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Pepper's Newsletter August 28, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter August 28, 2018

Good morning and good news! This week we have loads of new items to tell you about so let's not waste any time and get right down to it!

Who says that only the carnivores get to eat gourmet? Not us! With new Gusta Vegan Sausages you can enjoy the savoury flavour of herbs and spices mixed with yummy vegetables and *wheat protein (translation: *gluten. Sorry all you gluten-intolerant peeps). These sausages are vegan (100% plant based), non-GMO (100% natural), and 100% Canadian made. And because this was a customer request, we had them in-store within a matter of days!

In 1893 a fellow by the name of  Rasmus Tholstrup of Denmark established a cheese making company. Castello, the name of the business, is still going strong to this day which means only one thing: they know how to make GOOD cheeses! So it just makes sense that Pepper's carries this brand and has for ages. But now our Deli Department has expanded their line-up and added five new alluringly alliterate products: Castello Tantalizingly Tangy Cheddar (with savoury onion), Strikingly Spicy Cheddar (with cracked black pepper), Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar (aged 17-18 months), Curiously Crunchy Aged Havarti (caramel notes with a curious crunch) and Castello Considerably Crumbly Cheddar (aged 12 months) in a convenient snack pack format. So take the time to try the taste and texture unless of course you're turophobic (someone who fears cheese).

You know what goes really well with cheese? Pasta. And for those pasta connoisseurs out there who take their noodles seriously, we have added Delverde Linguine to our shelves in Aisle 2. Made with only the finest durum wheat semolina, combined with the pure waters of the Verde River of the Calabria region of Italy, this No. 11 linguine is every foodie's dream. Fun fact: the Verde River water has been filtered through rocks over 7 million years old. So you know it's good. Stimulate your dinner conversation as well as your taste buds!

Here's another great new additon to our shelves. Tre Stelle Paneer is "an authentic, non-melting cheese used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Paneer is crafted for cooking as it absorbs the flavours of the sauce and spices as it cooks. High in protein, it is the perfect substitute for meat, poultry and fish in Flexitarian and Vegetarian diets. Its versatility makes it ideal for both traditional Paneer dishes and in some of your favourite Western dishes like burgers, pasta and pizza."

And because it doesn't melt, you can add squares to kebobs, as a delicious ingredient to your vegetarian chili, as the main ingredient instead of using chicken in butter chicken or crumbled onto a grilled flatbread!

Greek yogurt has grown to become a dominant fixture in the dairy case. And rightfully so: it's super high in calcium and protein, it's rich, thick and creamy and is high in vitamin B12 and probiotics. But it's also kind of tart. In fact, that might be the only characteristic of this type of yogurt that people don't like. If you're one of those people, then perhaps you need to sweeten things up a tad with Liberte Plain Sweetened Greek Yogurt. It's available in a 750g tub or a convenient 4x100g multipack! Take the edge off of plain ol' Greek yogurt with the slightly sweet taste of this sure to please yogurt!

But perhaps Greek's not your thing. Maybe you'd fare better with an Icelandic style yogurt? Something along the lines of Skyr. What is it and why? Skyr is technically not even a yogurt although nutritionally it's almost identical. It's actually strained cheese made from skim milk. It's been cultured in Iceland for centuries. But skyr contains slightly higher amounts of protein than Greek yogurt, is even thicker AND it doesn't have that tang that many people dislike. In fact, it tastes more like creme fraiche. So if you're in the market for a change at the breakfast table, try Liberte Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt in Plain or Vanilla! It contains no added sugars either, but here's the twist: this Skyr is made with 2% milk instead if skim! Odin himself would approve.

When you look at the attached flyer you'll see another brand new item! Underground Kombucha is available to try for the crazy price of $2.96 + deposit! This Vernon, BC company uses only organic ingredients from other BC companies and opts to keep the naturally occuring probitotics of kombucha in their brew (unlike some other companies that filter it out). And they offer their beverage in a can. This is important for several reasons:

  • Aluminum recycles more productively than glass.
  • No UV light – enemy No. 1 of kombucha – can get into a can.
  • Cans chill faster than bottles.
  • Cans take up less space and are easier to store.
  • Cans are in demand by beach-goers, campers and hikers, picnic people, boaters, lawn jockeys, and ballerinas.
  • Cans are sealed with nitrogen with no chance of air to oxidize the contents, while with bottles, which are purged with CO2, there’s a chance of oxidation due to the seal between cap and bottle.
  • Sustainability.

It could also be that this drink is an expansion of the craft brewery Marten Brewing Company which already produces great beer in a can and it just made more sense to put their kombucha in a can too instead of re-tooling the entire facility to add a brand new bottling line. But I digress...

As the banner says at the end of the Looney Tunes cartoons, "That's All Folks!" At least until next week. Until then take good care!

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