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Pepper's Newsletter May 12, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter May 12, 2020

Good morning!  Sunday was all about celebrating mothers because moms have to wear a lot of hats and do a lot of things: love, cherish, teach, support, protect. Moms can also be extremely influential women. Say, do you want to know a very influential woman who was born today in 1907? Katharine Hepburn! She portrayed strong, confident, modern and independent women in many of her films and was well ahead of the curve in doing so. She died June 29, 2003.

If you ever played baseball, you'll know that feeling of stepping up to the plate wanting nothing more than to hit one out of the park. It's always disappointing when, instead, you either strike out, fly out or ground out. That's kind of what this week's newsletter feels like: it's a bit of a letdown. There's not a lot to write about. But hey, you can't hit a home run every time up, right? So let's tell you about what's new to the store for this week.

As you may expect, we have some pandemic-fighting products for you! The first is locally made by Lily Kennedy Custom Gowns. She makes wedding dresses but, like so many other business owners during this time, has adapted to the needs of others. She's offering her hand-made protective facemasks. Made of a canvas exterior and a cotton liner, these awesome masks even have a little pocket in case you want to add a filter! 

And surprise, we have more hand sanitizer for you! This one comes to us via Minhas Distillery, another distillery that's changed gears and started battling COVID-19! All three of its North American locations (two in Calgary and one in Wisconsin) have started producing their very high alcohol content hand sanitizer. With 80% denatured alcohol, that pesky coronavirus doesn't stand a chance! 

Pets need some TLC too so why not treat your kitty to one of three new Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats? But these aren't just regular cat treats. No, these have a specific purpose for maintaining your cat's health! Temptations Indoor somehow helps manage littler box odour and helps maintain healthy body condition. Temptations Hairball Control contains natural fibers to help minimize the formation of hairballs. And Temptations Dentabites Oral Care helps remove plaque and tartar build up and freshens your feline's breath! All three are chicken flavoured.

Hey, here's a treat for the human members of your family. I don't know about you but these days of self-isolation have made many just a tad salty. So why not go with that by trying new Clif Bar Energy Bar Sweet & Salty in Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt or Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt? These bars, that contain just a dash of salt, were inspired by the cookies available at their employee-run cafe! 

The Very Good Butchers are a Victoria-based business specializing in offering plant-based meats handcrafted with real, whole-food ingredients. And Pepper's has been carrying their goods since their early days. Now they've added The Very Good Butchers Taco Stuff'er their wholesome and tasty meat alternative for making tacos! It's street style "meat" with all the spices and flavours of Mexico but beware: this product contains wheat and gluten and may contain soy and sesame.

We're keeping it short and sweet this week. Hopefully there will be more new stuff for you to try next week. In the meantime, remember to maintain social distancing and keep up the good fight against the corona virus. Until next week, take good care!

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