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Pepper's Newsletter January 29, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter January 29, 2019

O my Luve's like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in june; O my Luve's like the melodie that’s sweetly play'd in tune. - Robert Burns, A Red, Red Rose, 1794

Friday was the 260th anniversary of the birth of Robbert (Rabbie) Burns so if you are one of the many who chose to celebrate the life and works of this influential Scottish poet/songwriter, here's hoping that your Robbie Burns Day/Night/Supper was most stoat an' foo a guid cheer!

You may have heard of the Island Good movement which is quickly establishing itself in Victoria and in other island communities. If you haven't then you should know that it's a campaign to help shoppers identify locally sourced food products. And because Pepper's has always been about promoting and showcasing local items, we've placed the Island Good logo all around the store to assist you in locating and identifying food items made and sourced here in Victoria, Vancouver Island and in the Gulf Islands. So keep your eyes peeled and shop with confidence knowing that you're supporting local vendors and farmers!

Last week we told you that Rumble Nutritional Shake was on the cusp of returning to the shelves and guess what...the very next day we received a shipment! So rejoice all you Rumble drinkers, because, once again, you have the supershake "made to feed your body and fuel your life!"

Another great, new drink that we've brought in is Earth's Own SoFresh Cashew Unsweetened Original beverage. People are discovering that cashew milk is smoother and creamier than other nut milks and it has a less nutty flavour so it's more like cow's milk and it won't overpower whatever you might be pouring it on. It's also an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D and we could all use a little more vitamin D at this time of year. The tetra carton makes this beverage shelf stable for months until it's opened. Plus, you're supporting a Canadian company (Vancouver, BC) when you purchase this product! 

A long time ago, Courtney's Tree Island Yogurt started offering their incredibly delicious, fruity grass-fed yogurt in a convenient multipack. And then it vanished! Who knows why but it was only available for a very, very short time. Well despair no longer, for the Tree Island Fruit Yogurt is back with Strawberry, Peach and Prairie Berry flavours in a convenient 4x150g pack! Fun Fact: Tree Island yogurt changed their packaging to reduce the amount of plastic used by 50%! That's the equivalent of 26000 lbs of plastic kept out of the recycling stream in the first year alone!

You may remember a few weeks back we mentioned that we were awaiting the arrival of a variation of one of our most popular products. Fatso Cocoa High Performance Peanut Butter is finally here and it's already selling quickly which is no surprise because (a) Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter was already an incredibly delicious product and (b) everyone knows that chocolate fixes everything!

It gets even better, though, because we are having an in-store demo this Sunday, February 3rd between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm. Come on down and try it for yourself and find out why this peanut butter reigns supreme!

There's a movement whereby consumers are gravitating more towards plant-based foods. This isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. The latest Canada's Food Guide will re-iterate that it's healthier to reduce your consumption of meat and dairy. Whether you choose to follow that is up to you. But it seems like there's always a new study with recommendations to eat more or less of something and then another not long after telling us to forget about that. For instance, remember when, if you weren't drinking eight glasses of water a day, you were at risk of dehydration? Or when eggs were considered unhealthy? Or when coffee was bad for you? Everything in moderation, I say. But for those who do love your meat-free diets, we have a delicious (and wonderful smelling) treat for you! Big Mountain Foods (Vancouver, BC) Superfood Breakfast Patties will definitely start your day off on the right foot! These 100% vegan bites are made with Canadian maple syrup, hemp seeds and yams and are dairy free, soy free and gluten free. You can panfry, bake in the oven or toaster oven or microwave for a quick and tasty breakfast. 

Another proudly Canadian business is Sunrype which has been producing juices and fruit snacks in Kelowna, BC since 1946. And now they offer Good Bites in Chocolate Macaroon and Chocolate Chip flavours! Simple, nutritious and delicious ingredients comprise these certified vegan snacks that are also free of nuts and gluten yet high in fibre, iron and magnesium. And they just so happen to be in our ad this week for the low, low price of $3.76 each! So if you're looking for a snacking option with goodness in every bite, look no further. Here it is!

We hope you enjoyed this week's newsletter. Thanks for having a look and thanks for choosing Pepper's Foods when you buy groceries. Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! Have a great week!

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