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Peppers Newsletter November 17, 2020

Peppers Newsletter November 17, 2020

Good morning!  We need to tell you about a cad. Definition of Cad as per Merriam Webster: a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another's feelings or rights. Synonym (noun): boor, clown, cretin, creep. There's certainly been a lot of press lately about a certain one of those. But we're not interested in him. Nor are we talking about the acromym CAD which stands for Computer Aided Design. So what kind of CAD are we, in fact, talking about? Customer Appreciation Day! Mark Thursday, November 26th on your calendars because all day here at Pepper's we'll be celebrating YOU by offering 10% off your purchases all day long! Usually we have loads of free snacks, treats and drinks available for our guests on this day. Alas, health concerns associated with this pandemic will prevent us from being able to offer any of that this year. But we will have some prizes, gift bags or baskets to give away to some lucky shoppers! Thank you so much for your continued support and patronage. Our customers are the absolute best!

You know, not everything associated with this pandemic is a bummer. Take, for example, this amazing BBQ sauce from Chef Ann Kirseböm of Delta, BC, whose vegan sauce is made in honour of our Provincial Health Officer and her calm leadership through this crisis! It's Dr. Henry Gourmet Sauce with Canadian Whiskey! You can support the BC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund as well as the healthcare workers at VGH and UBC with your purchase since all proceeds are donated! use this sauce as a BBQ or grilling sauce, marinade, stir-fry sauce or however you like! 

Something that might ride shotgun with this sauce is Belmont Meats Chicken Burgers. These extra lean burgers are juicy and flavourful and are a great source of protein and iron! Any time is a good time for a BBQ so head on over to our frozen food aisle and grab a box of these great-for-the grill patties!

As long as you're hanging out in the frozen food section check out these great new pizzas from Port Coquitlam! Holy Napoli Pizza, Batman! Yes, authentic neapolitan pizza can be had at home when you purchase either the Margherita, Calabrese or Pesto Roast Vegetable pies! Neapolitan pizza is topped with globs of mozzarella whereas a New York pizza is covered entirely with shredded mozza. Holy Napoli Pizzas are made with real San Marzano tomatoes, "00" pizza flour from Italy, fresh mozzarela, 100% pure extra virgin olive oil and are baked in a stone oven at 500 degrees! This is truly authentic, Italian neapolitan pizza made right here in BC!

More European cuisine can be found in our Deli Department but this time in the form of Tatianna's Authentic Recipe Pierogies and Tatianna's Authentic Recipe Latkes (potato pancakes). This is Old World goodness at its finest! Choose pierogies in Potato & Cheddar, Potato & Cheddar with Jalapeno or Sauerkraut flavours! Tatianna's are pre-cooked. You simply need to heat and serve! Or you can freeze to eat at a later date. Look for these delicious dinner options just inside the store entrance in the Deli cold case!

A Victoria staple since 1956 is The Dutch Bakery. And the Deli Department hits another home-run by getting back just in time for the holidays, The Dutch Bakery Almond Paste in 1 lb or half lb bars (two flavours) as well as The Dutch Bakery Ribbon Cake and Mini Almond Cakes and Mini Ginger Cakes! These are specialties of the bakery that continue to please year in and year out! They'll enhance your holiday culinary creations and make terrific treats for the entire family!

Iced coffee is huge nowadays (remember when it didn't really even exist?). Iced tea was always a thing, right? Now you can drink a variation of both with new Elmhurst Oat Lattes! They've swapped out the dairy for oat milk by offering four amazing flavours of classic coffee and tea faves! Try Matcha Latte (matcha tea & oatmilk), Cacao Latte (coffee plus cocao & oat milk), Flash Brew Latte (Arabica coffee & oatmilk) or Golden Milk Latte (turmeric and tea & oat milk). These drinks are vegan, dairy-free, carrageenan-free, kosher and provide 30g of whole grains per serving! Plus they're shelf stable so you don't need to refrigerate until opened! Look for these beauties in our Produce Department right up front by the entrance!

There's something that this pandemic generates that could have a lasting effect on our environment: waste. Literally tonnes and tonnes of waste is generated every day through the use of disposable masks, gloves and other PPE. You can take a small but significant step towards reducing that waste by using Medtrica Biodegradable Disinfecting Wipes. With three manufacturing plants in Canada, Medtrica specializes in manufacturing medical grade, everyday use materials for hospitals and other medical facilities. With Hydrogen Peroxide 1.25% w/w these wipes kills 99.99 % of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Stay safe while helping the environment.

If you're looking for some great gift ideas for the finicky foodie in your life, or you just want to try a few flavours of something without committing to an entire jar, try Bonne Maman Miniature Spreads! You get five miniature French fruit spreads from the world's number one exporter of jams: Strawberry, Apricot, Raspberry, Cherry and Orange Marmalade. Or if savoury is more your thing there's Edmond Fallot Miniature Dijon Mustard Packs. Four 25g teeny-tiny jars of French dijon mustards come in this little sleeve including Dijon, Terragon Dijon, Green Peppercorn Dijon and Blackcurrant Dijon. They've been making mustard since 1840 so there's a pretty good chance that they've got it figured out by now.

This time next Tuesday will be one month away from Christmas! And Christmas means turkeys! Our Meat Department is taking orders for fresh turkeys now so make sure to get your order in to ensure that you don't miss out. Please note that we cannot guarantee your exact turkey weight but we will always do our best to get what you request. Thanks again for having a look and, here it comes...until next week...take good care!

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