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Pepper's Newsletter July 24, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter July 24, 2018

Good morning!  Fun Fact: On this day in 1911 American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. Seems like nowadays there's virtually no part of the Earth's landmass that hasn't been explored, thus, those kinds of discoveries are few and far between. Most of us have to settle for less exciting endeavours in our daily lives. However, everyday has the potential to be an adventure (if you decide you want it to be one). Let's start by discovering some new items at Pepper's!

Ever had a Moscow Mule? If you don't know what that is, it's a delightful cocktail containing vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice. And this is the perfect weather for enjoying one (or several). The secret, however, is in using a quality ginger beer. And as luck would have it, we just so happen to have not one but TWO available in Aisle 5. Rugged Roots Brewhouse has created Wildfire Organic Spicy Ginger Beer and Zingiber Organic Ginger Beer. We've been talking alot lately about probiotic containing foods and these two are no different. These are handcrafted, probiotic brews naturally fermented and carbonated right here in Victoria, BC. And they contain absolutely no preservatives, sulphites or additives. But you don't have to use them just as a mix; they can be enjoyed all on their own! www.ruggedrootsbrewhouse.com

Kapow Now! is a Vancouver company that creates plant based superfoods for vibrant living. And we have some sweet and savoury options of theirs available now for you! Kapow Now! Chocolate Glop Hot Chocolate Mix and Spread can be spread on anything and everything! Mix it with water or milk or heck, eat it straight out of ther jar. It's made from mostly whole dates and contains no added sugar, is dairy free and vegan. And Kapow Now! Salted Caramel Glop Maple Date Spread can be spread, drizzled or mixed with liquid making it a versatile addition to your pantry! It's also another great vegan option.

As for the savoury, Kapow Now! Nocheez Chickpea Crackers are wheat free, non-GMO and vegan crackers that taste kind of cheesey without the cheese. It says so right on the bag! But they are also high in protein, Omega 3, iron and fibre. Available in Original, Rosemary and Smoked Paprika.

Red Robin for the seafood lover in you! Wait, sorry. Wrong restaurant chain. If you love the taste of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews food then you'll be tickled pink to know that we now have two Yummm Certified sauces. Red Robin Whiskey River BBQ Sauce makes a great flavour addition to all of your BBQ options: burgers, steak, you name it, this goes with it. And even though there is now a western province wide campfire ban in effect, Red Robin Camp Fire Sauce  still makes a  great dipping sauce for jalapeno poppers, mozza sticks, fried, veggies...whatever. Go ahead, fire up the Yummm!!

Multi-award winning companies win awards for a reason: their products are good! And Stonewall Kitchen consistently puts out products that win awards year after year. Whether it's from the Scovie Awards, Specialty Food Association (SFA), SIAL or several others, this specialty foods company that was founded in 1991 just keep churning out winning products. And we already carry a whole lot of their stuff. You can find most all of them across from the ATM machine and the rest in Aisle 1 with the condiments. Now Pepper's is pleased to add three new items: Stonewall Kitchen Classic Pizza Sauce, Bacon Caesar Dressing and Ghost Pepper Aioli. If you would like to read more about their products and the awards that they've won, head on over to www.stonewallkitchen.com

That's all for another week. We hope you enjoyed reading up on all things new to Pepper's Foods. We'll leave you with two other newsworthy items: due to rising costs, effective August 1, 2018 our delivery fee will increase from $2.50 to $5.00. Also, due to the long weekend in August there most likely will NOT be a newsletter sent out but there will be an email containing the advertised specials.

Have a great week! 

Pepper's Foods


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