Pepper's Foods We have a passion for food and are committed to offering locally and ethically sourced products. Pepper's Newsletter December 5, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 05 Dec 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; It&#39;s hard to believe that another&nbsp;<em><strong>Caroling in the Village</strong></em>&nbsp;is in the books but it&#39;s come and gone already! We had a tremendous turnout again this past Sunday evening and the chilly weather only served to set the mood and&nbsp;fit the occasion perfectly. All of those yummy holiday treats&nbsp;were quickly gobbled down much to the delight of the crowd. There was good cheer and lots of socializing, laughter and smiles.&nbsp;So thank you to everyone who attended and supported the Mount Doug Secondary Music Program and Our Place Society!</p><p>We&#39;d like to clarify something that we ran in our ad last week. Ripple non-dairy beverage was advertised as &quot;pea milk&quot; which had more than a few of you scratching your heads as to what exactly that meant.&nbsp;It is a mixture of ingredients, one of which is&nbsp;Ripptein which is what the company calls &quot;the purest plant protein on earth.&quot;&nbsp;The reason for this is because&nbsp;they use a&nbsp;method to &quot;harvest ultra-clean protein from peas, removing the impurities that give other plant-based milks their beany flavour and chalky texture.&quot;&nbsp;Lots of you were asking about this so now you know!</p><p>BIG NEWS! <em><strong>Our deli department now offers SMOKED beef brisket</strong></em>! Cooked low and slow, we pair premium cuts of brisket with various types of hardwood to create flavourful, tender and spectacularly tasty smoked meat. But that&#39;s just the start! Soon we&#39;ll offer smoked chicken, ham and bacon. Don&#39;t worry, though. We&#39;ll let you know when that becomes available. Is your mouth watering yet?</p><p>Also&nbsp;worth noting is that <em><strong>the deli has marzipan from The Dutch Bakery in one and one half pound sizes</strong></em>! Get it while you can!!</p><p><em><strong>Another new development at Pepper&#39;s is our&nbsp;&quot;Thursday Special!&quot;</strong></em>&nbsp;Every Thursday (starting this Thursday, November 7th) we&#39;ll offer a feature priced item all day or until supplies last! This week, we have our&nbsp;<em><strong>Pepper&#39;s Old White Cheddar 340g&nbsp;for the great price of $4.96!</strong></em> Make sure to pick up a brick or two because that&#39;s a great deal and with holiday entertaining looming, you&#39;ll be glad that you did (and so will your guests)!</p><p>As always, we like to showcase some of our new products in the newsletter and today we have several to tell you about.</p><p><em><strong>Level Ground Coconut Oil</strong></em>&nbsp;is made from organic, virgin coconut and cold-pressed. Level Ground&#39;s coconut oil supports a cooperative of small-scale growers in Cebu, Philippines.&nbsp;SPFTC (Southern Partners and Fair Trade Centre) is a Fair Trade organization focused on sourcing and processing fruits and artisan made items in Cebu, Philippines. SPFTC is development-oriented and is active in advocacy for small-scale farmers, offering programs in Fair Trade, post-harvest technology, product research and organic production.</p><p>Phillips Brewing and Malting Company (Victoria) decided several years ago to branch out into the soft drink business and created&nbsp;<em><strong>Phillips Soda Works</strong></em>. Pepper&#39;s was one of the first local businesses to jump at the opportunity to get their beverages on our shelves. And in addition to soda, they also offer numerous types of tonics in a glass bottle. Now they offer&nbsp;<em><strong>Sparkmouth Handcrafted Artisinal Tonics in a 237ml x 6 pack!&nbsp;Artisinal Dry Tonic</strong></em>&nbsp;combines flavours of white grape juice, bitter orange peel, lime peel and orange peel.<em><strong>&nbsp;Cucumber Mint Tonic</strong></em>&nbsp;pairs just that: fresh cucumber and fresh mint. Now you can buy premium cocktail mix in a convenient 6 pack to create dry, bright and sophisticated beverages for yourself or your party guests!&nbsp;</p><p>Finally, with the holidays just around the corner, you&#39;re going to be looking for the perfect stocking stuffers. So&nbsp;why not pick up some&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Fair Holiday 70% Dark Chocolate</strong></em>?</p><p><em><strong>&nbsp;Merry Mint</strong></em>&nbsp;pairs dark chocolate with organic candy cane pieces.&nbsp;<em><strong>Nutcracker&nbsp;</strong></em>has spiced pecans, cashews, almonds and coconut.&nbsp;And&nbsp;<em><strong>Noel</strong></em>&nbsp;has gingerbread, cranberries and orange! Ho ho Whoa!</p><p>Only two more newsletters are left for 2017 so watch your inbox next Tuesday morning for the next one. Until then, take care and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the aisles!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 28, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 28 Nov 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Here&#39;s hoping that all of our American friends had a wonderfully satisfying Thanksgiving this past weekend. But the next event that you need to mark on your calendars is&nbsp;<em><strong>Caroling in the Village</strong></em>. This <em><strong>Sunday,&nbsp;December 3rd from 5-7pm</strong></em>&nbsp;bring your family and friends down to Cadboro Bay Village for what has become a very fun and festive annual tradition in these parts. See you there!</p><p>Fondue. It really should be called fun-do! And because it&#39;s that time of year, don&#39;t forget to pick up some&nbsp;S<em><strong>wiss Appenzeller Fondue</strong></em>&nbsp;when you&#39;re planning your next gathering. Here&#39;s a description as taken from the website:&nbsp;The ready-made Appenzeller Fondue is made from the best Appenzeller&nbsp;cheese and is a particularly spicy delicacy. Thanks to its unmistakably spicy flavour, it is easy to distinguish from conventional ready-made fondues.</p><p>Our dairy department has a few new items for you to check out.&nbsp;<em><strong>Bella Casara Buffalo Ricotta</strong></em>&nbsp;is an Ontario produced cheese made in the traditional basket style.The milk is richer and higher in fat and protein&nbsp;which produces a richer, better-tasting cheese!&nbsp;</p><p>Pepper&#39;s has been carrying&nbsp;<em><strong>Paradise Island Lactose Free</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Cheese </strong></em>for ages but only recently expanded the lineup to include&nbsp;<em><strong>mozzarella</strong></em>! And just in time, too, because we&#39;ve got all of them in our ad this week for $5.96 each!</p><p>Olympic Krema Yogurt&nbsp;is so popular that we had to get in some of the smaller 500g tubs!&nbsp;Currently we have&nbsp;Honey&nbsp;and&nbsp;Coconut&nbsp;flavours, respectively.&nbsp;At 10% and 9% milk fat, these yogurts are luxuriously rich and creamy! And they&#39;re all natural, too!</p><p>And last but certainly not least, our meat department now has available for your dining pleasure&nbsp;boneless, sliced and decorated half or whole hams! Prepared in-store just for you, these Metchosin raised, free range hams are antibiotic and hormone free.&nbsp;Fine ham awaits!</p><p>See you on December 3rd for Caroling in the Village!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 21, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 21 Nov 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; We are quickly approaching the end of November (seriously, where has this year gone?!) and that means it&#39;s time to start talking about the holidays because it&#39;ll be Christmas in no time. And who can celebrate the season without a fresh, delicious turkey dinner on Christmas Day? If you can&#39;t then we have a deal to tell you about:<em><strong>&nbsp;if you order a fresh turkey from our Full-Service Meat Department before&nbsp;December 1st, you&#39;ll receive a $10 Pepper&#39;s gift card at the time of purchase!&nbsp;</strong></em>That&#39;s right, we&#39;ll give you ten bucks to be spent in the store just for ordering your turkey!&nbsp; Here&#39;s a recap of our bird varieties as per our newsletter from late September:</p><p><em>Our full service meat counter has FOUR varieties of fresh turkey available&nbsp;and all of them are antibiotic and hormone free birds.</em></p><p><em>JD Specialty:&nbsp;free run birds from Langley in the approximately 10-18 lb range - $4.20/lb</em></p><p><em>RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics):&nbsp;from Abbotsford - $3.99/lb</em></p><p><em>Rossdown:&nbsp;Organic free range birds from Abbotsford - $5.35/lb</em></p><p><em>Victoria Acres:&nbsp;Free range birds from Comox - $5.30/lb. These turkeys&nbsp;start&nbsp;at approximately the &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 17-20 lb range</em></p><p>For those who prefer a dairy-free holiday beverage, we&#39;ve just returned&nbsp;<em><strong>Earth&#39;s Own Almond So Fresh Noel Nog</strong></em>&nbsp;to the dairy department! We sell A LOT of this each year (it&#39;s only available for the holidays) and for good reason; it&#39;s not only a delicious blend of egg nog and almond flavours&nbsp;but it&#39;s also&nbsp; a nutritious, egg free treat! Pick up a bottle or two the next time you do your shopping with us!</p><p>Perhaps you&#39;d like to whip up a tasty pie or two to serve with that Noel Nog. How about taking it to the next level? Instead of using a regular, pre-made pie crust, why not add some extra zing to your baked thing and make it ama-zing, instead (wink)? Create&nbsp;wonderfully delicious and&nbsp;<em><strong>gluten free&nbsp;</strong></em>pies and desserts with&nbsp;<em><strong>Mi-Del Ginger Flavoured Pie Crust</strong></em>&nbsp;that will knock the socks off of your family and friends when you serve them a slice for the&nbsp;sweet course! Yummy!</p><p>Do you know what also goes great with pie? Why, coffee, of course! How about cold, black, unsweetened coffee? That we&#39;re not so sure about. But if your thing is to drink chilled coffee then you really should try a&nbsp;<em><strong>Cold Brew&nbsp;Coffee from Kicking Horse</strong></em>. Taken from their website:</p><p><em>What&#39;s in our Cold Brew Coffee?<br />Organic beans, roasted right in the Rocky Mountains and then steeped for 20 hours. That&rsquo;s it.<br />Nuthin&rsquo; else. Nuthin&rsquo; needed.</em></p><p><em>What&rsquo;s it like? Deep, dark, delicious black, unsweetened, refreshing, low-acid, low-calories, kick-ass, Cold Brew Coffee.</em></p><p>There you have it. Kick-ass, cold brew&nbsp;coffee in a can. It is winter, after all.</p><p>Thanks for subscribing. Until next time, take care and have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 14, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 14 Nov 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Another long weekend has come and gone and hopefully you took a few moments out of your Saturday to remember the sacrifices that our Veterans and Allies have made to ensure the freedoms that we often take for granted. And prior to Remembrance Day, Pepper&#39;s celebrated another amazing Customer Appreciation Day with you, our valued customers! We had loads of people come to the store to try some of the many food and beverage samples that were on-hand, as well as fresh flowers and other goodies that were given away! Again, we thank you for your patronage&nbsp;and loyalty and we truly appreciate having such wonderful shoppers in our store!</p><p>Do you love your guts? Well, you should if you don&#39;t already and one of the ways that you can do this is by buying some of the many new products from Calgary&#39;s&nbsp;<em><strong>The Gut Lab</strong></em>! Co-founders (and sisters) Danica and Lexi have created&nbsp;<em><strong>organic superfood elixers and potions</strong></em>&nbsp;to help you create health and happiness...from the inside out! If you have hormonal imbalances, depression, fatigue, inflammation, stress or you just want to maintain your good health then these products may be just what you&#39;ve been seeking.&nbsp;So go with your gut feeling, pick up some stuff from The Gut Lab and Love Your Guts!</p><p>Miscela noun./MISK&#39;uh la/&nbsp;italian&nbsp;</p><p><em><strong>Miscela is a pre-chopped blend of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices</strong></em>.&nbsp;Use it in all your meals to add a new dimension of flavours.&nbsp;TOP, STIR, MIX, OR COOK WITH IT! Make it your secret ingredient and take your meals to a whole new level, and do it quickly and conveniently! We have the flavours of South America, the Middle East, Italy, Mexico and the Mediterranean and you can find them in the deli cold case just inside the store entrance.&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re looking for a snack that&#39;s lower in carbs and one that&#39;s rich in healthy fat then look no further than Fatboys!&nbsp;<em><strong>Fatboys snacks are incredibly delicious treats made with nuts, seeds and coconut oil</strong></em>&nbsp;that are also vegan and free of gluten, soy and dairy.&nbsp;Using a combination of sweeteners (maple syrup, erythritol and stevia) they&#39;ve created that perfect little snack, sweet enough to satisfy cravings without adding a ton of sugar.&nbsp;</p><p>And lastly, we&#39;ve added two new kinds of granola bars from<em><strong>&nbsp;Kashi: Seven Grain with Quinoa Honey Oat&nbsp;and Seven Grain with Quinoa Chocolate Chip Chia</strong></em>! Both&nbsp;provide a mix of flavourful, nutritious whole grains to help promote healthy living amd make&nbsp;a great go-to snack when hunger strikes.&nbsp;</p><p>Until next Tuesday, take good care, make healthy choices and have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> One Day Only! Peppers Foods Thu, 09 Nov 2017 06:21:00 GMT <p>It&#39;s Customer Appreciation Day!</p><p>Let us thank you for all your continued support! Prizes, samples and 10% Off All Day!</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 7, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 07 Nov 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Once again daylight savings time has ended and that means little childrens&#39; sleep schedules across the land will be disrupted much to the consternation of their parents. However, on the plus side, it&#39;s always a good idea to replace the batteries in your smoke/CO detectors when the clocks change in the spring and fall.</p><p>Some fun facts about daylight savings time ending:</p><ul> <li>There is a 25% increase in heart attacks on the Monday following the start of DST and a 10% decrease when the clocks go back.</li> <li>Researchers have found that pedestrians walking during rush hour in the weeks&nbsp;following the clocks turning back (yes, back) are three times more likely to&nbsp;be struck by traffic!</li> <li>Daylight time isn&#39;t used everywhere in the world. Saskatchewan and some parts of B.C. don&#39;t use it, for example,&nbsp;nor do Arizona and Hawaii in the U.S.</li></ul><p>Let&#39;s take this opportunity to again remind you to join us this<em><strong> Thursday, November 9th</strong></em> for <em><strong>Customer Appreciation Day at Pepper&#39;s</strong></em>! Please come down for food sampling, give-aways, prizes and some amazing one day only in-store features! It&#39;s always a great day at the store and we always look forward to seeing our loyal customers, but especially so on this day. See you then!</p><p>We have lots of new items to tell you about this week so let&#39;s dive right in.&nbsp;Buying already shredded cheese is a convenience that comes at a cost. It can be expensive. With the rising cost of dairy products,&nbsp;<em><strong>Pepper&#39;s brought in a line&nbsp;of shredded cheeses that costs $2.00 less</strong></em> per bag&nbsp;(regular priced!) than&nbsp;one of the leading competitors.&nbsp;<em><strong>Saputo Shredded Mozzarellissima</strong></em>,&nbsp;<em><strong>Shredded Italiano 4 Cheese Blend</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Shredded Taco Nacho</strong></em>&nbsp;now grace our shelves. And they&#39;re selling very well!&nbsp;If demand dictates, there are more flavours available, too! These are delicious, Canadian cheeses with versatility and flavour that will enhance any dish. Give them a try and tell our Dairy Manager, Jon, if you were satisfied!</p><p>The holidays are just around the corner and for many that often means that it&#39;s time to indulge your taste buds. What better way to top off your coffee, hot chocolate or holiday desserts than with&nbsp;<em><strong>Gay Lea Dark Chocolate Caramel Real Whipped Cream</strong></em>? Seriously, this is going to change your life. But it&#39;s only here for a limited time. It&#39;s at Pepper&#39;s right now and there&#39;s a can waiting with your name on it!</p><p>Annie&#39;s Homegrown makes deliciouly popular pastas with cheese and they&#39;ve expanded their repertoire with two new flavours:&nbsp;<em><strong>Annie&#39;s Spirals with Butter &amp; Parmesan</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Annie&#39;s Four Cheese Mini Penne</strong></em>.&nbsp;Made with organic pasta and real cheese, there&#39;s nothing articial in there, either!</p><p>In terms of new, local items,<em><strong>&nbsp;Rebecca&#39;s Best Hot Sauce&nbsp;</strong></em>is made in Victoria and now it&#39;s here at the strore! This unique sauce is fruity containing apple and pear but it&#39;s also spicy enough with a medium heat. The perfect combination of sweet and heat! Unfortunately the photo file we had was corrupted but you can find it with all of the other hot sauces above our fresh fish section!</p><p>That&#39;s all we have to tell you about for this week. Have yourselves an amazing week and we look forward to celebrating you&nbsp;with you&nbsp;this Thursday!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 31, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 31 Oct 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>It&#39;s Halloween</strong>&nbsp;and we all know what that means: sprites, spirits, gremlins and goblins&nbsp;will be out in full force tonight&nbsp;looking for sweets<strong> so&nbsp;please drive extra carefully</strong>&nbsp;if you need to go out. And don&#39;t forget, you can buy your treats right here but we always sell out so best to come early if you&#39;re planning on picking some up.</p><p><em><strong>Thursday, November 9th will be our annual Customer Appreciation Day</strong></em>&nbsp;and we would be thrilled if you would join us for food sampling, amazing in-store features, a chance to win numerous prizes, vendor&nbsp;give-aways and lots of fun! Without our amazing customers, there would be no Pepper&#39;s Foods. So please come by and celebrate, well, YOU!</p><p>If you&#39;ve been looking for a vegan alternative to regular marshmallows then you&#39;re in luck because we now carry&nbsp;<em><strong>Dandies Vanilla Marshmallows</strong></em>!<em><strong>&nbsp;And this week a 283g package is ad-priced at just $4.26!</strong></em></p><p>Taken from the company website:&nbsp;<em>Dandies Marshmallows are made with all natural ingredients, contain no&nbsp;high fructose corn syrup or&nbsp;gelatin (<strong>they&#39;re 100% vegan</strong>!), and are the first ever marshmallow to be Non-GMO Project Verified. Oh, and&nbsp;our marshmallows are kosher too!&nbsp;Traditional marshmallows are loaded with unnatural ingredients and made with gelatin (a yucky animal-based ingredient, look it up). We recognized that these family-favorite treats desperately needed an ingredient-list makeover.&nbsp;Dandies Marshmallows are indistinguishable from conventional marshmallows. Our light and fluffy marshies are perfect for roasting over a campfire, putting in hot chocolate (or coffee&mdash;try it!),&nbsp;classic crispy treats, s&#39;mores, or just straight snackin&#39;!</em></p><p>And finally, let&#39;s not forget that this weekend marks&nbsp;the end of Daylight Savings Time.<strong>&nbsp;Make sure to set your clocks&nbsp;back&nbsp;one hour before you go to bed Saturday night (November 4th)</strong>!</p><p>That&#39;s all for this week</p><p>.Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Correction! Peppers Foods Tue, 24 Oct 2017 14:05:00 GMT <p>Hello everyone,</p><p>This is to inform you that the date for the scheduled power outage<em> is not</em> for NOVEMBER 29th as was stated in today&#39;s newsletter.</p><p>The correct date should have read Sunday, OCTOBER 29th. We are sorry for the error.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter November 24, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 24 Oct 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>Before we get into our usual descriptions of some of our new products, we need to mention that on the evening of this&nbsp;<strong>Sunday, November 29th, BC Hydro has scheduled a power interruption in order to replace a power pole and&nbsp;this will affect the store</strong>. As a result,&nbsp;<strong>we must close early that night and open later than normal on Monday morning</strong>&nbsp;in order to safely maintain our coolers and freezers.</p><p>Our modified hours are as follows:</p><p>Sunday, November 29: 7 am - 6 pm</p><p>* Monday, November 20: 9 am - 9 pm&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;* we&nbsp;may&nbsp;need to open after 9 am depending on whether&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; the&nbsp;power is restored later than anticipated.</p><p>Last week we told you about the Green Giant&nbsp;Veggie Tots&nbsp;that also happened to be in our ad. This week, we have some other, new Green Giant products to introduce you to that are also ad-priced!&nbsp;<em><strong>Green Giant Riced Veggies</strong></em>&nbsp;are exciting cauliflower-based blends that are a gluten-free, low-calorie food. Enjoy as an alternative to rice, potatoes and pasta. They&nbsp;contain no rice, no sauce and have up to 85% fewer calories than regular rice!*&nbsp;These veggies are ready for roasting, baking, sauteing, mashing or steaming.&nbsp;Look for them in Aisle 5 priced at $3.56!&nbsp;(*than the leading brand of white rice)</p><p>We also have added&nbsp;G<em><strong>reen Giant Mashed Cauliflower</strong></em>&nbsp;in&nbsp;<em><strong>Herb &amp; Garlic</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Cheddar &amp; Bacon</strong></em>!&nbsp;Mashed Cauliflower is the perfect alternative to traditional mashed potatoes. It contains 1 full serving of vegetables and up to 45% fewer calories than traditional mashed potatoes.*Skip the prep work and the heavy calories &ndash; you&#39;ll never miss mashed potatoes again!</p><p>*Up to 45% fewer calories than the leading brand of prepared mashed potatoes</p><p>We&#39;ve sold&nbsp;<em><strong>Zevia Natural Sodas</strong></em>&nbsp;for a long time, but you could only buy them individually in the cold beverage cooler at the front of the store. Well, our customers asked if we could sell them in a six pack, too, and we listened! Because these sodas contain no calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no colours or sodium but they still taste great, of course you&#39;re going to want to buy more than just a&nbsp;can or two!&nbsp;They&#39;re now available in Aisle 5 and they&#39;re in our ad this week for $4.56 plus deposit.</p><p>Our line of<em><strong> Schar Gluten Free</strong></em> items has expanded once again to meet the demands of our customers. For all you gluten&nbsp;free sweet tooths, we now offer<em><strong>&nbsp;Schar Cocoa&nbsp;Wafers</strong></em>&nbsp;and <em><strong>Schar Chocolaty Dipped Cookies!</strong></em>&nbsp;<em><strong>Schar Cocoa Wafers</strong></em>&nbsp;are imported from Italy and are thin, crisp, light and crunchy wafers&nbsp;filled with a decadent cocoa filling. Perfect with your afternoon coffee.&nbsp;<em><strong>Schar Chocolaty Dipped Cookies</strong></em>&nbsp;are&nbsp;crisp and delightful butter cookies&nbsp;imported from Europe and&nbsp;dipped in rich German Chocolate and topped with a sprinkle of sea salt. Only the finest European, non-gmo, gluten-free and preservative-free ingredients are used for Schar products!</p><p>That&#39;s all we have for you today. Have yourselves a very great week until next time!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 17, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 17 Oct 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Another Tuesday morning is upon us and the chill of Autumn is in the air. The symbols of the changing season are everywhere now: coloured leaves, heirloom corn, the sight and scent of chimney smoke. And of course pumpkins! They&#39;re everywhere now. In the fields, at the stores and on the porches of many households. But Pepper&#39;s has an ENORMOUS pumpkin and it&#39;s sitting right outside of our store entrance! And if you can guess the weight of this behemoth without going over, you&#39;ll win a $100 gift card for the store! Just write your guess on the back of your receipt, along with your name and number, and place it in the drawbox at the entrance. The draw date is November 1st.</p><p>Autumn is also a time for eating. It takes a lot of food to generate body heat and a hot breakfast is the perfect way to kickstart a chilly, fall day. If you love the taste of real maple syrup, then you can now take your toast, bagel, scone&nbsp;or anything else to the next flavour level with&nbsp;<em><strong>Lactantia Maple Butter</strong></em>! Of course, if you want that extra special touch for your pancakes,&nbsp;waffles or french toast then go ahead, by all means. Spread it on!</p><p>If you&#39;re&nbsp;looking for some new flavours for your toast or PB and J sandwiches, we now carry&nbsp;<em><strong>Last Mountain&#39;s Old Fashioned Fruit Spreads</strong></em>&nbsp;of Southey, Saskatchewan.&nbsp;One of the berry varieties offered by this family&nbsp;operated business is Saskatoon Berry and the demand for them is so great, they&#39;re the largest processor of the fruit in Canada! These spreads are full of flavour, contain no preservatives, are low in sugar and are all natural! <strong>And&nbsp;they&#39;re also featured in our ad this week for the&nbsp;great, low price of $3.96</strong>!</p><p>Triscuits have expanded their line of flavoured crackers with two new choices for the cracker lover:&nbsp;<em><strong>Triscuit Ginger Lemongrass</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Fig &amp; Honey</strong></em>. So there&#39;s&nbsp;one new sweet and one new savoury option! Give these a try and let us know what you think!</p><p>Napolean Dynamite might not have approved of these next two products but we know your mom probably would!&nbsp;<em><strong>Green Giant Vegetable Tots</strong></em>&nbsp;are a great alternative to Tater Tots (potato). Pepper&#39;s has &#39;em <em><strong>in&nbsp;Broccoli and Cheese</strong></em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em><strong>Cauliflower</strong></em>&nbsp;and<strong>&nbsp;you&#39;ll find them ad-priced this week at $4.56</strong>!&nbsp;Loaded with veggies instead of potatoes, there&#39;s one full serving of each, respectively, in each serving. And there are no artificial preservatives or flavours tossed in there, either. Swap in more veggies to your kids&#39; diets without them even noticing!</p><p>That&#39;s all we have for you this week! Take care and as always, we look forward to seeing you in the aisles!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 10, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 10 Oct 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; Hopefully you&nbsp;had the opportunity to gobble-gobble down some Thanksgiving ham or turkey with all the trimmings this past weekend. And since it&#39;s Tuesday, you should be well past the tryptophan induced coma that inevitable follows this post-holiday feast.&nbsp;</p><p>Many of you who shopped at the store in preparation for your Thanksgiving dinner looking for Island Farms Whipping Cream were likely disappointed to discover that none was&nbsp;on our shelves. Regrettably, this was because the company had none to give us. It was not the result of Pepper&#39;s failing to order it. But we still apologize for any invonvenience that this may have caused.</p><p>Alright, so now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can look forward to Halloween. Our store is decorated with lots of spooky props but <strong>we also have a large selection of treats for you to hand out on the 31st</strong>. Look for our display in from of the third till.</p><p><em><strong>Pepper&#39;s now&nbsp;carries BLENDED, organic coffee from the&nbsp;Doi Chaang Coffee Company.</strong></em> Not to be confused with their single estate premium coffee, this more affordable line has Doi&nbsp;Chaang&#39;s delicious and signature coffee from Thailand blended with coffee beans from Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Sumatra and Africa depending on the type. This except from&nbsp;<strong></strong>&nbsp;explains the reasoning behind&nbsp;the blending of coffee:</p><p><em>Why would you blend different varieties of coffee together? Well, have you ever sipped a Costa Rican coffee and wished that it had just a little more body and richness to it? Do you love the deep, rich notes of a traditional Sulawesi but miss the bright citrus acidity of a Kenyan coffee? When you blend single-origin coffees together, you can tailor the cup to precisely match your preferences by choosing coffees that complement and enhance each other.</em></p><p><em>There are three major reasons that coffee roasters&mdash;and we&rsquo;re talking about everyone, including the huge commercial enterprises whose products grace supermarket shelves&mdash;create coffee blends: to reduce costs, to provide a consistent cup profile and to create&nbsp;unique, signature coffees.</em></p><p><em>Customers expect a brand of coffee to taste the same from one cup to the next. Since qualities like body and flavor can differ markedly between farms, regions and even harvests from the same farms, the only way to ensure consistent flavor is to blend coffees from several different regions in order to minimize the differences among them. While consistency may be one of the factors considered when specialty and artisan roasters blend coffees as well, their main goal in blending is to create a specific flavor profile. This is where the true artistry of coffee blending lies&mdash;in discovering and melding the unique qualities of two or more coffees to create a new coffee that is more than the sum of its parts.</em></p><p>And in addition to Doi Chaang bean coffee, we now also stock&nbsp;<em><strong>Doi Chaang Single Serve Coffee Pods&nbsp;</strong></em>that are 90% biodegradable. These pods are for customers who use Keurig and Keurig 2.0 coffee makers.</p><p>Many consumers would prefer to purchase unpasturized honey if they had the opportunity and so we&#39;ve now provided that very option!&nbsp;<em><strong>BeeMaid Raw Honey</strong></em>&nbsp;is a Canadian, unpasturized honey which means that it&#39;s not been processed from its natural state. Essentially, no heat has been added to the honey which will kill any yeast cells present in it. But heating the honey to the required minimum 72 degrees C needed for pasteurization can&nbsp;also cause the deteriorization of the colour, flavour, aroma and enzymes found in the honey. So now you can get honey as it came right from the honeycomb! But remember, NEVER feed honey to children under the age of one due to the risk of botulism.</p><p>Finally, we have added&nbsp;<em><strong>Carr&#39;s Variety Pack Crackers</strong></em> to the shelves. Shopping for your next dinner party or social function just got that much easier and you&#39;ll save some money by not having to buy your crackers packages individually!</p><p>That&#39;s all we have for you this week. Make sure you take a look at the attached flyer for this week&#39;s sale items and we look forweard to seeing you in the aisles!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter October 3, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 03 Oct 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning!&nbsp; It feels like yesterday that we sent you our weekly newsletter but it&#39;s already been seven days since the last one! Time flies and before we know it the neighbourhood ghosts and goblins will be out looking for treats. But let&#39;s not get too far ahead of ourselves; we still have Thanksgiving to enjoy. And that warrants a reminder that&nbsp;<strong>our store hours will change&nbsp;for the holiday weekend.</strong></p><p>Saturday, October 7&nbsp; &nbsp;7:00AM - 7:30PM (normal hours)</p><p>Sunday, October 8&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 7:00AM - 6:00PM</p><p>Monday, October 9&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;7:00AM - 6:00 PM&nbsp; &nbsp;</p><p>Pepper&#39;s is proud to carry some amazing products from&nbsp;<em><strong>Cure Artisan Meat and Cheese</strong></em>&nbsp;of Cobble Hill, and just in time for your Thanksgiving entertaining! They&#39;re&nbsp;Cowichan Valley&#39;s premier charcuterie shop, featuring house made pates, sausages and cured meats as well as a large selection of local and imported cheese.</p><p>For all you hot sauce lovers out there, prepare your taste buds for a unique and healthy local sauce by&nbsp;<em><strong>Zing Tang</strong></em>!&nbsp;Born out of a love of spice and a surplus of backyard rhubarb,<em><strong> Zing Tang hot&nbsp;sauce</strong></em> is designed to give you a balance of sweet-heat and sour.&nbsp;Add to to your salad&nbsp;dressing, spice up your marinade or make the best Caesar of your life with this hot sauce made of rhubarb and habanero peppers right here in Victoria!</p><p>We have a solution for making your juicing easier! Introducing locally grown&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Juicing Bouquets</strong></em>. Just as the name suggests, there&#39;s a blend of locally grown organic&nbsp;kales, chards and mint sold in a bouquet to make your next juicing session quick and convenient!</p><p>Dipping snacks are another convenient choice for adults and kids alike, but they&#39;re also something fun to eat! Introducing new&nbsp;<em><strong>Jif To Go</strong></em>, with your choice of either&nbsp;<em><strong>creamy peanut butter or peanut butter and chocolate flavoured spread</strong></em>. They&#39;re eight individually portioned cups perfect for dipping pretzels, apple slices, strawberries, celery, crackers, wafers or just about anything else that you might want to dip! Pack &#39;em in your lunches, in the car for a roadtrip or keep them handy for an afternoon or after school snack.</p><p>And finally, we have another exceptional, local line of products to inform you of.&nbsp;<em><strong>Twisted &amp; Bitter</strong></em>&nbsp;is the name of the <em><strong>aromatic bitters</strong></em> <em><strong>produced locally&nbsp;by Victoria Distillers</strong></em>.&nbsp;Bitters are highly concentrated tinctures of herbs, spices, fruits and spirits. They don&rsquo;t just belong at the bar but have huge potential&nbsp;in the kitchen to add depth and kick to food.&nbsp;Twisted &amp; Bitter are handmade in small batches on Vancouver Island&nbsp;with&nbsp;a&nbsp;copper pot still.&nbsp;Each flavour adds character and complexity to food and drink&nbsp;without sweetness. For detailed descriptions of each flavour, recipes and more head over to&nbsp;<strong></strong></p><p>From all of us at Pepper&#39;s Foods, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! See you soon!</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 26, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 26 Sep 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;This week&#39;s ad is a precursor to our Thanksgiving one which will contain a cornucopia of savings but if you have a look at the attached ad which starts today and runs until closing on October 2 you&#39;ll see these great deals on items for your&nbsp;Thanksgiving meal, plus many more!</p><ul> <li>Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin Puree, 398ml -&nbsp;2/$5.00</li> <li>Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, Whole or Jellied, 398ml - $1.96</li> <li>Green Giant Assorted&nbsp;Frozen Vegetables, 750g - $2.96</li> <li>Island Farms Whipping Cream, 473ml - $2.26</li></ul><p>We&#39;re also expecting to have<em><strong>&nbsp;1L Island Farms Eggnog</strong></em>&nbsp;on the shelf this week (yay!). But here&#39;s a first: Pepper&#39;s is also going to have&nbsp;<em><strong>Avalon 1L&nbsp;Organic&nbsp;Eggnog</strong></em>&nbsp;in the carton and&nbsp;<em><strong>Avalon 1L Conventional Eggnog</strong></em>&nbsp;in the glass bottle available this Thanksgiving for the first time...EVER! We&#39;ve&nbsp;have it during the Christmas holidays but we&#39;ve never been able to offer it to our customers for Thanksgiving and we&#39;re hoping that it arrives by October 2 at the very latest. So keep your eyes open for the nog because it&#39;s not just for Christmas&nbsp;anymore!</p><p>Our full service meat counter has FOUR varieties of fresh turkey available for Thanksgiving and all of them are antibiotic and hormone free birds.</p><p><strong>JD Specialty:</strong>&nbsp;free run birds from Langley in the approximately 10-18 lb range - $4.20/lb</p><p><strong>RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics):</strong>&nbsp;from Abbotsford - $3.99/lb</p><p><strong>Rossdown:</strong>&nbsp;Organic free range birds from Abbotsford - $5.35/lb</p><p><strong>Victoria Acres:</strong>&nbsp;Free range birds from Comox - $5.30/lb. These turkeys&nbsp;start&nbsp;at approximately the &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 17-20 lb range</p><p>You can call or speak to anyone in person from&nbsp;our meat department to reserve your turkey until about mid-week prior to Thanksgiving.<strong>&nbsp;Our store number is 250-477-6513</strong>&nbsp;and ask&nbsp;for the Meat Department. But don&#39;t leave it to the last minute! It can be difficult to get the type and size of bird that you ideally want the closer it gets to the holiday.</p><p>Fall is all about the food and we&#39;ve just received a brand new flavour from Cheerios which fits right in with your Autumn breakfasts.&nbsp;<em><strong>Maple Cheerios</strong></em>&nbsp;is a Limited Edition cereal which also serves to commemorate Canada&#39;s 150th birthday. With the irresistable taste of real maple syrup and the wholesome goodness of Cheerios, you&#39;d better pick this up soon before it&#39;s gone!</p><p>That&#39;s all we have for you this week. As always, thanks for choosing Pepper&#39;s Foods for all of your grocery needs and thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. It&#39;s something that we enjoy sending to you every week. Until next time, have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 19, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 19 Sep 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Well, the last official days of summer are coming to a close and the chill of Autumn is in the air. But don&#39;t despair because our latest, attached flyer has prices on dozens of items that will make you feel warm all over!</p><p>We have been getting a steady stream of customers asking us where the heck <em><strong>Fraser Meadow</strong></em>&nbsp;yogurt has gone. And for good reason: they make a very tasty, grass fed yogurt. But sadly, we have no answer to provide. We&#39;ve not been able to make contact with the business for months via telephone, fax, email or Facebook. There&#39;s no point speculating on what&#39;s happened, but just know that we didn&#39;t make a conscious decision to stop carrying their product. We just can&#39;t reach them. Should we receive any word, we will make sure to provide an update to our customers.</p><p>You may recall a very popular brand of granola bars that we used to carry called<em><strong> No-Nuttin&#39;</strong></em> that we sold individually in front of the first till. The bars came in solid-coloured wrappers and then they became unavailable which was a shame because these yummy treats were free of the top 11 food allergens and were gluten free. Plus, they were made locally in Duncan.&nbsp;Good news! These bars have been re-branded as<em><strong>&nbsp;Libre Naturals</strong></em>&nbsp;and are now sold in boxes of five bars! &nbsp;<em><strong>They are the exact same product</strong></em>&nbsp;as when they were called No-Nuttin&#39; and you can find them at the end of Aisle 5 with the rest of the granola bars.</p><p>If you&#39;re the kind of person who likes to snack on meat then we have something new for you to try!&nbsp;<em><strong>Piller&#39;s Salami Chips and Whips</strong></em>&nbsp;(yes, Whips!) are a shelf-stable, yet deliciously satisfying meat snacks.&nbsp;<em><strong>Piller&#39;s Salami Whips</strong></em>&nbsp;are crafted according to authentic European recipes, are semi-dry cured, naturally wood-smoked meat sticks available in 100-gram re-sealable packages, making them a perfect solution for lunchboxes, light meals, and snacking on-the-go.&nbsp;<em><strong>Piller&#39;s Salami Chips</strong></em>&nbsp;are dry-cured and like the Whips, are free of all major food allergens (gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, sesame, egg, fish, soy and sulphites).</p><p>Finally, we want to tell you that we have added&nbsp;<em><strong>Campbell&#39;s Condensed Organic Cream of Mushroom Soup</strong></em>&nbsp;to our shelves providing even more choices for our customers looking to purchase organic.Just in time for fall, too! And right now it&#39;s feature priced for&nbsp;just $1.49!&nbsp;</p><p>That&#39;s all the news we have to tell you about this week. As always, we look&nbsp;forward to&nbsp;seeing those of you who are able in the aisles and to receiving your delivery orders for those who wish to shop with us in this way. Without our incredible customers there could be no Pepper&#39;s Foods!</p><p>Have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 12, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 12 Sep 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Well, we&#39;re a week into the school year and hopefully you&#39;re settling back into a comfortable routine with the kiddies.&nbsp;And we are less than one month away from Thanksgiving (Monday, October 9th)! Don&#39;t forget that you can pre-order your turkey by calling or speaking to someone in our meat department if you&#39;re here shopping.</p><p>A few months ago we informed you of a new non-dairy beverage that got us really excited and very shortly after that, it became unavailable due to a labelling issue. We&#39;re happy to announce that&nbsp;<strong>Ripple is back on the shelf</strong>! Here&#39;s what our original posting revealed:</p><p><em>Pepper&#39;s has been carrying a large line of Method cleaning products for years and it&#39;s one of our most popular brands when it comes to customers choosing what to use to clean their homes. Now the creator of Method has co-created a fabulous line of plant-based, non-dairy beverages that actually taste great and are super nutritious. Introducing&nbsp;Ripple,&nbsp;a rich, creamy and satisfying non-dairy alternative to almond and soy beverages! &nbsp;It&#39;s&nbsp;a pea protein based drink&nbsp;that you can use&nbsp;in your coffee, over cereal or poured into a glass all by itself. Substitute it for milk in your recipes. Pepper&#39;s has all four kinds on the dairy shelves and we&#39;re really excited about this one!&nbsp;Check out these stats:</em></p><ul> <li>8 g protein per serving</li> <li>Zero sugar (unsweetened original)</li> <li>50% more calcium than milk</li> <li>32mg DHA Omega 3s</li> <li>Vitamin D and Iron</li></ul><p><em>We think that if you give it a try, you&#39;ll agree that this is your new favourite non-dairy beverage!&nbsp;Check out the company website for lots more information on this excellent product, as well as its origin:</em></p><p><strong></strong></p><p>Prior to carrying Ripple, we introduced another non-dairy beverage that caught on quickly and then it also became unavailable. What are the chances? Here&#39;s what we had to say about&nbsp;<em><strong>Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Beverages</strong></em>&nbsp;way back in April:</p><ul> <li>Soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free,&nbsp;<strong>carrageenan-free</strong>, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, BPA-free</li> <li>50% more calcium than milk</li> <li>Only 40 calories per serving</li> <li>Made from non-genetically engineered almonds</li></ul><p><strong></strong></p><p>The milk, pea-protein, soy, coconut and almond beverage drinkers can battle it out in the aisle over which is better because now we have something for everyone in our dairy section!</p><p>One more new seasonal dairy item to let you in on is&nbsp;<em><strong>Olympic&nbsp;Krema Pumpkin Spice Limited Edition Yogurt</strong></em>.&nbsp;This super rich and delicious yogurt is here just in time for Autumn so make sure you get some while you can because it&#39;s only available for a limited time!</p><p>And finally, we have another delicious, crunchy snack for you to enjoy which can be found in Aisle 1.&nbsp;<em><strong>Sensible Portions Sea Salt Pita Bites</strong></em>&nbsp;are&nbsp;baked to crispy perfection. They&rsquo;re light and airy, but with plenty of crunch to stand up to any of your favourite dips or toppings &ndash; or for munching straight out of the bag! Dip it, spread it, top it and eat it!</p><p>Thanks for checking out our weekly newsletter. If you know someone who might enjoy receiving this,&nbsp;tell them to head over to our website (<strong></strong>) and sign up! What better way&nbsp;to hear about our newest products, promotions, contests, store news&nbsp;and draws?</p><p>Have a great week!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter September 5, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 05 Sep 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Parents rejoice! Today is the start of another school year for many of your children and you&#39;ve made it through another eight gruelling weeks&nbsp;occupying their time. But you can pass the torch to the teachers. It&#39;s their turn, now!</p><p>Make sure to take advantage of our <em><strong>Back to School</strong></em> flyer this week where you can find a large array of items to make school lunches from at amazing prices. Everything from juice boxes to sandwich bags to yogurt drinks are on sale this week so stock up and save!</p><p>Fall is almost upon us and Pepper&#39;s has added an exquisite brand of maple syrup to our&nbsp;shelves:&nbsp;<em><strong>Escuminac Organic Maple Syrup</strong></em>. Harvested from&nbsp;the Baie-des-Chaleurs in the Gasp&eacute; Peninsula, this Ecocert Canada Certified Organic syrup&nbsp;is a real maple syrup &ldquo;de terroir&rdquo;, harvested, processed and bottled on the property, by Martin Malenfant, Master maple-grower/producer for more than 25 years. For this premium line, Escuminac selects only its best barrels. <em><strong>This is one of the only craft-produced syrups available on export</strong></em>. It is used by the greatest chefs and mixologists in the world.</p><p><em><strong>Fruit d&#39;Or</strong></em>&nbsp;is a&nbsp;<em><strong>100% pure Nordic Cranberry Juice</strong></em>&nbsp;NOT from concentrate. There&#39;s not much more to say about it than that. You either love it or hate it so if you&#39;re part of the former, congratulations, here&#39;s a juice to perk up your pucker!</p><p>More and more people find that they cannot tolerate lactose in dairy products. So&nbsp;<em><strong>Liberte</strong></em>&nbsp;has expanded their Greek yogurt multipacks by offering&nbsp;<em><strong>Lactose Free 0% Greek Yogurt</strong></em>&nbsp;in Strawberry&nbsp;Rhubarb and Raspberry flavours! Look for it beside the other Greek multipacks in the dairy aisle.</p><p>And for those of you who shy away from dairy altogether, we&#39;ve added two new flavours of&nbsp;<em><strong>Silk Unsweetened Silk Cultured Coconut</strong></em>&nbsp;to the dairy shelves. This stuff is delicious and you&#39;ll love it for the following reasons:</p><ul> <li>Delicious taste and creamy texture</li> <li>Contains live and active cultures</li> <li>&nbsp;Free of cholesterol, dairy, lactose, gluten, carrageenan or casein</li> <li>&nbsp;No artificial colors, flavours or funny business</li> <li>&nbsp;Vegan</li> <li>Verified by the Non-GMO Project&#39;s product verification program</li> <li>&nbsp;No high-fructose corn syrup</li></ul><p>And if you&#39;re craving a unique and savoury snack to munch on while watching your favourite show then you&#39;ll be pleased to know that we have&nbsp;<em><strong>Indian Life Samosa and Masala Chips</strong></em>&nbsp;available in Aisle 5 with the rest of the chips. Enjoy them with your favourite dip or chutney&nbsp;and have&nbsp;a delicious and refreshingly different alternative to chips and salsa!</p><p>Those are all the new items for your information this week. Also don&#39;t forget:&nbsp;<em><strong>Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 10th</strong></em>. Let them know how special they are to you and show them you love them!</p><p>Take care,</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 29, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 29 Aug 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Wasn&#39;t that partial eclipse last Monday something else? Hopefully you were one of the over 500 million viewers in Continental North America who had an opportunity to view such an elusive celestial event!&nbsp;</p><p>We would like to take this opportunity to mention that we have a completely new Point-of-Sale system in place at the store. Yes, now you can tap to pay for your groceries! But like anything new and unfamiliar, we have experienced a few hiccups and for that we sincerely apologize if it&#39;s caused any inconvenience to you. We&#39;re almost 100% back to normal so thank you for your patience as we transition from the old to the new system.</p><p><em><strong>Labour Day</strong></em>&nbsp;is right around the corner (Monday, September 4th) but we&#39;ll still be open. As usual, though, our hours for the holiday will be shortened and as such,&nbsp;<em><strong>we will be open from 7 am-7:30 pm</strong></em>.</p><p>New to Pepper&#39;s is&nbsp;<em><strong>French&#39;s Not Your Ordinary Caesar&nbsp;Mix&nbsp;Original</strong></em>&nbsp;(tomato and clam cocktail)&nbsp;made with 100% Canadian tomatoes and bottled in Canada! It contains zero glucose-fructose and no artificial colours and is a cheaper altrernative to the traditional Caesar cocktail mixes that you may be familiar with. And it&#39;s just in time for your Labour Day long weekend!</p><p>Chocolate lovers rejoice! Now you can buy&nbsp;<em><strong>Roca Thins</strong></em>&nbsp;and snack away until your sweet tooth has been a BIG way! They take premium chocolate and blend it with Roca Buttercrunch Toffee making a bite-sized wafer available in a resealable bag. Not that you&#39;ll be doing much resealing, though. Pick up a bag or two and make that next Netflix binge an epic one!</p><p>The next time you receive our newsletter, another&nbsp;school year will have begun so here&#39;s to one great summer and look for some great Back-To-School savings in the next flyer! Until then, take care.</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 22, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 22 Aug 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Can you believe that we&#39;re quickly approaching September?! Where has the summer gone? Oh well, we&#39;re still enjoying summer weather so let&#39;s dwell on that. And also, it&#39;s the start of our new ad and we still have loads of delicious summer foods to offer you at great prices. Have a look at the attached flyer and see for yourself!</p><p>New to our dairy department is&nbsp;<em><strong>Becel Margarine with Avocado Oil</strong></em>.&nbsp;While this margarine doesn&rsquo;t taste like avocado, it does offer the goodness of avocado oil perfectly balanced with the great taste of Becel.</p><p>We are also proud to announce that<em><strong>&nbsp;True Grain Bread</strong></em>&nbsp;is available at our store! Cowichan Bay&#39;s True Grain Bakery was voted one of Canada&#39;s Top 20 Bakeries of 2016 by The Huffington Post. Why else are we excited to carry this bread? Read on:&nbsp;</p><ul> <li>They bake exclusively with Certified Organic BC grown grain</li> <li>They use organic butter, organic chocolate chips, organic cane sugar, organic raisins, &amp; organic seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, flax)</li> <li>They specialize in freshly stone milled ancient &amp; heritage grains that haven&rsquo;t been hybridized over time (Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Khorasan, Rye, &amp; Red Fife)</li> <li>They favour natural leavening &amp; slow fermentation methods to unlock the grains&rsquo; true flavours</li> <li>Every loaf &amp; pastry is made from scratch &amp; individually handcrafted</li> <li>The stone hearth ovens add the finishing touches to an irresistible crust &amp; taste experience</li></ul><p>Have you ever had the pleasure of sipping on Goldenmilk? If not then you&#39;re in luck because now you can purchase&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Fair Goldenmilk</strong></em>&nbsp;right here at Pepper&#39;s! Wait, hold on a minute. You don&#39;t even know what the stuff is do you?&nbsp;It&#39;s an organic turmeric and chocolate elixer mix.</p><p>Taken from their website:&nbsp;<em>The synergistic magic of ayurvedic golden milk combined with superfood cacao for a delightful healing elixir. A blend of traditionally used roots and spices, turmeric is combined with curcumin absorption enhancing black pepper and digestion supporting ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Minimally sweetened with coconut sugar and mildly energizing from the cacao, this is a wonderfully fragrant whole food. From breakfast booster to cozy evening beverage, this wholesome mix will keep you balanced with every sip.</em><br /><br />This super-powered blend can be enjoyed a multitude of ways!&nbsp;<br />Hot Drink:&nbsp;1 heaping tablespoon whisked into a hot liquid of your choice. Milks, coffee or tea are all good choices.&nbsp;<br />Smoothie:&nbsp;1 tablespoon blended into your favourite cold drink.&nbsp;<br />Baking:&nbsp;1 tablespoon added to Banana, Pumpkin or Apple muffins.&nbsp;<br />Breakfast: A half tbsp sprinkled on hot cereal, yogurt &amp; berries.&nbsp;<br />Soups: 1-2 Tbsp into squash soup with coconut milk.</p><p>And last but not least, our full-service meat counter has added the wonderfully savoury&nbsp;<em><strong>Berryman Brothers Butchers Pork Smokies</strong></em>&nbsp;to their already stellar line-up. Available&nbsp;<em><strong>in Regular, Bacon Cheddar and Jalapeno Cheddar</strong></em>, Berryman Brothers smokies will make your next BBQ a memorable one!&nbsp;</p><p>Until next week, be well and take care!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 15, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 15 Aug 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Another Cadboro Bay Festival has come and gone and despite a little wind and cooler temperatures, it was a huge success yet again! Loads of people turned out to see the sand sculpting, try some foods, play games and do loads of other fun things! The park was given a major facelift recently and Gyro Beach is one of Victoria&#39;s premium family go-to places to hang out. Thanks to everyone who came out and participated this year!</p><p>We have some exciting news! As of this writing, Pepper&#39;s has&nbsp;reached 500 subscribers to our weekly newsletter! And that&#39;s amazing because we love sharing news about the store, contests, give-aways, community and neighbourhood events, new products, etc, etc with our customers. But knowing that 500 of you are interested in what we have to say every week is pretty special. So thanks to you all and let&#39;s see if we can make it to 1000!</p><p>Variety is the spice of life. So instead of just sprinkling regular ol&#39; salt on your food, why not add some&nbsp;<em><strong>Herbamare by A. Vogel</strong></em>&nbsp;to really rev up the flavour? A. Vogel is a health focused&nbsp;Swiss company founded in 1923. Their brand offers effective natural remedies and medicinal products made from freshly harvested plants as well as healthy food products and dietary supplements made from organic raw materials. Herbamare&nbsp;&nbsp;is made from pure sea salt and freshly harvested, organically grown herbs and vegetables &ndash; because fresh plants deliver the best natural flavours. With its unique taste Herbamare&nbsp;enhances the flavour of any recipe. Use like salt for all your dishes.&nbsp;</p><p>If you&#39;re like many of us, your allergies can make you feel miserable. We now&nbsp;offer a natural&nbsp;<em><strong>Allergy Relief</strong></em>&nbsp;remedy for this&nbsp;as well as&nbsp;<em><strong>Absolut Arnica</strong></em>, both by A. Vogel. Arnica is used for relief of joint and muscle pain, arthritis, sprains,&nbsp;and bruises.</p><p>One more Swiss product to tell you about is an&nbsp;<em><strong>Organic Beetroot Juice by Swiss Premium</strong></em>. This not from concentrate beet juice has no added sugar or sodium and is a source of magnesium which&nbsp;is crucial to nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism and bone and cell formation.</p><p><em><strong>Liberte</strong></em>&nbsp;is always coming out with luxuriously rich, artisan yogurts and now Pepper&#39;s has added three new kinds of&nbsp;<em><strong>Greek Crunch Yogurt</strong></em>: Vanilla with dark chocolate, salted almonds and caramel; Plain with salted cashews, praline pecans and salted almonds and Coconut with dark chocolate and honey roasted almonds. The ingredients are kept in a separate compartment and then tipped over into the yogurt when the package is opened keeping everything crunchy until you blend it all together into one delicious, creamy snack!</p><p>That&#39;s it for this week. Stay tuned for another Pepper&#39;s newsletter next Tuesday morning. Until then, take care and we&#39;ll see you in the aisles!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p> Pepper's Newsletter August 8, 2017 Peppers Foods Tue, 08 Aug 2017 08:31:00 GMT <p>Good morning! &nbsp;Here&#39;s hoping that you enjoyed your BC Day Holiday Long Weekend! That will have to tide us over until Labour Day. But there&#39;s still lots of fun to be had between now and then starting with the&nbsp;<em><strong>Annual Cadboro Bay Festival&nbsp;on&nbsp;Sunday, August 13th</strong></em>&nbsp;presented by Pepper&#39;s Foods! Come on down between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm and enjoy an afternoon at the picturesque Gyro Park, with a variety of hands-on activities, bouncy castles, information displays, arts and craft stations and food and fun for the entire family.&nbsp;Watch world-class sand sculptors create giant works of art using just sand, water and a whole lot of creativity!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s is very excited to bring into the store some great, new products from&nbsp;<em><strong>Primal Kitchen</strong></em>! Founder Mark Sisson is a former elite endurance athlete turned best-selling author and blogger who is now &quot;...&nbsp;bringing uncompromisingly delicious, high quality, nutrient dense&nbsp;<em><strong>sauces and dressings</strong></em>&nbsp;to kitchens everywhere.&quot; We also carry the&nbsp;<em><strong>Chipotle Lime Mayonnaise</strong></em>!&nbsp;As Mark says, &quot;In the world of real food, it&rsquo;s often what you put on your food that keeps it interesting.&quot;</p><p>Back for the BBQ season is&nbsp;<em><strong>PAM&nbsp;Grilling Spray</strong></em>&nbsp;for high heat.&nbsp;For those who live for the thrill of the grill, PAM Grilling is the secret to grilling success that has everyone all fired up. Specially formulated for no-stick performance at higher temperatures, this grill spray makes cleanup a snap and all your&nbsp;grilled foods simply turn out better!</p><p><em><strong>Montellier Carbonated Natural Spring Water</strong></em>&nbsp;is drawn from an underground spring in Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval, Quebec and has been bottled in Quebec City since 1984 by the family business Alex&nbsp;Coulombe lt&eacute;e.&nbsp;It is 100% sourced in Quebec and available from coast to coast throughout Canada. Certified by Aliments du Qu&eacute;bec, it is a light, delicate water ideal for any occasion!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s has an extensive selection of products by another Canadian family-run business: Chalifoux &nbsp;Dairy which produces the excellent&nbsp;<em><strong>Riviera</strong></em>&nbsp;line of dairy products. If you have not yet tried their cow or goat yogurts, creme fraiche, butters, parfaits or cheeses, you really should put it on your shopping list. And now, Pepper&#39;s has added a new&nbsp;<em><strong>Bio Organic Swiss Cheese</strong></em>! This lactose free cheese is mild, sweet and nutty and pairs excellently with apples, pears, grapes, prosciutto, salami, young, fruity white wines or aged red wines.</p><p>That&#39;s all we have for you this week. Hopefully we&#39;ll see you in the store and down at the beach for the Cadboro Bay Festival!</p><p>Pepper&#39;s Foods</p>