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Inside Pepper's

Inside Peppers July 13

Inside Peppers July 13

Hi everybody! You know, this is going to sound crazy but I just visited Parksville this weekend for the first time and I've been living here for 14 years! And what's more, it's so beautiful that I can't believe I didn't do it before now! What a beautiful location. Not that I hadn't heard it was beautiful or seen photos prior but still...you really need to see that incredible beach with your own eyes.

Speaking of which, you get to see a picture of yours truly with your own eyes tonight because it's my turn to be recognized by Pepper's for the incredibly hard work I've contributed to the company, for my dedication, selflessness, passion, levity, integrity and so on and so forth. It was nothing, really. Just doing my job, as they say. Okay, I'll tell you a little about myself since you're asking. I've been at Pepper's since November of 2012 and during that time I've been a grocery clerk stocking the shelves, placing orders and doing all the stuff that a grocery clerk does. A little while later I learned the office stuff that deals with changing prices, making signage and links the computer to the front end. I've been the Weekend Manager, the Dairy Manager and two years ago, I transferred into the Meat Department where I've learned an entirely new skill set. And, of course, I write this newsletter and fill you in on everything new and exciting at the store! When I'm not at work I spend a lot of my free time relic and treasure hunting which is my addictive, nerdy hobby (I've found Spanish silver from 1791 as well as a U.S. $5 gold coin from 1857 just to name a couple of my best recoveries). And I'm a father to the best son any parent could ask for (I may be slightly biased here). But what's also great about Pepper's is that they've allowed me to take the ball and run with it in whatever I've been tasked to do. I've worked in food retail for the majority of my working life and I've never worked at a store with the management, coworkers and customers like this store. So today I choose to turn the tables (and get serious brownie points) by deflecting attention away from myself as Employee of the Week to thank the powers that be for allowing me to work here!

Alrighty then, so before we dive into the newsletter any further, we would love it if you'd consider helping our fellow citizens who've lost everything recently. Thank you.

Let's kick things off with a brand new, local product that's incredibly unique and super delicious: Elly's Oat Butter! You heard me, I said Oat Butter. But what exactly is it? It's a spreadable granola that "has the taste of a warm oatmeal cookie and the texture of a smooth nut butter." You can spread it on toast, a bagel or a cracker, dip your apple slices in it, drop some on your ice cream, in your plain yogurt or just eat it straight out of the jar! This stuff is not only delicious but it's incredibly wholesome, vegan, gluten-friendly, free of nuts and refined sugar and is made from ethically sourced ingredients! What a pleasure to sell this and to be the first retail account of another new and local business!

Plant-based eating is all the rage these days. But it's not like it's a fad; it ain't going anywhere. So we've embraced the need to offer a diverse selection of plant-based goods. Our newest addition is Gardein Suprême Plant-Based Burger. Made with no soy, no dairy and no meat, this juicy burger contains 20 grams of protein and looks, cooks, smells and satisfies like a real meat burger. Fun fact: Gardein is Canada's No. 1 frozen meat alternative brand. Why? It's because their products are diverse and delicious. It's that simple. Toss some on the grill and see why this brand is the best!

Hey you know what essential condiment is required for the best burger? Why, it's mustard, of course. But not just any mustard. Nope, it has to be Vancouver Island's Two Crows Coarse Ground Mustard! Available in three amazing varieties (Coarse Ground Original, Dill and Lavender) they use a base of Alberta grown mustard seeds and blend it with exceptional ingredients. Original simply contains coarse ground Canadian mustard seeds, vinegar, a dash of salt, and a sprinkle of sugar. Dill is added to the original for a zing that pairs great with salmon, devilled eggs or potato salad and Damali Winery's French Lavender creates "a mustard robust enough to enhance lamb, roast chicken, or a charcuterie board."

A little company opened in Switzerland in 1914 called the Wernli Brothers Biscuit Factory. It's still going strong today combining fine Swiss chocolate with various types of cookies and wafers. So if that sounds like something you'd like to try, check out Wernli Choco Petite Beurre Noir. It's dark chocolate planted onto a rich butter cookie. Sound addictive? It is! Or choose Wernli Granor which is a light wafer with delicate cocoa creme, puffed rice and Swiss milk chocolate! Heavenly! You can find both of these on the top shelf in Aisle 1, right under the TV monitor.

The Belgians know a thing or two about chocolate and other sweets as well! This next item doesn't contain chocolate, but it does contain a delicious vanilla creme sandwiched between two crispy biscuits! Anna Faggio Speculoos Fourré Vanilla is the perfect accompaniment to your next cup of coffee or tea. What more is there to say except that these are really, really good?!

One of the major components of whole grain wheat is the germ. When wheat is refined, the germ and the husk is removed because the wheat can be stored for longer this way. But the germ is packed with nutritional properties: plant proteins, healthy fats, fibre and loads of micronutrients. It can be used as a nutritional supplement or as a food additive. So if you've been looking for a healthy way to boost your diet, we have Kretschmer Toasted Wheat Germ back in Aisle 3!

The Little Stand is getting bigger again! It's added Raspberry Chutney to their line of locally, hand-made products! Vinegar, sugar and spices merge wonderfully with luscious red raspberries to form a truly remarkable product that also makes a great gift!

Remember Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn?? Oh man, that takes me waaaay back! Just like Cracker Jacks, every box contains a FREE prize inside! But this is a purely Canadian treat that's been around since the 1950s and was a corner store staple when I was a kid! And who doesn't remember getting cotton candy? We've got Mini Puppie Cotton Candy as well. And remember, Westshore Motorsports Park has the Legacy Drive-In running all summer! These make great movie-night snacks for the kids! Check out the website here: legacydrivein.com

Thanks for tuning in again this week. Please have a look at our ad attached below for some great sales which run from July 13th-19th. And remember, when you're out and about to continue to take good care!


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