather remains sunny and warm, we're betting most will love these drinks served ice cold!

When was the last time Las Vegas didn't rip you off? Never? Well, now you can win BIG time with new RW Garcia Crackers in Sweet PotatoSweet Beetroot and Kale varieties, respectively. Produced in Las Vegas, Nevada, these three seed crackers all contain flaxseed, black sesame and chia and offer a blend of nutritious ingredients that make for crunchy and delicious snacks. Great with any dip or topping, they're also gluten-free! 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: nothing goes better with crackers than cheese. So if you want to top those crackers off with something extraordinary then Stonetown Artisan Cheese is exactly what you need. Produced in lovely St. Marys, Ontario, (which is also known as The Stone Town due to the abundance of limestone in the area), each cheese is cleverly named for something related to the town and surrounding area. 

  • Grand Trunk - Gruyere Style Cheese
  • Amazing Grey - Gruyere Style Goat Cheese
  • Homecoming - Tilsit Style Cheese
  • Wildwood - Appenzeller Style Cheese

Taken from their website: www.stonetowncheese.com

Stonetown Artisan Cheese is an on-farm cheese plant located in St. Marys, Ontario. Our cheese is hand crafted alpine style cheese, low in sodium and made with fresh whole cow’s milk from our family farm. In order to obtain a great taste, the milk is unpasteurized and has no additives. This ensures that the cheese is pure and natural. The cheese making process is very similar to how cheese has been made for centuries in the mountain dairies in the Swiss Alps.

Fun fact: The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is also located in St. Marys!

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."  That's the famous line from Shakespeare's As You Like It. And that leads us to our next fantastic new items: As You Like It BBQ Sauces! We don't know if there's any connection to Stratford, Ontario, but it is just minutes away from St. Marys (and is also the hometown of this writer). But we do know that both these sauces are out-of-this-world good! And both are gluten-free. Made in Union Bay, BC, the Signature Sauce is a southern-style sauce, sweet and tangy with medium heat, subtle sweetness and invigorating tanginess. The Chipotle Sauce is also medium heat, mildly sweet with a slightly smoky flavour. For more on these incredible sauces head over to www.unionbaycatering.ca.

There was awhile there when we were unable to get Briannas Homestyle Dressings on our shelf. That's a shame because our customers love these small batch, gourmet dressings. But despair no longer because all flavours are back in stock including the new Briannas Chipotle Ranch Dressing! This is a mild dressing made with smoked jalapeno peppers that you can use to dress your salad in good taste! 

Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and eat something that you normally wouldn't. You know, live a little, right? We have the perfect item for those looking for a rich, thick, sweet and uber delicious treat: Oikos Extra Creamy Yogurt available in Lemon with Zest and Blueberry flavours! The great thing is that they both come in a smaller 275g container (unlike the other 9% yogurts) so you don't have to feel bad that you bought a huge container! 

And finally, we have added the big Terra Breads Original Granola in the 1kg bag! Now you get more granola (and more value) per bag when you purchase this small batch granola from Vancouver! Honey roasted oat and seed cluster? Check. Whole almonds and cashews? Check. Toasted coconut, cranberries and raisins? Check, check and check! It's all in here blended to wholesome perfection.

Don't forget that next Sunday, September 8 is Grandparent's Day. Show them why they're so special. Call and/or visit your grandparents!

Until next week, take good care!


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