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Pepper's Newsletter May 26, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter May 26, 2020

Good morning!  On August 12, 1908 Henry Ford built the first Model T car. And on today's date in 1927 the very last one, which also happened to be the 15 millionth, rolled off the assembly line. Henry Ford closed all of his factories for six months in order to re-tool for production of what was to become the Model A, the first car to brandish Ford's iconic blue oval logo. And despite the Great Depression, over 5 million were sold by 1931.

We have lots to tell you about this week so let's get right to it, shall we? If the welfare of the animals that produce your food is important to you then you'll be glad to know that we now carry Rabbit River Farms Free Range Certified Organic Extra Large Brown Eggs in our Dairy Department! The Richmond, BC eggs come from caged-free hens and this business is all about humane animal husbandry. That means happy hens = healthy eggs. The chickens are fed an all organic, all vegetarian diet and the farming practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly. So if you're looking for a great tasting egg from properly treated hens, head over to the dairy aisle and pick up a dozen!

We listen to what our customers ask for and frequently bring in items that have been requested. But occasionally a staff member will recommend something and that's exactly how our next item found a home here. Newman's Own Hot BBQ Sauce is wonderful on chicken, ribs, steak, heck, just about anything that lands on your grill. There are other flavours to this line so if there's one that you'd like us to carry, let us know!

If that BBQ flavour profile just isn't your thing then you should know that Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House's incredible Sesame Steak Sauce is finally back on our shelf! Not just delicious on steak, this versatile sauce makes a great dip for vegetables, french fries and baked potatoes. 

Or if you'd rather just skip having to do anything at all except open your mouth and chew, our Deli Department has something else that has been MIA for awhile: St. Louis Ready-to-Eat BBQ Pork Back Ribs! Just heat and serve and you're good to go!

Perhaps all this talk of BBQ is making you thirsty? If so, consider Heineken 0.0 Alcohol-Free Beer as the perfect accompaniment to your next 'cue. This 0% alcohol beer is only 69 calories and is brewed the same and tastes the same as a classic Heineken. Be like the people in the commercials and drink one while driving your car. Take it to your next business meeting (whenever that is). It's all good 'cause there's no booze in it, just great Heineken-like lager taste!

As you know, we're at the beginning of BC's Restart Plan for COVID-19. Currently, all in-person gatherings of any size are strongly discouraged. But that doesn't mean that you can't pick up new Hormel Foods Gathering Honey Ham and Smoked Turkey Deli Tray! This convenient platter contains Sargento mild cheddar and marble cheese cubes, Hormel sliced ham and turkey as well as crispy, round snack crackers! Just pop off the lid, open the fresh packs and start snacking! 

Local products get us all giddy and we love watching local companies thrive. That's exactly the case with Salt Spring Island's Laughing Daughters Gluten Free Foods Inc. In addition to the gluten-free products that they currently offer, you can now purchase Laughing Daughters Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour Mix so that you can make your own gluten-free goodies! Containing organic brown rice flour, tapioca flour, organic amaranth flour, organic sorghum flour, potato starch and potato flour, this mix is great for baking or cooking. Acording to them, "It's the gluten-free flour of your dreams!"

"You rang, M'lord?" "Indeed, fetch me something to eat, would you?" Say, did you know that mangoes are the most widely consumed fruit on the planet? It's no surprise, really. They're sweet, juicy, tender and super yummy. And M'Lord Sliced Mangoes are no different. Packed in water and mango pulp (with no added sugars) these delicious fruit pieces are excellent in shakes, smoothies, in baked goods, in salads or as a snack right out of the can! They're also excellent as a source of vitamin C. 

We'll already be into June this time next week! My how the time does fly. Be sure to browse the attached flyer containing the specials for the week. Keep doing your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 and as always, take good care.

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