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Pepper's Newsletter March 31, 2020

Pepper's Newsletter March 31, 2020

Good morning! It's been a couple of weeks but we're back and ready to rock and roll this morning! This pandemic has really thrown a wrench into the gears here in a lot of ways but we also had a technical issue with our website that prevented us from logging in. But the problem has been remedied and seems like all is well in our blogging world. Also, we'd just like to say that we are so very appreciative of the many kind words of encouragement and support that we have received from our customers in the past weeks. It means everything to feel appreciated and it's what keeps us going through these challenging times. Thanks for sticking with us. And keep supporting your friends and neighbours. Let's continue to help one another for the duration of this crisis and long afterwards.

On this day in Paris (obviously) in 1889 the Eiffel Tower was officially opened. At the top (300 metres) you were further from the ground than you could be on any other man-made structure. It would remain the tallest for 41 years. Talk about social distancing!

Ok, we know you're eager to hear about what's new and exciting on our shelves so let's now waste another minute. If we're doing a little history lesson this morning, as we so often do on Tuesdays, let's share another tidbit of information. Red Rose Tea was established by Theodore Harding Estabrooks in 1894 in Saint John, New Brunswick. It's been a staple for generations (mom, I'm talking to you) but only now has it gone organic! Red Rose Organic Orange Pekoe Tea is the same smooth and satisfying black tea that you love and the bag is made of 100% renewable plant material. And 100% of Red Rose tea comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea gardens. Get with the now and get with organic!

For those of you who prefer to brew tea of the loose leaf variety, we have If You Care Tea Filters. These are unbleached and totally chlorine free (TCF) single-cup tea filters that will not affect the taste of your tea one iota but certainly will affect the environment (in a good way)!

Remember how two weeks ago we were telling you about how Leclerc just kept pumping out the varieties of their Celebration Cookies? Well wouldn't you know it, there's yet another one available for you! New Leclerc Celebration Graham Cookies S'mores Style Truffle are exploding with all of the milk chocolate and marshmallow flavour that you can handle! Plus, they're probably pretty good paired with that cup of tea we were just talking about. So head on over to Aisle 1 (or add it to your delivery request grocery list) and look for the long row of orange boxes that make up this part of the cookie section!

Cookies and cream seems to be a fairly popular flavour combination for a lot of products: protein bars, chocolate bars, Pop Tarts...the list goes on. But when most people think of cookies and cream, they think ice cream. That's why all you lactose intolerant folks should rejoice, for finally you can purchase Natrel Lactose Free Cookies & Cream Ice Cream! But just remember, you don't have to be lactose intolerant to enjoy this premium ice cream. You'll never know the difference!

Looking for a healthy snack full of nutrition that tastes great? Of course you are. How about one that's made from locally sourced fresh fruit made just east of Vancouver, BC? Check all the boxes? Great, because we now carry Take Your Pick Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks available in Cherries & Berries as well as Nature's Fruity 4. They remove 98% of the water creating a crunchy, tasty snack that your kids (and yourself) will love! But all of the nutrition stays put! In addition to just being a really yummy and fun snack, these also make for an excellent disaster kit item! But there's also something else...Take Your Pick Freeze Dried Granola Berry Passion Fruit Medley! It's whole grain oat clusters, toasted wheat flakes and crisp rice blended with cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and nuts for a snack of unparalleled balanced nutrition and flavour!

If variety is the spice of life then maybe it's time to set aside the regular old table salt and reach for something with a little more zing. How about Cape Herb & Spice Sriracha Salt? This unique blend of garden herbs, spices and hand harvested sea salt is ideal as a table seasoning in place of regular salt. Why not change things up with this unique and savoury spice? Pick up your grinder for tonight's dinner now!

We didn't want to just jump right in with virus stuff today because, quite frankly, it's kind of overwhelming at times. But we must tell you that we have finally acquired a locally made hand sanitizer! Nezza Naturals has paired with Victoria Distillers to create an effective Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray made with 70% alcohol, distilled water, vegetable glycerin and sweet orange essential oils! It's available right now in a 60ml pump bottle and we'll have a 180ml bottle later this week!

That's all for this week, gang. Let's hope March goes out like a lamb and that April brings some good news. And remember what Sgt. Phil Esterhaus of Hill Street Blues used to say to his officers before dismissing them: Let's be careful out there. Until next week, take good care.

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