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Pepper's Newsletter September 4, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter September 4, 2018

Good morning!  In fact, for parents, this morning is extra good because the kiddies are back in class! Woohoo! Can you believe that the summer has come and gone already? Ridiculous. Do you want to know what else is ridiculous? Our advertised specials for this week! Yes, everything you need to prepare yummy lunches that your kids won't trade away are listed. And our Thursday Special follows suit with Babybel Mini Cheese Portions on for only $3.99!! So please have a gander at the attached flyer and pick up the things your kids actually like!

Our first new item for today is another kid-friendly option. Honest Kids Organic Juice Boxes are available now at Pepper's in Fruit Punch, Apple and Berry Lemonade flavours. These tasty beverages contain only 40 calories per box despite having no added sugars. And each 200ml serving supplies 100% of the daily recommended vitamin C that your child needs. And take a look at the pictures; each animal is made out of the fruits that comprise the flavours! Fun! So you can feel great knowing that little Sally has a healthier lunch item and she'll just like it because it tastes and looks good. High five!

Dried fruit. Nobody's out there saying that they kind of enjoy eating dried cranberries. You either like them or you don't. If you are one of the ones who does, then you'll simply have to try Snow Farms Dried Cranberries (with orange flavour). We also have Snow Farms Whole Dried Tart Cherries and Snow Farms Whole Dried Blueberries. All of these fruits are BC grown and there are zero artifical flavours, colours or preservatives added. Add them to your favourite cereal, oatmeal, yogurt or just eat them right out of the resealable pouch!

When was the last time you tried some "hippie dust"? Of course I'm referring to nutritional yeast which, according to Wikipedia, "...is popular with vegans and vegetarians and may be used as an ingredient in recipes or as a condiment.[1] It is a significant source of some B-complex vitamins and contains trace amounts of several other vitamins and minerals. Sometimes nutritional yeast is fortified with vitamin B12. Nutritional yeast has a strong flavor that is described as nutty, cheesy, or creamy, which makes it popular as an ingredient in cheese substitutes. It is often used by vegans in place of cheese,[2] for example in mashed and fried potatoes, in scrambled tofu, or as a topping for popcorn.[3]" 

Pepper's is very excited to offer Yeshi Nutritional Yeast Dressing in three amazing flavours: Original, Sesame Ginger and Chili! These versatile dressings are made right here on the island in Mill Bay! And you can use them on anything. In fact, the company suggests you try them on everything! These are dressings for any diet but they're suitable for gluten-free, vegetarian and ketogenic diets as well. We think that these are going to be a big hit with our customers, hippie or not! For suggested uses, recipes and more information, please visit the website at: www.yeshidressing.com.

"It's not too late to whip it. Whip it good." That's the famous lyric by American rock band, Devo. You know, they may have been onto something way back when. Because here's another new product that takes the main ingredient and puts a new twist on it. Natrel Whipped takes cottage cheese to the next level by turning it into a dip and spread! Available in Original, Roasted Red Pepper and Chive & Garlic each portion contains only 35 calories but is high in protein. Use it on bagels, crackers, flatbread, breadsticks, as a veggie dip or however you like. Look for the snappy black packaging in the dairy aisle where the cottage cheese is kept.

Bob's Red Mill Petit French Style Green Lentils don't need much of an introduction. According to the package, "These dark green, lightly dappled lentils are prized for their peppery flavor and hearty texture.  Because they hold their shape while cooking, Petite French Green Lentils are perfect for salads and pilafs. Each serving provides a wealth of fiber and iron." But the best part is there's no need to pre-soak! In just 25 minutes on the stovetop you can have perfectly cooked lentils. For recipes on making French Lentil Soup and Warm French Lentil Salad just pick up a package. They're printed right on the back!

The Eastern Townships of southern Quebec is where you'll find the farm of Cosman & Webb, the place where organic sugar maples are cultivated and tapped for their prized syrup. And Pepper's is proud to have been stocking this liquid gold for a few years now. Now we've added Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Sugar to the shelf. This is pure maple syrup transformed into a delicate sweetener that you can use in place of granulated white sugar. It's made from unblended and single forest maple syrup. And because of the beautiful packaging, this makes an ideal gift!

That's all for now friends. As always, thanks for taking the time to give us a read and thanks for choosing to shop with us when you have so many other options. Until next time...

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