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Pepper's Newsletter July 28, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter July 28, 2020

Good morning!  Hockey's back! Yes, today is the start of exhibition games for the 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers! The Penguins take on the Flyers followed by the classic Leafs versus Habs and then it's the Oilers facing off against their fierce rivals the Flames! And if all goes well, the Stanley Cup Qualifiers will begin on August 1st! We'll talk about a hockey related giveaway a little later in the newsletter. But first, let's talk about something tragic and fascinating and remarkable that happened on today's date in 1945.

As a thick fog blanketed New York City, a US B-25 bomber, on a routine flight from Bedford Army Air Field in Massachusetts to Newark Airport in New Jersey crashed into the side of the Empire State Building between the 78th and 80th floors. Fourteen people died as a result of the crash (all three flight crew and 11 civilians). That's the tragic part. However, the disaster could have been much worse. For example, the resulting fire was extinguished in less than 40 minutes! In fact, less than 48 hours later, many floors of the building were open to the public. And it still remains the only significant fire at that height to be successfully extinguished. There was also an extraordinary story of survival within the story. An elevator operator named Betty Lou Oliver suffered severe burns when she was thrown from her elevator car on the 80th floor. In order to be treated for her injuries, she was placed in another elevator car to be taken to the ground floor. However, in what is reminiscent of what Hemingway went through in last week's story, the cables of that elevator car had been damaged and it fell 75 floors with Betty inside! Astonishingly, she survived the fall, albeit with a broken pelvis, neck and back, making her the Guinness World Record holder for longest survived elevator fall, a record which still stands today!

Our first new item for the newsletter comes from local Victoria artist, Arlene Gonczy. Arlene's Concept Cards feature her original artwork on the front and are left blank for you to compose your own personal message. The short bio on the back of her cards reads: Arlene grew up in rural Saskatchewan and currently resides in Victoria, BC. She has a major in Sociology and has studied fine arts at the Ubiversity of Victoria. She has a keen interest in visual arts and has been successful selling her work at retail stores and galleries on Vancouver Island. During these times when many of us can't travel to see our loved ones, why not take a few moments and send them a beautiful card from a talented local artist?

When we started selling various products from local Millstone Farms and Organic Inc. of North Saanich the response from our customers was huge. Whether it was the Natural Wool Dryer Balls, Organic Laundry Soap, Certified Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags or Pastured Organic Eggs, it became apparent that shoppers were equally as passionate about zero waste, sustainable living and natural organic food and products. The newest addition to the Millstone line is Eco Cloths! These are reusable and compostable cloths made of 80% wood cellulose and 20% cotton. They become soft and absorbent when wet and can be used and washed over and over again (nine months or more!). In fact, one cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towel. In keeping with the zero waste, sustainable living that Millstone is all about, this product completely breaks down without a trace in a short period of time once composted. Plus, this is a TOTALLY local collaboration! The screen printing of the cloth is done by Raincoast Screen Printing in Victoria and the printing of the retail band is done by Metropol, also of Victoria. The design was drawn by the daughter of one of the owners and as if that weren't enough, a percentage of the sales is being donated to The Pollinator Partnership with proceeds being used to protect the bee pollinators in the Victoria area and throughout Canada! Make paper towels, sponges and dish cloths a thing of the past and get with the now!

Let's keep riding this local train where the next stop is The Little Stand, the über popular local company that makes amazing home-made jams, jellies, antipastas and more! And exclusive to Pepper's Foods is The Little Stand Apricot Jam! You can't get it anywhere else so make sure you get it while you can because it'll be gone very, very soon!

We've made a great new addition to our own merchandise with our Pepper's Aluminum Water Bottle available now for only $19.99! With a slick silver and black colour scheme, this eco-friendly bottle will replace all the plastic bottles that are so harmful to the environment while allowing you to rep your favourite local grocery store! It has a pop-up straw in the lid and a convenient loop carry handle, too!

For the lady who wants a little less aluminum in her life, Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant will do quite nicely! Choose from either Honeydew or Rosewater scents a deodorant that is clear, paraben and dye-free. For long-lasting odour protection with more natural ingredients and refreshing scents, get in on the Secret!

Cookies are universally loved by people of all ages. But what about your pets? Do they like cookies? If the number one ingredient of those cookies is organic free range chickens they won't just like them,  they'll love them! With Castor & Pollux Natural Pet Works Organix Organic Chicken Cookies (say that 10 times fast!) your dog will get the flavour and crunch they crave without any soy, corn or wheat. 

And what should you do after you eat cookies? Why, brush your teeth of course! Your dog can't do it (can it?) so you need to give them something that can help keep those pearly whites clean and that canine breath fresh. It's easy with new Purina Dentalife Chews! For small or medium sized dogs, these are daily oral care dog treats that helps reduce tartar buildup due to the unique shape of the stick!  They'll love it and they'll love you for it!

Yet another product made from oats has arrived in our Dairy Department! Earth's Own Café Edition Oat Dairy-Free Half & Half Alternative pours just like real cream and is grown by Canadian Farmers using 7 times less water than almond or cow's milk!

We mentioned a hockey related giveaway earlier in the newsletter and we have an Edmonton Oilers Home Jersey available in a draw that will take place after the Stanley Cup FInals! Generously donated by Arla Foods Canada, they provide our store with amazing tasting Tre Stelle and Castello cheeses as well as other great foods! Enter as many times as you like but you have to write your name and number on your receipt each time and deposit it into the box at the front of the store. Don't miss out on your chance to win a jersey from one of hockey's most storied NHL franchises!

You may have noticed that our staff are required to wear face coverings due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Stage-3 reopening of BC's economy. We would encourage our customers to do the same to greatly minimize the likelihood of virus transmission. Please continue to social distance, follow the arrows and have patience while in the store. Thank you!

Until next week, take good care!

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