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Pepper's Newsletter November 3, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter November 3, 2020

Good morning! Charles Boles aka "Black Bart"  was an American outlaw who had a very prolific (and lucrative) career as a stagecoach robber, holding up more than 28 Wells Fargo stagecoaches between 1875-1883. His territory included mostly northern California but also included some areas bordering California and Oregon. Known as a "gentleman bandit" he was quite polite and cordial during his heists, never using profanity. He left two poems behind at two different crime scenes which added to his notariety and those, however, did include some salty language. His last heist occured on November 3, 1883, and, ironically, it happened at the same site as his very first. It was a bungled robbery attempt which ultimately left Charles shot in the hand. He fled leaving behind a handkerchief and a few other personal belongings. Authorities canvassed 90 laundries to see if they could identify the embroidered F.X.O.7 found on the hankies until one was finally able to provide an address of a man who had purchased them. Even though he had committed a vast number of robberies, Wells Fargo only pressed charges for his final one, resulting in a six year sentence at San Quentin prison where he served only four before being released on good behaviour in January of 1888. A month later he simply disappeared, never to be seen again.

Alright so we have lots to talk about today and no time to waste so lets get right to it! Last week we presented some great new items for people with FODMAP sensitivities and our Grocery Manager has expanded that line-up already because of the positive response.! We have two Fody Pasta Sauces: Marinara and Tomato Basil as well as a Fody Medium Salsa and Fody Ketchup! Everything is onion and garlic free and these are excellent additions to a line that will leave many happy shoppers with happy guts! 

Our Meat Manager, John, is excited to announce a new line of small batch and all natural products from Pickles' Pantry, hand-crafted in the Cowichan Valley! Named after chef Louise Pickles, we have Pickles' Pantry Pâtés (Peter Piper picked a pack of Pickles' Pantry Pâté!), a Duck Pâté with Cranberry & Port as well as a Chicken Pâté that's Burnt Honey & Apple flavoured! FYI, the duck is slightly stronger flavoured than the chicken. For the plant-based dieters out there, we have a delicious Lentil Walnut Páté, full of umami flavour and one that's uniquely savoury! If you're interested, there's Pickles' Chicken, Bacon & Mushroom Terrine, made with Farmhouse Poultry chicken and chanterelles from Vancouver Island. Or choose the Country Terrine with Figs & Pistachios, made with house ground pork shoulder and garnished with brandy soaked figs and flecks of toasted pistachios. And finally, we have Traditional Pork Rilette described by the company from its website as: Pork shoulder is slowly cooked in stock with aromatics and spices, until meltingly tender, then mixed together with its own cooking juices and fats and left to set overnight. Served best on a slice of toasted sourdough with some cornichons to contrast its rich fatty nature, rillette is a simple yet luxurious treat. With the holidays approaching quickly, these items are sure to please everyone at your table!

Schwartz's is a world-famous deli in Montreal whose smoked meat sandwiches will alter the trajectory of your life once you've tried one. So a guy in Ontario decided that he didn't want to have to travel that far to get an incredible smoked meat sandwich and decided to open his own place called Caplansky's Delicatessen. You can find it in York, Ontario. So what, you might ask? Well, Pepper's can't get you one of the incredible sandwiches made there, but we can get you not one, not two but three kinds of Caplansky's Delicatessen Mustards to make your own sandwich or hotdog outstanding! Choose from Ballpark Mustard, Mild Mustard or Horseradish Mustard! Are we achieving the desired Pavlovian response yet? Good! Because your tastebuds are going to thank you emphatically when they're exposed to these awesome new condiments! Come and get it!

Marmalade is one of those spreads that you either love or hate and if you happen to love it then you are going to really love trying new Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Pure Orange Marmalade or their Tiptree Pure Lime Marmalade! They've been making jams in this little English village for 135 years! It's all they've ever done. So we're betting that these marmaldes are the "real deal." Try them out and see for yourself.

Pomegranates are chock full of antioxidants but getting to the fruit can be a real pain in the keester. So why not get all that insane nutrition from its juice, instead? With Red Crown Organic Pomegranate Juice in either Original or With Pulp, you get cold-pressed not-from-concentrate juice. There's nothing but pomegranate juice in there: no juice blends or anything else. The juice also makes a great addition to your holiday cocktails with its intense ruby colour and sweet but tangy taste!

And speaking of mixes, one of the more popular ones on the market (or in the market) is Fevertree. They know that if 3/4 of your drink is mix, it had better be darn good. And their mixes are good! And up until now you could only purchase them in a glass bottle. But now they're making 8x150ml cases of cans! Try the same great tasting Fevertree Premium Ginger Ale or Fevertree Premium Indian Tonic Water in your next libation and see why they're the best!

Kombucha sales remain super steady because the popularity of these fermented bevvies just keeps climbing! So if you are one of the very many who gravitate towards their effervescence, check out Cultured Kombucha, made right here in little old Victoria, BC! They have vibrant and invigorating flavours such as Raspberry Lemonade, Blueberry Jasmine, Elderflower Rose and Nettles & Petals.Get beneficial enzymes and healthy bacteria in addition to a refreshing flavour explosion in your mouth! Be Gutsy, drink Cultured Kombucha!

There's another beverage that is somewhat appealing to a few folks out there. It's coffee and we are pleased to offer another choice bean blend (packaged in a snazzy, regal-looking bag to boot!) from Fernwood Coffee Company, also of Victoria, BC. New Fernwood 1936 Espresso is a "decadent and full bodied cup with a sweet, bright acidity and notes of peach in the finish." The blend is as follows: 

Brazil, Poco Fundo – Minas Gerais
Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe - Kochere G1

Hey, all we know is that it tastes really, really good. Trust us.

That's all there is for new items this week. If you look at the attached advertised specials, you'll notice that there is a baking theme going on. Everything you bakers need to, you know, bake stuff, is on sale so make sure to get in on the savings this week. COVID-19 numbers are rising all across BC so it is vital to ensure that we stay the course, continue to follow the rules while in-store and keep our distance while also wearing a mask. Thanks for your continued support and compliance!

Until next week, take good care!

Pepper's Foods.



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