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Pepper's Foods Newsletter February 4, 2020

Pepper's Foods Newsletter February 4, 2020

Good morning!  If you read the news, you're probably now aware (if you weren't already, that is) what a palindrome is. It's a word or phrase that reads the same frontwards and backwards such as "taco cat" or  "never odd or even." So it was pretty cool when the calendar rolled over to Sunday and all date formats (UK, US, ISO) created a palindrome for 02-02-2020 which hadn't happened for 909 years! And it won't happen again for over a century when 03-03-3030 rolls around! Plus, it also landed on Groundhog Day and Superbowl Sunday. Pretty cool!

You know what else is cool? Reading about what new items Pepper's has gathered over the last week! If you agree then read on, we have lots!

This time of year, one might find themself pining for a warm Mexican vacation complete with truly authentic Mexican cuisine. However, if a holiday isn't in the cards then perhaps the next best thing would be to create your own authentic Mexican fare. With Tajin Clasico Seasoning, you get a bottle of simple, spicy goodness consisting of dried, ground red chilies, sea salt, and lime! Use it to liven up vegetables, fish, meats and even fruit! Or try it as a Bloody Mary or Caesar glass rimmer! 

If Mexican seasoning just isn't your thing then how about something from the Orient? Japanese cooks have been using ground sesame and salt to season dishes for centuries. It's called gomashio or gomasio (goma means sesame and shio means salt). And you can use it too now that we carry it, but this one has an extra ingredient. Eden Organic Seaweed Gomasio is traditional gomasio with added dulse, nori and kombu sea vegetables! Use it on anything that you'd season with salt for a more special flavour!

As long as we're talking about ethnic foods, let's not forget to include new Patak's Three-Step Cooking  Sauce Kits and we have them in Butter Chicken and Korma! In three simple steps (and only 20 minutes of your life) you'll have delicious and authentic Indian curry. Each pack contains whole spices for fragrance and aroma, Patak’s spice paste for depth of flavour, and a base sauce to finish it off! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Our vegan, non-dairy products keep expanding and Sam has added two more amazing 100% vegan products from Violife! New Violife Smoked Flavoured Provolone Style Slices are free from soy, dairy, gluten, lactose, nuts and preservatives. Your sandwiches and subs will never be the same again! But there's also Violife Parmesan Style Wedge, the "world's first vegan parmesan that can be grated just like real cheese!" With a truly authentic aroma and flavour of real parmesan cheese, your Italian meals just improved BIG time!

Now here's something you don't see everyday: vegan fish. It's out there but it's not super common. Well,  our Deli Department has added Save da Sea Foods Vegan Smoked Salmon! Derived primarily from carrots, this delicious alternative to traditional lox was conceived by Aki Kaltenbach who started the company while managing Japanese restaurants in Whistler. Slap it on a bagel or make some killer sushi! This is next level vegan eating!

Our remaining new items all have one thing in common. Well, two things, actually: they're all some form of yogurt and they're all from the same company. Oh, and they all taste wonderful but that's a given so it doesn't really count. Let's start with Liberte Mediterranee Plain Limited Edition Yogurt 500g. In the past, the limited edition has been some kind of fruit or seasonal flavour. This time, however, they've thrown us a curveball by presenting us with an uber rich and creamy 10% milk fat plain offering! Actually, they've been selling the 750g size for ages so maybe they figured that a smaller size might be more appealing to some. Plain is by far the number one selling flavour of yogurt so this just makes sense. So if you LOVE plain and you LOVE thick and decadent yogurt, get some before it's gone!

Next we have two new Greek multipack yogurts from Liberte. Orchard Peach 5% Greek Yogurt 4x100g is definitely going to turn some heads but we're most excited about Strawberry Lemon 5% Greek Yogurt 4x100g! That's a Greek yogurt flavour that almost nobody else is making! One thing's for sure...both of these new Greeks are shaping up to be big sellers!

And for our non-dairy consumers, we have another really exciting product new to Liberte's line-up of already stellar products: Non-Dairy Raspberry Yogurt 500g and Non-Dairy Vanilla Yogurt 500g. This is plant-based (coconut), vegan, gluten and soy-free yogurt at its finest! They're so new that Google doesn't offer any info on them! Doesn't matter, though. All you need to know is that these are high-quality, vegan options that won't disappoint!

Well friends, there's another newsletter in the books. Can you believe that February has already rolled around? Spring will be here before we know it (knock wood)! So until next week, take good care of yourselves and we'll see you in the aisles!

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