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Pepper's Newsletter July 10, 2018

Pepper's Newsletter July 10, 2018

Good morning!  If you missed Thursday's Local Island Showcase then you missed the absolute best event in the nine years that we've held it. Hundreds of people turned out to meet and speak to many of the suppliers of incredible, local food items. We had a succulent, whole roast pig served pulled on a bun as well as grilled salmon sliders and dozens of vendors set up under the tent offering sweet and savoury food and drink. And of course the weather was absolutey perfect! Thank you to all of our vendors for your generosity in donating your time and your products, and thank you for everyone who came down and mingled. We're so pleased with the results and judging by the feedback that we've received from many who attended, you are too! Can't wait until next year!

This wouldn't be a proper newsletter if we didn't share with you some  of the new items that have found their way to the shelves. And this week is no different. Let's start of with a brand new item that was one of the delicious offerings at the Local Island Showcase. Stubborn Chef Kimchi is a traditional Korean kimchi made with napa cabbage and it proved to be very popular among those who tried it on Thursday. Kimchi is a spicy fermented vegetable mixture that is a staple of Korean cuisine. It is of ancient origin and it's also an excellent choice for those who want to eat healthy because of its probiotic properties which help the body to absorb nutrients like vitamins and minerals. As a result, your intestinal and overall health benefits! Look for it in our Produce Department.

Remember when eating a smidgen of fat was akin to committing the most heinous of diet crimes? Heaven forbit that a gram of fat make its way into your gullet. Well, times have changed. Seems that everyone now is opting for foods with higher (healthy) fat contents. One of the reasons for this is the appearance of the ketogenic diet where carbohydrates are drastically reduced to induce ketosis (a metabolic state whereby the body burns ketones instead of glycose from carbohydrates). There are supposed to be some very beneficial effects to the body as a result. It's a topic the scope of which is far too broad for this newsletter and there's plenty of information online if you want to do more research on the subject. But if you're into it, we have something new for you! Suzie's Good Fats Bars are high in the good fats and protein that you're looking for and are low in sugar and salt and gluten-free, soy-free and are made with non-GMO ingredients. So go ahead, fat is back. Sugar is out.

Field Roast is a Seattle-based company that produces some of the best vegetarian meatless products on the market. Their success is attributed to their founder, Chef David Lee, who combined the European Charcuterie tradition with the Asian Mien Ching tradition of crafting vegetarian meats from grains way back in 1996. We're carried many of these items in the Produce Department for ages but now we're pleased to have added Field Roast Katsu Cutlets and Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs to the frozen food aisle! Finally, vegetarian mains and appetizers that everyone, even meat-eaters, will enjoy!

You may or may not be one of the gazillions who need their Timmie's everyday. But if you are then you can duplicate your double double from the comfort of your own kitchen every single morning by adding Coffeemate Double Double-Mate to your java. Or if you prefer something else, try Coffeemate Hazelnut. Both are now available in our Dairy Department and both are also lactose free! However, due to a shortage of shelf space, you may not see the International Delights coffee creamer. Don't worry: we still have it. Just ask and we'll be happy to get it from the back for you!

We've written about the benefits of drinking kefir numerous times in the past. So if you enjoy it but you want to try something just a bit different, we now offer Liberte Limited Edition Cafe Latte Kefir in a convenient 4x200 ml pack! All the goodness of kefir with a delicious latte flavour! But just as the name suggests, it's a fleeting flavour so if you want to try it, you'll have to act fast!

Don't forget to peruse the attached weekly flyer where you'll find amazing prices on items from every department! Until next week, take care!

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