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Pepper's Newsletter July 7, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter July 7, 2020

Good morning!  We usually like to start the newsletter off with a little historical tidbit or story and today is no different. But today's has to do with the best thing to happen since wrapped bread! Yes, wrapped bread. Because today in 1928 the first sliced bread was sold by the Chillicothe Baking Company of Missouri. It was cut with a machine created by American inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder (who also happened to have been born on today's date, 1880).

Remember last week when we told you about the Adriana's Salsas? We also mentioned that more good stuff was set to arrive from them. Well, guess what? We now have something to compliment those salsas: Adriana's Pica Chips! These are deliciously spiced artisinal corn chips with ingredients like paprika, chili powder, lemon pepper and  cayenne. Or just eat them stright from the bag. Either way you're going to love these amazing local corn chips made with love!

If Mexican foods get you fired up then our Deli Department is pleased to announce the arrival of Queso Dourada Mexican Cheeses! Made by BC's largest producer of fresh cheese (The Scardillo Cheese Company of Burnaby, BC, which is family owned and operated since 1959), we have three authentic varieties: Queso Fresco, a soft unripened cheese (16% m.f.), Oaxaca, a partly-skimmed cheese (18% m.f.) and Cotija, a firm ripened cheese (24% m.f.). Do Mexican right with these cheeses that are sure to make your next Mexican dinner the best ever!

Our Deli also has a brand new bold flavour of Boursin Cheese which basically means it's going to be very tasty because, well, it's Boursin! New Boursin Apple & Maple pairs two flavours perfectly in an irresistable soft cheese that also contains pear! Spread on canape, crusty baguette, crackers or your favourite vehicle for delivering this super yummy cheese into your mouth.

It's always exciting when we can debut a new item (or items) in our weekly advertised specials and that's exactly the case this week when we feature a new line of amazing, authentic and awesome pasta sauces! De Cecco I Sughi Pasta Sauces all contain ripe Italian tomatoes, fresh extra virgin olive oil  and are made in Italy with only the freshest ingredients. Sugo alla Napoletana pairs fresh basil with Italian tomatoes. Sugo all'Arabbiata combines chilli peppers and onions and Sugo alla Siciliana integrates both green ands black olives into the sauce. On sale this week for the great price of 2/$5.00!

Perhaps you like to make your own pasta sauce? Or maybe you like to add herbs to other dishes but you can never finish a whole pack of fresh basil, parsley or dill before you have to toss it? If you want seasonings that won't spoil then Litehouse Freeze Dried Herbs are exactly what you need. We have the whole line and conveniently the jars all state the equivalent of the fresh bunches contained inside! For example, a jar of Freeze Dried Garlic contains 45 cloves. A jar of Freeze Dried Red Onion contains the equivalent of two onions. And a jar of Freeze Dried Basil contains the equivalent of three bunches. Look for them inside in our Produce Department where they sell their salad dressings.

If you're all about eating non-dairy then listen up because you're not going to want to miss out on hearing about new So Delicious Oatmilk Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert! Yes, finally they've come out with a non-dairy ice cream made with silky smooth oatmilk! We have it in Oatmeal Cookie as well as the great flavour combo of Peanut Butter and Raspberry! It's also gluten-free so you have no excuse not to try what is sure to be the summer's most popular new frozen dessert!

As long as we're talking about oats, let's take this oportunity to mantion that we now carry Leclerc Go Pure Fruit & Oat Bars! These uber yummy Canadian-made apple and dated based snacks are made in a peanut-free facility with real fruit and contain no artificial flavours or colours. These nutrient dense snacks are a source of fibre, too! Choose from Banana & Strawberry or Raspberry.

People who drink ginger beer are kinda fussy when it comes to their brand. That's why discerning ginger beer drinkers choose The Great Jamaican Spicy Ginger Beer because of its intensity and flavour. If you haven't mixed it with your favourite dark rum yet, you're missing out of the best Dark N' Stormy cocktail around! But did you know that there's now The Great Jamaican Tonic Water? It's true and it's arrived in the nick of time for all of your summer cocktail parties. Here's what the company website has to say about this unique elixer: Fever grass, well known in Jamaica for its complex and sophisticated flavour, is what gives The Great Jamaican Tonic Water its distinctive kick. Pirate Jake has done it again by fusing a British classic with a tangy Jamaican twist. The Great Jamaican Tonic Water combines classic and distinctive bitter flavours with bright citrus aromas and a hint of freshly cut grass, topped with a lasting dry finish. Refreshing, on its own, in a timeless gin and tonic, or in your very own mixes paired with your favorite spirits. That's the way un-huh, un-huh we like it!

You'll have to wait a whole 'nother week to find out what else is new and exciting at Pepper's! Make sure you try some of these amazing new items discussed in today's newsletter and if you see one of our employees in the aisles, let them know what you think! And remember that you can ask for us to get in something that you don't see by writing it on the dry-erase board under the monitor in Aisle 1. Until next week, take good care!

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