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Pepper's Newsletter November 12, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter November 12, 2019

Good morning!  Here's hoping that you all enjoyed your long weekend and here's hoping you took even just a moment or two to reflect on why it was a long one. That being said, that's the last long weekend of 2019! Time flies when we're having fun, doesn't it!?

As always, there are new items on our shelves so let's jump right in and get down to business. The first is a sweet one courtesy of Dan-D Pak and it's all about the combination of ingredients. New Dan-D Pak Dark Chocolate Clusters are available in Nut & Cranberry and Peanut Butter Crisp. Both are made with rich dark Belgian chocolate and both make for a sweet and nummy snack! Put them out on your holiday party table or bring a (resealable) bag or two home for movie night! 

Dan-D Pak Organic Quinoa is tri-coloured (white, black and red) which simply makes for a more visually appealing dish! This superfood is high in protein, (it has the highest protein of any other grain) fibre, iron and potassium. So it's no wonder why we sell so much of it. It's also gluten-free and low in fat.  And it's delicious! If you're not eating quinoa then you are seriously missing the flavour train. Time to get on board!

Who says quinoa has to be eaten out of a bowl? GoGo Quinoa Organic Quinoa Burger Mix allows you to make an easy yet nutritious (see above) meal by simply adding water to the mix and stirring. Wait a few minutes and form the patties, adding them to a hot pan and a little oil. Instant vegan and gluten-free burgers!

Vikram Vij opened Vij's restaurant in Vancouver in 1994 and has since expanded into several locations with one, Vij's Sutra, located right here in Victoria since 2013! And because the restaurant food was so popular, Vij expanded into the frozen food aisle of many supermarkets (ours included). Now you can purchase Vij's Crazy Good Meatballs in Aisle 5 in Sweet Masala as well as Butter Chicken Style! You've never tasted meatballs like these before! These Italian beef meatballs are blended with exquisite Indian spices to create a sensational meatball that's, well, crazy good!

While we're on the subject of meat, and we mean really good, quality meat, let's talk a little about new Continental Garlic Sausage and Continental Pepperoni. What makes these two so special? Only the addition of two amazing, local brews from Phillips Brewing Company! Continental Garlic Sausage is infused with Phillips Blue Buck Pale Ale while Continental Pepperoni has Phillips Hop Circle IPA mixed in! That equates to two amazing, BC companies collaborating to bring you two amazing edibles! You can find both in our Deli Department!

You know what goes well with cured meats? Yeppers, cheese! And in addition to the new meats, our Deli Department also has three amazing new cheeses from Cypress Grove. These fresh goat milk cheese are cleverly named, too: Purple Haze is cheese with Lavender and Fennel Pollen. Psychedillic has Dill and Dill Pollen and Sgt. Pepper boasts Chilis, Curry and Harissa! You'll get truly original, unexpected and delighful flavours when you tuck into these little pucks of pure heaven! Just in time for your holiday entertaining, too!

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers have been delighting kids for years and years because they're just so fun to eat. And they're also pretty tasty. But what if you could sneak a little more nutrition into these tiny treats without alerting the healthy radar of your kids? Now you can with Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish with Veggies & Fruits! Containing all of these ingredients: SWEET
POTATO, PUMPKIN, SQUASH, CARROT, PARSNIP, BANANA, APPLE, CAULIFLOWER this is "stealth health" at its finest!

And finally we have something for all you coffee drinkers out there: Taikoo Voyages Coffee Sugar. This super large crystallized sugar is unrefined and, according to the company website this: larger-grained sugar is specifically designed so that its dissolves slowly allowing the full flavor of the coffee to last longer. The sweetness that blends in gradually balances out the flavor and completes your coffee drinking experience. You don't have to just use it in your coffee though. Decorate cakes or other baked goodies with it!

Don't forget to enter our draw on December 20th for the Toshiba 43" Smart TV located at the front of the store! 

Until next time have a great week and take good care!

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