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Pepper's Newsletter March 12, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter March 12, 2019

Good morning!  On this date in 1894, Coca Cola was sold in bottles from a candy store in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The two main ingredients of the soft drink were cocaine and caffeine with the cocaine being derived from the leaves of the COCA plant and the caffeine coming from the COLA nut. In 1904, the extract used from coca leaves no longer contained cocaine. 

It's good to have a pulse. Well, duh. If you've got a heart you'd better have a pulse. Actually, that's the slogan for Penticton's Pulse Kitchens, the producers of specialty vegan and gluten free foods. And their incredibly delicious vegan cheeses will get your heart racing when you taste them. Because now, at Pepper's, we have Pulse Kitchen Almond GruyereSharp Cashew Cheddar, and Cashew Kind of Blue cheeses! Each flavour contains chickpea (a pulse) miso but doesn't contain dairy, soy or gluten and all are vegan! For more information on this BC company and their products, please head on over to www.pulsekitchen.com

Lily of the Desert is the largest grower, producer and distributor of aloe vera products.They've been producing aloe vera products for almost 50 years, and now Pepper's has two kinds of Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera Juice: Inner Fillet and Whole Leaf. Whole leaf products contain the entire leaf while  the inner fillet products contain only the inner gel-like portion of the leaf. Drinking juice made from this succulent plant has purported benefits ranging from decreasing one's overall body pH to relieving constipation to clearing up the skin. You'll have to do your research to see if it's something that'll beneifit your health. But now you know where to get it!

If you're tired of munching the same old chips (corn, potato, tortilla) then Beanitos may be just what you've been looking for! Made with white (navy) or pinto beans, these chips come in numerous flavours such as Simply Pinto, White Bean Nacho Cheese and White Bean Restaurant Style. They're high in protein, very high in fibre and full-on with flavour! So if you're missing some spice in your life, change things up a bit and try Beanitos!

For those of you who are just fine to stick to your tried and true tortilla chips, Que Pasa Ancient Grains Tortilla Chips should be added to your shopping list immejit-ly! In addition to volcanic stone ground corn flour, there's also buckwheat flour, chia seeds, amaranth seeds and quinoa and other tasty ingredients. This is a certified gluten-free, whole grain product made in Canada with imported ingredients and you can find it in aisle 5 with the other Que Pasa products.

From Que Pasa we have Quesava. Huh? The company name Quesava is derived from cassava, a starchy, tuberous root from the tropics. And that tuber can be made into a type of flour that is grain-free, gluten-free and nut free. And of all the gluten-free flours, it most closely resembles wheat flour. Now that you know a little more about it, we'd like to tell you about Quesava Cheese Poppers in two exciting flavours: 3 Pepper Fiesta and Garlic and 3 Cheese! Both kinds contain sardo, asiago and cheddar cheese and, of course, the vitamin and mineral rich cassava flour. This is a modern twist on an ancient recipe that has sustained generations of tribes in Brazil and Peru for eons. Try it out on your tribe!

Christie's has once again taken the humble Oreo cookie and made it even better by covering it in fudge creating, well, Fudge Covered Oreo Cookies! There's not much more to say about it so if you love Oreo cookies and fudge then you're in for a treat!

If you use a coffee maker or espresso machine then you know they eventually get bunged up with sediment and water deposits. So if your machine needs a little TLC, try new Ecozone Coffee Machine Descaler. It cuts through limescale and coffee residue, is odourless, colourless and taste free and it works on any machine! Each bottle lasts for five uses, too! The active ingredients are derived from citrus fruit and coconut so there's no need to worry about releasing harmful chemicals into the environment or worse, into your body!

Alright ladies and gents, that's another newsletter in the books! Make sure to have a look at the attached weekly specials and...beware the Ides of March!

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