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Pepper's Newsletter October 22, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter October 22, 2019

Good morning!  Well, the people have spoken and the election results are in. Hopefully you were one of those people who took advantage of your civil right to cast a ballot to help determine how our country is governed. You may not like the outcome of your vote but you've gotta love the democratic process that we are priviledged to participate in!

This week we have lots of new items to discuss so let's jump in head first and go for it. Our first new items come with Powergreen technology. We don't know what that is but it sure sounds cool! New Method All-Purpose Wipes are municipally compostable wipes (not suitable for your backyard composting) with naturally derived, non-toxic and plant-based ingredients that make for a powerful and effective greener cleaner!

As long as we're talking natural and effective products, let's add local to the mix and introduce Island Essentials Natural Deodorants made in Cobble Hll, BC. These personal hygiene products contain jojoba oils and organic shea butter but not aluminum. Choose from Bergamot Bliss (Bergamot Palmarosa Lime), Jasmine's Kiss (Ylang Ylang Grapefruit Jasmine) or Serene Dream (Lavender Orange Chamomile) and stay fresh, naturally!

One of the most popular names in cleaning is undoubtedly Sunlight. After all, the brand was launched in 1883 in the UK and is still going strong. So if you're one of the many who have trusted the cleaning power of this detergent and like the pleasant, fresh scent then perhaps new Sunlight Lime Mint will stop you from delegating and make you want to do the dishes! As you sniff the fresh scent, your imagination will whisk you away to a warm and sunny place where, instead of washing that glass, you'll be sipping a refreshing cocktail from one!

As the winter weather sets in, you'll want to relax with a hot cup of Mighty Leaf Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea. This whole leaf tea combines the warming spices of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon with sweet and spicy turmeric. You get 12 artisan hand-stitched pouches of delicious, organic and caffeine-free tea per box.

As usual, when we heard about another great, new BC product, we quickly ordered it and found a home for it on the shelf! Maple Hill Farms Free Range Large Brown Eggs and Maple Hill Farms Organically Grown Large Brown Eggs come from hens fed a balanced diet of grains containing no animal by-products. This family owned and operated business is located in the small farming community of Mt. Lehman in the central Fraser Valley and they've been in the poultry business for over 40 years! 

Eggs are an essential ingredient for an omelette. As is cheese. And we have just the one that you've been waiting for, especially if you don't eat a lot of aged cheese: Balderson Extra Old White Cheddar 280g. With the holidays just around the corner, cheese trays are also essential for entertaining and your guests will love having this 14-18 month aged cheddar to try. It has a full, pleasant cheddar flavour but with a sharpness incurred from the aging process. It's also ideal for rich, creamy sauces, as well as for shredding and baking. And it pairs well with crisp white wines, most young red wines and beers/lagers.

As long as you're picking up the cheese, you might as well pair it with a new and fantastic cracker: Mary's Gone Crackers Real Thin Organic Crackers. These gluten-free crackers contain no wheat and are made with deliciously real ingredients in an allergy friendly bakery. That means veryone can enoy these authentically delicious crisps! Pepper's has 'em in Sea Salt and Garlic Rosemary flavours!

Umami is one of the five basic tastes: savory (a synonym for umami), sweetness, saltiness, bitterness and sourness. Umami taste comes from glutamates which is a compound found packed into anchovies. This is why the anchovy is such a prized ingredient in many kitchens (although, sadly, an underutilized one). Anchovies provide a flavour boost to loads of dishes, not just pizza and salads. So if you're one if the "in-the-know" cooks looking for that little extra oomph for your culinary creations, pick Unico Fillets of Anchovies in Olive Oil. You'll find them in our Meat Department near the seafood!

Those are the new items for this week. We hope you enjoyed reading about them! Oh, and we would also like to welcome Graeme back to the store! He was missed in his brief abscence but we're just so pleased to have him back on our team!

Until next week, take good care!

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