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Pepper's Newsletter January 23, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter January 23, 2018

Good morning! January has brought some BIG winter storms to the island and Sunday's was epic! The store lost power and we were unable to open on time because of it so apologies to anyone who came by early on. This is a fairly common occurance when the wind picks up so we thank you for your patience. But it's the BC Hydro workers who we should all be thanking because they work really hard to get the power back on in often dangerous coinditions.

This week we have some exciting, new products to tell you about! First up is Naked Snacks of Vancouver. These delicious, nutrient dense snacks are made to nourish both the body and mind! Taken from their website:

Our nutritionist and product designers have developed all our snacks with an 80/20 nutritional philosophy in mind: 80% whole grown goodness straight from the source, 20% earned indulgence as a reward for making smart decisions.

All natural, all good. We use organic ingredients in most of our snacks to make sure that you, and those you care about, are fuelling up with high-powered food!

Our nutritionally balanced snacks are also awesome for what they don’t contain:

  • No artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners
  • No harmful preservatives
  • No more than 200 calories per 35 gram portion
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats??

??Here's a truly unique and local product that we're very excited to have on our shelves! Kettle & Hive combines lemon concentrate and honey along with addition ingredients that you simply stir into a mug of hot (or cold) water and enjoy! Perfect for when you're down and out with a cold or flu or simply as a warm, comforting drink anytime.

If you've never had the good fortune of trying a flat iron steak then you simply MUST try this cut of beef! Though not very well known, it's second in tenderness only to the tenderloin and is well marbled, flavourful and juicy, And now our full service meat counter has it for you to enjoy! Excellent grilled or sauted.

Another great addition to our meat department is Rossdown Farms Organic Chicken Sausages and Turkey Sausages in various flavours. This family-run business is a prime example of poultry farming done right. Taken from their website:

Farm-To-Plate means we do everything at our family-run farm: we produce the eggs, we hatch the chicks, we feed and grow the poultry and then we process it in our own federally-inspected facility. Rossdown Farms is one of the only companies in the country to use this innovative, integrated approach. By not outsourcing to third party suppliers, we’re able to maintain exceptionally high standards at every stage, ensuring the highest quality poultry for you and your family.

Feed. Hatch. Grow. Process.

All of their poultry is free range, non-GMO and their organic birds are 100% certifed organic. No animal by-products are ever fed to their birds and they're raised without the use of antibiotics.

So make sure to add some of these new items to your shopping list and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the aisles. Have a great week!

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