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Pepper's Newsletter January 15, 2019

Pepper's Newsletter January 15, 2019

Good morning!  Do you come from a land down under? Have you ever bought bread from a man in Brussels? Did he speak your language? Perhaps he gave you a Vegemite sandwich. You may have chundered afterwards, though, unless you're one of the ones (and there are many) who actually like the taste of Vegemite. If you're a fan of the yeast extract then you'll be ecstatic to know that it has returned to our shelves after a lengthy absence! That's right, the either revolting or delicious, salty and malty flavour can once again be had on your morning toast! 

If you'd rather spread something else on your toast then you may want to check out Adams Dark Roast Crunchy Peanut Butter. It's still the same 100% natural peanut butter that you love but with a bolder, richer flavour! 

That's all fine and dandy as long as you or someone in your household doesn't have a peanut allergy. But if that's a concern, at least now there's another snacking option for you. Nature Valley Lunch Box Granola Bars are made in a peanut-free facility so you can rest easy when putting little Johnny's lunch together! And it can be difficult these days making a school lunch that your kids will actually enjoy. So give them something they like and is safe to eat!

There's something about the combination of apples and cinnamon that many people find irresistable, yet also comforting. The aroma of fresh baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon is unmistakeable and likely evokes fond memories of mothers or grandmothers busy in the kitchen. It could be a bit of a stretch to imply that Olympic Krema Apple Cinnamon Yogurt could be quite as satisfying but because it's the current Limited Edition flavour, you won't have very long to find out!!

Everybody loves pizza, right? Ok, not everybody but most people do. But ordering takeout can be pricey and somewhat unhealthy. Making your very own pizza seems a much better option especially when you can choose a crust that you can't get from the pizzeria. That's why we're excited to now offer Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crusts! Available in fun-sized, re-sealable packages of five or full-sized packages of three, they're a great option for an easy dinner because of their quick cooking time. Plus, you can choose either Original or Super Grains which consists of sprouted wheat, flax quinoa and chia seeds! And because BBQ season never really ends in Victoria, it's a cinch to fire up the grill and bake off a couple pies in just a few minutes! Easy peasy!

It's mid January so that means about 30% off you have already abandoned your New Years resolutions. If yours was to cut out the sugar but you've decided that it ain't gonna happen (at least not this year) then listen up. We've got some nummy goodies to tell you about. Real Earth Bounty of Surry BC makes delightful snacks of various dried fruits, with some, like Whole Blueberries packaged naked while there are others such as Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger and Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries as well as Greek Yogurt Coated Cherries! These are Canadian-grown fruits coated in premium ingredients which are kosher and offered in a convenient resealable package. But who are you kidding? You won't just eat a few and then put it back in the cupboard. These 3 ounce packages don't stand a chance! Once it's open, consider it gone. Happy New Year!

Just one more thing that might interest some of you...would you like to see one of two plays being offered at Uvic's Phoenix Theare for FREE? We have six pairs of tickets to see either Trojan Women (Feb. 14-23) or 7 Stories (Mar. 14-23). All you have to do is LIKE and RETWEET our Twitter post (@PeppersFoods - scroll down until you see the playbills) for your chance to win! But you'd better do it now because the winner will be announced tomorrow, January 16th!


Let's not forget to remind you to have a look at the attached weekly flyer. We have some super deals from every department so take a minute to see what's being offered. 

Until next week...

Pepper's Foods


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