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Pepper's Newsletter February 7, 2017

Pepper's Newsletter February 7, 2017

Good morning!

As always, we've sent along our newest advertised specials for your convenience. For our new customers, the advertised deals run Tuesdays through until closing the following Monday. Don't forget...Pepper's has TWO Senior's Days every week where they can save 10% off their order: Tuesday and Wednesday. And students who show a valid student ID card get 10% off any day of the week (some restrictions apply to the discount)!

This week we are featuring local, artisanal crackers by Jenny Marie. These are wildly popular crackers made in small batches and made with simple ingredients. Less is more with these crackers and at $4.96 per package, you'll pay a lot less than regular price! So make sure that you try these delightfully savoury crackers while this deal is on! 

New to Pepper's is gourmet chocolate by LisaLou's Chocolate of Vancouver. These incredible chocolate bars are fun and each variety takes a nostalgic chocolate pairing and adds a fresh twist!

Rain City Soups. We have carried them in our store (frozen food aisle) for quite awhile now and they're very popular. And the reason for that is simple: these Vancouver-made soups are also hand-made in small batches by a chef with a passion for soup making. Well now that passion is lovingly being transferred into another line of products by Rain City - salad dressings/sauces! These amazing dressings are created with all-natural ingredients and can also be used as marinades. Buy locally, eat healthy and go to bed feeling good knowing that you made some smart choices today!

Collagen. What exactly is it, anyway? Well, it's the most abundant protein in your body. It is mostly found in connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons, as well as the skin, nails, bones, cartiledge, corneas and blood vessels. It also supports your vital internal organs. Ok, great. But why should I care about this, you may be asking yourself? 

As you age, your collagen starts to degenerate. This can be exacerbated by sun exposure. And that can lead to sagging skin. Collagen deficiency in the muscles and joints can lead to soreness and aches. Some people choose to have collagen injections in order to remedy this. But if you'd rather take a supplement orally, then we have Tru Marine Collagen by withinUs. This is an ultra pure marine collagen derived from fish scales. That's because the Type I collagen derived from fishscales is the most abundant form found in our bodies. Hey, we're not doctors so it's up to you to do your own research and/or consult your doctor before you start a supplement program but if you're looking for the best collagen supplement, then pick some up next time you're in the store.

That's it for this week. Have a great one and look for another email in your Inbox next Tuesday!


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